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Project Review With Q, March 30, 2024

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Project Review With Q

Part 41

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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me again me again
thank you so much for joining me again we aren't project thank you thank you thank you everyone for your submittals everything you send me I I get them if it goes to BBS radio I get them and it's brilliant brilliant never stops
we're doing very very well as we populate all of the stores desires and an art that we all want to see in this planet thank you thank you so much for calling me it's a privilege and an honor
to start making sense we all work hard here to figure out what's going on and I'm just thrilled that I get to be a part of it and understand thing
couple items I want to get out before we started taking on the rest of these calls please call in with any and all your questions are like stay on top if you can but this is really about you I do all these shows for you someway somehow I want to be a service and I just listen and listen and do my best to understand just like you
Irani get back to you sooner you forgive me
the other callers that have action items that I've given this last week and the week before I have to have to be a little tricky at times to get back to you I just keep you safe so I will get back to you and thank you for doing your homework and helping us out one one item that I wanted to make you aware of this growing and growing and growing as as as I check in and check out and I get the privilege and honor of working with people like that you Nicole Evans and nausea and the mermaid many others many others Christmas
what time would I'm finding now is the way in which were going to The Awakening process is so in-depth know so rich I did the the games a lot bigger than we expected as far as how how how can find we are at times in our perceptions and coming out of it is becoming a bit of a shock for a lot of really Advanced spirits and these physical body is the Delta is is so vast compared to what you were compared to what you are now which is really my topic today
and celebrating back feels help and support Special Forces getting my last implant out and the anniversary for that
what I'm saying you need for a from all the healers is to some degree while you healers and or people who want to help and support instead of finding a large amount of people starting to really go on that confusing line of what's the point in the exercise here everything's wrecked I got a I got a moon at the machine I got to spend the fold and I don't even know how big this planet is and by the way I can't travel that's just the beginning of it and some guy making a loud made my body that's a lot of information to take on this year and I'm here
to tell you that a lot of people do okay with it and a lot of people don't and that's my encouragement and that's my encouragement for that type of service stability as we get into healing and and how how we can be a sympathetic to that as you've heard the one gal talking to his secret soldiers super soldiers does those guys got the same same issues as we do so anyway my proposal today is if we can come up with a genre to
I hold a lights in space for our Superstars are are really Advanced like being a really Advanced teachers and healers who are the healing group for the healer is where I can't wait to focus in the future here. Real safe place where we can hash things out truly a collaboration place but also to understand that we're in this together it's got tired of saying myself but if it makes sense that we would have a keeler's club for the healers and so that's my proposals today is we could get some more projects and geographies where we might do that with the legalities might look like because we're supposed to be the best at this
and I'm finding that more and more we could probably be more support to one another through through holding each others hands at at time I think I'd like to not think and take some more phone calls thank you everyone for calling in and I guess I'm just going to start where I left off and there's some interesting names I recognized
we did did we do on your from New York online one question made an arcade made an archaeological Discovery and wants info on it okay is a tundra from New York
it is indeed
thank you so much for calling I'm so so glad to talk to you I'm so glad to talk to you and I will talk with you later because I'm just loving hearing everybody else I accidentally made a major archaeological discovery on Saturday and I'm wondering about getting participation enthusiasm cooperation across private public and Indian Head Indian native lands
I'll just summarize briefly on Saturday I was going to hear a talk by my friend be absolutely brilliant
actor musician writer and humanitarian Gary farmer and if anyone who doesn't know to remember who he is still watch the movie Dead Man and then you can lean into this reality of what I'm going to tell you
I was on my way to that talk which is at as Cultural Center on native land here and I'm just driving away looking at the landscape and all of a sudden I yellow in my car and I won't say what I said on the radio but I think immediately pulled over got out of my car and said there is an entire civilization buried underneath my feet
I could see it I could steal it it was pulling on my body
and I'm like oh my God I have lived in this area my whole life can't even tell you how often I've been out that way and suddenly I am cognizant of
an entire buried civilization under me until I went to hear Gary's amazing talk with everybody should Google cuz he really talks about some some really great programs are happening on the reservation until afterwards
