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Reclaiming Authenticity, July 23, 2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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The Alchemy of Milk, Butter and Cheese

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

The Alchemy of Milk, Butter and Cheese

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James house<br>well hello hello everybody good afternoon one and all wherever you are and the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity helping you find your courage to reclaim that which has always been in you and I am dr. James hauke and if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today show I invite you to visit the website it's reclaiming authenticity that's, reclaiming authenticity very nice to be with you here today I just wanted to say that just in case you want to go back and listen again to this broadcast where if you want to go back into the archives and listen to previous shows these you can do so cuz these broadcasts are podcast it that you are able<br>I do that and I do so want to just take a moment at the beginning of this subject her show did I thank you for all the support over the past year and would like to say that you now have an opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now a subscription that is not required to listen to or access my talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so a cab just to invite you to go to the website and click on the link and choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving and again. I deeply deeply appreciate it very excited to be with you here today and every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon pacific standard standard time and any other time in between because each and every week these broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health and if you would like to call<br>and be part of the show and the number is 888-627-6008 that is 888-627-6008 and I will be taking any calls after the break wow here we are we are coming down to the wire of the end of July and I don't know about you but summer is quickly moving on even though we have a whole nother month of August and depending on where you live September can be also a very warm month as well but interesting this past week that I have just as I've been talking to the kids who are out on vacation and you don't want to mention back to school shopping because that throws them into a little dizzy and there that's not quite ready for that so I know that's coming soon enough and they know it's coming soon enough but you know. Let's not force it let's let them enjoy summer as much as possible okay<br>so if this is your first time to Ting in this welcome to the show I just thank you and then again just leave me your comments and you know it on the website I always appreciate reading them and just in case you're wondering what reclaiming authenticity is all about it is you know this integration of our spirituality and our mental health but it's placed all within the context of our relationships with ourselves and with others and with God or the Divine of the universe Ki and the again for those of you new to the program I just like to say that I am a firm believer that all of us come into the world already equipped and graced with everything we need in this life in terms of our gifts art skills or talents or strengths character traits<br>personality so on and so forth all the very best parts of who we are however sometimes as we go along in life and may be due to some unpleasant experiences we may feel like we need to hide the very best parts of ourselves so we feel that we need to just not show our giftedness or skills or talents to others you know or we push that giftedness way down so others cannot see it because perhaps there was a time in our life and which we were really you know glad to show others just the uniqueness of who we are and for one reason or another it was exploited by people who were jealous or they did not understand or for whatever reason they did<br>or perhaps we were told that we would never amount to anything and that we have yet to even discover or gifts in our talents in our skills and strengths and personalities and so forth but the great you know we just don't realize that there is so much more to us in fact we have yet to discover the very best parts of ourselves because when we do discover the best parts of ourselves there is always more to us to discover so at any rate when we don't realize that giftedness we often go through life Bunch name from a place of wounded nests or victimhood instead of a place of healing or wholeness and embracing are hatching a toss or uniqueness and this is why I place this integration of spirituality and mental health in the context of relationships<br>cuz when you think about it we often receive or our deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds in relationships and yet the irony is we can also discover our greatest healing and strength and peace and forgiveness and love through healthier relationships so all in all it always brings us back to relationships and these relationships just might be within our own families it could be our co-workers colleagues or friends but you know when we transform we also transform others by our presence by our grace even our understanding you know it may not show up right away but on some level in others a transformation is is occurring because we are treating them differently<br>a lot of keep in mind also that when it comes to forgiveness kindness and compassion these things have to begin with how we treat ourselves because when we treat ourselves more compassionately that we can then be more compassionate with others