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RADIO TONI, February 23, 2022

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Guest, Daniel Tolson, time management, goal setting, strategic planning, sales, business model innovation & emotional IQ

RADIO TONI Every Day Business with Toni Lontis

This is also part of an international movement that acknowledges the special and important role Indigenous communities play in the development of a country's cultural identity.

I respectfully acknowledge the people of the Yugambeh language region, the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, and pay my respect to their elders past and present, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples here today.

Our extra special guest today is Mr. Daniel Tolson

Daniels Goal is to help you Accelerate and Multiply your Results!

Daniel Tolson has served as a consultant to more than 15 000 companies and individuals throughout Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and both North and South America.

As a business influencer, he impacts millions of people each year. He has studied, researched, written, and spoken for 20 years on the topics of time management, goal setting, strategic planning, sales iQ, business model innovation, and emotional intelligence. Daniel is considered the world’s Number One business coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. With over 5500 case studies into emotional intelligence in the past 3 years alone. He has written and produced more than 250 audio and video learning programs, which have influenced business owners all around the world, including Mental Detox, Total Emotional Mastery, and Win Sales Now!

Daniel speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Emotional and Social Intelligence, including executives and staff of many of Australia’s largest corporations. His interactive talks and seminars on Selling with Emotional Intelligence, business model innovation, Time Management, and The Psychology of Success bring about immediate improvements in productivity, performance, and output. Prior to founding his own company, The Tolson Institute, Daniel was a leader of 17 000 cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. He has had successful careers in real estate sales and marketing, pawnbroking, second-hand dealing, a former Australian Champion Wakeboarder, and e3Xtreme Games Competitor.

He has conducted high-level consulting assignments with many billion dollar-plus corporations in emotional intelligence and business model innovation.

Daniel has traveled and worked in over 100 countries on six continents and lives in both Taiwan and Australia, he is happily married with two children.

WELCOME to the show Daniel!

Questions for the Guest: these are a guide only and we will just have a conversation and go where it goes.

Today we want to talk about the Emotional Life Journey: How to overcome that feeling of frustration and know what to do next.

1. So much to talk about it's hard to know where to begin, so let's start with that incredible diversity in the careers you had before The Tolson Institute? What was your favorite career before company life?

2. Can you tell the audience about the reasons that lead to the formation of your company and what you were doing at that time?

3. Emotional Intelligence, is talked about a lot but what is it to you and why did you choose to develop your expertise in this area?

4. What are the 5 principles of success in a nutshell? I know this could take up the whole show!!

5. What is it about “Future intent determines present action” that motivates you?

6. What are the four silent fears we all face?

7. How are you using Artificial Intelligence to predict personality characteristics?

8. How do people EXPLODE into 2022? When does it start, how do people get involved, what will they gain?

9. How can people connect with you?

Guests Links:

Explode Into 2022 -

The Five Principles of Success


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