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Reclaiming Authenticity, June 25, 2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Accelerated Transformation when the Universe Turns Up The Heat

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Accelerated Transformation when the Universe Turns Up The Heat

The Higher and Greater Levels of Awareness

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years of experience.<br>well hello hello everybody good afternoon to one and all and wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity the show that focuses on finding your courage to reclaim that which has always been in you I am glad to be back with you after a week last week's Hiatus and a little break here you know that things are changing a little bit then like I said just glad to be back with you live and coming through the airwaves and appreciate you spending this hour with me I've always been grateful now in my second year of broadcasting and so appreciate everybody who has been following me so far so for those you were might be new to the program just like to say that reclaiming authenticity was something a concept that was just kind of laid upon my heart just given to me as just from the universe from God and the universe and just something that evolved over<br>several several years of my own just personal reclaiming of my own authentic self and just realizing that just being moved into an area of my life and which helping other people to reclaim those things that I've always been in that and it's this awareness of the vastness of of who we are as as souls and so forth and I just thought about this more and more you know just my my tag line is finding one's courage to reclaim that which is always been in you and it really does take courage because you are many times we want to hang on to the past or let's say we can't imagine something better for our lives are in our lives alone discovering who we really are because this involves us letting go of things<br>you know attitudes perceptions then send the life that no longer service but but keep us wounded just keep us in place and we just keep going around and around in circles and just struggling with the same old thing and and nothing's changing but we expect changes and it's just gets frustrating and then we just you know we want to throw up their hands and say what's the point well when we take a hard look at ourselves and we realize that the very best of ourselves has yet to be explored yet to be discovered yet to be lived to be shown that is very exciting yet can also be very intimidating because like I said it does take courage but that is the whole process of letting go of those things that no longer serve us and then taking on something better something more Life Giving more authentic to who<br>we truly are well as I said at the beginning very excited to be with you here today I'm here every Friday at 3 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific time and any other time in between so each and every week these broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health and for the longest time especially down through history it seems as though the field of mental health and religion and spirituality you know have just been opposed one another thinking that you know whoever has truth owns the conversation and that's simply just not true it's very limited but whenever we incorporate whether we integrate whatever we discover more about our own spirituality and our mental health we find that the two disciplines fit nicely together<br>and in fact they actually enhance one another and it opens our understanding to just many many many more things that we have yet to discover so as I said each and every weekdays broadcast focus on the integration of our spirituality and our mental health but yet it's all place within the context of relationships relationships with ourselves relationships that we have with one another and certainly our relationship with God or the Divine and the universe and the reason why I place an emphasis on this is necessary to integrate with in relationships is because when you think about it or deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds the things that we experience most hurting Our Lives often come in and through relationships<br>and yet the irony is we can do it also discover our greatest healing and strength and peace and forgiveness and love through healthier relationships and these relationships just might be within our own families they might be found within our co-workers and friends yeah you just never know you know I always love to say that God works behind the scenes and you just don't know how about God is lining up here and God uses everything in our lives that leaves nothing to waste to either teach us a lesson or to show us something about ourselves or to take us into as we will be talking about today it's just a higher and greater dimensions of awareness of of who we are because whatever we transform we also transform others by our presents and our Grace and our understanding<br>but first forgiveness kindness and compassion begins with how we treat ourselves because whenever we are more compassionate with ourselves we think could be more compassionate with others and when we are more forgiving with ourselves then we could be more forgiving with others and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves we discover how this opens up our hearts to see and live in gratitude with others so all in all transformation first and foremost begins with us<br>what dr. James hauke and if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today show I just invite you to visit the website it's so calm reclaiming authenticity while one word they're so so often just say broadcast Sardar Now podcast in case you ever want to go back and listen again to a show that you had heard previously or where you can even go back into the archives and listen to previous shows and as I said at the beginning I just wanted to thank everybody for you know their support over the past year and now