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Project Review With Q, March 2, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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alright welcome welcome welcome thank you so much I will not call the mermaids offer Rock
she's already here thank you for joining us on PR to let's get some work done today I got some updates real quick here and then we'll take callers the entire hour thank you so much for allowing the privilege and honor to feel like in here you and if so much so much to do so excited
the first one getting through I want to get all the Australian people done this month and I've fallen behind little bit probably need about three or four more days and then we'll move on to where I can actually going to do it this way geographically so don't get discouraged we're doing it in topic segments and how we reach out to you but how I reach out to Italy and but we had we had such a unique talkative people in Australia to work on that one first and you're aware I can do that country and eating out a lot of help
rqi and fall projects phone number is not going through please submit your phone number again again Qi and fall projects that I've called you whatever reason that phone calls not going through I'll have a 1-800 number here in the future I'm not going to release date yet cuz I haven't found the admin group I want to work with you Adam just a little just dragging a little watching it mature but there will be a call in number for you Hua Hua Ronnie I'll get called off you tomorrow
also all the Brisbane Earth people in Melbourne people if you could just send in your phone numbers against little bit of misdirection there forgive me and I want to stay safe and I love you very much we do have some resources for you and some people have called and give you instructions and use a very wisely please keep it to yourself it's very important that you stay true to your purpose in your process for motivating this exciting time
and so just work with yourself the way it feels naturally and it all come together anything else you'd like to just a mermaid if you're ready I'll be BS I'm ready we'll start with Chris from California online one
hi there
how are we doing today this you can hear you loud and clear please what's your question I'm doing excellent and I'm getting better
Define better I thought I had a question and then as I was talking to my wife about it I realized I already have the answer so I just want to let you know that the neighbor across the street has been helping him build his deck and the guy the other neighbor build a shed for him he's got a bad back and so I've been having fun just kind of doing work with the neighbors and I discovered that it's actually more fun when you when you don't make any money doing it so anyway husband's been having fun doing that with my phone's been shut off since they were practicing because we didn't pay our bill a few times so that's been good and I'm really liking not having a phone this is my sister-in-law's phone I'm using right now and just learning how to do the command trying to make that more of a habit and then also
I'll be thankful in writing writing what I'm thankful for every day and just moving onward and upward and thank you I really appreciate all the information and knowledge that I'm getting from you
thank you thank you so much that is so exciting all right we'll take the next call I'll be in touch with you I think you so much I am aware of so if we can hold the line they're just for a second they're gone
one update I forgot we have
we're going to make everyone experts at land pets immediately published so we can spread it far and wide what's important about land patents and homesteading is there in all of our Legacy lost
we are going to work with some of these systems or not going to condemn all of them and for me and we have Simple Solutions here and that is if we would quit selling our homes our kids would have oh and by the way why don't we teach him what we really are when they're born
super me the land patent is extremely valuable
we have shelter and water we have food and we have a way to sustain life for ourselves without stress strain important to me is as I've traveled the globe this past three years I have to see how we can adapt and or adopt many of these systems
my goal is to make sure everyone has land forever as long as they want without being embarrassed no more taxes no more anyone bugging me when I want to go to bed
the land patents for me are important because they also can be duplicated this is especially important statement for my friends over in Ireland
in Scotland who are looking for a facilities and I've not forgot about you but I want to make sure we can do holistic lease and sustainable projects and we never have to worry about third parties screwing with us if we can sustain our lamps
star planet we don't pay rent where we were born in the story so not only have I have I understand the United States land patent process I'm also understanding how we do it in Canada how you do it in Mexico how you doing in South America how you do it in Ireland Scotland United Kingdom etcetera etcetera and especially Australia were it's the scariest statement anyone will ever come across their they're terrified of their government but they have the easiest place to ramp a text if you wanted to Homestead anywhere on the planet right now
Sacramento to Alaska the easiest place to do it with the most opposition will probably always be Australia so FYI go ahead Club place you can get in there thank you Don so much Christine from Florida online to I've lived like a disc jockey this is so cool
oh my God haikyuu hi everyone
this is the south Florida girl with your little bit different
yeah you guys wow my question is and it's too cold will you be here through the entire Ascension cycle process with us and
of course I hope you say yes
will we be able to recognize that we have gone through it and we are on the other side will it be very recognizable