and when we are forgiving and more forgiving with ourselves then I found that we can be more forgiving with others and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves and be grateful for everything in our lives we thank discover how this opens up our hearts to live and see in gratitude with others<br>transformation first and foremost begins with us but it will be the Catalyst that allows us to transcend and to tap into. Just the best parts of ourselves but we can find tremendous tremendous depth in in love and gratitude and peace in our relationships well how is your heart today I hope you are well I hope your heart is well and I pray that if you're struggling today you'll find rest in the comfort and the piece that you need<br>well welcome Today Show it's a show that's going to be focusing on the Alchemy of milk butter and cheese<br> you heard right milk butter and cheese now this may seem like a strange topic to discuss but when you think about it you know every time you go to the grocery store most people have on their grocery list you know I have to buy milk butter and cheese and and of course there are other products such as yogurt cottage cheese and so forth but I don't know if you've ever done this before but we give you a little experiment as much as an experiment but it's one of these life-changing realization that whenever you get home and you pour yourself a glass of milk okay I want you just to let it sit for a while and just take a look at that<br> and what do you see<br> okay I'm not talkin about while I see whole milk I see you skim milk I see 2% it's it's not that but just take a closer look at the glass of milk okay and when you're looking at that glass of milk ask yourself this question<br> am I able to see the butter and the cheese that is already in it<br> this is a great analogy for how we are able to see God and the potential that we can see in ourselves and others in everyday life just a powerful powerful metaphor this glass of milk and what do we see more than just milk but can we see the butter and cheese in it<br> well a few years ago I was told a particular story about butter and milk that was hold the very first time I visited India I was visiting a Sikh spiritual leader Baba Ram Singh in karnal India and he shared with me this story about the most important place to look for God<br> and here's How The Story Goes he said there once lived a king it was quite Rich he was a very very wealthy King and this kid I used to pray a lot everyday he used to pray in the morning he prayed at mealtimes and he even prayed at night but one day I thought came into his mind and he said<br> you know I pray to God I always think about God but where is God where does God live<br> so the next day he sent out a message to all the people that if anybody can tell me where God is I will give him or her a hundred gold coins well the news got out that the rich King was going to offer a hundred gold coins to anybody who could tell him where God is and everybody wanted to try and tell him I just tons of people just showed up and some would say oh I can tell you where God is God's in the mountains but some would say oh no, it's not in the mountains gods in the sky well no God's not in the sky God is in the heavens or God is in the sea or God is in Faraway countries<br> but this wasn't quite the answer the kick was looking for<br> well the few days later a man came to see the king my and he was a very wise man everybody knew him as just a quiet very calming and humble person he said sir I know where God is<br> the wealthy King asked really please tell me where is God and the wise man said okay I just need you to bring me a bowl of milk first and the wealthy King didn't understand how that would help but it seems easy enough and so after the milk arrived the wise man said now dear King I want you to put your hand in the bowl of milk so the king put his hand in the milk and then the wise man asked him what's in that milk sir<br> and the King replied there's nothing in the milk it's just a bowl of milk and so this wise man asked him again are you quite sure there is just milk in there<br> what do such a rich gang there's nothing in the milk it's just a bowl of milk for the wise man said okay I want you to stir the milk with your hand so the King start the milk and he stirred it and he's stirred it and he stirred it he started for such a long time that he had to take a break and after he rested he started to stir it again and he stirred it and stirred it and stirred it and in time from the same bowl of milk there was cream and then there was butter and these things came from the milk<br> all the rich man looked at the wise man and said I don't I don't understand what's the point are you trying to make I asked you to tell me where God is and you just got a bowl of milk and made me stir it okay okay I see the Cream came out and then it turned into butter but where is God<br> the wise man said sir God isn't necessarily far away God can be found inside you<br> and what we have to do sometimes is to turn ourselves our mind our heart our feelings are so we just got to call on God's name and not calling or that chanting of God's name is like the churning it's like the churning of the milk and slowly with in time we will see that God is inside of us just like the butter is inside the milk god is inside of us and after hearing this the rich King fell to his knees and he bowed to the wise man<br> and when we heard this story from the Sikh<br> spiritual leader a little did I realize how important it is to understand that the presence of God or the Divine can be seen in everyone and especially our selves in everyday life on the surface yeah we might find his teaching difficult because let's