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Reclaiming Authenticity, July 2, 2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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How do we dissolve negative Christine energy?

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

How do we dissolve negative Christine energy?

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James Howard<br>well good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity helping you to find your courage to reclaim that which has always been in you I am dr. James how can if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments today about Today show I invite you to visit the website that would be reclaiming authenticity that is all one word so reclaiming authenticity and I just like to welcome you to Today Show and just let you know that the these broadcasts are indeed podcast now so in case you want to go back and listen again or you go back in the archives and listen to previous shows<br>and as I started off with all throughout the month of June I just wanted to say again just thank you for all the support over the past year that that you have provided for me and I would like to say that just want to extend to you just another opportunity to continue to your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now unlike other radio stations you know a subscription is not required to listen to my talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so just again you can visit the website reclaiming authenticity website and you'll see a link there for subscription notification and just invite you to choose any amount you feel comfortable getting so what I just thank you in advance for doing that well I am very excited to be with you here today every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time and every other time in between<br>here we are welcome to the month of July can you believe it and we are now coming into Fourth of July weekend and all sorts of travels and picnic and barbecuing and everything else so we are certainly in the hopefully a much better place you know this year at this time that we were last year and now you just been it's been quite a year quite a year so if you're going to go out and celebrate Fourth of July please do so safely so again for those who are new to the program I just want to keep everybody in the loop just remind everybody that each and every week these broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health and at first glance you would you might assume that the what is spirituality and mental<br>have in common and I would say very much so you know it all down through history probably ever since the Age of Enlightenment you know it's just been this a disconnect between spirituality religion and spirituality and disciplines such as mental health but I think in that separation or that dissection that we've lost some something so certainly bring him back to the two disciplines and integrating them we ReDiscover how they helped us to reclaim those gifts as wonderful things which have always been in us and the mental health side we are very much governed by how we think or how we perceive certain events and so forth and this is certainly one of our topics here today just looking at and how do we how do we dissolve<br>crystalline energy that negative crystalline energy that kind of shows up in our thought patterns and so forth but I'll be saying a little bit more than that but later on the show but I just wanted to say at the very beginning here that I am a firm believer you know to this and that all of us coming to the world already equipped and graced with everything that we need for this life in terms of our giftedness skills talents strength of character traits personalities all of that and these are the very best parts of ourselves but yet there's even more much much more to ourselves that we have yet to discover and sometimes we go along through life and babies due to some unpleasant experiences or we might be in the wrong place at the wrong time I go through something traumatic and as a result of that Wilderness that we have experienced or<br>even taking on we might tend to hide those skills are those talents because well maybe we were ridiculed when we are younger or told that we wouldn't amount to anything or told that that we were near that there is nothing really special to us or whatever the voice other voice that we heard that was just causing us to kind of shrink back from the very best parts of ourselves and hiding our giftedness our talents in our strengths but at any rate when we continue to hide our giftedness we often go through life then from a place of woundedness or victimization instead of a place of healing and hold us and embracing one of my favorite words at Chariot off or uniqueness and everybody has a uniqueness to them everybody is unique in their own way in this is to be bad<br>you didn't celebrated indeed and the whole reason why I place the integration of mental health and spirituality back into relationships because when you think about it it's kind of ironic that we often experience our deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds in relationships and yet and here's the irony part we can discover our greatest healing and strength and peace and forgiveness and love through healthier relationships relationships we all know could just be right within our own families they could be with people that we work alongside or they could be friends or they can even be in quite and since but the exciting part that I find is that whenever we find that transformation for ourselves and we ReDiscover that uniqueness<br>got ourselves in the very best parts of ourselves we transform and we also transform