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Project Review With Q, March 23, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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beautiful beautiful day today to you it's me again my great great love to you all and your time and your space and your dad's yes I'll be taking some calls today BBS radio thank you so much for taking care of us phone number is 888-627-6008 or 323-744-4831 your local there
today I want to just to let you know in a little bit house cleaning to start with got all the new subscribers thank you so much thank you so much
for your submittals your projects and your comments thank you so much and the line-item all of our subscribers I was sent to me today so the shows about the frequency for June about every month. Right right here until I put you all in one spreadsheet so speak so we can get at you thank you for all the people that received my calls this week and I'll keep keep working or can the phone so we can really take care of today
I wanted to work on a few things since this project review q and and that is to regress a little bit at
wipe your queue is just as important to me as his barbecue is good now we can really move forward and do some Innovative and creative and awesome things that we want covered a lot of ground this year
we realized finally we now the Santa Claus's is fake if you can undermine what I'm doing now and that is worse to
to check my list checking it twice you didn't see that one coming it's pretty fun to see the propaganda about religion and and Jesus and Santa Claus and said it was all so that when more like comes to our physical bodies and we understand what's going on here it's just a normal game so a book of some kind of religion of course he is their favorite so you're going to see a lot of and by the way who is they so religion is going to get very very very very popular here at the end of the game
and beliefs not knowledge beliefs are going to be the horsepower to try and sell you of what you are where you are and how you are so keep your eyes open and watch religion will be the new weapon that there is a God or somebody higher than you and I'm sorry but you are God and you are
incredible the realization of last week's show or fire shows what I was I was working real hard to do my best to explain what a bridge human is now humans were engineered and undermine with
with little or no regard for the life and more conscious than being other than just the power and
when I when I mentioned I feel I mentioned a few weeks back when you see crazy people in downtown wherever you live some of those are spirits that said if I was going to do service to help Humanity I'm going to stay in the body and I'm going to babble like a crazy person on the side of street
endlessly until they hear me so you know that guy that looks like he's had way too much heroin sits on the side of the street and just babbles and babbles and babbles and you can feel and see the mind going around in circles and circles and circles and saying things that don't make sense but you can feel the energetics in the first there's a there's a soul there Spirit there but the mind is controlling the output in the stuff the Babbling and endless cancer with themselves in their they're conveying it through their voice I believe someone like Eckhart Tolle I think it one times book about that quite a bit
I'm not to endorse anyone but
so when when when they had us in the program's US military program 351 or otherwise what what we realize our personalities were not are so when we come in and out of the body when they do doctor and get us through hyperspace travel and so forth you're you recognize that the personality that you're you're utilizing right now isn't yours either so if so who am I is why some of these people are coming going crazy because they can't get their authentic self through them and so like being at the risk of County area we just have more of our spending stuff and that's why I can see so much of your Consciousness when I do sit down with you and chat with you and I can see how much knowledge you're using from the universe so it's really easy to see if you're utilizing mind power versus heart power and
obviously I don't have a lot of time for people who just use their mind and as sad as that is because if you use your heart it feels sounds delivers completely different required with yourself and process so that if you got to Savvy to Smart there is barcodes and and switches in us that say oh my gosh I'm not even close to what I am and you you flipped that switch never been never been a better privilege than to work with Billy Woodward Woodard at Area 51 greatest honor I'll ever have is to work
with Billy because he was the only person I had bet on the base that had their conscience and an art power
I I owe Billy my life many different ways in that is just having the faith to do this very work today my explanation is really about how
call we work our way through this is this isn't my personality is this is not me then who am I could be an issue for you as you go through the Ascension cycle and it's real important now just to be real slow just really breathe really understand yourself and you don't have to react and research uation and everything and that's the safety places just to really watch thought and you don't have to be sorry. You can just participate in these timelines if you want but you don't have to be enough to win a m
and that's usually what slows everything down is is observing how they're created and then and then decide which which way you want to go from your heart center it anyway that's the that's the short short sermon today and I think I'll start taking some calls and if everybody is excited
maybe Sherry from Wyoming is online to forgive me for being so short there BBS if Sherry from Wyoming is online 2 mi take I'll take a couple questions for me
oh thank you so much for taking my call I have a couple cuz I know lucky want to talk to you but I sent out several emails and questions concerning different different things I was pondering but I won't be there too long to go into right now but I was wondering if you received my email from Sherry shaver
all sent received correct