I'm in my second year of doing this and just would like to say that you don't have the opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now unlike other shows that are out there and internet radio<br>play and you know something would charge you do a monthly subscriber fee in order to listen to their shows well a subscription fee is not required to listen to my talk shows but it is greatly greatly appreciated so again if you just go on the website you will see where there's a place where you can click on to subscribe and choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving and again I truly truly appreciate your support<br>well how is your heart today that's something that I'm always interested in not just myself but also with others and I hope your heart is well and I hope overall you are well and I pray that if you are struggling today that's in some capacity he will find the rest in comfort and the piece that you need well welcome to Today Show that the show that consuming on with you know the Alchemy of authenticity this theme that's now going to be a pattern for throughout the second year of the broadcast and this particular show is devoted to accelerated transformation when the universe turns up the heat and a little bit I'll share just how does the universe turn things up and when we do we need to hang on because it is an accelerated transformation indeed<br>well as I started out the last several weeks just want to take us back to my say probably Junior High chemistry class or a high school chemistry class or maybe even had chemistry class in college but you remember that the physical Alchemy was and is concerned with altering and transforming chemical properties within solid matter and we know you had a chemistry class like mine in the lab you were doing mixing all kinds of elements together and coming up with different properties but ended in two terms of like ancient Alchemy this was something that just fascinated The Alchemist and they were always concerned with finding the elixir of life or you know where they always wanted to change lead into gold but there's also a spiritual Alchemy which is concerned with freeing your vast spiritual self<br>which is being hindered within us by the unrefined parts of ourselves. Our fears are our limited personal beliefs are self-loathing and then the list could go on and on and on these are just parts that need to be transformed they need to be changed they need to be refined okay because spiritual Alchemy is this vastly more let's say a a multi-faceted fluid and its ongoing you know it's a continuation of purification of our hearts much like in the same way if you've ever seen you do a Smith will turn up the heat beneath the hopper that contains the raw mineral or metal and as this heat is it creased you know the impurities word Ross comes to the surface and that just needs to be skimmed off and it just makes the metal pure than what it was before<br>and then this process is repeated over and over and again and again until the metal reaches its finest. E that it can possibly be<br> well when you think about it we too are going through this process of a spiritual Alchemy of authenticity<br> you know I'll call an urgent to move in the higher dimensions of our authentic selves you know just because we are comfortable with seeing ourselves doesn't mean that we have the big picture okay because I mean how often does it feel like the heat is being turned up through Pastor current events throughout the world you know it doesn't take much just turn on the news or just pull it up on your iPad or iPhone and it just seems like that the whole world is just losing its mind you know just things are exploding all over the place and we just kind of wondering like how much more you know so it really feels as though you know it's just the heat is being turned up but when going through the process of a spiritual awakening you know certainly sooner or later we are confronted with the fact that there seems to be so much more to ourselves then the reality we are living in<br> and what we have a grown accustomed to<br> but still you know we may find ourselves struggling with how were triggered by certain events in the world and and yet at the same time having a more intentional progression in our spirituality as well as finding that courage to the let go of non-life giving perceptions and experiences in order to embrace more of a higher Dimension or more of our authentic South and a desire to live exclusively from the sale heart-space of pure light and unconditional love<br> well for those of you who have been following me for some time you know that I am very fond of quoting from my favorite book The Alchemist and my favorite line in The Alchemist is this<br> that when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it everything has to transform itself into something better and to acquire a new personal Legend until Sunday the soul of the world becomes one thing only<br> and this is a very beautiful thing very Noble thing to pursue as The Alchemist says our personal Legend which is our meeting purpose in life and so forth and then merging that with the soul of the universe or God or the Divine you at the however you choose to name God and having the two come together and let let that just be the one thing very exciting I've often found an in some people that this could be very unnerving it's just an unnerving state or place that they find themselves in especially when they feel like all that they have known before the starting to crumble and evaporate<br> you know whenever this happens in our lives we want to take inventory of ourselves and just we're not quite sure of ourselves you know at times but also whether or not if all we see it all around us is all there is<br> and yet<br> we can weather those storms you know we may also discover something greater than ourselves is also tugging on our soul<br> so call it a stronger nudge from God or it were that more intentional dimensional energy or even a hunger that resonates deep within us by telling us to go and search