I told him
and believe me if you're a little white girl and you're going to tell any Native American but you know that a little one of his stature that you just saw a vision on Indian land you better be damn sure but I am a hundred percent thousand million percent dead Shore
and then we talked about it a little bit and you know cuz he said you have to start laying under their older
and we talked a little bit and I suddenly realized that means I'm right about the Erie Canal
that means I'm right about Hill Cumorah in Palmyra but that's not a hill that's a structure
and then you know all the way up to the Ottawa Parliament building this is you know we'd hard carry and researchers we love this stuff but I'm telling you I stood there and felt it with absolute when thousand percent certainty underneath my feet I do not know how but I'm wondering
how we could get all the participants to at least agree to do a massive ground Imaging to see if we want
if that's possible
and I know you do and I just want to say also that on the tail end of that because his talk was on how to preserve native voice is going forward and I'm really interested in that discussion and and so we talked about like how how when it comes to disclosure
how far
do we go how how much more do we want to keep
digging up the past and yet we cannot go on One More Day celebrating the eyes
and everything will call up until now reminded me there is no day
it is only we
and I felt that we would pulling my body down into this deep deep space and it is massive is a mess of the whole situation but I do
very nice very nice very nice to hear
they don't exist if they wouldn't exist with day when I was in Australia I was debating how much of a how much of a task it would be to show I could I could put you in a car and I can drive by probably 10 pyramids in less than half day and all covered in snow brush and soap over drugs and I can show you the the massive trees that used to be there trees quarter mile in diameter
they're all got shot down in the great Wars and stuff and there's a beautiful person who wants to do a world history museum there too and and so I started looking at all of this material over the years and all of the by the way let me let me throw this one
just think it's funny that you're the only one that noticed that the civilization was there when you drove by
what if it's because you used to live there
I'm certain
discount is named after my father
there yet and I don't want to install believe so but you can tell how it works if that Amelia already is going to come right through you and go
that's home I used to live there anyway I started discussing this many people Aboriginal another one
and of course I having bloodline of of Native American I can say that I want it all
and I feel the priority in which we do it is really are an inspiration excitement would be real nice if we can have more than 1% of the Egyptian pyramids I'm covered if you don't have any of it and you didn't explain the great Wars over there except Excedrin that's why the desert there was so many things in the Mayan culture is just an endless to prove the history here so I'd like it all out in the way in which its natural to the community because it's a it's going to be everywhere once you have a conscious Gateway on your computer or otherwise we're going to have so many choices which one would have the most weight I'm not convinced of I I would really like to get our Universal as you can see that's where I work is the universal model that you are not a human your spirit and then I think all of those those those digs if you will will mature
for our children and I think children I think that priority should come to our natural education process to prove that that's how we used to live in by the way we lived a lot healthier watch this one trq
when I make sure you have shelter food water affection Endless Love and Community can you tell me what you need now
so we live differently this is what I'm getting at. So once you all work together and we all have food shelter water forever and have no fear of losing it your choices when you wake up in the morning change
you don't wake up with your your day with if you don't have to worry about struggling not to say all of it too but the people who have to worry about smile each and every day in the model and the Martin societal models at beginning
and here you'll do more work like that going for you'll just love to be Outfield stick enough pots and pans and say that you can
love you love you too
well now we have proven that junking and seeking his is a is all this time we're just going to go to Goodwill and Salvation Army we're going to the field start taking a shit out okay that's all right we're moving on here
work you get stew to flip it that was on dresser or let's go to gab from Colorado line three jobs in Colorado lines I think it's like I don't I don't see the line that wants to know a tool that translates negativity that translates negativity please explain what is this question mean
okay Choo I'll explain it first I want to tell you I'm sorry you were hurt and destroyed so many times I love you and thank you for all of it pains me but I just don't want it so I had has to be me apparently I gave everybody a lot of chances to tell the industrial-military complex stories and so forth when looks like it's made so I did I did volunteer volunteer and here I am thank you for for having so many people come with you and help us through this time I love you for that and thank you for the radio show that you put out up to Max Pierce is on the website for the people. Space he had several
