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The Author and Artist Hour, July 13, 2021

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Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez
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Guest, Brittany Elderidge, author, mental health advocate, radio talk show host, daughter of God and Ordained minister.

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

Guest, Brittany Elderidge, author, mental health advocate, radio talk show host, daughter of God and Ordained minister.

Brittany is a survivor of childhood trauma, mental illness, family dysfunction. The Fall of 2019, Brittany woke up at 4am with a calling to write her story to share with others, as she felt others could relate to parts of her story. In the process of healing and inner child work, Brittany has relied on her Faith to help her with letting go. Brittany's first memoir was typed on her Android phone, miles away from her home.  Brittany says “Each of us carry spiritual gifts, and I believe that writing has helped me express myself in so many ways.”

The author of 6 books,

Good morning Kez Good Evening Brittany, thank you both for joining us today

1. Kez Hi Brittany, your book - The Day My Soul Ran Away is like looking through the window to the soul of an individual living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Can you tell me about what it was like writing this book?

Notes: This disorder takes the lives of many, as the pain within the soul can truly become unbearable to manage. From coping mechanisms like avoiding the real or unreal thoughts of abandonment, self-destruction, and giving in to inner demons. We are Warriors.

2. Toni Chasing Fireflies is all about hope and empowerment. Why was it important to write about hope?

Notes: Harmony is a girl in the book that finds the light from a firefly to help her through the darkness of her life. Through the twists and turns, Harmony realizes that she hasn't been alone all along.

3. Kez You’ve written a children’s book called There Isn’t Any Monsters Under the Bed – what sparked your desire to write for children and what’s the story about?

Notes: Max discovers an idea through his new friend Ted on how to overcome his anxious thoughts about monsters under his bed. Max continues to challenge his anxious thoughts and realizes that he can overcome his anxiety.

4. Toni – Let that shit go – I love the title of this book! Lets talk about the inspiration behind this book and how you want it to help others?

Notes A journal to heal through life's most difficult challenges. Write out your traumas and heal from within your soul. This journal also has some resources available to you when you are at your lowest. Use this as a tool in your life.

5. Kez Healing the Light within me:Inner child sounds like a powerful book, how difficult was it to write Brittany?

Notes: A memoir about my struggle with mental illness and my fight to evolve from inner child wounds.

6. Toni The final book for us to talk about today is Mental illness and Spirituality Magazine. Tell me about the concept and what you wanted to create with the magazine.

7. Kez You have a perfume line Brittany – how does an author get a perfume line?

Notes Brittany believes that aroma can help connect us to our body, mind and spirit. The idea of connecting to one's spirit was the goal when creating this perfume line.

Check out Brittany's perfume line at Boston Perfumery.

8. Toni – Your also an ordained minister Brittany, how did that come about?

9. Kez Brittany you have another book on the way, what’s it called and when will it be released?

Notes The Layers of An Onion is a nonfiction book about the traumas that get stored within the layers of our being. This book was inspired by Brittany's life journey and the findings that she has learned to help heal her traumas. Like the layers of an onion, a person has layers.

10. Toni – What’s next Brittany?

Brittany’s links…

The Author and Artist Hour

Kez is ever the storyteller and a popular speaker at many local events; However mentoring others to tell their stories has become a large part of Kez’s life, running creative writing workshops for those that have a story to tell.

Encouraging and mentoring others to follow their passion for writing has resulted in four of her writing protégés becoming published authors. Kez also invites published authors in fiction to contact her, as she enjoys introducing their work to Facebook and Instagram by video.

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