others by our presence nearby through our Grace in our understanding butts first and foremost forgiveness kindness and compassion begins with how we treat ourselves because I've seen this many times over that when we are compassionate with ourselves we can then be compassionate with others and vice-versa when we're compassionate with others that then compels us to be compassionate with ourselves and when we are forgiven with ourselves were more forgiving with ourselves we then can be more forgiving with others and vice-versa the more we can be forgiving with other the more we can be forgiving with ourselves and when we are able to live in gratitude with ourselves and celebrate every aspect of Our Lives we did discover how this really opens up our hearts to see<br>and to live gratitude with others<br> well as I said at the beginning just welcome to the show today we are focusing on transforming negative crystalline energy now I've started off in the month of June I'm going to continue this because this is a great analogy that a basic definition of energy as we have learned in our physics class is hopefully we weren't sleeping but we paid attention to this part is the capacity for doing work energy is the capacity for doing work and it can exist in various forms you know we have kinetic energy we have thermal energy we have electrical energy we have chemical energy nuclear energy and and other forms and energy is something that cannot be destroyed it can only be transferred from one body to another<br> okay and think about it this way think about heat yeah I know it is summer and for those of you who are living in places where it was just unbearably hot bear with me okay cuz there will come a time when we're going to need to turn the heat on maybe later on this year but let's think about heat for a second heat that is transferred babe then become less a thermal energy okay and then it can be used for something less a like mechanical and energy or so forth okay so it it is just merely transferred from one aspect to another but we can never destroy energy but all down through the centuries and so forth we have learned how to use energy in various ways<br> but when I'm referring to when I'm talking about crystalline energy is that there's a shift that can occur in us moving from let's say carbon energy to a crystalline energy and it involves a releasing of Shelby say unneeded energies and replacing them with higher vibrations of love and light and crystalline energy in the spiritual sense is the energy of light and love it's very powerful and that it has the potential to transform anything that is not aligned with love and with our higher vibrational selves<br> and it's all so ironic that down through the centuries that you know it's a society we already know that sell memory occurs when we hold trauma in the body Guy this is just something that's just been shown especially in the in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries we just hold trauma and just various parts K and your trauma is something that could really change ourselves and our genes and early on in the 20th century this is called epigenetics and studies that came out of the traumatic experiences of World War II as well as other atrocities also focused on you know the trauma that was kind of stamped on people's DNA and it was passed along the future generations and you know one of my areas of research has been<br> an intergenerational trauma or complex trauma and how trauma gets passed down where you have a shall we say a first generation of a people who go through an atrocity and the the early my research done was on the folks who survived the concentration camps the Holocaust and you know it was just so traumatic through them or other groups of people who have gone through just as for the lent list traumatic experiences and use the word Relentless because it is continuous it didn't let up it was almost every day every week every month every every year it was just Relentless and overtime with this kind of impact from the trauma it started to very very slightly change the cells in the DNA of the people<br> who were experiencing these traumatic experiences that overtime this week get passed down to let's say the second generation and end of 3rd Generation in the 4th generation tell about a generation or so you know two or three removed from a traumatic experience. But say the first generation experience there you know I'm experiencing traumatic events or I should say you know they have their experiences and traumatic perspectives as if they too of going through what the first generation had gone through and it's this traumatic energy that has just a slightly altered the jeans but is being passed down genetically and so this is well as learned behavior is being passed down and this is pretty much the Crux of intergenerational trauma but whatever we shift into<br> is a higher Consciousness or vibration of spiritual vibration that to creates a change in our DNA and can even break up trauma that has altered our genes even in the slightest way and the same is true when we start talking about mental health you know we can we can talk about short-term and long-term memory reason and intelligence and two ways of looking at them we have fluid intelligence and we have crystallized intelligence now fluid intelligence involves being able to think and reason abstractly and solve problems and this ability is is considered independent of learning and experience and education<br> okay it's more like the critical thinking skills and the irony in this is fluid intelligence tends to decline during later adulthood okay and certain cognitive skills associated with fluid intelligence also tend to decline okay as people reach later adulthood