dogs that were put there and I read them every one of them my course I read the whole site but this Max spiers is quite enlightened and so I went to the whole internet every search engine I could find to try to get anything I could on him and I found this one thing from 2018 and I'll just read a paragraph to you or what Max spiers wrote It's just real quick here is learning to transmute all the negative energy that an individual or group sends that you into high self-empowerment has been a blessing for me over the last 12 months
when someone or some group Wills negativity towards you with intent there is a way to turn that negative energy into your own self empowerment in other words to empower yourself with their negativity this works especially well on social media as the mouse vent Ellen energy comes through in a digital format I will do a post in the next few days on how to do this this infuriates the perpetrator as they will be aware that the intent to harm energy has been transmuted into very high self-empowerment energy and literally drains the sender it looks with all types it works with all types of negative attacks including black magic voodoo dolls and ritual and ceremonial magic it's a tool well worth learning
as if this empowers the cowards that participate in such acts and leaves them literally lethargic and with the feeling they were trying to layer into you thank you Max buyer I talked with Steph the end of it but I just talked to his one of their powerful goddess and she said one word he said his humor and I said, I've been taking 12 months to learn that so my question to you is do you know anything about what he was talking about
right oh okay yes in the line out of bounds couple things up if you don't mind I don't mind at all
okay so
let's people focused here I'll go I'll start the directions
it's a valid question and it has deeper opportunity here she asked me that translates negativity with no toilet translate to positivity is that really what you're looking for yes well I hear the more physical say I'm grocery shopping and I have a bagger at the end of the cashier line and I have a checkered so if I walk in cuz I am gay and if I walk in with my partner and I we get there. Cuz we love each other we're just crazy about each other and we've been together 20 years and it shows you know the energy is there I would die for her same for her for me well they can I come pick up on it right I can pick up I first saw all the fun is just dark sorcerer ring and making fun of and I'm in a small Mountain Top town and it just is so tired so it's more of us every transaction with me now and I do to you I saw you hard heavy
I'm neutral on the greatest excitement I got pounds of commands I'm you too true to you too and I have been on a good path if it's it's physical energy come in at me daily all day long I am powerful so I know that and I'm being worked
I use all the tools I can before I get into the store the command the protection the aura in tight the empathy under control everything
okay great. This is exactly this is exactly what I'm seeing more and more now is so you're so Advanced feel a lot more do you sew your neighbor does isn't like you in some cases give The Stereotype but so so when you can feel more guess who else you can feel more than the most harm you can do to yourself is try too hard so that's my great encouragement it is it is The Duality is when I'll call it is that you've described his negativity you can feel to where I was because you can read minds and hearts and you feel so robust late
you can translate It Go for me as you can imagine I get corded a lot I actually visited visited which yesterday who is harboring of harboring someone and addressed her and that the dark is one of the darkest physical beings I've seen and and she lives in a castle so I when I dress she closed herself so cuz you knows full well I'm going to be reading your mind cuz she sees me she was okay and tell her you're all right so what are we going to do about this cuz I'm here anyway
that mask for me when she's is negative I ever seen
is different than a corded relationship so someone hates you at work and is thinking about you while they're eating supper that's just a little bit different for me but let's just do that one-on-one negativity when when the person who is very talented he's very talented which I called which is conceived here to train train to try and try and get me she's she wants to she's not sure how to defend yourself yet she's no she's dealing with it with a light being he would cloak herself that would look like a mirror
whereas mine just goes past me so the negativity for me and it's I'm sorry to make it seem that simple but if you make it that simple
you're you're turning on and off your receptors so the words you use of the words used as Max's are fine in the fancy word okay I need that to help model it but but all you're doing is not participating when you see someone sending the negative emotions so it just whizzed by me about the which she would just very big Dark Magician really a black. She will just get her because she might be able to use it and so that's some of the most of the most of the bad guys are going to see in the grocery store they don't know they're doing it there but they are there trying to absorb your light which European city
that's primarily how they'll receive it will raise you you can't get hooked up you got to do just got to let it fly by his life together since that make sense
yeah it makes sense if I can do it Fly by like you I'm weekend you know over 62 being weak and employees and I'm weak and I'm trying to learn and I just don't participate with it is don't try too hard you said don't fly by