say we look at ourselves or when we look at others all we see is co so much physical pain or emotional wounds or psychological suffering or expressions of anger and violence work or lust or jealousy and Brokenness<br> but can we also see the potential for God's presence to transform these wounds into a life-giving means of creating the human we truly want to see in this world and other words can we see the potential for the milk to be transformed into butter<br> motherwell how can we transform Dimensions into higher spiritual awareness<br> you know what's ask ourselves these questions do we see potential in ourselves<br> do we see ourselves as more than just the body do we see ourselves as Souls which are Limitless and vast<br> and yet how many times do we struggle with seeing God in this world because we're unwilling or were unable to shift our Focus<br> warp you know let's be honest you know perhaps were too busy to quiet ourselves and Listen for God's still Small Voice or let's take this one step further how many times do we wrongly assume that in order to see God we must first make God conform to our vision and we have to make God conform to our philosophy and our world view and our prayers know that if God wants a relationship with me then it's going to have to be on my terms<br> and this is simply not the case<br> because you said God is not a kin to the genie in Aladdin's lamp and we don't attend these things simply by rubbing the spiritual lamp hoping to get three wishes<br> so how do we see God more clearly and then how do we grow and this loving relationship more dearly and how do we follow God you know closer each day<br> let me propose this idea perhaps okay perhaps drink before we ask this question of how maybe a better question would be for us to First understand from where inside our soul do these desires come<br> guy perhaps the desire to see and love and follow God actually comes from a deep place in us that words cannot express<br> because you know as we heal from our psychological and emotional and physical and spiritual wounds we will begin to look at ourselves and others differently<br> and this is a very good beginning it may not make sense but it is a very good beginning<br> however when we're able to see what we're truly made of that is of light so we begin to understand the true meaning of seeing the butter and the cheese in the bowl of milk<br> it may not be there at first glance but as we develop our relationship with God or the Divine we heal from our wounded Essen<br> and here's the irony in all this when we are truly able to see ourselves as souls and ultimately when were able to realize ourselves as souls and we begin to see others as Souls we're going to get to a place where we're no longer willing to accept relating to people as anything less than them also being Souls<br> how many times do we often hear what went on a daily basis and then we here and we see people calling for an end to violence crime and poverty and it's interesting Humanity just looking at the history of humanity Humanity has always struggled with these issues but is never look for the answers in the right places because all too often the focus has been on the externals that have often caused such division in humanity since the beginning of measure time and it is the externals that have produced these isms in the world today we will have sexism we have racism we have ageism we have class ISM we had egoism and so on and so on<br> I want to focus on the soul of the person all of these isms by the way they simply cannot follow the language of the Soul because the soul is always found by looking Inward and were able to see the soul we realize there's no more sexism there's no more racism there's no more ageism there's no more egoism because isms do not have a voice in the matters of the Soul<br> now in a light-hearted note here maybe you remember that famous line in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Ferris is talking to the camera while in the shower and he says not that I condone fascism or any ISM for that matter ism's in my opinion are not good a person should not believe in an ism he should believe in himself and I quote John Lennon I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me good point after all he was the walrus I could be the walrus but I'd still have to bum rides off people<br> well in all seriousness folks you know there are no more isms of this nature simply because they they cannot hold up to the standard that we are all souls and we are all children of light we're all children of God that when a belief becomes an ism It generally becomes you know taken in as a part of one's identity and the shift is from merely having a conviction to being a connection<br> you know it just says people say well it just sounds true so it just has to be me and you know what are you going to do and sits it just doesn't make sense but well you know I'm of a certain age so they are nuts going on or I'm of a certain race and there's racism going on or their sexism or ego ISM and that's just the way it is<br> and that is so unfortunate<br> because I guarantee when we can see each other as Souls<br> let me start to treat each other's assholes<br> ism's will never ever enter into our language again they just simply cannot<br> well back in the early 90s there was a shift in the field of psychology and prior to that there was just focus in the field that was solely on diagnosis you know when identifying what's wrong with people in order to then give them a diagnosis and then develop treatment plans to help them heal and improve and so forth but since the early 90s positive psychology has come along and really turned the field of psychology on its head because it did encourage