and this is also goes hand-in-hand with what we would call a short-term memory or long term memory and if you ever talk to somebody who is struggling with their memory they may not remember your name after you just told it to them 10 seconds ago but their long-term memory is strong and it's intact because they can go back decades and pull a memory in great detail and we wonder you know how's that possible<br> well it quite simply it is possible because they've attached meaning to that memory it was something so significant whether it's positive or negative but it's whenever we patched that meeting it becomes a core memory or that it goes right into long-term memory okay now the other kind of intelligence to crystallized intelligence is based upon facts and it is grounded in our experiences and new knowledge and new understanding and Encompass everything that we have learned experience heard Taste of emotions we have a felt positive core memories and negative core memories all of these are held in this crystallized intelligence which again the research has shown that it actually becomes stronger and more resilient overtime<br> okay because it's it's grounded in our experiences and we've we've you know attach meaning and purpose to those memories<br> but even within something so strong as our crystallized intelligence there are unhealthy patterns of behaviors and distorted perspectives that need to be dissolved and released and you are never too old to experience a radical shift in your vibrational awareness of your vest self of who you are and perhaps you know I'm again I'm a firm believer that this is why many ancient cultures value their Elders because the elders carry the wisdom for the people and they spent the better part of their lives alongside the Elders of their time and listening to their stories from their elders and so forth and some Elders men and women have been even gifted with the ability to understand that ancient wisdom that carries with it the knowledge<br> teachings for their people to continue living<br> and it is vital for us to value and integrates those ancient wisdom and experiences that enhance our understanding and transform our limited abilities to realize ourselves as Souls<br> well gentleman by the name of Louis Malle Madrona had written extensively on the date of medicines Native American medicine and so you can look him up on the internet you can certainly Google have just a fascinating life but he has lived and he again wrote something that is a very much indeed relevant today as it was in his day and he says the purpose of religion should be to help us maintain a binding commitment to spiritual awareness within the lives of our communities<br> and he says this is done through the power of ritual which is the materialization of religion that the bearer of religious tradition and the insure of the continuity of the life of the present and original Spirit of the past it's like wedding the spirit about the past with the present and the future and the reenactment of traditional ritual and worship that is provided by religion and Shores at the past that is our ancestors continues to touch our bodies are flesh and to reach into the heart of our soul<br> another favorite author of mine Henry now on who wrote the book Return of the Prodigal Son also put it in his own words he says people discover that there is tremendous strength in healthy relationships and there are people who deal and end and heal with each other's wounds and forgive each other's offences and they share their possessions and they Foster the spirit of community they celebrate the gifts they have received and they constantly live in the anticipation of the full manifestation of God's glory<br> and as we begin this process of a higher Dimension relationship with God we will be reminded of all that the negative psychological emotional and spiritual patterns within our relationships that keep us stuck in the past and really hinder us from learning from the past learning from the great ancient wisdom that has been passed down through elders and those who are gifted with that ancient wisdom<br> and certainly the vibrational ships and show themselves in relationships yeah we couldn't be certain to become more loving or we can become more patient we can be more forgiving with ourselves and others as I said earlier in the show and whenever we Ascend it does affect us physically but whenever we minister to the physical needs of another it always has a spiritual effect or an Awakening on some level or another words the soul is also touched<br> you see it it's a billy surrender or saying yes to being led by our Soul's desires that connect us with God in the universe and we are compelled to let go of the the former ways the ways that no longer serve Us in order to take on the more of the life-giving by changing the energy of those things<br> and when you think about it we let go more easily because we're no longer controlled by the fear but compelled out of everlasting love and grace but this certainly does take courage I have to say because many times we want to hang on to the past or we sit we definitely can't imagine something better in our in our lives buttload discovering who we really are because again this involves us letting go of things and we just may not be ready you know even though these things are detrimental to us these things are just you know zapping are energy and our strength and our vitality and our spiritual growth and then so forth<br> I'm certainly attitudes and perceptions that no longer serve and you know they keep us wounded and then<br> moving out of that to take on something better more life giving and to live more authentically as to who we truly are now a couple of weeks ago