well why don't you maybe mermaid maybe you better take that what happened yesterday would you say you recognized coming and going
oh yeah exactly hello
yes I am yes so what was normal for us to do I can't tell you how many times I've done it so many but what's normal is Will shoulder last two thousand years ago we did not do this because they collect the Federation removed us I'm sure you've heard me and it's a very long story and things have changed with that group of individuals and certainly 2150 plus or minus is about where that shoulders going to end for me because we're going to be so magnificent it won't really matter now the big changes are as this right now right now
but because it's so comfortable up until observing some of the timelines was why I did it first of all this second reason is it so it's there's no more work is needed for the real changes are right now you're right in the middle of it now Legacy belief systems that are not ours this way this is what's going to happen in the book got taken over by the clean sand in them the magic was installed it you can prove it with the mermaid if you like she did it yesterday we took her out in and out of you will definitely be able to recognize it when you like I just call it going through to the other side but just as you ascend you're going to recognize the
hold the whole pie and all the changes and when everybody is over the hump and we are living in a completely different way Willow still have the memory of how we wearing just a like a thing like oh my God so yeah you're going to know exactly what you're going to get all of it back and you're going to go how did how did I
live a life of Lies for so long it will be shocking thank you Christine thank you thank you thank you so much
our love to you thank you Don and we move on to Kathy from Florida online 3
haikyuu is that a is that a is that a board game is that a board game
yeah so sounds like it I am so honored to speak to you and the mermaids and my question is I've been with lwss for a while that's how I found out about you and I listen to the announcements and a lot of times holy spirit is put in their spoken by you know the head of lws and I'm confused what is Holy Spirit
I think the spirits ourselves and I didn't know that there's another Spirit outside of us
so as you pointed out I'm in a tough position and I okay so holy spirit is a breakfast cereal
greatest the greatest early ever all right so when you work from your self outside of yourself is the flaw I want to be I got to take Greg chair work with some of the people I love these people
yet when you start looking at something higher than yourself don't worry about the name and clature the titles identity if there's something higher than you I guarantee you it's wrong there's nothing now bringing in more of you we could argue is higher than you but you're really all of us are from one source and now we're in Independence to brilliant design by us
to be an individual don't you think it is incredible
yes I get I get to be alone in one body to play in the universe it's amazing and it's so creative and it's just so independent to what you want to do
so don't put too much too much thought into someone who doesn't necessarily recognize that just just love them anyway and know they'll figure it out what time and I'll let some people know which is not higher than I say no way also but I know different was being as language in most cases you have the most incredible speaker I've ever participated with an English language and even her words are misdirected bite her hair and her love and her heart
you can always feel the truth through it doesn't really matter I hope that helped you thank you for the call
thank you
I know who this one is Christina from an Arizona online for Welcome to the party good thanks how we how we going we are going awesome and I don't have a question I don't I don't have a need I'm just calling to say thank you just just interacting with you that the few times that I have it just elevated and
the people are coming together we're finding we're finding our crew and it's it's just amazing I just feel like it's about to explode in the most amazing way and I just wanted to say thank you
Freedom within yeah yeah means me not to be able to hook up with everybody but I I saw a lot of attention on us know thank you so much for your patience and faith in me and and the mermaid and all the other accused sure you we are working hard to figure things out we have a lot of help him tremendous mental health and I want to take I want to take care how we Implement you and others and thank you so much
well it'll happen when it's meant to happen in the meantime. He's ahead and that's that's what I'm grateful for because he the launching pad of just exchanging words with u and an energy and time and heart just emphasized everything so there's no rush I mean just just play it and how those along the way that that come come into the path I mean it's just amazing so I just wanted to share that say thank you thanks amazing
thank you thank you thank you I am so glad you recognized the help dad is coming in now it it just works I'm I'm I'm honored to be in the presence of You Christina thank you and Don will go on to the next one in Michigan there and going to legend that name will live on without the bean from Michigan online 5 thank you thank you for calling us
maybe it's lasagna
hello hello hello this is Robert Robin not Lavigne Hello hello this is Robin from Michigan
Rob and I have a robin give me some love you are you at Jiffy Lube
how far away is the Sun
let's go T-Pain
over here yo yeah I got it
okay thank you so much for calling it's just an honor to get to do this and and I just love having fun and be playful forgive me please tell me what is your question