okay so you on December 30th and the end of the year broadcast you said that you reached out to miss shaver and you would try again I don't know if you got two of us but if it was me I was wondering if I was ever going to reach out again
what's your question
well so it really is long and I don't really think I should go into it on the phone around
I'm live on air but okay so my last email I sent to you this one we could do about being a problem finding a place a lab to test my water in my city water
because I only the ones I find are only test for one thing or two things and there's 13 contaminants and that are cancerous could town is in our tap water and I can't and I want to go and show this to everybody in my town but I need to have my own proof and I and a lab to test my water is when you could help me with that
great great question OK Google go ahead and we'll go ahead and leave on the next caller thank you so much for your love and your support what is the best way to neutralize and re-energize water is using Vortex rifle a rifle pipe system guys out of British Columbia have have a designer design so if you were rifle if you give me the the spiral Spiral water through a pipe counterclockwise even if it's mechanical system even if it's even if it's been in a really bad environment you can read all water has memory there's many ways to re-energize water I'm just giving you a freak
because I feel this is more of a domestic question that obviously we can tell if we're using a hard energy or our mind interview question but needless to say the rifling what what is the natural recalibration weak and very very similar to the Ascension when you are counterclockwise spin thing as an example spinning in a circle is 33 times you can actually leave your body so that's that's a potential
explanation of dissension and said I can leave understand that I'm in a body and or leave the body that that's pretty much the same as I can leave I can go I can stay annoying I'm in a body is a sentient not being a body and that's that's why I said the topic today is not only is your personality not yours in most cases Nipsey can't get your true personality through you but when your ego mind is so much control over the outcome of every choice and decision conversation you have you actually improve
once you recognize and that's not you you can actually proof I sent you to not work so I hope that helps a little bit the next caller is someone named June from a my online one friend of Stephanie. How are you good
I have sleeping. That's what I am
thank you so much thank you so much thank you so so much for having sex in the air I was calling cuz I need three things Mistral Dennis clowns for cheerleaders and figure skaters go ahead
okay well I'm a figure skater and when you type that you can't just use to get busy I've been skating for 56 years to figure skating for 56 years and I don't get dizzy when I stand up so I don't know what the questions about that okay now when you still wet Direction which would direction do you spend
you can eat if you go to your left is that correct okay if you weren't on water and you're not on skates try it then and then call me back
cuz I was going to let you sit in your backyard and you spend 33 times counterclockwise while counting and observing yourself and you feel what way how do you feel
try a couple more let's see what happens okay but I found the spinning is is that I am it's like the function of the eye of the hurricane and I am always so even when I jump up your eyes at The Still Point everything is spinning around you
beautifully said that's exactly what I'm trying to get better at communicating Okay so
why is it some people want to get out of here and some people want to stay might be another analogy isn't it
are you still with you so we could actually observe this and say you want to you're holding more time and space and and or four people called ground and approve of state so you're holding more presents because you want to be here that's fair to say
like I feel you.
waiting for you in the front and any kind of kills to have had used them for just that time that they're on ice
what is ice
what is a frozen water thank you so much. I just came to me today and you know I mean I haven't even reviewed it with anybody but you don't you know when I like look at different blocks I always cook at the table of contents and when I see you like last time you were talking about like to come is coming and it can be done and you know I've been with you for quite a while and listen to eat you know twice at a time and no people out there that like telegram but one in particular actually creating CVS project review to shows that include timestamps for main topics
salad and itself so basically what it is if it's a total of 10 times with the time stamp for that you know anybody can just go right there and click on that you know what they say and I kind of like has this view of what you see on Baby R Us combining with stuff so maybe you have your list of all the shows number 3 right you clicked on number 30 archives and when you get to that page you can click on that to see what's the type of stuff because like I said even somebody like you that has been with us for so long
you know I'd like to go back to such and such what was that topic that you covered at this point and I can't because I don't know which one it is so I mean I could write up a project and maybe contact that person in a still interested and the others interested in maybe there's something there so
thank you so much and yeah so it's been a that's exactly what I'm looking for is people to call in and say what do you want what do you want what do you want this to be because obviously we're just giving the resources and energies right back to you it's officially as you can so the
web page for the people. Space we we've done with State we painted with that one and that one's working pretty good but your rights of the priorities we need your input what is the priorities and so I guarantee you BBS is listening right now and see how you want people to come to your page not as fragile and connection between us is doing them for the people that's a tremendous job and what's going on yeah I see it out there I'd rather it just seems like it needs is needs to come together and then there's another part that I have no idea what to what to do about that if you know I read on Facebook
