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Responder Resilience, April 3, 2024

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S4 E14 Shuffling the Deck on A.C.E.S. with guest, Chris Moore, Fire Captain, Author, Speaker, Advocate
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We explore the mental health challenges faced by first responders, through the lens of Captain Chris Moore

Tune in to this new episode as we explore the mental health challenges faced by first responders, through the lens of Captain Chris Moore's personal and professional experiences with post-traumatic stress. He discusses Adverse Childhood Experiences Scores (ACES), alcohol use, faith in the fire service, and the Save a Warrior program. Captain Moore emphasizes the importance of comprehensive mental health care and community support for recovery.

Headlined Show, Responder Resilience April 3, 2024

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In this enlightening episode, we delve into the impactful world of first responders and the mental health challenges they face, through the lens of Captain Chris Moore's personal and professional experiences. As a key figure in his department's Behavioral Health and Peer Support Team, Chris opens up about his own battle with post-traumatic stress, diagnosed in 2018, following years of dedicated service. His story is one of vulnerability, courage, and the transformative power of support and openness.

Throughout the episode, Captain Moore sheds light on the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) scores, discussing the profound ways in which early life traumas can shape responses to stress and crisis in adulthood. This conversation extends into the broader topics of alcohol use within our culture and the unique role of faith and religion within the fire service, offering a multifaceted view of the challenges and coping mechanisms present in the lives of first responders.

Moreover, Chris introduces us to the life-changing program, Save a Warrior (SAW), detailing his journey as an alumnus and the program's holistic approach to healing from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress. Through SAW's evidence-based interventions and community support, Chris highlights the path to recovery and the importance of addressing mental health with comprehensive care and compassion. Join us as we explore these crucial themes, guided by Captain Moore's insightful reflections and his mission to help others by sharing his journey with unyielding honesty and transparency.

Guest, Chris Moore

Guest Name
Chris Moore
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Fire Captain, Author, Speaker, Advocate
Guest Biography

Chris Moore is a Captain with the Chesapeake Virginia Fire Department with over 30 years as a first responder and he is also a national touring speaker. Chris Moore is the son of a Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer and began his own public safety career in Virginia Beach, Virginia as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT in 1993. As a volunteer, he put in as many hours as possible, picking the brains of the career members and soaking it all in, in hope of one day becoming a career firefighter. In 2000 Chris' dream became a reality as he was offered a job with the Chesapeake Virginia Fire Department as a firefighter paramedic. Chris has served in a variety of assignments including Firefighter Paramedic, Field Training Officer, Recruit School Instructor, MDA Fill the Boot coordinator, Foam Team, PPE Team, Fire Lieutenant and he currently serves as a Captain and a key member of his Departments Behavioral Health and Peer Support Team. Chris has served all over the diverse city of Chesapeake, by providing responsive and caring service to protect and improve the quality of life of others. He has also deployed on various task forces for aid in his home state of Virginia and deployed to Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Chris has received numerous awards and commendations for his selflessness, bravery, commitment and dedication to the fire service. He most recently received the Fire Chiefs Medal of Commendation for his personal work and vulnerability in the field of first responder mental health and wellness. Chris was formally diagnosed with post-traumatic stress related to his years of service in 2018. In 2020 he decided that helping other first responders by sharing his journey in a completely open, honest and transparent format was another way of giving back and he started speaking at conferences and symposiums across the country. This let other first responders know that there is help out there as well as hope. He received his PTSD service dog, Lewis, in the summer of 2020. He is also a published writer in Fire Engineering Magazine, has been on numerous podcasts and news stories and is in the renowned documentary PTSD 911. Chris is also an alumnus of Save a Warrior. Chris is a dedicated advocate for awareness, prevention, education, training on Post Traumatic Stress and First Responder Suicide Prevention. Chris continues to candidly share his journey with PTS and speak to, not just fire but all public safety agencies across the United States, with the hope of ending the stigma behind mental health in the public safety community.

Responder Resilience

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