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Project Review With Q, March 9, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello beautiful people Beautiful People beautiful beautiful day to you and this is Project cute thank you BBS radio or still eating the communications appreciate it very much we have OSHA still had her comedian Camp something to be fine she'll be back shortly a lot and we have a
mermaid here with me today to support me educate me and hold my hand in this beautiful life we have hello well I was going to horse around today but we have so much to do probably should get to it
riding time all the time
yeah do you feel that's important talk about
you know where we work real hard at observing not working hard and I'll be free and in the changes understanding ourselves and self-realization some always looking for ways how can I be of help if I truly am coming from somewhere else with you and and this fantastic is that information is possibly it is it is very very true as what we do every two thousand years we self-stimulate ourselves all of us
and so we bring in more knowledge more natural understanding more awareness and this is the Ascension sight the whole universe then sit at the same time and were at least the universe you're in it was very difficult to explain the universe because it's not linear and it's not layers and it's not levels it's it's it's created by you so you're not going somewhere you're creating somewhere it's very important that I I work hard all the time to explain that you're in your Universe right now you didn't go to a university Chapel
Joey's always want to break that down as much as I can and and relate to people until today that will be the topic of how can I help based on the Consciousness you give us and or request and thirst for knowledge that he want may have time to take calls at the end today please be respectful BBS radio.
Operator there today but we might have some time at the end here to take some calls and I thank you so much for the people who receive my calls this week it's an honor and privilege to to catch up with you in a way you'd like to be of help today is to remind you what were able to see with Collective consciousness of gateways on computers and prove it to you in a way that you can do your own research it's very all the all the people have been listening to me for for longer time we there's a lot of other people to just put it on and starting I have to carry a lot of different communication nightmare for me but I continued a swear word in the English language
I'll do my best and feel the information as you wish to receive it
is my requesting goal thank you thank you so much
to be of help today if you could if you could start sensing changes in your world they're going to come in in many ways around
around Fox and you're not going to necessarily understand how they get through you into you from your Universe your Collective universe and or our Collective Consciousness and our planet is very very difficult explaining the English language and I'm not convinced there's a way to do it you know the information you don't listen to the information so those changes this last two weeks are very dramatic for most of us who have already started the process you're not getting there's no way to hide from it there's no way to not receive it you're going to get more and more degrees of self-awareness all the time now it will never stop mini key
events that happened over the course of years what you're assuming our years are actually just right now
what this is if there was an optimization level it was lasting 2 weeks and in your social structure your awareness everyone's getting just farm for knowledge now and you can feel it is that a fair assessment for you Monday did you pinpoint any changes you could observe with other people or yourself what would what would be your opinion if you don't like answering I'll move on as well I guess he can explain it but a big a big influx of life is the way I said in the last just accelerations for everyone and they might they might be really subtle but I think
everyone that
it's just a natural progression and it's I have to just do my best to create
and observation
what are the major observations if I'm allowed
this is a very unusual human being we are in this very unusual to have so little capabilities and have so much bigger. It's quite an event to be in a diversity have some diversity as human have some so much a billion so looking for a full-time fairly difficult to explain
so with that because knowing that having that information has a tremendous responsibility to myself Tasha the mermaid
having so much knowledge that we would like to translate and sometimes we recognize the translation in English land to take probably 7 years just to describe the color of a mailbox
it's unusual position to be in it and that's what I work for every day is is to get you more of your self-awareness so you don't need to listen to me anymore and and just know it and of course transfer it and distributed
like we all do anyway
the one the one item I want to be helped with today is relating back I will have prq update sorted into your butt progress report it feel
be the one item that I keep observing
in and out of here is we don't have our memories from our last experience in the Civic body so it's really not fair for me for myself sent to resize medic you or judge