to discover the vastness of who we truly are<br> and we often discover that it is a journey within<br> and as we go on this journey we discover that there are things that we need to identify you do and then let go off and transform in order to embrace the higher or more intense dimensions of spirituality and other words in a rising above those negative mental emotional physical even spiritual triggers that I keep us from experiencing the fullness of unconditional love<br> so what do we do when the universe begins to turn up the heat on this purification process what do we do once we become aware that we're being tested or tried I once had a Lakota friend of mine explain it to me this way he said that you know whenever we are tested and tried by the fire of the universe it's God's way to see if we are real you know it's it's God's way of seeing you in are we committed and are we serious in our intentions to seek God for all of the right reasons<br> and that was interesting. You know I really appreciate it the how and you know what he shared with me know cuz a lot of times you know some people might struggle with you in like well are angels real is God real and he puts it into a prospective likes you know sometimes God wants to know if we're real and just exactly how serious are we with our intentions<br> and why I believe the image of fire is so often used in the purification process because fire itself is very transformative I mean just next time you're around a campfire or fireplace you do you have a fire going wherever you know just watch it you know just just just put it like a soft blade of it with your eyes and just listen to it watch how it moves and watch how it changes would into gas and dust and smoke and eventually as that goes up one day it will return to us in the form of rain and snow and a x ice<br> so once we become aware of this process once we realize that the universe is really starting to turn up the heat<br> we need to surrender to it<br> when we think about who is causing our desires to increase and who put those Desires in our hearts to begin with<br> I mean it. It's God you know but what's clouding that what is covering that what is keeping those desires from really being expanded on braced that utilized that is true that that God meets us where we are but God also wants us to do you know to come in a higher dimensions of are self-awareness and as a result God transforms us you know moves us Beyond sale lower vibrational thinking and feeling and behaving and when this occur<br> all I have to say is you better fasten your seatbelts and hang on your spiritual outcome is both transforming and transcending it will take us on a wonderful wonderful Journey because whenever we place our lives our hearts our souls into the hands of the soul of the universe that makes all the difference in the world<br> earlier this week I came across a story that was just fascinating I was reminded of the actually a poem that was linked with it you know long time ago and it was just something remind me just like I had to share that and it's a story about a young girl who lived in the late eighteen hundreds and her name was Myra Brooks Welch and she had a special love just to an intense joy for playing the organ but as she started to get older she started to suffer badly from arthritis and the fact she spent much of her time in a wheelchair<br> and she wrote with inverted pencils in each of her arthritic stricken gnarled hands and then she would pluck out the words on a typewriter and I was just very slow very tedious but it wasn't until around 1921 when she wrote the save perhaps the most beloved and cherished poem even to this day people still love it that spoke about placing oneself in the hands of God who's touching Grace turns the ordinary into extraordinary<br> it goes like this it was battered and scarred and the auctioneer thought it's scarcely worth his while to waste much time on the Old Violin but he held it up with a smile what are you bidding good folks he cried who will start the bidding for me for this violin do I hear a dollar a dollar buddy anybody anyone been to $2 to Dollars only $2 to Dollars $2 who will make it 3-3 dollars $3 okay $3 what's $3 going twice and then before he could get out and go in for 3<br> in the back of the room in the back a an old grey-haired man came forward and he picked up the bell and he wiped it off with a handkerchief and then wiping the dust from the Old Violin he started to tighten the loose drinks he played a Melody pure and sweet as the Angels would sing themselves and a husky move the crowd and then finally the music ceased<br> and the auctioneer who the old man handed the violin and bow back to him said<br> okay sucks now what will you bid for this Old Violin<br> $1,000 who will make it to 2,000 yes thank you sir who will make it three three thousand three thousand three thousand twice three thousand going going and it's gone and the people cheered they just erupted with Applause but then sell them also cried out Dear Sir tell us we don't know and we don't quite understand what changed the violence worth<br> well just as fast as that question was asked the answer came it was the touch of the Master's Hand<br> surrendering to the fine-tuning in our lives in the hands of God brings us indeed to a greater awareness and the realization that our value and worth was and always is there<br> and this is what God is trying to get us to see in ourselves this is what reclaiming authenticity is all about and there's if there's a vastness to ourselves that fills not just the world but throughout the whole universe with a unique and Sweet Sound and vibration<br> as a dear friend shared with me earlier this week she put it this way she said our vibrations in order to merge fully into our freedom must clarify what is R-Truth we can no longer be deluded by the old stories of our pain and suffering and unworthiness and Trauma and victimhood but we are empowered to acknowledge the gift of these challenges in great gratitude thank whatever it is in your awareness and release it into