no that's fine I love it when you my question is in regard to the futuristic fitness and health and wellness project and I have spent to request and and I'm just wondering are we going to be heading into that Arena anytime soon but what's the time frame is and I also want a real real quickly they love all you guys and thank you so much for the time that you take every weekend to join with us and share your heart and your information with all of us appreciate that thank you Robin yeah it is and it's a contradiction do I love doing the radio shows every week yeah I can't stop myself and never envisioned doing this until I buy was excited inspired so much help got me going in it help to see
to learn to Max Steel in I understood now that if I'm going to participate at a dimensional reality I could change my Dimension wouldn't I want the layers here are so obvious to me that that's why do the cost of a consistent Lansky's me the radio shows cuz we we have to grab a saw land or be together and make a lot of solution your project specifically has tremendous mass of politics with it not your project specifically but the realm in which is headed is a mass amount of competition
and a lot of it is negative in Australia right now if you go to the mall there's a place called medical pods
and most humans are not going to realize because you're going to get some success from medical pods in this case and that company will slowly Implement negative long-term solutions for the human body and I must feel comfortable and so you have that is one example of many when we start doing the proper healing to the human body there's a bunch of bad guys that are going to introduce negative healing long-term to the spirit's ability to anneal to a human body very tricky to explain that you're anything healing you outside of you is always going to be in relationship to your physicality
so we all want me we all want to be you younger we all want to live longer willing to be healthier and so forth but there are still a lot of competitions in your segmentation of your project and I want to make sure many of the projects like yours are successful we're basically waiting for these people to expose how bad their Protocols are
in a way that doesn't get people hurt does that make sense
yes it doesn't my gym is actually for exercise and you know doing the natural healing through physical fitness and nothing else but you know what you how you think positively and exercise in the face that's exactly correct that's my whole point your the weapon against these guys and the primary weapon the primary weapon about sustained a aquatic being Euro Euro water be your you're all water so your living you use you see yourself on land reading air I see you breathing a very strong volume of water
if you're reading water right now so the way if you look at the Legacy work of Tesla is exactly the work in a project you put in the more exchanges with oxygen and your environment is the heating of the primary healing modality we should be using for the more times I can breathe deeply the more times I exchanged we would assume a very beautiful landscape of oxygen so in nature when you bleed breed oxygen which is an incomplete periodic table elements it's not explain your element is your Elemental tables are incomplete but for the short version in Injustice call if you go into nature jog in a forest that the exchange of energy you have their versus in downtown wherever is completely different that make sense
that's why your project is says promise me is it just needs the annulment of how Spirit works it gets excited when it's in the forest running with the deer and and is completely different than running on a Downtown City street isn't it
right absolutely anyway there's a really big body of your guys's work and I'm not the only one making some of these decisions but I am in agreement when I do look at the data from many many different disciplines I'll be careful many individual looking at there is a potential for us to get a mislead by using modalities that may not work long-term give you incredible success short-term
it's called dentist thank you
Suzanne from New York online six come on down can you hear me can you hear me
can you hear me to
what's going on Suzanne
tell him I love that call when you did that to me
I love you and appreciate you and mermaid and Tasha and thank you from the bottom of our hearts truly things are think that crap I didn't know Jesus was a black man
after you have last week you were talking about dreaming and talking about bringing sort of what I understood made that neutral State into life into our present-day life and I'm one of my question is can you demonstrate more or could you explain a little bit more how to use that to create do they live in an area where there isn't land and connecting it to my project which is a homestead so
I hope that it's time to put together a little bit more granular align with me please okay so really important thank you thank you thank you I'll get this call very important with our project project
my projects your president really matter and you know the mermaid she's she does a good job of calling me out that you
are not doing a very good job explaining things because it comes as Eric is at me sound it comes so naturally for you cuz you don't have the hindrances of being a 747 okay so I lied I had the I had tremendous implants in me and I did have the info for the DNA restrictions and then grew out of it I forget what it was like to be on that side of the fence and now I'm doing my best to to to get that information to you as you requested we all are requesting thank you very much too damn fast to get this information up when you dream
from your heart is what I do my best to explain
and then you see it in the Mind's Eye
it's different than when you create it from The Mind's Eye trying to find your heart completely different so when you dream
when you're sleeping notice that you don't have any rules or boundaries do you
there's no limitation train that's why they're so good that's why there's so much trickery there when we get abducted and have nightmares and separate separate okay so if you can remember and everyone does a little bit of your last incredible lucid dream
