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RADIO TONI, May 12, 2021

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Guest, Ellen Violette, Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with Ellen Violette

We have another amazing guest this week, publisher, author, songwriter and business women Ellen Violette!

Ellen Violette helps inspirational speakers, coaches, and heart-centred entrepreneurs write a bestseller in 7 days with 3 days of writing time, launch to #1, and use their book to grow their business to make a bigger impact,  more money and to leave a lasting legacy. 

After writing her first book and finding the process long, frustrating, expensive and stressful, Ellen Violette decided there had to be a better way and she was determined to create it. This led to the creation of her signature program, Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp. She has gone on to create several other programs and become an award-winning book and business coach, podcasting host of the Books Business Abundance Podcast and a multiple #1 bestselling author. She is also a Grammy-nominated songwriter.

Her company offers book writing, publishing, #1 bestseller launches, and marketing and a line of authors services including ghost-writing, publishing packages with editing, formatting, copywriting,  and book covers as well as books and Do-it-yourself courses .

Ellen I like to keep the interview organic and flowing, so please be prepared for unanticipated questions as my intuition prompts me to ask something else.

Good Evening and Welcome to the show Ellen!

3 Secrets to Writing a Bestseller

  1. Why should speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs write a book?

  2. How can they write one if they are busy running a business?

  3. What causes writer’s block and how do you get over it?

  4. How do you pick a topic to write about?

5. Why do most authors fail to make money from their book?

6. What’s the best way to get started writing a book?

7. What makes my approach different?

Toni’s Notes

I started my business in 2004. I did not plan to be a book coach, but I always knew I wanted to write a book and when the time was right and I was ready, I looked for an ebook coach and there weren't any. I was learning from a book on the topic and it was frustrating, I needed more help and since it wasn't available and I had learned that the money was in coaching what's in the book, not from book sales, I decided to figure out how to teach book writing a better way and become the first ebook coach. Eventually ebooks and books became one and the same and we just put them in both formats. But that is how I became a coach. It chose me. As far as my first book, I had no idea what to write about. At that time we were buying, fixing and selling properties and moving every 6 months of so. The movers had commented how good I had gotten at moving so I figured I'd create a book on how to save money moving. I made many of the rookie mistakes the biggest one being that it was a boring topic, I wasn't passionate about it. It took a long time and I got frustrated and wanted to quit. But by that time I had decided to become an ebook coach and find a better way, but figured if I was going to teach it, I better finish this one and go from there, so that's what I did. And over time books and ebooks have become the same, just in different formats and we give clients both.



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