people at mental health professionals to not focus on what is wrong with them but instead they are encouraged to identify you know with what positive gifts at Grace's and skills and character traits do they already possessed<br> and in this way people are empowered toward a more solution-focused approach to their problems and another tool I use to help people discover their character strengths come straight from Peterson and Sonic met back in 2004 who have identified 24 categories character traits positive character traits that everybody has one of these categories could be appreciation of beauty or say bravery or creativity or a curiosity with life fairness forgiveness gratitude authenticity and so forth and as people explore these positive character traits they're often empowered perhaps for the very first time in their lives to actually named what gives their lives meaning and purpose<br> well I would really love to hear what's on your heart about this subject so it again if you would like to call in that number is 888-627-6008 and I will be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> okay welcome back I am dr. James hauke and you are listening to reclaiming authenticity with you a little bit about next week show that shows going to be entitled The Alchemy of transforming the dimensional energy of intergenerational trauma let me say that again the Alchemy of transforming the dimensional energy of intergenerational trauma and it seems like everybody is familiar with that African proverb it takes a village to raise a child and this proverb is often used to remind everyone that we are all factors when it comes to raising children whether or not you're a parent or a grandparent or a sister or brother an aunt or an uncle and you know this is the reason why we take on the eldest this Factor we take on this responsibility because children are always watching<br> always listening always learning and children do they need to be taught the meaning and purpose of values and roles and love and forgiveness and reality and the importance of relationships but if we're honest with ourselves we realize that not all the lessons children learn are healthy and life-giving and unfortunately sometimes the lessons children learn are from the wounds of others who have suffered tremendously but who have never had a chance to heal<br> and what often cements these painful lessons is the Relentless oppression and reinforce Norms from society that intends to reinforce that message the people are insignificant and need to be kept in their place so we're going to take a look at that in the end how we can be the Alchemy to transform these dimensional energies throughout intergenerational trauma next Friday noon Pacific Standard Time 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time right here on reclaiming authenticity<br> well earlier in the show I was talking about you know when we are truly able to see ourselves as souls and and ultimately when we were able to realize ourselves and souls and we begin to see others as Souls that we are no longer willing to accept relating to people as anything less than them also being sold but there seems to be this push-pull energy going on that wants people to focus on just the externals instead of looking at each other and looking within each other as souls and I talked about it back in the early nineties there is a shift in the field of psychology you know that went from well let's focus on the diagnosis and identify what's wrong with people in order to diagnose them and develop treatment plans and help them heal and improve and so forth but it was in the early nineties that positive psychology<br> play started to gain some traction and encouraged mental health professionals to focus not on what's wrong with people but let's go and find what's right with people what's going help them discover the very best parts of themselves let's go and help them and encourage them to identify with what positive gift and Graces and skills and character traits do they already possess and of course you know if you remember what I said at the beginning of the show very much I love positive psychology because I'm a firm believer that it's like I said we all come into the world with these gifts and Graces already but let's go and find them a night because they belong to us<br> and you know they identified 24 positive character traits and everybody has them but nobody can live out these traits quite like you and I can you know and this is where our personalities come in we live out these traits of courage and curiosity and spirituality and forgiveness and you know you know and so forth but we put our shall we say fingerprints all over it<br> Cayenne we we share those things from the realization that these are very much life transformative gifts that we have but they're not just for us we might be there the Stewarts of that we might be entrusted with them but these gifts are meant to be shared because they are meant for others so whatever we do let us do and say and affirm others so that the people may live<br> and yet this awareness of our gifts you know it is in the very best parts of ourselves is only the beginning that if we truly recognized that you have the positive character traits in US chances are our ancestors may have possessed them to guy cuz remember traumas not the only thing that may have been passed down to us we have also received the Sadies positive character strike so we're strong work ethics and resiliency just to name a few<br> no either way to truly live our lives to our greatest potential is also to realize who we are as Souls as well as you know that our gifts and graces are meant for the benefit of others<br> are there are there many people out