and then do it here is what I'm doing my best to explain is that make sense mermaid that is that about right
into the more you practice with it
it's it's the best I can do is like a muscle I feel
is the drink so I feel that I want to go run through a field of roses I feel like I want to go find a dog to pet and then you and vision the dog showing up it will actually happen
and so that's why I'm trying to make a really short sweet so that you can put into practice and then make him obviously more quotation so if you really can't wait to meet
what's your favorite dog now the wiener dogs so I've always wanted me to look into your your village
try it you make it make it really weird so if you're on an island like you said you were or not around a lot of land find something a little bit you know a little crazy that you really love and see if you can pull it off is my suggestion that I have no doubt that's how it works does that help
so how can I just clarify is a envisioning also imagining from the heart your Consciousness is first and recognizing your desire is second that's what I'm doing my best to explain I'm excited about and then the sea remember the mind is controlled by Source your body is controlled by so everything's controlled by Source if you make it your primary decision-making process does that make sense imagining is definitely from from your hide if it's still good in it it's about time in space that's really tough
I'm at 12 you think you and then I got kicked off yes I imagine talking to you on the phone and when I called the number Concert Hall
it work love you love you love you are we have two Riders are going to help me with this stay tuned thank you Suzanne for your call beautifulness to you and you did thank you love you both all wait a minute we only have six lines that means that means Don's working at a lot because I net Tom and Manfred from Florida on line one for the question for Q
hi hi hi
you said you said weirder than me
we're practicing thank you so much we've grown all of us have grown so much more seriously and you're slower is faster we get that one now and we appreciate the time you answer all of us where the group with the big aspirations and you we've learned that you told us to start dreaming from our heart and and questioning our hearts and figuring out what it is that we really truly want to do that we thank you for all that died in all of you all of you my question today is we had a large portion of our project is set up for the physical medical side of things and and then I am so the question is is are accidents emergency surgeries and Ann Arbor centers are we are we dating or not including any kind of medical beds or any kind of medical stuff in that facility and is there a better use for the building
yeah it's really tricky you know so this is pretty fun to watch you know they have resources for everybody moving forward in opposing monetary systems is pretty tricky as it is for me at least if they have resources being able to utilize them in the standards that were used to that that's just one one topic I did I was aware of the abundance that you all bring in your life is amazing and so I get to watch you guys too and in you guys don't anybody Bill help and make haste is doing it to the traditional way you guys are powerhouses do you create resources for yourself
did either one of them I want to make sure we're in somewhat I look at the medical industry in that in the Alternative Health projects have been put in as we're calling them it's a it's a little tricky because if you just throw money at it it it'll work
but how do you keep people inspired at the same time while I personally opposed all money but recognize everybody still use it so it's a little tricky there in the medical in or the healthcare side the birthing side is very exciting and the I can tell you one of the most prominent individuals on your planet around birthing is sitting right next to be in his watching patiently how we want to do it in the future for us tell you is not our agenda is to learn what we would all prefer we do have our opinions and we we do have a modality through another land basis that we would like it to promote a birthing processes and systems
but we would prefer the did this is what these projects do for us is it educates it's what you want and and so I'd like to talk about this all day long but the more stimulation I get through the the the publication remember we haven't been doing this very long and so I need to get a few more people on the roster here and I would have a better answer for you but I feel what the technology you have and that you're educated around birthing right now is still very very incomplete is that a fair statement
and you already know that I know I'm talking to the choir here but
I I have to just say that your project is really all they had with you is brilliant yet when I when I asked align you with your 30 40 50 other people I feel I want to take great care and let it mature the way you do so now I feel like I'm creating a manufacturing processes that you might not have already had yet I still realize that the networking is a tremendous value because we can learn from successes and Lessons Learned to get wave
absolutely it is it is fundamental it's absolutely important
types of questions if you have a second question is do we have to worry about security
Define security
well with with the with the events that are unfolding and the dark Providence at this present moment. Probably just do we have to have concerns but on our projects and our community Assistance then especially I'm talking about the one that we have cold Evans case you probably remember recently sent it into several times and I appreciate whenever you have a moment to reply that you actually received it because we have not had a response that you received it so that's that's my that's my question
so all the projects are received by your group thank you very much and