because you don't you don't leave your complete wife from come back in the body and that's why I was just getting white when you come into birth you're getting wipes starting over every person on this planet is some form of a Wocket every single person is a participant as a walk in and you're inheriting a body and you're all willing to do it they are all very special to all very special to to solve the solution and that is to advance regardless of what what's type of life regardless of what type of life you going to advance it no matter what that's so even though
little Little Drummer Boy now doesn't mean you're not going to be under organically we just grow everything we just we expand everything that you cannot stop it's never you can try and you might be stuck for a while but you're seeing that that retardation that was given to us as now we're not very very well that's what I'm doing my best
what are the ways you can test a conscious Computing Collective Consciousness that you can actually look at some real-time information for for yourself and it pains me to talk about the past everything I just said in the past
history does that help us a bit that the more we reacted to issues in our lives the more we're going to get those issues it's just that simple that's how powerful you are you believe it it shows up do you know it it goes where where you want believing in the morning or two are a very subjective words I know but when you use it with your heart center you'll know that
believing something in the way something is completely different in that funding for a genie to hang on to his next
if you look at the biblical biblical
bow Pony is one of them look at see how well their daddy is doing it's extremely accurate you look at how predictive clip eyes modeling data is for society it's incredibly incredibly accurate if you look at Martin Armstrong data they don't have names for their software packages it's incredibly incredibly accurate and I'll tell you why because of scription with Biblical modeling and predictors are so accurate is and why in the hell to be of help to you and I've done this so many time you're doing it all over again
your RV is not new to your Society
you're doing everything all over again it's just that different colors now with not to say that there is no opportunities with your RV many different ways but there's not there's there's a very few items in the last two thousand years that you did not do two thousand years but I'm sorry to say that there's a steering committee and you weren't invited to the party so I'll just remind you if I could be of help to to mankind as mankind I have to live it read it and do it as well as a mermaid
so when you do look at the data with these profiles Society profiling a mechanism and someone keep speeding timelines to you reactively and proactively and that's exactly why cell phones were invented in reality so I can steer you hear everybody in a reactive vacation tool and then not allow you to maybe to be creative door proactive in your creative Force time in time out of every day it's very very old technology it is some of the oldest technology combined with artificial intelligence is so easy to manage a very large horse that people so the opportunities are to observe that is what what I'm suggesting
but most importantly all your spirit will be reminded at some of the memories you have from other bodies in the other civilization and I'll go up there
when you start looking at your Healthy Legacy Lifehouse Castle ancient times of society valuable to you before because they are you a lot of resources protection and most of the Legacy Castle not necessarily in this planning on other planets and other time usually managed by women and the reason to prove how humans were as I get more than all jacked up Bill start recognizing what are our preferred bowls are in the most
high-profile advance to run by women is because they just have more heart center and we're good at defending the castle so as example most the illusion that you get in many of the movies and the queen is secondary to that way around the king would be there to protect makes a lot more sense then that's why the dark has stolen that model from us in this in this in this dimension
because that's how we would typically run run a society would be a small pockets and communities a couple thousand maybe five thousand people intermingling in Castle living in the castle in the in the Kingdom so to speak the regions and so far all the needs of a manufacturing and you were very careful because your intelligence so high you were very careful not to get too close to technology May the ancient magical time prior to this Dimension that the dark is hijacked
are understood because you had so much intelligence and the primary intelligence that you had the lack of a better term unfortunately is your psychic understanding so what would be normal for humans
that you're getting back right now is everyone is 100% psionically capable of reading each other's minds and or understanding how Consciousness comes to a collective so knowing information versus guessing and believing information is what I'm explaining to you so when I feel you are sad or happy I would know it instantly wipe out
without even talking to you the way you can play with that right now is is hang out with animals
as I've mentioned before when you when you observe our society if I'm going to be going to help you if you hadn't put all the vaccines in in your herds you be talking to your your animal you be talking to them through your heart center we need to do it now but maybe not to the degree I would expect and or you would expect because it's so comprehensive listening to your herd listening to your pets all of it shouldn't should have been there by now most bases and you are getting the right now so that's my great encouragement and an example of how things are starting to change
when you look at the Legacy societies we have as example the the women would assess issues in the