I also shared with you the metaphor of fire when it comes to transformation and as we sit with ourselves and our thoughts and emotions whether they negative or positive these things come up to our awareness and there's miss things come to our where that's that's happened to be negative or happened to be unpleasant we can certainly send that energy into the fire to be transformed<br> giant we can send those things into the fire that have diminished let's say the the mental the emotional the physical and even the spiritual body but sending out we need to be reminded that it also needs to be transformed cuz a lot of people I've seen made the mistake of letting you know sending that negative energy that's coming up in us well we'll just send into the Earth and let the Earth absorb it and that's something we have to avoid because I think the Earth can no longer absorb that negative energy because we returned to have the understanding backwards you know if we have to return to exactly what is being transformed you know when it's that's why I said the energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed in many different ways so just as the fire you know itself that that image of the fire transforms wood into<br> Ash or dust or gases and excetera and then it goes up into the universe only to come back then in the form of rain and snow and ice but as we sit with ourselves and as these negative crystalline energies come up we can ask for that negative energy to be transformed into gifts that honor and sustain or are psychological emotional physical and spiritual body and heighten our awareness and vibration of our best selves<br> and when that happens that is very very exciting because in doing so over time we discover that we no longer wish to find peace we no longer wish to find Grace we no longer wish to find love but rather we find ourselves be coming and being transformed into peace Grace and love I mean we don't have to think about it you know we don't have to start our day and say what would you do show me the piece today we can just say I am peace<br> and whoever needs that piece I will share it with them I am loved I can share that love with others and this sense of being the Straits of a powerful positive energy field or like shall we say a vibrant are and others can tell that's even before we open our mouths okay because we no longer have to worry about what we're going to say in any given situation we can just relax and simply be<br> and we find ourselves being more fully present not just with ourselves and others but we can also begin to experience God in the most unlikely places in through the most unlikely people which is actually where God has been found all along<br> and so as we begin this process of a higher Dimension relationship with God we will be reminded of all the negative things in and just the patterns that keep us stuck K and there are times when our negativity causes us to spend too much time ruminating over the minor frustrations we experience let's say for example being stuck in traffic or paying bills or disagreeing with colleagues or friends or loved ones whenever this occurs we may not realize it but we we do miss the many opportunities to then see and hear and taste and smell and touch all the goodness of God as well as the way got off and works through as I said the most unlikely people and the most unlikely times<br> but still many people believe that this sounds so idealistic that it's just not possible in this lifetime to achieve this<br> but like I said at the beginning of the show with the fact is we have everything we need to be able to not only reclaim our authenticity but also embrace the higher dimensions of our authenticity and the best way we can do this on a daily basis is just incorporating the following for statements into our lives everyday<br> I see you hopefully you remember I mentioned to you I ribaya can use the author who wrote the book saying for things that matter the most it's actually more like finding our true selves for restoring and being and right relationships but either way transformation occurs so if we can just incorporate these four statements into our lives everyday and you just watch how our relationships are just enhanced and how we can break up the negative crystalline energies by saying these things to ourselves and others<br> forgive me for<br> and then we can fill in the blank I forgive you for<br> fill in the blank thank you for fill in the blank and I love you because fill in the blank<br> forgive me I forgive you thank you I love you<br> forgiveness gratitude and love<br> begins that process of breaking up a negative crystalline energy and just the patterns of thoughts that we have been carrying on and carrying around in and through relationships and we could do this with ourselves and I need to be forgiven for and I need to show gratitude you no more and I need to love myself because<br> after the break I'll be talking about how we can also dissolve and transform and release these unhealthy patterns of behaviors and distorted met perspectives I seem pretty cool techniques I like to share with you so I would really love to hear your heart on this matter this subject so again if you would like to call in invite you to do so that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I will be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> okay welcome back thank you thank you for tuning in and listening to reclaiming authenticity and dr. James hauke your host and I again wanted to thank you for your support over the past year and would like to say that you do you know had the opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber and as I mentioned at the beginning of the show that you don't need a monthly