there who may never realize who they are as Souls let alone being you know<br> now they just that I'm unable to embrace such strengthen themselves and perhaps they were never allowed to realize these potentials never encouraged or maybe they had these drinks out of fear or rejection or shame but regardless positive character traits you know is is for all of us we just have to find them and we reclaim them<br> they belong to us but due to be shared for all<br> and another seek version was say that we are all droplets of water returning to the ocean and we are no different from one another all be at the external so why do we have the externals when and then why are we on Earth as an embodied soul and some would say that we are in a body Soul because the karma of our soul still needs to work out and in terms of the lessons that are learned as well as the healing that needs to take place and the many times you know we believe that God can be captured and stand up and just looking at the externals that if we just polish up the outside then God can be found in the ecstatics of people places and thanks okay<br> nothing wrong with that God can be found in the most incredible places people and things but the danger of this farsightedness is that when we are so focused on the external there's a Tennessee there to overlook the soul of another person let alone the butter and the cheese inside every bowl of milk because as I mentioned earlier it all comes back to relationships<br> and this kind of alchemy is needed into world today you know especially in the up and coming generations and again I'm going to convince the older I get the the greatest lessons we can teach those Generations who are coming after us is for them to see us behaving graciously compassionately and more loving towards each other<br> and more importantly we who are the older Generations need to make sure that the younger generation Generations know how to see and to hear and embrace their own potential for kindness and strength resiliency and hope they need to know that we see them as good husbands and wives they need to know that we see them as good fathers and mothers we need to make sure they know how valuable and hopeful they are<br> this is alchemy a spirit changing of energy into something more life giving that we find in ourselves and I often tell when I was teaching often told my students and I tell others to never underestimate the power of a person's presence in any given situation<br> and this is what it means for us to be in the world that is constantly generating anger and rage and contempt and strife and violence uncertainty and confusion healing is a deeply human process and because it's a deep process self-care is most important and whenever I'm involved in clearing negative energy either from land or helping others process their emotions I have to take it easy with myself and depending on the intensity of the energy I usually have to sleep for a while afterwards and in order for myself to continue processing out the shift in energy<br> and then let me share with you just a little example of what I mean by this several years ago I was able to travel to the Mohawk Institute in Brantford Ontario and this is a place I felt called to pray for the souls of children whose remains were discovered on the grounds and I won't go into all the history of the Mohawk institute's but this was clearly one that was often used as a model for indigenous children to be educated a lot of hard work harder if it tragedies were recorded and discovered years and years and years later and just a lot of misery and pain and you talk about intergenerational trauma there are some perhaps even to this day who had gone to<br> that Institute were or had grandparents or great-grandparents who were forced to go to that Mohawk Institute in Ontario and they just the things that they've adored what they've experienced what they've seen and so forth has just stayed with them and it is unfortunate but two grandchildren and great-grandchildren are now the ones who feel as though there are reliving some of those traumatic experiences even though they weren't there<br> well weeks prior to this visit I researched the history of this institute and I discovered various stories a children's whose death were never accounted for by the church or the government in fact Outsiders had Unearthed sections of the grounds believed to be part of the mass Graves and they found articles of children's clothing and Porcelain buttons of school uniforms that were worn back in the day and ribbons and even pieces of children's bone and these physical evidence has only reinforced the stories from the adult survivors of the Mohawk Institute about the mistreatment the exploitation the physical emotional and sexual abuse has that the children suffered<br> now prior to my trip to Branford my dreams consisted of hearing The Souls of these children laughing and crying and Once I arrived at the Mohawk Institute their songs became stronger and I felt deeply within my soul this kind of anticipation that just started to tremble and I sat on the grounds behind the abandoned main building for some time just get comfortable with the energy just to feel the energy and the air was indeed I remember on mixture of sorrowful and relief and I had made sprayer ties from tobacco and Sage that I had hung at the edge of the woods about fifty yards from the school and I had my Native American drum with me and I began to walk around the grounds and just softly drumming and asking for God's assistance and you from the universe just around me<br> love and grace and I asked to speak to the souls the children who remained tied to the land you know because of the traumatic energy that was holding up there