freedom<br> we no longer need to judge or absolve or forgive or carry the old baggage reclaim our sovereignty<br> and this fine tuning as you say of putting ourselves in the hands of God so that God can change our vibration and just raised us to levels of awareness that we can even possibly fathom<br> this also ironically place has a responsibility on us to then go and help raise the vibrational to huertas of the entire planet and individuals in fact whoever we meet in any given day<br> and it's also an important element to living in the higher Dimensions you know we helped raise the vibrational spiritual awareness of others<br> but how do we do this<br> well have you ever pray for somebody<br> or have you ever been part of a healing ceremony for them<br> or let's say you know something else that you have done on behalf of others serving them in a in a manner in which your gifts really shine<br> you know we do these things so that the people will live<br> in other words living in higher Dimensions is certainly a catalyst for us to become spiritual Advocates and interceding for those who are the most vulnerable in society and in a sense we raise our voices for those who have yet to find their voice<br> we pray for those who find it difficult to pray for themselves<br> we serve others who find it difficult to serve themselves we Empower others who have yet to find that same power in themselves<br> are you far too often this is my biggest complaint against spirituality and religion you know far too often it's focused on self gratification you know what do I get out of it you know how do I benefit and that might be an okay place to start but it's not healthy to stay there cuz I mean that's turning inward as it is really not a bad thing but it should becomes unbalanced when it doesn't draw us out of ourselves to be a blessing and to serve others we need again transform to transcend and this is what living in Fifth Dimension is all about<br> well I really want to hear your heart on this matter on this subject and share your experiences with me so if you like to call in the number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James help I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> okay welcome back welcome back I'm dr. James hauke and you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and again I just wanted to say is this thank you for your support over the past year and would like to say that you now have an opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber and as I mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast you don't need a monthly subscription to listen to any of my talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so just invite you to go to the website and reclaiming authenticity and you'll see of subscription link choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving and again I'd I truly truly appreciate it<br> what does the word about next week show I'm going to continue this theme of the outcoming of authenticity as we continue to kind of say you know I'd like to say tease out a little bit just the depth of this and make sure they spend the rest of our lives doing this because it's so vast and always think about eternity and it's our minds can't grasp a concept like that and often times when we start talking about vibrational energy and then and the like we often run out of words that we just don't have enough words in the human language to be able to capture the the the the depth or or every Nuance of what it means when they start talking about you know that the spiritual vibrations awareness<br> thanks for the invite you to tune in Next Friday same time 3 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time and noon Pacific Standard Time well at the beginning of the show I mentioned a quote from one of my favorite books The Alchemist that when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it everything has to transform itself into something better and to acquire a new personal legend that is our value dignity and worth until Sunday the soul of the world becomes only one thing<br> can you also share that this is a very wonderful place to be to have the vastness of ourselves just merge with the vastness of the soul of the world or God or is it sold the world language as Paulo Coelho rights in The Alchemist but this can be also a very unsettling place or state that people might find themselves in because they may not be too sure about all this you know but I could feel like you know really what's going on here I don't I can't make sense of anything especially if you know all what we have known previously the starting to crumble and evaporate in a we're not so sure of ourselves and you know we're also get out of not sure if if all that we see is is all that there is okay and later on in the book<br> later on in the Alchemist there's another great quote that sums up people's fears that they often carry in their hearts which becomes very detrimental comes very debilitating to them and it sucks I said later in the book is when the main character Santiago is having a discussion with his own heart and he's trying to come to terms with the fears that he feels deeply and he's having this conversation back and forth then all of a sudden he listens to his heart as he hears it say that the people are afraid to pursue their most important dreams because they feel that they don't deserve them or that they will be unable to achieve them but we their hearts become fearful just thinking of loved ones who go away<br> forever or of moments that could have been good but weren't or of treasures that might have been found but we're forever hidden in the sand<br> or perhaps to put it another way what dies inside of us while we live<br> but what dies inside of a person while they're living because of a fear of I don't deserve anything better<br> and I like I don't know if I can pursue my dreams I don't know if I can act on these Desires in my heart because it just might cost me everything<br> and yet that fear overshadows yeah there is a cost to it but what if