subscription to listen to my talk shows were to access them but it is greatly appreciated so I just invite you to go on the website www. DDS reclaiming authenticity and you'll find some subscription links there and you can choose an amount that you feel comfortable giving and I certainly just want to thank you and just express my appreciation in advance<br> well earlier in the show I was talking about the fact that as a society as a whole and through the research has been done and so forth we we know that sell memory occurs when we hold trauma in the body you know it antennas just no no secret anymore and some people hold trauma in the body such as in the forms of a stiff back or a stiff neck or you know just constant nagging physical issues that you do it just clearly the energy is just being held there anybody who has ever done a kind of energy work like Therapeutic Touch or Reiki can certainly verify this because again cuz I just with Ricky it works with the subtle energies in the body really pinpoint sand hones in on any block<br> that we might have liked say no just for a example you know the say in the lower back where a lot of people might hold tension or if you'd rather size severe stiffness in the neck where it's hard to turn and to look in One Direction or another there might be something else going on there that perhaps we can ask a question a little bit differently like what is it that we're not really willing to look at in our lives but as I said I would like people who do energy work like Reiki can free up that energy and dissolve it in that certain way so I just want to encourage you if you have never had a Reiki treatment or never had Therapeutic Touch I invite you to find a good practitioner the one that you feel comfortable with and and see for yourself again just doing energy work is just another<br> powerful way of experience healing and our lives and certainly people who do more like say the Hands-On massage even deep tissue or the Swedish massage can also attest to, breaking up you know the blockages in the body where we're holding our stress or holding that anxiety or holding you know that that that trauma and so forth but again it's just interesting how our bodies are usually the first thing that kind of shows up and says got a problem here okay so anyway I thought you had said earlier that you know with you know how some memory can also hold the drama in the body and again that the more Relentless and complex traumatic experiences are in our lives the more likely that this kind of trauma can change ourselves our genes and this is what I can<br> called epigenetics and they said most of these studies came out of the traumatic experiences of World War II and other atrocities and other populations to adjust been oppressed and made to suffer and how that traumatic energy is just been passed down to Future Generations because the genes have been altered so again you know the future generation of the people may not experience the same kind of traumatic event but they feel it they act as if they have some of the same symptoms and so forth and you know this it again this is the trauma being passed down but that doesn't mean that you know that's the people are just forced to live that way and just say well that's just the way we are. Because this is Who We Are<br> but whenever we shift into higher Consciousness or a vibration that to creates a change in our DNA and actually break up trauma that has altered these jeans and the same is true with our mental health as I was talking about you know crystallized intelligence which encompasses everything that we have learned to experience their herd or tasted emotions we felt the positive core memories that negative core memories which were all held in this crystallized intelligence which stays with us and has been shown in the research to become stronger and more resilient overtime and you know in the first half of the show I like this to why is so crucial to listen to the stories from our elders for every generation because within those experiences<br> very precious wisdom teachings that everybody needs to hear and to integrate into their lives but even with unhealthy patterns of behaviors and distortions in our perspectives that need to be dissolved and released Chiang Mai said you're just you're never too old to experience a radical shift in your vibrational awareness of your best self so how do we dissolve transform and release these unhealthy patterns of behaviors and distorted perspectives well I'm going to share with you now a couple of techniques that I used to help people identify these old patterns and how they can be released<br> this is something that I had learned in graduate school the adlerian earliest memories came from Alfred Adler who was just again fascinated with just how we make meaning in our lives and you certainly tapped into our earliest memories at how that kind of sets a template for our perspectives of you know who we are or how we see ourselves how we see others how we see the World At Large or our worldview and then it also shapes what we do about that you know how we live how do we put all those perspectives into some kind of action<br> thanks and it's going to lead you through this okay now if you're driving you'll have to get a record this somehow and then listen to it again or go back into the archives but just invite you just kind of remove any like distractions right now and it's going to kind of walk you through this okay so the way adlerian earliest memories work is that we begin by recalling our earliest memory or early early earliest memory perhaps as early as four or five years old some people can go even further and they have early an early in memory of two years older three years old