the castle is society in a way that was nurturing comprehensive and had enough emotion to understand the issues without reacting to the issue you're always very good at not reacting what I'm doing my best to explain in your Society coming forward now we don't have to react anymore we can just eat relax and what we want again being proactive she went wanted is my great encouragement from now on and that's the big changes in your planet now
if you look at how our Queen leadership group would work with me not the same with blue Sibley but the the way we would complement the male and female interaction with decision-making was very very clean and very Heart Center
one way we could do that is with animals and so you'll notice that some of these stories have been hidden from us and save us a lot of time you'll notice that these castles had acid or what mass of doorways and the these doorways were large like that because you had a giant so all walks of life coming to these large the Legacy Castle here than now everywhere all sorts of planetary systems are very common to accommodate as many people as you can in the NFL
when you do that you get to bring in animals too so let's say we were having a hierarchical leadership meeting with presumably for making big decisions for the the the the region you would always have a dog or a similar animal that was a massive Communicator for the other animals so is example about growing our territory and so the cattle they're growing the sheep fur growing their stock we need more land and the the dogs in this case very very micro and Eva would communicate that from listening to the meeting they were they were considered a hazard to communicate with me the rest of the animals is having the embosser and or an animal
loyal so I completely loyal to us and that's where it all stems from soaking classes part of the family in the
Village castle if you look so if you look at your dog today it's still does that so someone comes to the door and start sparking somebody was out front of comes to you and says he's somebody's here it's such a simple so you're seeing that starting to develop and so that's my great encouragement I quit vaccinating your dog all your life dr. Ken and that's why we're all going to know we're all growing in a similar way because our Consciousness are getting things we do things we do for each other we're all across the space were calling the planet and it's starting to populate our desires organically that's why it's so important for you keep raw
calling the project in because now we can take it in on it will be processed through our College of Gateway and that was the gifts that were given to you many many years ago so so we assume so basically I think a lot of people in the past anyway and think I will basically they didn't spend the night because I need it for the animals we spend everyday with would actually write a vibration to the doctor and they had any Pharmaceuticals put in them
88 right so it's pretty exciting but you're almost there again so active negatively it's this is mano a mano right now
and for me it's me it's exciting that we're just so close to figuring this out and one of those items that we can look at is if you look at
the way we observe the past will look at bricks you are in the first time in your life with your under a hundred and twenty first time in your life that's a US currency backed system or does appreciated anymore at least the world what what's fun for me is it because we're tuckered out someone's not making decisions for us we are not going to do it anymore we understand numbers and ones and zeros are just wasn't there and so back to the castle model
if I live in one castle and I wanted to go to another Castle how would I reconcile amazing how would I trade and barter will you hadn't asked if you had hey you had tells you I text you had milk is no big deal easy to see that you would just reconcile based on I'm awake but how would you measure it measurement come from and obviously we can thank the Roman Empire again for helping manipulate
false like my assessment faulty manufacturer
everyone thinks they're late or on time and there's no such thing as not so so now we have we have the implementation of due dates when things are due why are they do wit and that removes of course your love or common man you need to do this right now or else this is going to happen that's that and like it you think you're just a thing if you're in the Timeless you just a thing saying do it I said so and by the way your legs so that's that has been a very big goal here is to implement time with identity as you can see
as a relates to reconciliation now how would I how would I measure the weight of my my basket of eggs when I need to do something Services I'm going to provide and then you would marry it with silver gold rocks we must remember when we used to trade with spices and that's my great encouragement if you can start doing that again and understand the value and how it heals you keep your very fit if you have a nice lots of of herbs in your diet every day you'll notice that many of these Legacy Society still do that number one commodity
he's not bringing that up is when you look at bricks and you look at that if you do find a good material for a good material on the internet that's not being manipulated but if you do see the data models for bricks you'll see by no means am I loading any means of exchange whatsoever but if you do look at the data globally you'll see through the wars against that so go ahead and find a map if you can of every country that's either going through the application process for bricks or the ones that are already in process of breaks and then look at the ones who are not and you are going to see your enemy