there is something vastly vastly greater to be discovered<br> something that extends throughout all the generations and benefits all of humanity and Hanser's the vibration of the world<br> that's important<br> that would be worth it but how many times do we often sell ourselves so short and we think that well God do you know you don't really have much to work with here you know I'm not a good speaker I can't do this I can't do that and I'm afraid of my own shadow I hate to speak in public and you know we come up with one excuse after another and you know it's it's as if we're catching caught off-guard you know it says it's as if you do like maybe we can think of something that God hasn't thought of first you know so God will just say oh you know what that's a very good point you know what I didn't even I didn't even consider that I'm sorry I bothered you I'll go find somebody else<br> I guarantee you that has never happened and it never will because God knows exactly who you know was being touched on the shoulder shall we say no God knows who God is you know how does stirring their hearts God knows everything there is to know about us and yet still wants us still loves us with an unknown you know just an unconditional love and that is something we don't deserve but it's not a question of whether or not we deserve it cuz we'll never get to a point in our lives when we do deserve it but it's Grace it's a gift it's love<br> I love that understands that of course you don't have all the answers of course you don't have everything but allow me to help you discover those things in through my grace God says you can do many powerful things but you got to get your ego out of the way<br> because in the end doing in a vibrational Workhorse higher spiritual awareness no room for the ego<br> and God just patiently waits for us to you know deal with our ego and get it out of the way so that you know through God's grace and God Spirits wonderful Mighty things can occur in us and through us<br> cuz you know if we have the ego there with us we're going to try it and argue with God and say well let me try it this way I think I can do it better and again thinking that you know what makes you think that God has already thought this through you know so again you do has to get out of the way but<br> yeah it's just imagine you know what dies inside of us while we live what did I want a potential or or you know the gifts and Graces that we have yet to discover because we don't want to go too deep you know because it just might require us to do something that we're not quite ready to do<br> and then certainly we we live in a three-dimensional world you know we we we are governed by time and space and structures and inform and so forth we also have to contend with the chronological order of of linear time that we often say well that's past present and future you know and this is something that is often experienced through our five senses of what we see or what we hear what we touch or smell or taste and and yet how often are we pulled in opposite directions such as how are we loved or not loved what do we have what don't we have how are we connected to others or how am I disconnected with others and a classic one am I good<br> or am I bad<br> you know that summer is the time to you don't watch kids run through a field and there you know the hopefully they still play this game thing they do maybe they don't but if they take like a daisy or to your kind of pluck the petals from a daisy and just say well he loves me he loves me she loves me she loves me not and we go through the entire you know all the pedals on the flower and hopefully it lands on she loves me or he loves me if not we just like well I'm going to try I'll go get another flower until it works out in our favor okay but it already I thought young age were thrown out of this dichotomy of of comparisons of it's either this or it's that<br> you know it's it's looking like all or nothing thinking and that's it that's just not how we are you know we perceive things and people as being good or bad right or wrong black and white in all forms of Duality and these polarities are actually a state of being limited you know we had this limited perception and then perhaps we ought to want to connect with God on this lower level of shall we say of awareness and that's fine you know cuz one thing that you know scripture from every religion emphasizes is that God is more than happy to meet us where we are<br> but all the scriptures also say that you know this is not God's ultimate desire for us to remain there and there's so much more for us to realize about God and the universe and then ourselves or another words we ain't seen nothing yet that's why I said strap on that seat belt and hang on cuz he's on<br> now what about the first step in raising our awareness it is to understand that you know we're not the body we're rather were Souls within the body were sold in the body you know God knew us before we were born and knows everything about us and yet we have to realize this in ourselves you know to see ourselves as Souls living in this world and this is more in line with who we truly are<br> okay and then this might be especially difficult to grasp at first because let me think about it this way no matter how high or spiritual awareness or spiritual Attunement becomes we still have to contend with the physical form that gets hungry we still have to contend with illnesses and diseases and we still have to contend with pain and you know the physical form still needs to bathe in fact there's still a lot more work to be done a lot more food to be grown a lot more food to be distributed prepared and enjoyed medicines are needed to be developed and people need to be educated and trained in and how our body works as well as how to treat the body when it doesn't work so we certainly need to take care of the body as that vessel that houses are so<br> and yet still what what makes the difference between identifying as merely a physical form rather than a soul is that we no longer choose to live in fear