okay I will I'll try that I won't like you real quick it's real quick I'm telling you you cue I came out they should be in a pre-K school and I was attracted to the nun that was there physically attracted to her okay was like four years old so I know no one really got to me and Pito Pito. Me to make me gay or make me hate my own sex or anything like that it wasn't like that I was organically born that way my question is is that a darktrace dammit are we all like account like the game I mean mess with me is that what is that why I'm gay cuz they mess with me I'm not even a natural you know what I mean cuz I love my job I love my Womanhood I mean I embrace and love
the woman I love my breast I love my body I love everything about me I'm just attracted to women did they do that in the genetic thing
you think so
I'm in a Man suit I'm in a man so I'm definitely gay that's what I said okay I love women too and you're not helping
what's up basically it's been a popular subject recently
the short version at the short version is I don't get too hung up on it and I would go around around with Billy about this and many other people win when you look at what you prefer it's
it's not
as complicated as you're making us so genetic engineering is mapping our merkaba merkabah whatever word you like for the geometric pattern of our spirit so you're jumping you're jumping a body so quick
this is just for you forgive me I'll be very careful not to give any personal information so as I can scan you
when you come through The Reincarnation wheel and you predominantly been female your your spirit does not necessarily care but it does have a preference possibly in a very short period of time it's going to have maybe a pattern when so your auntie presents capability has no real deliberation is sontard State let's go to the male and female store which one of these bodies do I want that does not know that's how it was going okay because we were in a recycling center it takes the best of the depicts the best of the worst okay so you're so your mapping system will call it the the the the the way the spirit Finds Its pattern recognition that's how good these guys are the very least you know this part
at getting you to pick up body and your legacy epigenetics
is going to either combined with your legacy or not so at what I did my best to say is what if you are a woman ten lives in a row and then you came around The Reincarnation Loop and found another female body that was just close enough
that your spirit mapped into it no problem but what is you are a man and times in a row and now jumped into a female body
yes it is interesting to me it's clear you could see both items
can play with each other as a relates to a genetics and the genetic engineering so that's why you also saying politics around the gay community will call it because they know you're going to start figuring what I just said out so that's why you're going to see these these Progressive people about acceptance of confusing children in in their their orientation will call it so that they might might confuse the rest of the herd and not in have doubt of what you prefer
so you feel happy
I've got a very happy person aren't you a very happy
do do do do it makes you happy
that's it it's not up to me it's up to you
yes and that end in i mean I do like Trish in myself I mean when people say you chose it that I know you heard is not true don't keep my end of this fluid thing however I love my boyfriend I love my boyfriend I just don't want to lay down with them and it's in traffic honey I'm telling you really
I got so there's there's it's something I will say it's all over the board though so I seen a lot of people program to begin I see a lot of programming and you can program healing very easily but I do not see that with you and I'm not going to say a word you know they're bad so here we go
did you get it thank you so much we We Love You by there and say I'd more we look awesome and beautiful day
alright nearest Catholic church
alright we're going to move on the Ryan from Arizona what's a question about folders to send his idea once helped with ex-wife stealing his stuff along with his girlfriend I'm a social Kelsey I've always wanted to be a social counselor wide ex-wife stealing his stuff along with his girlfriend
wow that's a great story good right I got to hear this
Play the song anyway. A pleasure talking to you again too when I go on to the P or Q site I can't click on a folder to present my idea and plus I got a ton of ideas and ways that I could hopefully help different projects going forward but anyway that's question number one getting onto an actual sandbox folder and and filling up my information I can't seem to do that okay hold me right there so locked it down for a bit we've had some safety issues with people getting a snowman to slow things down a little bit out of respect appreciation
getting the ideas projects submitted as long as it is about to BBS it's there so thank you very much I actually haven't committed yet cuz I was working on you know exactly how to word it and all that but yeah I'll just give it a little time and then hopefully the folder option pops up again and then I can make sure you got phone numbers I need more phone numbers and you're not going to get any mail from Q OK Google. What's the other one the group that will email you but it won't be for me so make sure phone numbers there because I like to do business one-on-one and or eyeball-to-eyeball or boy toys so anyway tell me about the ex-wife stealing his stuff along with his broke it just one other quick thing since you mention that the phone numbers in my phone number is in verified either Eva
