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RADIO TONI, July 7, 2021

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Guest, Annie Gibbins, Transformation Queen, Internationally Recognized CEO, Creator of the Magic Transformation Program

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with Annie Gibbons

Annie Gibbins, Transformation Queen, Internationally Recognized Corporate CEO,  Director, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Creator of the Magic Transformation Program, Philanthropist, Wife and Mother of five including 2 sets of twins! 

A lot of titles for one woman, but not surprising when you discover her PURPOSE,  PASSION and POWER to raise other women up so they can BE more, ACHIEVE  more and EARN more. 

With 30 years of professional accolades acknowledging her unique ability to grow and transform health and education businesses across Australasia, it is not  surprising her MAGIC Transformation program is fast becoming one of the most  successful programs on the market for women who want more freedom to  achieve success, balance and fulfillment in their life.  

“When women embrace who they truly are, they acquire success on their own terms,  resulting in more balance and fulfillment in all areas of life” 

By helping women who work with her to dream bigger and create more magic in their  personal and professional life, is it any wonder Annie Gibbins is one of the top  women in the corporate world when it comes to female leadership. 

Annie’s tried and tested MAGIC transformation program includes a clearly defined  methodology and framework which enabling her clients to clarify their purpose, call  out limiting beliefs, and develop strong business practices that quickly turn dreams  and goals into mind blowing reality. 

Her fascinating life story is shared in ‘Becoming Annie: A Biography of a Curious  Woman’ and her latest book ‘Twins: A Real-Life Guide to Help You Navigate What  Comes Next’ invites you into the blessed, challenging and it times crazy journey that is twin parenting. 

Her podcast, ‘Memoirs of Successful Women’ is one of the most sought after shows  for women to appear on and a window into the passion she has for celebrating other  women and guiding them into living a life with purpose passion and authenticity. 

Academic achievement includes Master of Education, Bachelor of Nursing, Lean Six  Sigma and MAICD.

Let’s start the show with Annie’s Favorite motivational quote "To all the little girls, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams." 

Hillary Clinton

Good afternoon Annie and welcome to Radio Toni, so glad to have you here with us today.

  1. Let’s start with the commonality we share – we are both ex nurses. How did your career in nursing play out and what did it lead to for you?

  2. What’s been your journey in business – tell us about it, particularly your work in female empowerment?

  3. How do you help women?

  4. You’ve written a wonderful book called Becoming Annie – the Biography of a curious woman. You are the mother of 5 with 2 sets of twins, how do you manage it all?

  5. There’s the podcast – Memoirs of Successful Women – tell the audience about the show.

  6. I know you are an international speaker but you also have coaching and course for women, I’m sure the audience is dying to know about those too?

  7. You have a special offer for all the women listening today, what is that Annie?

Tonis notes

The importance of 

- 'overcoming' to BE more ACHIEVE more and EARN more 

- The value of a curious mind 

- Women's empowerment 

- Rise above the damage of domestic violence 

- Measuring success on my own terms 

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