people that have a Q drop they do the Q drop but they never seem to connect that with CBS Radio it just seems like there's a separation between the people that followed the two drops in the people that follow you
thank you so much any other questions
anyway so that's what my phone is okay so I'm sorry if I said I hope I didn't
is it so with new people coming to this material what I believe it
you know
somewhere else I'm wrong I don't you know what I don't know because I know I have a lot of people that follow the Q drops of the other Christian and I believe I see that so they're out looking outside themselves and not inside themselves knowing you know how to send my love to Stephanie and thank you thank you so much with all my love to you
alien technology to get you to look outside yourself and as you can see I speak to it
the English language is alien technology Latin is alien technology all of your Linguistics as being very difficult to explain Source might know what you're calling God and religion has the most incredible beautiful people following religion is a tricky so there's only one God that's in your heart and when in and I can prove it to you with your decision-making and you can prove me wrong quick when when you do things forgive the the people that listen to me all the time when you do things that you're inspired to do an excited to do things work a lot different that's Outsourcing God works when you do things you don't want to do your kind of want to do I have to do because my wife told me two things don't go quite the same anymore something happened something weird happens
just just check may just prove it make me wrong every day so there's in the universe there are no religions except the ones on planet Earth I can tell you firsthand sauce did a very good job of making religions here whether it's the Sumerians the lemurians it doesn't really matter what generation thousands of thousands and thousands of years of religion to get you to believe in something outside yourself
you're it you are magnificently powerful to just know how you want to be in this reality how do you want to be in this year
and your your horsepower is in your compass your Runner is your inspiration now to force things through your mind I guarantee you that's what the Bible want you to do control control control a right wrong and different
I'm going to just be brave for everyone you're being lied to there's two thousand seven hundred different religions on your planet so which one's right so there's there's your proof right there so I guess everyone has their own religion I'm a Christian and a beer around here help us out anyway you got me rant and Rave and I loved it proved that the mind is not your friend the most cases can I speak to Andrea from Cali online 2
info about foreign currency this is good this is good
Aloha I knew you were going to call me again thank you
you know who I am your the San Diego I'm calling you from Playa del Rey right now and ripping into my field like a day or two ago is after statements
I'm always with the interior steel thank you so much I'm so glad you called I knew you were going to reach out to you and my love to you please what do you have for us today
okay I'm going to just get right to the question for myself and maybe others who purchased them and then our years ago what do we do with it what do we do with it
yeah Christopher nailed nail me on it so it it's a very valuable question because you get to see you get to see the game and ship how how much tears taken here to see what attention we get on us solving this monetary means of exchange system and so as you as you came into this game of solving this problem with your calling the RV or in the star the star
you wish to promote a direction you're going to go to solve the problem you get to see the adversary Sonia
yes it so when so right now I'm working hard to get you guys the resources I am and in a way that is an internet priority
for all of us and it's turned out to be quite interesting so you even now we have an adversarial attention on us
well what if you could take the bad guys out on which way you're going to go so at one of those models was glutened grammar global global observation let's let's have every single currency have one value to it so you can't measure if it if the reserves close and that was how we measured money
then what is the true measure of money what why do why don't I see what happens if I say to everyone everyone's dollar is worth it exactly so Zimbabwe one of their one of their tricks they they they proof that money was worthless and that's why they made 50 trillion-dollar notes so that one day when the revaluation happens everyone that has a 50 billion dollar note will have 50 trillion dollars make sense
so till you can take the bad guys out if you went that route and now we can kind of see how they attacked can't you
okay so so shutting down the Federal Reserve was actually a design bad guy moved because now you can't really stand or die if he kept it running you might have a chance to standardize a re-evaluation everything based on one a measurement but now you can see that that that game is changing and you can thanks United Nations Nanny what is social United Nations you can you can thank those folks for exposing the bad guys that way and or being a bad guy so forgive me for what would be the solution of you should be able to see the solution. I'll give it to you but you can see how we can solve this
okay tell us tell all of us tell me
okay yes send it one penny here and one penny there it should what is so obviously that's the real game is is an inflationary system should probably be a Jeep waste our money should be worth more than our home. Don't get rid of them whatsoever okay okay well I'll say that all right I'll say that right now make sure you can just hang on
but start looking at the development of other systems are getting popular good and bad but notice that things are getting a little more obvious which direction we're going when you say
