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Reaching For The Gold, December 17, 2013

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Reaching For The Gold
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Guests, Shurlene Wallace and Sue Elliot

Reaching For The Gold with Harriet Tramer with Guests, Shurlene Wallace and Sue Elliot

Guest, Shurlene Wallace

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Shurlene Wallace
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ufo activists
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Here is how Shurlene Wallace describes her becoming a believer in UFOs and what interacting with terrestrials might mean for us personally and as a society.

Unlike my sister, I held a passing interest on the subject. Certainly, like most people, I wondered about life on other planets and about other experiences but never thought that it would ever be something I would personally experience. I was busy raising a family and really didn’t concern myself with such thoughts too often.

Occasionally, my sister would share something she had read, but that was the extent of my involvement - until it happened to me. Since my first experience interacting with extraterrestrials, my life has taken on a new facet and I am thrilled to be in a position to share our story. My sister, based on her self-taught expertise on the subject has helped me so much over the years to come to grips with the experiences and to integrate them into my life in a meaningful way.

We both realize we have our perfect roles to play in the continuing, unfolding events of what may well be mankind’s greatest story yet to tell.

Possibly, there are extraterrestrials with whom we humans can interact. But why should we care about that? What impact can these interactions have on our life?  Why shouldn’t we simply say, “They are where they are and we are here?” 

How did the exploration of extraterrestrials become a part of your life?

How has it changed your life? What are you doing at this point that you might not be doing otherwise? Have some people been openly skeptical of what you say about extraterrestrials?

Many people are frightened of aging? How has your interconnection with extraterrestrials changed the manner in which you view the aging process?

What impact might your involvement with extraterrestrials have upon you life in the future?

Guest, Sue Elliot

Guest Name
Sue Elliot
Guest Occupation
editor, transition coach
Guest Biography

Here is what Sue Ellen has to say about her experiences as the editor of Law of Attraction Magazine.

In some circles, being a magazine editor and a transformation coach would be a really weird combination. In the past, it even would have seemed weird in my life, considering that I’ve been the editor of all kinds of different magazines over the last 20-some years, from chef-recipe food magazines to automotive enthusiast magazines. 

But then, while still creating food magazines, I was able to combine my years of experience as a magazine editor — and my expertise in launching new publications — with my 20-plus years of study, practice and teaching of personal-growth and transformation material

In 2011, I was able to create my dream publication, a personal-growth title called Law of Attraction Magazine. (Source Interlink Media, the same company that publishes Motor Trend, Automobile, Surfing and Snowboarder magazines, publishes Law of Attraction Magazine.) I fill each issue of this magazine with tools, techniques and insights from experts around the world — as well as Real-Life Success Stories — to uplift, inspire and empower people. 

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Reaching For The Gold

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A publishing journalist and a college instructor Harriet finds that these two careers have much in common as they both demand honing communication skills every day. Harriet instructs her students almost exclusively online and her writing is published in print and over the web. Times change but the need to speak to your audience by being concise, yet intriguing, is key.

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