the reason we do it this way is so that we don't miss direct you from your passion so we consider the email system as sabotage to our true communication and at the same time it's a beautiful tool if it goes one way is our opinion so would I make more emails for you you reacted more emails is in except we get we get your project and we we observe it only from the point of view of what you're passionate how could you possibly have any worry in the world anymore unless you create worry dear one
okay okay good I would be so happy
that day will come I just I have to exercise back just two more weeks to get in shape. Just don't know I just do
yeah yeah we're working on it there's a couple there is a couple skirt events that we're waiting for there's a lot of us are going to come out of the woodwork. You'll you'll see you're going to see people you don't recognize people very soon I am sure you thank you so much for your call beautifulest please keep your subscription
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
what part let's do it
I'm just noticing a lot almost daily a lot of Kim Fields still happening and it really obvious big bag and is it to correct a lease is done or they still poisoning us okay so which one is one of my guys to work on those items so to speak I asked permission if I could run a run is not I am and I can do a lot about it but I have to be educated to be here you and you all have to help me become aware of the dimensional reality you observed as example because I can I go back and forth so much here little known outside of here I won't know until you recognize a chemtrail in your reality unless you make me aware of it does that make sense
that we that we only desire that it be the benefits to the Earth and all that is good and everything that is alive 54321 and so it is is that making any different
okay so I'll tell you all the projects I work on chemtrade this beer is very very very long class Decades of work okay so basically you have several Technologies of chemtrails
for me the primary reason for chemtrails is to to scan the clothes to vehicles that are coming into your reality
and get to observe him so very difficult to catch a vessel
that can move so fast unless you can put tracers in the air
so a lot of it if you're in Florida a lot of the vessels that are coming to there
and the Chemtrails are there are really just to trace the invisible that's all they're trying to get up to our level so we're at we're at we're basically a higher level than the vessels that are coming in here and I'll higher dimensional reality might be one way to explain it is that makes sense to have bad chemical trails are doing the same to the good guys and the good guys are so I didn't say that it was good for us I'm just saying it's one way if there's a lot of alien to a lot of alien activity type of a type of alien
not all of it so don't know I'll put them in in the same bucket they're all different but those aliens use at that vessel not necessarily - we just want to see who's coming and going in many cases so the win they assigned me to those jobs and or have I take a spiral light white light and I spiral it down the chemtrail in old break up in you all have the same Billy's I do I spiral the white light through the chemtrail and it'll start breaking apart and so if you can use light you can use it from the planet or you can use it from Source just envisioned a Sparkling White Light you can do it vertically and horizontally doesn't matter but just when you use your command the light will be directed by your friend I commend my spirit I command
my spirit destroy anyting trying to harm us now so us could be the plan it does really matter what words you use are but now you're envisionment and you're the way you implement it will be at the white light so your heart just said I want this thing out of here and the light is your eraser does that make sense you'll have great success with it at a minimum you really just want to break them apart there's no they're not so bad once they're broke her heart cuz that's the energetic I can tell you that I've had many aliens write me a Hello message with chemtrail that's that's how good that you are with him so they won't stay there negative cuz they're all over the place and I'll let you do the investigation there thank you
we love you thank you thank you thank you love love love love to you
no way no way
is Washington State online food don't tell me who is it
hello this is Edie in Washington mermaid thank you thank you thank you I know you don't want to direct but I'm just a sponge on my dog's right here to she wants to say hi see why she walked in the garden heeling groups of animals I'm thinking of dogs cats horses groups I unfortunately misdirected myself in the car thinking that I would use technology I'm on board with not doing that so what I'm coming up with Liz maybe like like a swimming pool and you know we use crystals certainly using Camaro R2 to do groups at a time or one at a time can you give me any upgrades
fractions or on land and are are dragons available to be present in assist
absolutely thank you so much okay so when I talk now I'm I'm going to go ahead and get you
some more love so hang on 2nd
okay so answer your question in the intrinsic side so we got in your area we have two properties picked out on Whidbey Island and San Juan Island I'm all for the same the reasons you anticipate to help us with that as well as you as you've already mentioned it obviously senior project and so forth but it takes a little a little bit of time for me to learn where where is the best bank for
the bucks of speaking is to make sure we don't spin our Wheels is my assessment so far but definitely have two properties maybe three already picked out in your area and
for me the water technology your exploring is the solution and energizing water in a holistic way not only with crystals and otherwise with just the intentions of water we we just need the tools we've found so far will be very close to the ocean and so the ocean is your intentions as you can imagine and direct our intentions we know we can record in water as you've heard me say so now all of your future technology will be from a basis of water will be my opinion and or the intention that you transfer to one another
