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Guest Name
Sue Elliot
Guest Occupation
editor, transition coach
Guest Biography

Here is what Sue Ellen has to say about her experiences as the editor of Law of Attraction Magazine.

In some circles, being a magazine editor and a transformation coach would be a really weird combination. In the past, it even would have seemed weird in my life, considering that I’ve been the editor of all kinds of different magazines over the last 20-some years, from chef-recipe food magazines to automotive enthusiast magazines. 

But then, while still creating food magazines, I was able to combine my years of experience as a magazine editor — and my expertise in launching new publications — with my 20-plus years of study, practice and teaching of personal-growth and transformation material

In 2011, I was able to create my dream publication, a personal-growth title called Law of Attraction Magazine. (Source Interlink Media, the same company that publishes Motor Trend, Automobile, Surfing and Snowboarder magazines, publishes Law of Attraction Magazine.) I fill each issue of this magazine with tools, techniques and insights from experts around the world — as well as Real-Life Success Stories — to uplift, inspire and empower people.