when I click on it to get the text message to input the code to verify and I'm going to try to explain that to the audience that's a new feature but because of all the international situation that we're having with International numbers and text messages and texting abroad they've got us in a dance and we don't want to play that dance so we're kind of putting it on hold and we'll figure all that out later so again you don't have to verify your phone's your email at work and I apologize for the lines going off in the back anyways so that's the score and no matter Happy Easter
happy Easter but I think I'm going to try and go right right up forgive me if I could answer that last question. Did the issue with I've had issues with you know a nasty ex-wife of a girl that was working for 8 p.m. people stealing all the time do I go to court and fight those issues or is that keeping me in the lower realm of negativity you so I just want to wash it off my shoulders and move on in Life or
what's the value of of winning
well I mean you know like cuz you mentioned on the last thing about some of these foreign currencies being pecked to a one-to-one basis across the world and the Man without his wants to check it out what happens if you win
not much there still nasty people but you know what I mean what's the value of money
is there a value money right now it's just what we keep using did you have any of this stuff before you came to planet Earth
no no no it's really not your usual borrowing it anyway so why don't you do something fun unless you really loved going to court maybe you really inspired to be a lawyer in the maritime law something you really all right thank you thank you my love to you
sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy Sunshine from okay recent laws how do you grieve properly interesting we have something in common
moonshine sunshine
unmute baby okay
we can go on another call
Sunshine are you with us with us I think she might have let go for can we moves on to Beth from Washington question about Ricky rehabilitation
so happy to talk to you thanks for taking my call
thank you. I know this person has Rehabilitation from being a proud survivor of the sauce called and also working out of reprogramming my body and my system out of Reiki Attunement and I've actually taught all this for a bunch of beers and so the reason I'm calling today I'm all the teachings you and I are giving and the mermaid or giving are super helpful and when calling today is specifically I'm finding that rebuilding the top of my crown chakra time I've been able to work with that the two months you know I'm open your crown
and so I'm finding that I'm able to rebuild working with rebuilding my crown but I'm having resistance to closing my palm chakras but you're also sending me a tenement
I'm just wondering if you have any input on that
great thank you
very very strong subject for me
appreciate it for me raki as you've heard me say the most dangerous modality for healing next to massage therapy very dangerous as you recognize and so I started working really hard long time ago is the promotion of ancient healing books about
I'm shocked Rosen and then of course I go in Deep dive into the genetic engineering of how spirit is affected and and of course her a spread out to his body which is what we call you so for me for me when you focus on individual chakras is a mistake but I seen a lot of people doing it that way and the reason it's just a mistake for me is because you have to use your back in the game again focusing on how
the mind can is perceiving how the spirit comes and physicality so is as spiritual as you are to where are you are you still using thought to compartmentalize the healing component so for me here here's another clue in the higher frequencies so naturally organic mammal in human in a higher Dimension you would not have any chakras you'd have them all in one ball and so this human would be spread is spread out so for me when you start growing for lack of a better term and combine and feeling your chakras and balancing as you as you probably use of use terms of you actually combining them so for me
talking to your spirit is the only way to solve and or create the solution for you now Your Capacity to steer the healing I'm very careful not to get people when they're playing around with the relationship with the body what we observe in the body versus with the spirit can do so make it brighter is always going to be where I'm going to air as you've heard me say many time so commanding my spirit to heal and balance all of my light in me one way and see how that goes so I would rebalance Rotella like me and my spirit to rebalance recalibrate all my chocolate so you could do that way don't don't say what is that
only sees everything so don't try and steer it if so I'll do it right now stay up for me
I commend my spirit I command my spirit
xilin recalibrate me
Kia and recalibrate me
I command my spirit I command my spirit
heal and recalibrate me
heal and recalibrate me
be commanded by Spirit to give me all of me now give me all of me now
thank you yeah that looks clean to me
can I ride that help you it said how can you do more comprehensive exactly so as I get my system back I'm super inspired about teaching all of this how we've all been in the western medicine Energy Medicine boss just integrated these really deceptive
he says that that hijacked our systems and I and break you really I mean how bad the technology is and it because I actually have been a tuning people for a while I was you are so I'm working to extricate all of those codes and learn how to teach and is there anything and maybe this is too big a thing to ask over the air but I'm also in addition to just I don't know if it's just reaching out individually to those people what I need to do to you no take out that to mchose that I participated in
yeah it's it's Seth I'm on the trail I was sure you.