yes yes and I thank you so very much and so wonderful it's a wonderful to talk to you how are you doing thank you so much it's a been just a thrill and in an order to get to connect with you and so many others I
I am astonished at how well things are playing out falling apart I love watching this thing fall apart it's we're doing it with Grace when you say great race
oh it's beautiful because we're doing it all together and and thank you so very much for keeping us and letting us know what's going on it's beautiful all the information that you're you're telling us then and how everything is going thank you I can't wait to get ahold of you 101
doing my best to get around everyone thank you so much for all your love
I love you I love you
yeah so when you're working in a shuttle doesn't is Flippin arrogance at me so I will say that it gets may be redundant my words and so forth
or maybe you can get lazy at communicating these things thank you for those questions questions are very valuable to me because when we take for granted everybody has gone through this or excuse me route has her Memories Back of course will forget what I need to communicate so keep calling on me
listen to Communications War genetic engineering Communications war and so your belief and money is very very very new to you that you would need money to live on a planet Azar for you to measure the value of something so and it proves how good programme isn't it in this human life that's why would you have to pay rent on this planet Sentra everybody talked about it
Malcolm X I'm sure
why would you say it goes hand-in-hand with why would you believe in a god outside of the plywood you know why would somebody sell you a story about this guy Jesus Christ and have him be your savior you're kidding me right when we come in here with light beings we just have less restrictions of the DNA that sent yeah we have more horsepower but you guys have the same thing and horsepower special powers wherever you want
we get ostracized for being a cartoon character or pretty much what you've observed in your Communications are so that you won't remember how incredibly powerful you my apologies for being outspoken again as usual
I think I want to talk to Lucy Andrea and that from Florida online one wants to know actual government versus fake ever and that please I can't wait to your question
again, thank you for all your love is this normal
this is normal. I'm just saying I know all fifty states are in session I'm so pumped that we're actually running side-by-side with the fake government when is it going to or is it all going to happen at the same time as the money goes down at the people will realize that there's actually two governments going at the same time a fake one in the real one
okay so when you go into so where have you been so where you been playing at the legislative level level
the state Nationals with the states and states with NASA you know that they have all 50 states are now in session after the hundred fifty-one years that they pretended we were gone
okay good all right now track a bill for me
track a bill and see if it does it goes anywhere
yeah okay so what
so I guess I should probably just spill the beans huh so a lot of a lot of legislative processes and throughout the last couple years what if this has a lot to do with John Trump to so don Trump getting sued is exactly what you want in his position because if you rule against him remember John no dummy here and the military is no dummy what if you could find Chase lock and then the opposition gets sued for the things that people got freed on
all right so now you can prove the bad guys
I have rigged the court system rigged everything so you want to get it in order to prove the courts or corrupt the process drop whatever
possibly Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy glacian is is cropped notice that you'd want to put yourself in the position lose so that you can prove that everybody else
that's what's going on let's prove everybody's lying well one of those one of those tools is your legislative process you guys are passing bills but you're not executing him so at the federal level you can assume nobody's doing jack they're just not doing any and they pretended to do things for years and years never do you work with politics it doesn't work does it
no do we have doesn't work good it's just it's just a space and it's a log Jam every no one can make a decision knowing and by the way I give a damn about you. Don't care just go watch your TV shows and listen to Q
Florida with bonds for the wind and project restoration and intake this whole system down is the new one ready to go and it's clean, really clean there's no middle man that's and that's that's how you use gateways what if what if you could know everything I was thinking right now
let me see if we could all do it together though now what would you do with all that information
I would go crazier it be awesome right so now you would now you would be able to be in perfect peace going everyone just wants peace everyone you'll find it everyone just wants and until all these objections that we dream up for ourselves on this recall are all going to go away when there's no secrets
now every time I told that story to people it what is there is no secret anywhere they all say oh my gosh that is the scariest thing ever
and you're right here and I am really sorry to inform you a year living with a lot of aliens it's really sad story I'm stuck Paul Hellyer went down to aliens he tried to help you Canadian Prime Minister of Defense you telling you you're living with aliens America Kennedy's been assassinated your eyes it was obvious how this game is rigged in the all you have to do is do what you want
no I am I am happy I'm your Warrior let me know what to do thank you so much my love to you that was a great call thank you so much
okay BBS has told me that something is amiss on our phones checking it out now yeah well we know what that's about military not acknowledging richer sport lower myself for meisha Johnson etc etc Alexander M you know what happens we're going to bring a grind through this too cuz we got special abilities
Andra from New York online to possibly on the blessed that right on. I know he's there is no eat.
