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RADIO TONI, October 27, 2021

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Guest, Nikki McLennan, Photographer, entrepreneur, and all-around powerful Lioness

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Our extra special guest today is Nikki McLennan with our interview titled, Photographer, entrepreneur, and all-around powerful Lioness.

Before I introduce you to our wonderful guest, here’s what you need to know…..

Nikki McLennan is one of those people you can’t quite believe exists. A multi-award-winning photographer and entrepreneur, Nikki defines what it means to take the bull by the horns. Nikki’s work passionately combines a celebration of the power of women, with the lifetime preservation of precious family memories. Her work in this space is a clear reflection of herself. Nikki is the personification of her “Lioness” brand; as well as a dedicated and loving role model to her beautiful children. Nikki’s journey into the photography space started at just 14 years old when she would constantly be taking photos of her salt-sprayed friends at the beach in Evans Head. Armed with an old-school film camera and the mentorship of her friend Stephen Blanch, Nikki quickly developed a love of the art of photography that grew to become her life's passion. I want to start the interview with a quote from Nikki - In an age where digital is king, Lion & Cub believes there is power and beauty in real art hung on the wall for everyone to see.

Good afternoon, Nikki and welcome to the Every Day business show, so glad to have you here with us today.

  1. Let’s take up your story from High school. What did you study after high school? Arts/Law degree at the University of Sydney.

  2. There was an interesting turn in your life when you turned down a scholarship offer from the Australian Defence Force Academy to be in the Navy. What prompted this decision?

  3. What happened after graduation? Front desk media and communications, off to art school,

  4. Can you tell the audience about the awards you’ve been nominated and awarded?

  5. What changes inspired the writing for Capture Magazine?

  6. In 2017 you were nominated for Ausmumpreneur, there’s a great story around this can you tell the audience about that?

  7. You were blessed to be nominated again in 2019 which led to the Lion and Cub, can you tell us more about that progression? Family, Mum Bub

  8. Again in 2021 more awards what did this mean for you and the business?

  9. I love that you are best described as a fine art photographer, what does this mean to you and for your business?

  10. The link between art and photography is a beautiful one and you have captured this unique combination in your beautiful portraits. There have been lots of struggles for you and one of those is that of being a creative entrepreneur with ADHD. Nikki, can you please share with the audience how you manage these challenges and how they impact you and your business?

  11. A very special component of the way you do business is the empowerment of women. What does this mean to you in your business?

  12. Nikki, you have a special offer for the audience today, can you tell us about it?


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