Known this person very long time as you can imagine the true king of fallen angels and first mark on my back you mentioned that in the August show
yasso marking marking jeans
is their favorite look up at either and then you can kind of pick and choose it's just to be absolute control of nut and I'm sorry to hear that as we are working on a vacation package so that you can recognize and you won't need my help anybody else's help but essentially the the more you work with your spirit verbally all those codes should get erased and now you can dress them so here's how I do it with it this topic specifically command my spiritual room of anything and me that is not authentic leave me now
and those codes and do the barcode removals on creation like shipping should be good now it looks like you don't have the bar anymore I've been working the website and I'm really inspired about teaching us I am started developing my own classes and and teaching us and I just I just want to keep I just want to keep on with the work and Style thank you for everything thank you I love that I just want a million of you and that's why I do the radio show so we don't get stuck reading Bibles anymore there's no rule here my love to you my love to you I can see if I can get one more in
alrighty let's see if we can find another victim for Cutie on everybody
cuz I love you couldn't do this without you we didn't have a place to play K so we got we got the looks like is Rob a rush band from Toronto question about going to crazy after lightning going to crazy at the latest are you
yeah I do know how about yourself
yeah. So I'm certifiable no problem the when can you explain we won't have a lot to give me a symptom is it awareness symptom or is it is it just could participating with other people what is the symptoms of your experience that you struggle with you think it was very traumatic day during covid and you know I just noticed that the end of my rope and literally didn't know where to go no money you follow up with my family over everything and you know crying in my office and then maybe I'd be better off dead and then immediately a white you know I thought it was from without but clearly was from within and I put my hands over my to my Palms over my face and just bright peaceful lightning you know no voices no nothing nothing crazy like that just most peaceful light ever in the last that I don't know maybe 5 minutes and it was just kind of the most profound thing that's ever happened to me
the next morning I woke up and I was like oh my God like I thought it was a week before and I was immediately going after what you know he'll the things that I wanted to do and I felt so you know okay I know what I'm doing now and everybody was just now he's crazy but I didn't care anymore I was just like I can't live that way anymore and I don't cost you and you know and then had falling out with my family and stuff after that but so I can attest to how how that happens in so I just wanted to call him in case I can help anybody else or you know did they know that if they're going through it to not give up and to just keep going and you know things things will level out eventually you know
thank you for that it's it is it's a leap of faith isn't it yeah yeah and it feels crazy cuz you're going to go through lunch maybe even a year and then I mean it's been 3 years and like if it was it was at the same time it was very exciting cuz I knew I had this direction but you know 99.80 time at talk to Paul Hellyer and we were supposed to meet but because of things that were Happening by the time we actually got together he'd Fallen sick and it's so it it felt like everything I was doing was falling apart and you know maybe it was because like you said earlier but they know who you know who the light goes to and so it kind of puts slow this down a little bit but I just if there's anything I can say to other people that you're going to just keep going and like you say I'm take it slow and you know take it slow and let it go cuz if it's not meant for you then you know sometimes it's tough to say goodbye but you have to do what you have to do right
that's a Rodger thank you so much for that and I think there's very wise words it it gets it gets better as you trust yourself more is that what you're saying
yeah yeah and like this is going to be a roller coaster because you're going to think you're going to think you're crazy and you know because everything is pointing the opposite direction you know for a lot of us in our awareness is going so much and you know you got a question yourself and it's not going to be easy at all and you know it's been 3 years for me and I'm still just kind of come in in the clearing and you know there's times where you going to do yourself so just don't give up cuz I think everybody think so it's going to happen and then you're like totally going to change and everything can be fine and puppy dogs and rainbow is but it's going to be it might be turbulent for her for a long time you know I'm not but it's still okay it's it's a process right
absolutely I will do that will dive into this to it's a it's a favorite topic for a lot of us thank you so much I'm going to say hi to a couple other people do that OK Google do I get that body with some other time I just wanted to let you know support and let other people know that it's you know there if they're going through it it's not that they're not alone right
no doubt about it that's upstanding Rob from Toronto we're going to get going here to cut her short but Terry call back next week has a question about confessions confess nothing to anyone why would you confess anything call back again next week please June having having songs in her mind after going to bed questions love that one get with us next week
Sirius Radio Kristen Christopher mermaid also thank you so much for helping me Ronnie as well and we will have a beautiful beautiful day say hi to all your Easter fan and I love love love you all beautiful day see you next week

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