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RADIO TONI, December 15, 2021

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Guest, Nicolette Minnie, founder of femtech start-up Mel, platform designed to reduce the invisible weight (mental load)

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Nicolette Minnie is the founder of femtech start-up Mel, a platform designed to reduce the invisible weight (mental load) of thinking about and planning for the entire family by structuring, reminding, and sharing the load. Originally from South Africa, Nicolette now lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband and their three kids. Following an international move from the United Kingdom back to their homeland of South Africa with a 10week old baby and a 2year old toddler, the mental load of everything that needed to be done and remembered erupted. She set out to find a solution, the solution is Mel.

Nicolette favorite quote is….

"Not all storms come to destroy, some come to clear a path" Why does it inspire her? Because in Nicolette’s life there have been some significant storms, life isn't fair, in fact, life can sometimes be downright unbearable and at that moment all you want is for the storm to pass, or to scream out, raging against the unfairness of the storm. But Nicolette has learned that if she allows the pain to be her teacher, to walk into the darkness instead of fearing or denying it; she will learn something, grow in character, break open and find something within that needed to come out. Not all storms come to destroy, some come to clear a path.

Questions for the Guest:

1. Let's talk about your journey to this point – living in London, pregnant, moving back to South Africa, Csection, bubs, the book of everything, postnatal tears, the move that nearly killed you,

2. The Nanny, the housekeeper, and the gardener. So, life in SA settle somewhat but you felt overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Why was that?

3. What did you discover about the mums in daycare? Mental load, fears, frustration, anger, planning…

4. This is where we get to talk about something that ALL women, well most of us anyway, know all too well – Mental Load what is it and how Mel solves that problem?

5. Why is mental load not talked about?

6. Why is it different from physical load?

7. How is it in 2021 we are still having these conversations about workload in households? Let’s bring in a little bit of patriarchal society, inequality, and non-value of caring that predominately falls to women ( yes many men are fantabulous BUT)

8. Why is the mental load causing so much anxiety for women?

9. I want to talk about first world nations versus 3rd world nations in terms of women – How different is it for these women?

10. Why don’t men get it?

11.. your amazing offer….register for the app…


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