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Relevant Talk, August 5, 2021

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Relevant Talk
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with Athalia Monae and guest Angela K Pearson

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Angela K. Pearson

Guest Name, Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling
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Create Your Miraculous Life: It's Never Too Late

Wendy L. Darling

For Those Who Wonder If Life Has Passed Them By...

Wendy Darling Gives You a Plan to Get Back in the Game & Get Those Dreams Realized Now!

The Booster Shot That Inspires and Propels Your Soul and Spirit To Go For It! 


If you've been telling yourself it may too late to fulfill your dream, find your purposeful path, have the relationship you want, start a family, or even find love again later in life, regardless of the reason (age, money, family commitments, marriage breakdown, exhaustion, health, past failure, lack of education...) think again! 

You have a Fairy Godmother in Wendy L. Darling... 

That's what her clients and followers call her because they have all but given up, and she makes the miracles happen...with or without her magic wand!

In her lovingly written, gently urgent manual for reinvention, Create Your Miraculous Life: It's Never Too Late, Darling guides you through the tools to reset your passion, focus, energy and mindset on the life that has eluded you, the one that is waiting and ready for you to step into! Once you've recaptured that, your dreams and intentions unfold seamlessly.

Recognized worldwide as an expert on navigating change and achieving desired results, Wendy, has more than 40 years of experience as a business and life transformation expert, keynote speaker, master healing practitioner, management and organizational development consultant, executive, entrepreneur, and radio talk show personality. Her Miraculous Living Institute provides seminars, training courses, personal coaching and retreats to reignite the pilot lights of individuals, couples and company executives. 

Using her own life as a template, Wendy is brutally honest about her own personal meltdown-sabotaging her marriage, losing custody of her son, a near-fatal accident after falling over a wall at Dallas-FT Worth Airport resulting from fainting from illness when she shouldn't have been traveling, the loss of her successful corporate career. 

And then the glimmer of hope...starting over and succeeding beyond her wildest dreams. Even finding love again when she thought it would never happen at her age. Most importantly, Wendy refused to give up and she'll inspire you to be unstoppable, too. She'll also relate many stories from her clients and friends that illustrate that miracles are not nearly as rare as you may think-they happen every day! 

Wendy's proprietary Miraculous Living Method is at the core of her success. As part of that process, she invites clients and now readers to fill out the Personal Results Accelerator, which jumpstarts the reassessment process of where to focus for faster transformation. ( Wendy also trains experts in her highly acclaimed program.

Wendy gives you the tools to spot and stymie those "Mischief Makers," the thoughts and doubts that undermine your vision. She gives your soul and spirit the booster shot it needs to go for it! 

Says Wendy: "I know what it's like to keep trying to "make" life work. I know what it's like to feel empty and lonely. I know what it's like to work on making a living and attempting to grow a business. I know what it's like to run out of steam, wondering if my dreams were ever going to come true. I cannot even imagine how much ice cream, dark chocolate, and boxes of Kleenex I've used throughout the years. And I also know what it's like to take a breath and somehow begin believing again. So, this book is going to be about what I have learned. By the end of this book, I am going to show you how to reach for the stars, turn your life around, and have your heart's desires fulfilled.

"I believe with every fiber of my being that the desires of your heart were put there to remind you of who you really are, what you are capable of experiencing, and having you stretch not only to reach your potential, but to make your mark in life. I believe we are all born with gifts that, when cultivated, have the ability to make a difference. And the theme of "it's never too late" is now very timely, maybe even critical. It's never been more important for you to step up and step out. For you to offer whatever gifts and talents you have, to be a part of the healing our world needs. THIS IS YOUR TIME!"

It's never too late to book Wendy L. Darling for an inspiring and compelling interview that's a gateway to personal miracles! Please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

Missi Hatfield

(772) 332 0528

Jackie Lapin

(818) 707 1473

Create Your Miraculous Life was written during very challenging times: a global pandemic, political and social unrest, to name a few. Yet, Wendy dug deep and shares ways to best support you, regardless of your circumstances. Everyone needs and will benefit from this information of purpose, passion and performance. You can now make living a miraculous life happen for you! ~ Stedman Graham, New York Times Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Create Your Miraculous Life - It's NEVER Too Late will not only inspire you, you will be guided to the steps to take to fully awaken your deepest desires and finally learn how to materialize them. Those desires are yours. And they are there waiting for you to open your arms to receive them. ~ September Dohrmann, CEO, CEO Space International 

As human beings, we have two choices how we respond to the inexorable march of time: 1. We can live in fear that our time is running out or 2. We can act with the knowledge that it's never too late to be, do and have the important things in life. In this inspiring and powerful book (which is a quick and entertaining read), Wendy Darling teaches perspectives and techniques for creating an increasingly miraculous life - no matter how long you have been on this planet. This is, quite literally, wisdom for the ages. ~ Steve Farber Founder, The Extreme Leadership Institute Author, Radical Leap, Greater Thank Yourself and Love Is Just Damn Good Business 

The sign of a master is that they live what they facilitate in others. The sign of a masterful author is that they convey a lifetime's worth of wisdom in an incredibly easy-to-read way. The sign of a masterful trainer is that they translate their wisdom into easy-to-implement processes that invoke miraculous shifts. Wendy Darling embodies all of these things in this book. Give yourself the gift of allowing it to guide you toward creating a miraculous life. It truly is never too late. ~ Dr. David Gruder Integrative Psychologist and 12-Awardwinning Bestselling Author


Wendy Darling is the founder of the Miraculous Living Institute, a personal and professional growth organization offering presentations, seminars, retreats, and private coaching.  Wendy is a recognized expert on navigating change and achieving your desired results.  Her transformational system, the Miraculous Living MethodTM, provides the vehicle for achieving those results with greater ease and speed.

With more than 40 years of experience as a business and life transformation expert, Wendy is also a keynote speaker, master healing practitioner, management and organizational development consultant, manager and executive, entrepreneur, radio talk show personality,

Wendy has a way of presenting simple, yet profound questions, ideas and thoughts in a way that her clients are motivated, but more important, inspired to action. She guides people to the core of their desires, navigating them to their best path to achieve their desired results.  She blends traditional business ideas with innovative techniques and practical life skills.

Wendy has designed and delivered more than 50 seminar and presentation topics to well over 200,000 people across the United States.  Some of her signature presentations and programs include:  CREATE YOUR MIRACULOUS LIFE - It’s NEVER Too Late; LIVE LOVE LEAD: The NEW Formula For Ultimate Fulfillment and Success; The Miracle of Attracting Love Now (for singles); More Money Now; Loving Yourself Lean; The ROI of Collaborative Relationships; Winning At Business By Mastering Your Inner Game.

In addition, Wendy has provided consulting and keynote presentations to some of the country’s leading organizations.  Wendy now trains and certifies coaches and practitioners in The Miraculous Living Method transformational system, so their clients are able to achieve easier and faster results.

Wendy is a former contributing columnist for Metro Family, Dallas Family, Today’s Dallas Woman, Today’s Innovative Woman and hosted her own radio shows on CBS The Sky Radio, and also in Boca Raton, Fla.  She has been featured in Forbes and other publications, and as a guest on numerous radio, podcasts and TV shows.  Wendy is the #1 best-selling author of Create Your Miraculous Life - It’s NEVER Too Late and The Miracle That Is Your Life.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, a Master of Education in counseling psychology, a Specialist’s degree, and post-graduate work in Management and Organization Development from the University of Missouri – Columbia.  Clients have dubbed Wendy as their personal “fairy godmother” for her ability to help them live the life of their dreams. 

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Create Your Miraculous Life: It’s Never Too Late
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