and it was time for them to go be with God and I remember hearing their sorrow and Subs quickly turned into sounds of laughter just like I had heard in my dreams weeks before but I continue to walk these grounds and I drummed and telling these Souls that they were not forgotten and that God knows every one of them but I told them that God has heard their cries in the trauma that they suffered at this place is now being healed but they are no longer tied to this land because of the negative energy of trauma and that has been broken<br> and I started to see the children's Souls come up out of the woods dressed in their school uniforms the girls had ribbons in their hair and the boys were wearing white shirts sometimes they would come up out of the woods in the Mitchell are sometimes to buy 2 and once they reach the edge of these woods they looked up and then were immediately transported to Heaven you know just with a gentle wash<br> and after some time I will also was led to pray for the healing and release of the souls for those who had committed such atrocities only for their release from the land but also for that we say the perpetrators to be healed from their own intergenerational trauma that had influenced them to mystery didn't kill indigenous children I felt this strong shift of energy in the land that is almost as if the land gave a huge sigh of relief and the air was definitely lighter and more peaceful now and driving back to Buffalo where my hotel was I had a hard time staying awake because of the huge shift in energy something had happened and once I got back to the hotel I slept for about 4 hours straight and this was kind of like mid-afternoon and I woke up it was dark and you<br> I just wish I'd been out for a long time cuz I just needed that rest I needed to take it easy for a while and I also needed to drink plenty of water you know that liquid light to replenish the energy that has been released and you know that's why I mentioned you know self-care is a must and in working with energy and transforming it spiritually we do need to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally and psychologically guy so rest when you're tired work when you have the energy and always continue to integrate your experiences because these also form your story for others to hear<br> honor yourself and honor the ones you know with whom you pray for<br> and we are all beautiful souls made in that image of God and we're filled with inherent value and dignity and worth and yes we may struggle to accept this truth because our attention is often diverted to focus solely on the externals you know on that outward appearance and behavior and let's let's take this notion a little deeper you know the truth be told we all live with some degree of ignorance of our soul Consciousness there just many things we don't realize yet many things we don't see but the potential is there<br> and it's just like looking for the butter and the cheese it every bowl of milk do we see the potential in ourselves to realize this do we see the potential in others to realize this and this is what I mean by looking at others and ourselves as Souls it's like we may not be able to see this if we're looking at the externals but look a little deeper see what's their see the potential<br> we make it Clemson's of it you know but we never attain the full extent because let's say the physical or emotional or psychological issues Cloud our vision of who we truly are you don't because diseases and illnesses due afflict Us in the body and what we do feel physical and emotional pain with so much intensity of times we believe that we're going to break into and there are times when our lungs May struggle to take a breath or hunger and diseases causes our stomachs and intestines and bowels muscles and blood screaming Agony and these experiences just might make us question whether or not we are the sole who God has created<br> and yet this illusion lies not in the suffering and the pain in the agony we experience but rather it's in our own perception that there's nothing more to us than an emotional intellectual and physical body and its true physical and emotional pain and suffering can temporarily drown out the Cry of the soul but our soul is never silenced<br> and furthermore this is the truth that is the greatest strength of who we are as our souls and it lies in our ability to transform and transcend physical emotional and even the psychological limitations because for as much as history has shown us the horrific crimes of humanity does to itself there are just as many stories of humanity Rising above such tragedies to heal and to reclaim the saw<br> no common expression that cuts across all generations and races and cultures is that we often reap what we sow and many agricultural societies understand this concept better than others who have never put a seed in the ground and if you have a good soil and good seed enough water Sonicare healthy crop will be produced and the Chinese actually have a saying that if a man plants melons he will reap melons if he sews beans he'll reap beans and other words every action is going to produce an outcome or a consequence or reward and yet there is another way to express the same idea in terms of character and comes from an old Cherokee teaching it says that one evening and Old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes<br> inside people he said my son the battle is between two wolves inside off all of us one is evil there's anger Envy jealousy sorrow regret green arrogance self-pity resentment inferiority lies false Pride superiority and ego but the other one is good it is joy and peace and love and hope Serenity humility kindness benevolence empathy generosity truth