Mary Clare and I'll point it out right now
you're in a war with the financial hierarchical system of North America Canada UK northern Europe in Australia there their they're your enemy the people are great but their systems are your enemy now it doesn't look like they're signing up right overnight so that's why great encouragement is now we're going to do that work
we have the opportunity now to do that work we can make Banks go away and use our reconciliation peer-to-peer immediately and I by no means sport any one method or anyone process but this is how you get out of this rough so to speak if we were to summarize our reality regarding the monetary system and or means of Exchange
what I'm getting at is the more more our heart calls on us and the reason I feel comfortable with this information is if you could look at Consciousness if you can look at it you'll see that it's all over now you're going that way but you still have to fulfill it you have to be the next step you have to actually do it now you actually have to go to Chicago Title and say how do you measure a u.s. dollar versus whatever means exchange want to use it if it's worthless in the Federal Reserve is shut down then I'm just giving you garbage to all you all you people out there that think you're rich you're actually have Monopoly money but you're convinced that it's worth something to your next reconciliation event
so I challenge everyone now I guarantee you you'll have success if you start making the Chicago Cubs World take your means of exchange that you prefer if you can if you can prove that there's no such thing as the US Dollars would you can prove that another country would not accept a US dollar that's how you change your reconciliation station locally okay so the weather in Germany or Russia I don't really care don't worry about the country don't worry about the propaganda who's good and who's been how come they won't accept the US dollar now and get it published and let's make a project out of it gets let's get some wins now so that we can publish it right now in prq and everybody can use it
and that's my great goal for all of you is let's let's prove that we can buy what used to be a million-dollar home for a different kind of reconciliation process without a bank involved I guarantee you you can do this now if you can't do it locally then do it abroad
and you'll see the enemy will hold his head up here and there so if you can reconcile a million whatever's in another country and then reconcile back into America's example that's what I'm suggesting you start testing and I'm testing it all the time now we're prq honestly testing so we can get you guys to Lily
I do not Envision me being someone who will distribute but I also recognize I may be a good fit too and will like to do it for some time so I can be the reason I'm bringing this up now is you have so much more horsepower behind you
one of my favorite people to listen to inside prq is
he hasn't complained about my singing and so I didn't sing today
because I think I should save it for the shower he won't win this one
so what I'm getting at is if you had a conscious computer and you had a way how would I be of help to you and that's what I'm reminding you of that all of your capabilities are here if you start them from implementing the change
and I know it gets old hearing this information but now you don't have to use the systems that your your legacy kings and queen you are now gone have implemented in you if they've made it made it this this tyranny that is not there anymore. It's all safe and so the king believes possibly in this means of change trade when you buy milk now but you can actually change the reconciliation process by just calling up a supermarket manager and see if if this is true money is not of any value and your corporation said you have to use it then
we can use any of it and so now we really get to the Sea Suites of the corporation's sea-level co-cio and let's get some good publishing and that's why I'm in love with a lot of Actavis lawyers is they know how to write a nice letter and that's that's where we're at now and that's why I'm working very hard to get standardize the process I do have several people have called and said they are losing the farm stay tuned I'm going to get you taken care of we're going to publish a nice little slide deck so you'll be an expert overnight I know I said this before but just stay with us we've got to keep our past about it
the other item that's coming forward thank you so much for your subscriptions this is last week every week growing beautifully the spreadsheets are very very valuable for you and me some Keith the project rolling I sure you it'll work out nicely we just need your participation your project and the way we will consolidate will be very refreshing for you always. The one item that stands out beautifully this week that I wanted to bring up the passionate for myself and the mermaid is what we're seeing a lot of projects coming forward as we just need to get our next-generation squared away so your generation remembers George Bush fighting a war these kiddos come in they don't they don't even understand
they're starting to learn not to look at cell phones and starting to guesstimate why we would do things like this estimate this isn't my home why the hell am I here at Century Center and one of the beautiful submittals that we have this being his explorations and Education team a beautiful submission so that's that's the quantum education has been beautifully done by the way with these individuals whose how would you