That crazy person that you talked about in the beginning that breaks my heart
it it breaks my heart to know that our Consciousness can be so tortured especially since I think many of us had probably been near that level of crazy I want to be able to walk up to that person and heal him I want to be able to walk up to a sick or injured tree or fish or river and hila
I don't know how to do that and I figure I can wait around who knows how many lifetimes until all my abilities come back or I can Apprentice myself to that learning which is what I want to do
and I would like to build a
Priestly Temple for the emerald order of the Melchizedek priesthood I would like that to be a sort of compound for our learning and growth and also service love and service my question is as I'm looking for locations will those abilities come back better if that location is a long a ley-line and are all Ley lines created equal or are some better for other activations
yes great great question so we've been playing with this this year supposed to leave we put a couple people on a Vortex that I I made intentionally made me very very very long time ago and to see if they would advance and both individuals Advanced tremendously so that's been my observation now proofing whether it's a Vortex and I make Aura Vortex you make is what I'm I'm working on now can we make multiple vortexes in multiple places and or inherit a Vortex Authority installed as example luciferian technology still has residue on some of our vortexes so they almost take ownership of it where as if you have Legacy Vortex it be yours and that's why you have this incredible magnet in u.s. is a tractor to areas on your on your
geography do you know sounds like there's some place he's like I cannot wait to get there do you remember that lately yep to get back there and that's where I want to live in play and do my work and everything else so that's exactly what you and prove to you that you're you have a lot of epigenetics in this type of body associated with your planet brilliant that you already knew the answer didn't you
thank you yes I did actually and thank you I'm including everything you're saying the words are not following quite so quickly
yeah so so that's that's how I'm I'm getting us all used to assess my real job is to get you to feel me from another so I'm coming right from Source right now and as trivial as I think that is in the words do not complement how I'm doing it but you're getting a lot of information from home so to speak when I speak that has nothing to do with these words can you prove to me that you're feeling that
if you hook the electrodes up to the spot right underneath my solar plex is that probably could you over the years I've been getting a lot of information and that's why I keep it flowing from Source back and forth and then you got to go to the great question do you mind if I take another color before we end the show
wait wait wait Aaron Karen from Georgia you there Karen Georgia are you still here waiting patiently thank you so much
subscriber to project review it's cute and I'm currently writing out a couple of projects last week I submitted a request my first communication through the website I called it Healthcare Appalachia and I was really just volunteering to help or support any ongoing projects that may be in that category till I just wanted to ask you is it okay to do both do you have people that are are you kind of heading up there on project while they help other other people as well cuz I have a lot of passion I feel that warehouse
I feel that a lot okay so let's get store version I need all the process keep coming in don't stop and so well but we realized his emails and unnecessary communication was counterproductive phone calls disconnect he said she said he said she said got so many different types of individuals we have some very enlightened people we have some lower frequency and I'll bring value we got a tremendous tremendous Avenue to distribute some resources and so we can play with that but it would appear here's here is the bomb for everyone today is if I get you all in one
buckets of like like projects I'm just going to give you the resources you guys figure it out and so when you guys populate this input and output that were observing I can just you you you off in the sign your own Administration in the engineering resources because there's a ton of them so I'd like to just just an open checkbook for each Silo and I'll want everyone's help on how we would now maybe even want to sort that more but it's really going to be up to you is that make sense
it does I guess my my last question be in the past you've always said we don't talk about numbers or means of exchange we just want to talk about passion that still correct right
you know you didn't got so many people that want to help and support things that you're not really passionate about and so that's what I mean by you know getting getting those silos let you figure it out is that make sense
I just need a little more I need a little more input to the population of this country beef to is just about populating your excitement and there's some gaps and a lot of people's project resource in that could be people simulation there's some interesting timing on your planet that that I'm pretty too and so dragging our feet a little bit of a couple items because I can see the changes that are coming
hope that helps why I can't wait to see you I can't wait to see those changes and then you would connect with her gaps in people's resources you will connect the correct that's right that's right so that's what's exciting about me is that I just love being around you guys and I am I'm ironing my robe as we speak and getting a new pair of sandals and so I mean this is going to be really fun everybody gets to see my face one day I can't wait
my love to you I wonder if I have time for one more let me see here I will trust me you're on the list and you have to look at your project thank you so much for today to submit is still through the portal on DBS Radio is that correct love it love it BBS just enjoys watching us too and just keep going with us I'm going to have to go now because my time my time is over thank you for your call
thank you everyone for listening thank you Christopher and Christian KC and the Sunshine Band give it to you here in a couple days son I love you and the mermaid everybody thank you so much everyone for listening today it's a blessing to Be With You Beautiful Beautiful List to all

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