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RADIO TONI, February 17, 2021

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Guest, Sameena Mughal, author, blogger, and content writer who lives in Smyrna

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Guest, Sameena Mughal

"If light is in your heart, you will find your way home." Rumi

Amplifying the Voices of Life Coaches and Healers

Our Guest today is the gorgeous Sameena Mughal and before I introduce her, let me tell you a little bit about her.

Sameena Mughal is an author, blogger, and content writer who lives in Smyrna. She is a former teacher who retired early to pursue her passion for writing. Currently, she writes articles and other content for life coaches and healers. She has published two books, Shaherazade’s Daughters and The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo and writes a blog called Behind and Beyond the Veil. For her, writing and the craft of storytelling enables her to enlighten others.

Good afternoon Sameena and welcome to Radio Toni

Lets start at the beginning and talk about you and your writing journey

Sameena Mughal was born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of immigrants who came to the United States from Uganda in 1972. Sameena is a freelance writer and teacher with a passion for literature and 1001 Arabian Nights especially. As an English and ESL teacher, she designed units where her students either retold these stories or wrote one of their own. After reading her students stories Sameena decided to write one of her own. That one story led to ten, which led to the creation of Shaherazade's Daughters, her first book.

What was I like growing up in Pennsylvania with immigrant parents?

How did that shape your world?

You’ve called yourself a cultural hybrid, what does that mean?

Did you write as a child?

Lets talk about the inspiration behind the first book, what was it?

I started fiction writing first. My first short story collection, "Shaherazade's Daughters" was my feminist homage to "1001 Arabian Nights." I didn't intend that in the beginning. I only wanted to write one good story. I wrote the one and ended up writing ten. I discovered that the main characters in the stories had one common thread. All were strong, independent, intelligent women who wanted the freedom to live their lives their way.

Tell us about Sharerazades Daughters - In a world of genies and fairies, extraordinary women from all over the East make extraordinary journeys of the spirit, mind, and heart. In Shaherazade's Daughters, different women follow in the footsteps of the legendary heroine of 1001 Arabian Nights. The short story collection by Sameena Mughal pays homage to the classic tales yet adds a modern, feminist twist. The diverse stories comprising Shaherazade's Daughters range from the adventurous and comedic to the dark and dramatic. Each offering explores the complex pathways to self-discovery.

Next came the Siddiqui brothers in Cairo can you tell us about this novella?

The theme of freedom emerged in my novella, "The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo." The brothers in the story wanted to live authentically and wanted the same for others in their society, including women.

“Learn, teach, and have fun” is the Siddiqui family motto, and brothers Omar, Jafar, and Nasir do their best to honor it throughout their rousing adventures in Sameena K. Mughal’s follow-up to Shaherazade’s Daughters, set during the Golden Age of Islam.

You realised that there was a theme to your writing can you tell our listeners what you discovered?

I realized showing people how to live authentically through their passions was the foundation of all my writing. I also know I am here to serve so that expanded to my business.

What caused you to pivot in 2020?

I wanted to use my unique writing talents to help others in service. In August of 2020, I pivoted my freelancing business to ghost-write content for life coaches and healers, so they can devote their time helping their clients live their most authentic lives.

How did you “discover your niche” for you business?

What is your niche market?

What do you love about your niche?

Where can people buy the book? 


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