of everyday life let alone that the dying process because we realized were eternal<br> and we can we can walk each day and we can interact with others knowing that there is more to this life than what our senses can identify with because what we see and hear and touch and taste and smell is very beautiful in the ends and very good but it's temporary and everything else that we have yet to see and hear and touch and taste and smell those are the Eternal things<br> estimates it certainly true are Bob Barr bodies also go through a change as our heightened spiritual awareness increases and we have to honor that you know because we go through shifts in our awareness that may cause us to become you say more tired of times we're more sensitive towards lights and sound and temperature know we may even go through states of hunger or we may not even have an appetite we may even think that we're going crazy but all of these experiences in the body means that we are shifting into a higher Consciousness and it's a body has to adjust in order to handle that vibration<br> and for me as I shared this couple weeks ago it I know I'm going through a shift when it feels as though a times you know time itself speeds up on me and I have to become more sensitive to noise it's just it's just how my body is responding but it's going through its own transformation and you know some people may even feel lighter you know this has nothing to do with the bathroom scale you know but they just feel light they feel lighter you know their thoughts don't weigh them down now they just have a like a lighter step as they walked and so forth<br> but how we shift into an increased spiritual experience does affect us physically but<br> what is really going on here you know how and where is it most noticeable<br> why do we recognize these shifts in our our brain-wave activities yes what about lower blood pressure sure and and how does our DNA Shop and Save on that cellular level<br> when we already know that through meditation prayer and meditation that has a physiological effect on us it does decrease blood pressure it lowers the heart rate lowers respiration and helps us to sleep more soundly and releases neurotransmitters of oxytocin tosin and endorphins excetra out and just research in the 90s just was fascinated by this and often remember a story I had seen in some pictures of over there to bet you know how the how the scientist got permission to do this I don't know but it was just a fascinating study where they went over there and they just wanted to measure the brainwaves of the monks as they were chatting as they were meditating as they were praying as they were even in silence and so the site just go over there with their computers and<br> 4th and just hook up a bunch of electrodes to you know a monk and you know each one had a scientist and another room with the computer and it was just monitoring brain waves and what sections of the brain would actually light up and have more activity as they were going through their chance and it was just fascinated because they all found that these monks as they got into like deeper deeper shall we say even Gamma Delta you know those waves those brain waves special gamma where it's just more like going it's just going so fast<br> the scientists found that the part of the brain that just lights up like a Christmas tree is the prefrontal cortex<br> which has to do with our identity which has to do with let's say the seat of compassion and understanding and mercy and grace and the scientists were all you know excited and beside themselves and they you know afterwards they come rushing out to the monks and you know detach them from all the electrodes and everything and you know they got everybody together and they showed them the results and said you realize that when when you all start meditating and you get into that very very deep, you know brainwave that's you know that part of the brain lights up and that the monks just started to chuckle to themselves so you started to you know kind of like not Snicker but they weren't they were laughing and you know they they told the scientist that not in so many words but it's like you know hey boys it kind of wasted your time because we knew this all along that's why we meditate that's why<br> we spend time in prayer to awaken ourselves to Greater levels of compassion to waken ourselves and just greater awareness of of who we are and you know our identity and your mercy and Grace and love and so you know they thanked him for doing the study but it just kind of confirm with the monks knew all along that you know meditation has that kind of an effect on us know an increase to spiritual experience does affect us physically<br> and certainly research in the area of of near-death experiences you know one of the area that I'm really fascinated then I have to also shown to affect people in terms of an emotional and psychological physical and even spiritual change and which is Kenneth ring one of the prominent researchers out there he calls it a benign virus in which people who have gone through such a radical shift in their awareness and desires and goals and everything as a result of having gone through a near-death experience can pass this on to others that not everybody needs to have a near-death experience to awaken these things in themselves and so he calls it that benign virus something that you can share with with others that can also raise their vibrational spiritual awareness<br> but don't see her in the literature there's often a lot of research and talked written and spoken about crystalline energy and what is it you know and and what is the shift that occurs in us and that moves us from us a carbon energy to more of a crystalline or crystalline energy and basically it is if it involves releasing of all the unneeded energies that are RNs or through us and so forth and replacing them with the higher vibrations of love and light<br> and then certainly crystalline energy is the energy of light and love which means that anything that's not in alignment with that love