I would you have Explorations in education How would how would we make up a domain we want to get up computers how would we go from Village to Village and find standardization for tutors teachers what works what doesn't work and still have continuity to what we want to do to grow a society and so was passionate about the mermaid in myself is released and I need and requesting more input on traveling Shooters without necessary a modality and a model that they have to stick to is created by the to herself and or the teacher so then it's allowed to be created it's allowed to have it
Innovation from each traveling Peterson speak and or connected community so we can take a global approach to education using interconnected communities as a person as laid out for us as brilliant and this is exactly and it's brilliantly played out
from your Collective Consciousness Legacy Collective conscious throughout the Universe this is how you used to do it hey what's out there in this is how your off-planet helpers do it why would I want to go into a kingdom even though I'm from a planet far far away when I go to Kingdom see how they want to do it do it however they want that's why it is so tricky about the Galactic Federation Council and so forth is because they have so much knowledge so much respect so much appreciation for how smart we are potentially going to be if we just keep working at it did you have any comments about the traveling to this it's already made for education is Awesome with some emails
definitely people starting up little schools and they can be as simple as you know that's a lot of ideas out there still being started up and even when we are working closely with us to go to a school that they still learning some things you do and it doesn't have to be definitely what I'm after anyway I really need all that kind of stuff we just need to really passionate loving people that are aware and a white poet the kids have some of the families that are on the moon
we're quite a few in America and I know it all over the world people falling in the great alright so yeah. Let me try BBS 15 minutes I will tell you that the a gift my updates from BTS Radio on this week and what that allows me to do is observe the continuity between the projects and in how the best put the administrators who volunteered coming through thank you thank you thank you based on
the volume of projects I think we'll probably just at the end of Distributing the spreadsheets to the administrators and have you put together the leave the collective action correctly
based on the inspiration with with with some coaching maybe it at the same time but
why don't stop coming in just keep pulling on us and show you when we have the ability to get a little closer to you were going to again we're erring on the side of safety awesome students keep pulling on me very big few moments here coming towards you and I assume you can feel it.
Can't wait for you to see what's next on the
the legacy of time travel for me has really been about support help how
how do we not change things to change things at the same time
so participation is the way we do it so if we're truly coming from another dimension and want to be of service do you have to be a participant you just either here in the mix or you're outside of here observing that other place
very very difficult to explain in the human language out of work you are how much capability have
outside of here to go to hear it is it is at times demoralizing to see how little capability of here yet have so much possibility so much so much potential for growing up around here in the way we want to and so so when I do get to look at where we're going it's it's quite astonishing
am I on
Rodger Rodger is With Your Best Shot okay I got a I got a hate joke
come on now. It's up to the Bartender Bartender kind of in a slurry voices what's with the long face
and then the next day the horse walks back into the bartender and bartender says hey
that's quite some time ago with the biochar and the blue green algae
there is absolutely no way to get permit to use the landfill waste material at least not yet
and so I think what I want to do in the meantime is make the land patent and the copyright my project I think that would be a huge
stepping stone you know to you know to accomplish a lot of things
homesteading process is almost identical as the America went so we've got the American went all all put together we might just have given Canadian art template to to change the modeling I will say that we we have someone were really aggressive doing the microgreens an LG projects got a lot of experience there and stay tuned that one is is going to go to get a pretty pretty easy at least a technology for growing but you're right
we don't need any rules where we're going to go and use our technology so keep up to date with your subscription and will get back to you thank you so much for your call don't stop pulling on me and I'll take the next call June from Michigan online 2
hello hello hello it is you and how are you doing tonight how can I help
yes you read my email on the air on October 28th about my friend Stephanie is miraculous your feelings and you know we talk all the time and just wanted to know when how you wanted to have you you said you want to have her on the show to talk about it they send it to me out and pretty soon and you still want that or what do you want what you know
yeah that's fine are you going to invite her or you know I mean she's letting you know yes you know so we just she she had when she got her results back it was pretty amazing and I'll from the doctor in that so it's just pretty incredible and I think it would be pretty amazing for people to hear that