okay but most people around the age of four 5 now this is a crucial part you have to write it down you have to write that story down about a paragraph or two like everything that<br> in terms of any like familiar sights and sounds are colors or smells or people or whatever but you have to write it down okay you just simply can't talk about it into your microphone app on your phone okay so write it down by a large paragraph or two okay and then once you've recalled everything you can<br> you then answer the following questions as your five or four year old self okay so you've written down your memory and so you think of argument you're five years old okay and now you're going to answer these questions recalling that memory as your five-year-old self<br> I am<br> and then you fill in the blank<br> others are<br> and you fill in the blank the world is you fill in the blank and therefore I will<br> Sean the black okay so example might be if you're five years old and you haven't earliest member of being scared by thunder and lightning you know how you answer these questions might be as that five-year-old self I am scared others are nowhere to be found the world is frightening and therefore I will hide<br> okay<br> so what you want to do is repeat the same procedure then for the next three or early as memories so you going to have for early as memories can you can you know just kind of playoff game being a four or five year old and go to the next one look at which you could be 6 years old or 7 or 8 it doesn't matter but again just go to your next three or latest memories and the same procedures in place but you want to do is write down everything you can remember about that earliest memory in about a large paragraph or or two and record sights and sounds and smells or people that were there and so forth and then after you've written down everything that you can remember about that second earliest memory you go back and you answer the questions again but this time let's say you're 6 years old having that second earliest memory so you then you would answer these<br> as a six-year-old I am<br> others are<br> the world is<br> and therefore I will<br> okay and then you'd like I said you keep repeating the same procedure before you know you're you're three earliest memories okay so what you've done that all right you want to include a memory from your adolescent years whatever it is could be early adolescence if you choose to you know right or include a memory of that or later adolescents if you want to include you know the memory of that where you can do one for your early adolescence and later at alessa's that's fine too so you could have up to five memories that you are recalling okay and then answering the questions I am others are the world is therefore I will<br> and after a while you'll begin to see patterns that have developed in in your life around how you see yourself or how how you view and interact with others and how you developed your worldview and finally you know how have you acted or on or function in your early life<br> now don't judge when you remember or even how you've answered these questions okay there's no right or wrong to this it's what's coming up it's what you remember okay but here again this is crystallized intelligence this is long term memory we will always remember what has happened to us because we've placed significant meaning or purpose to that memory it's a pivotal memory you know this is why Alfred Adler always pushed for these early memories because well we have tons of experiences but what is it about very specific memories that we can recall vividly with sights and sounds and smells and patterns and people and you know and everything else okay again very very fascinating so it's like I said you know we're always going to<br> remember what has happened to us and when we simply cannot change the past but what we can change or what we can transform is the negative energy around those earliest memories you see where this is going okay so for now I'll tell you what for now hang on to these earliest memories okay and I'll show you how to combine them with vibrational toning and chanting now the shift gears hear a little bit but we can't hang onto his earliest memories everything in our lives has vibration and different sounds have different vibrations Even Silence has a vibration<br> and maybe you've ever seen any demonstration on YouTube or another demonstration involving how water crystals are formed and and transformed by specific sounds of a say music or or voice then you are familiar with the experiments of Massaro yumoto and I said you can Google his pictures that he took after using various sound effects and music to create different structures in water and since water is now known to absorb and store sound effects his experiments are the effects of music and words on water are truly amazing the fascinating stuff if you never look it up on YouTube it is just you have to you have to and you're going to get the entire point of this show because let's take it into our lives<br> our voice also carries a powerful vibration with it every time we speak we can feel the vibration echoing from our learnex as the sound waves are heard in the eardrums of others and vice versa and we can use voices are voices through tone the sounds to harmonize and balance ourselves and energetic pathways<br> okay we can use our voice and toning is a very very popular and Powerful way to harmonize and balance ourselves and naked and end in our energetic pathways<br> okay so let's return to those earliest memories and they said that you know if you're driving in the car you won't have them but if you're writing them down you know at some other point you know you should have about five