compassion and faith<br> and the grandson thought about this for a minute and then he asked his grandfather which wolf wins and the old Cherokee Cherokee simply replied it's the one you feed<br> and certainly that which we feed whether it's physically emotionally and spiritually grows to produce more of the same<br> and this this concept is true whether we are referring to agriculture or around human desires and still another way to understand this reality of a cause-and-effect is through that symbol for the Cornucopia you know that the time-honored symbol of abundance long associated with Thanksgiving and I remember reading one time from a Native American ceremonial dancer Sean and writer and artist Joseph Rafael were his name is beautiful painted arrow and he speaks about a vision that he had he speaks about this Horn of Plenty that he had in 2006 and he writes about it in his book sound native teachings and Visionary art he says it was on April 16th to 2006 and I was doing a dance in Australia when the Horn of Plenty appeared above the dance grounds<br> the fruit of the Horn of Plenty began to fall into the dance Arbor it is spilling out into a spiral which means it's germinating whatever is being seated their abundance is coming to all of us who are living on Earth at this time into our children grandchildren and great-grandchildren and what the vision means is that there has been a major shift that has occurred from the germination of the seeds will come the flowering of change and we humans have fooled around long enough and then now God is going to take over from now on we are going to get plenty of everything we focus and act on so if we focus on conflict we will get more conflict however if we focus on peace we will get plenty of peace<br> as soon as we're focused on a goal the universe will take us in that direction it is important for future Generations than that we Elders leave this world we leave it in a better place for our children and grandchildren and our great-grandchildren you are here on Earth at this time because you're supposed to be here as their fathers mothers grandparents on snuggles you will pass this piece on to Future generations and your responsibilities will then become their responsibilities<br> and folks we live in a time when this is true or than ever before the choice is ours who are you going to feed what are we going to feed if we feed it off until Saturday or Sunday going to get more of the same and if we feed genuineness we're going to get more of the same of this and once we understand this takes the blame game starts and stops with us<br> are we going to be content to throw up our hands and fatalistically say well that's just the way the world is we can't do anything about it or do we realize that one simple act of kindness one simple Act of love one simple Act of authenticity sends out ripples of transformation that will wash back ashore to us<br> we've been given tremendous power too much power of X because without authenticity of the self that Towers dangerous as history has taught us and yet on the other hand with authenticity comes this correct use of power because it's been tempered with wisdom and Grace for the betterment of all<br> reclaiming our authenticity means and we now have the capacity to change we have the power to be that which has has yet to be realized let me say this again we now have the capacity to change<br> the power to be that which has yet to be realized<br> what are the gifts and Graces that we have yet to realize in ourselves what are the areas that are holding us back from seeing ourselves as soul<br> what is a pain and suffering that holds us back from seeing others as that's all<br> quite often we have to be able to see it in others before they stayed in themselves or let's say they believe it in themselves<br> and this is something that our children and grandchildren even Generations who have yet to be born need to hear this message<br> they need to know that somebody loves them has somebody believes in them that somebody recognizes them for who they are not what they can and can't do<br> but who they are filled with value dignity worth Grace unconditional love unconditional forgiveness so on and so forth<br> cuz if we don't do it who will<br> and when we experience the that psycho spiritual transformation we also catch a glimpse of the beginning of something greater than ourselves with unlimited potential for life and this is true especially as we sit or as we lie down as we danced as we play as we work<br> it's that transformative it is that powerful<br> so what are we going to fit continue to feed<br> I mean that Vision was was very clear we are going to get more of the same<br> it all depends on what we focus on<br> so what's up it's a tremendous promise that we have that if we truly want to see changes in the world that's going to have to start with us that we just can't pass the buck on that one we can no more excuses we just cannot come up with these excuses anymore because the excuses are Dar just they're done<br> they're done<br> I am dr. James hauke and I thank you for tuning in this hour and listening to reclaiming authenticity I'm so glad that you set aside this time to listen to the show and again I just encourage you to leave me your comments about today show these are ghetto other shows you might feel free to do so just visit that website www. DDS backslash reclaiming authenticity and between now and next week May everybody be safe may you find a way to bless somebody and by all means folks let's behave ourselves take care and God bless<br> or just leave a thousand comments it's all there just to calm and we'll see you next on PBS radio TV<br>

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