sounds good but I'm inviting her because she's got a hot date right now and she's not listening thank you thank you thank you so much why don't you think we could put this together next week
sure absolutely just want to know like
okay you're okay so here's the submittal thank you for pulling me to see exactly how I love things were I really want to do this let's do you do you're making me you're getting me inspired to do it that's how it work how about the next in in the contacts when you send me a submittal through BBs
is it named Stephanie's phone number call me for a date or what does it say
today sometime today just right Stephanie's phone number for future talk about how about that
okay can you give me ideas to write we work we work Monday through Friday and will make sure to get a call in to her Monday through Friday might do a spontaneous but I what timezone are you getting on
I'm not in the same time-zone she is I'm in Michigan she's in you talk so thank you for the call won't forget thank you thank you thank you I forget every Anderson from anime online 3 thank you for the call Andersen from M A on line three is there a Consciousness in the body that helps of hell you want to chat
no help is that make sense of humor
you pick it up sweet translate a little bit there to use our special powers okay
okay so typically I can speak for all the healings I've done over the years
I don't do proactively I do it spontaneously I just the people who need to be cured of cancer or otherwise show up just just synchronistically it's just one day at my don't even feel like I'm going to do healings and all the sudden someone shows up and has perfect timing at the time so that's one observation that proves that you have the capability and Consciousness will support your body typically I expect everyone to kill themselves first and then absolutely everything outside yourself outside yourself
so if you are spirit and you are like a consonant then yes is your answer it helps with your help but the doubt and fear from your head is predominately why everyone is not yet so I was just standing on his why you're not healing and or my Hospital would be called while you're not healing Club it would be because the brink of doubt your fear all the other items in your in your biosphere that trick you into spilling you need to take another pill and then shot another white jacket as more than me etcetera etcetera women better
to not have certain physical things I want to change. Until they could be and it was
man that maybe you haven't used before that is I command my sleep. And ask me out loud I command my spirit to heal and balance me with my body now make it very clean and don't direct the Helix the Consciousness spirit will do that I command my spirit to heal and balance me now I command my spirit healing balance my body the way I want it to be very powerful I suggest you do it in the shower and make your shower stream go counter-clockwise through your core as if you are a column of life thank you so much for that great questions and that from Florida online won the USF versus seller
Anderson is now in line did that answer your question at it yes he did
thank you so much will move on to the next caller thank you thank you and that's from a Florida online what I think is next Wednesday Heaven's taste community and we were we got a couple of things we weren't asking our team leader with lwf very confused between the qfs and stellar and I was just hoping to get some advice on that and then I was the one to ask
glad your next question
on the difference between the qfs interstellar our team leader for a tile WS seems to be quite flustered about that
the birthing center project we talked to you and the mermaid last week and we have that now ready and prepared and we didn't know if we should put that in as a separate project or just keep it under and the Heaven's gate community
that's fine it just gives me another option to say did you say
yeah yeah yeah yeah I just got that little fun for me the quantum is that referencing Quantum Financial system correct
yes Chris versus Cellar all right so you basically what I'm talking about today is exactly the same thing but the quantum Financial system is in reconciling anything and everything we guarded to means to change based on your passion to to implement your passion very tricky to explain that while we don't have the means of to measure money anymore because it's all gone everyone's got to standardize and what is the measurement of money so that's basically what you asked me we don't know we are going to Define that.
Yes okay
and so that's why we it's the tricky now too and communicate that is cuz we just need to reconcile what we want when we needed how it gets to us with such and such and how we work with each other and that's why the quantum quantifiable information is going to be so valuable it's working right in front of your very eyes right now I hope that helped sorry we do one minute left I just wanted to say Ingrid who's on the next line maybe she could reach out to Billy and you got you that is Echo village with Joan Baez. That's also coming soon what's up with them a little bit here but just keep working to all of us Thank you Bebe s radio for giving me my 1-minute notice that was one minute ago
we love you we love you we love you stay up with us things are moving for a sure you because of you
yes very good I'm out of town forgive me for blessing that when I stay up with us I'll get you everyone have a beautiful day thank you BBS radio thank you mermaid thank you Kristen Christopher

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