of them all together for that are your earliest childhood memories you know starting with however far back you can go and I'd just working your way up to the present mean so you could be having one for my cage for than 5 and 6 and 7 or whatever it was okay but go with the memories but note how old you are and then you also want to include an earliest memory from adolescence or even later at alessa's is is also good okay now Begin by looking at the patterns that have developed in your life around how you see yourself and how you view and interact with others<br> and how you develop your worldview and finally how you have acted on or functioned in your early life okay so find a quiet space we are not going to be disturbed do cell phones okay so sit with these earliest memories and now we're going to town I want you to talk to your five-year-old self okay just a gentle gentle town okay so let's say you have your earliest memory as a five year old and you've answered the questions I am others are the world is and therefore I will as that 5 year old self okay and then just sit with this. Judging it's not putting any value on it or anything but just sit with it and begin to tone like this<br> and then pause sit in silence<br> what's the town that you just said<br> and then repeat the stoning again<br> and then pause<br> sit in silence just observe don't judge<br> and then repeat this process a total of 7 times<br> and that's just for one memory do this for each of your earliest memories Don't Force anything<br> but just breathe normally<br> and turn the sound and feel its vibrational energy dissolving and purifying the negative energy surrounding those memories of your younger self<br> okay so all in all the toning enables us to find our voice and to find our vibration and and not just to find our voice but also to use our voice and to use our vibration I mean not to be shut down but to take back what has always been in you<br> and there is certainly down through history of very prominent theme that emerges time and time again that when people not only find their power of their voice but also listen to the empowerment of others you know they to find their voice and they're never the same again<br> and this is often the case with anybody who has gone through any kind of trauma or event in their life in which a person's some shins have been completely shattered the Innocence let's say childhood has been shattered<br> and finding and or reclaiming your voice takes time but it can be done it can grow stronger there is a greater depth to it over time<br> you can even do this vibrational toning with each one of us a one of the chakras especially the throat chakra the throat chakra is is responsible for communication and self-expression and the ability to speak your personal truth<br> because just think about it for a moment how many times have you been told to sit down and be quiet or that people didn't want to hear from you or you just feel like you couldn't fully Express Yourself<br> are you felt your voice your throat close off<br> well that's what trauma does do us that's what shrinking back from who we truly are does to us but we can open up that throat the throat chakra we can find that communication and that's self-expression and we can find the ability and power to speak our truth without apology<br> and when you were able to speak your personal truth<br> nobody can ever stop you ever again<br> nobody can tell you to be quiet nobody can tell you that well we'd rather not hear that so please don't do that it's it's impossible cuz you found your truth and it's being expressed through your voice that carries its own vibration<br> and interesting Lee enough the throat chakra is commonly referred to by its Sanskrit name of the shooter from saying that correctly but she may be which means Pure or purification which again makes it ideal to tone the sound you know into the throat chakra and it's also associated with the element of sound because vibrations can not only be felt just in our ears but also through the whole body and that vibration can certainly carry us and then break up where we're holding stress or trauma in the body and so this makes it important instrument of expression and communication<br> well I invite you to continue toning with different areas in your life but use the adlerian earliest memories again breaking up crystalline negative crystalline energies of just distortions of our perceptions of who we are our perceptions of others and the World At Large and therefore how we may have limited ourselves as such an early age another thing you could do is also gather all your your earliest memories together and note any patterns that hold these memories together and then just you know hold that pattern and just the tone through that pattern<br> and take your time with this it is not about running a race here but take your time be thorough be consistent and it said just breathe normally and you may have to do this many many times but over time the vibrational sound of our voice does break up that negative crystalline energies of our perceptions and negative behaviors<br> dr. James hauke and I am so grateful that you have spent this time listening to a reclaiming authenticity again invite you to visit the website and going to leave me your your thoughts or your ideas suggestions and so forth because I'm always excited to read them so the next time we hear from each other may God hold you in the palm of God's hand and may you have a happy and very safe 4th of July take care and God bless<br> 4000 comments or product to buy a book by dr. hope it's all there just to calm and we'll see you next Friday at noon Pacific on CBS Radio TV<br>

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