and with our higher vibrational cells will gradually fade away<br> because as we go into the deeper and deeper and higher and higher levels of spiritual awareness there are things that just simply cannot follow and so they can't they eventually fade away as we let go of more and more things that simply no longer service<br> and as a society we already know that sell memory occurs when people hold trauma in their body and when trauma is severe enough and boot camp intense and everything nice to change ourselves are jeans and this was the study of epigenetics and the studies that came out of traumatic experiences of World War II as well as other atrocities we're by the end of the trauma that a person went through was was stamped on a person's DNA stand in their genes and just started to alter the G and that's how intergenerational trauma exist it's passed on to Future Generations as well as you know some behaviors and you knowing that other things that are modeled for them<br> but but certainly got the genetics came along and says look trauma can do this to us even down on the cellular level but interesting Lee enough when we shift into higher Consciousness were vibration that two can create a change in our DNA that can break up trauma and its epigenetics that has altered you do these jeans and the same is true with our mental health you know there is such a thing as crystallized intelligence which encompasses everything that we have learned and experienced and heard and tasted emotions that we've felt and positive core memories and negative core memories<br> and all of these experiences are held in this crystallized intelligence which again is have been shown to become stronger and resilient in us over time and this is why I listening to the stories of our elders is so crucial for every generation because within those experiences out of this crystallized intelligence comes precious wisdom teachings that we need to integrate into our own lives<br> read Martin something so strong as crystallized intelligence there are certainly unhealthy patterns of behaviors and distorted perspectives that need to be shall we say dissolved and released and you are never too old to experience a radical shift in your vibrational awareness of your vest self<br> at least vibrational shifts I think just show up first and foremost in our relationships know we can become more loving and more patient more forgiving with ourselves and with others you know and when we Ascend spiritually it affects us physically and even when we minister to another person you know their physical needs it always has a spiritual effect or Awakening on some level in other words to the soul is touched to<br> now one of the things that I also would like to share is that as we heal as we move out of our woundedness we we often catch glimpses of being pulled into a nonlinear awareness of who we are although it has not yet been fully realized and and higher dimensions of our awareness for ourselves God in the universe allows us to really live in the pure light of unconditional love knowing that we all are connected that we are one<br> our relationships are Limitless no longer perceived as being bound by time or space and living in higher dimensions of our awareness means living from the heart<br> we connect for our hearts and we can feel the connection of love instantly and through this weekend discover and ReDiscover our true creative power<br> and all of these experiences them are embraced with gratitude as a soul knows that everything has its purpose for our own growth and expansion of consciousness but again it's not just for ourselves<br> the story about a a certain shopkeeper that sent his son to learn about the secret of Happiness from the wisest man in the world I had to travel a distance and so this boy wandered through the desert for 40 days and he finally came upon a beautiful castle on top of this mountain and it was there that the wise man and lived and ironically rather than finding a saintly man though you know that the boy are here out on entering the main room of the castle saw just a beehive of activity just everybody come going Tradesman came and went people were engaged in conversations and even though small Orchestra was off to the side playing very soft music and there was a table covered with platters in the most delicious food in that part of the world and so the boy met this wise man and<br> yeah he asked for this wisdom and so the wise men gave him a spoon with two drops of olive oil and told him you're free to go anywhere in the castle but don't spill any oil for the boy goes exploring through all this and you know he is very carefully he keeps looking down at the the spoon and make sure he's not spilling anything at all proud of himself and everything and he eventually comes back to the wise man and he cuz look sir here is your spoon with the two drops of oil I didn't spill anything<br> and the wise man smiled took the spoon from him and and he just asked so as you were walking through my calf muscle did you happen to see my beautiful Tapestry on the wall did you happen to see the dining room did you say hello to my Gardener did you notice the beautiful parchments in the library<br> and the boy was truly embarrassed they confessed that he didn't really see these things cuz he wasn't really looking for them and the wise man said well then there's only one piece of advice I can give you and that is the secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never forget the drops of oil on a Spare the key for us is to always remain teachable and aware at all times<br> dr. James hauke and you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity so glad you were able to join me this hour and invite you to tune in next week 3 on Friday 3 Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time and join me as we continue delving into more of the Alchemy of authenticity until get till then take care and God bless<br> it's all there just to calm and we'll see you next on PBS radio TV<br>

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