and I'm also thinking about and feeling about
Central Oregon as a place also if there's anything there
tremendous amount of Adam and there as well and the reason that area is so coveted I'd notice it's not populated is it
I've looked at land on the Willett Willamette Valley which has great weather for animals and people and my heart is drawn there also so I would love to also be there if that whatever things flow you could fit because you have such a massive relationship with the trees
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you keep up with us so that I can reach out to you where we're moving pretty quick here even though we're a little aloof we are still grinding on here so thank you so much and I'll take the next question BBS radio my love to you
it's Rob from Canada online free never get tired of how do you do
how do you do to me to you I love you love you love you what would we like to say to you
I love you too brother and mermaid too and Joshua she's not your butt yeah she's just the sweetest and thank you guys for all that you do and I kind of think my my question was answered by one of the previous people I just wanted to see if you guys had received my project as I haven't got one of those automated responses on the last ones that I sent so I was just wondering if you if it did come through if it makes it made it to do us never forget that and so we're doing what what I gleaned to do is do a SWAT Communications to you I tested it out a couple times now with people in other countries and basically I want to see who attacked so sorry and insult to the beautiful thing about being attacked as we could we take him out you know we we figure out where the loose ends are and so forth and so where were
play our cards will close here cuz we know we're ready to head to start pushing the throttle down here so forgive me the White Noise with the emails and all of the he said she said we're just talking to you I just I forgive us we wanted we're going to do it once and once only that's the way we look at it and then being support and help to you as you go along is that okay
oh that's amazing yeah thank you guys and I appreciate it and it's just wonderful to talk with you guys like I'm glad I kept calling back
I mean Burlington so just like I was born half a half hour away I haven't made it to the ocean yet but I live half hour walk from one of the Great Lakes so I go down there several times a week and even though it's the middle of winter so I usually take off my shoes in the water
play I'm I'm I'm currently studying to get my pilot's license so I plan on traveling around as I can get on a help them thank you thank you thank you thank you for your patience
you're welcome thank you guys so much I love you so much and yeah thanks again and enjoy the rest of the show
thanks Rob love you too
hey hey it's Canadian day Stanley from Canada online for Stanley from Canada online for love your show always love you and I thank you for being being with us today it's a privilege
I thank you I got a I'm very interested in the land patent for Canada we worked on that you know as a group several years ago and I think we kind of got distracted then you know life happens and and it's is is that to do with the meats in the balance that you're working on
yeah so what would I realize what I looked at the Queen's laws and I looked and how we homesteaded in America there they're really similar except the the crown put their definitions in place of our independence so
United States independence agreement I'm going to call it has some flaws in it and one of them is they just
copy Elisa Homestead section copied how
maritime law overlap
with the Crown's law of the original homesteading
so all you have to do is play with a couple of words there and realign if you're going to use maritime law processes there's a way that way the reason I'm taking care of this I have to turn everybody into an expert at proving that maritime law and the Crown's loft is inadequate and does not represent the people and the original Homestead Act is really simple
but it's it's got so many real as you know it has so many little hiccups in it that can combat what we want to do there and so I'm guess I'm really working hard to make sure I feel very comfortable transferring information for the American Homestead I can make everyone expert no problem so now I'm working on Canada's is right in there by Canada Ireland and Australia are the ones I really want us all to get expert that you can as well they all they're all the same. Yeah we have enough material now in so I'm going to get with Don stupid PBS radio and what we'll do is we'll have a working seminar that you can pull and drag it anytime you want and you don't need me you'll just step one step two step three and then when you get it pick up some of the request for administration people
sounds terrific I I I'm very interested in that so we've been having some workshops on something very similar nuts copyright copyright you know you're a strong man named and it's very inexpensive 60 bucks and so now all the sudden you on that you know the government is sold you back your your strawman your birth certificate name and so we have the gentleman ready to turn key everyone on the planet for that immediately so you guys don't have to work on this already done we are just want to standardize it so we can give you the step 1 step to do and then get you the resources when you may get in trouble that's why we're at thank you so much for your call please keep up with us I love you love you love you
love you love you love you thank you
okay I can't wait
to hear from someone from Bulgaria I have 2 minutes so what's your question
hello thank you thank you so much for calling have to make a quick which I have to make a quick again at the end of the line alright is there going to be a GFS anytime soon or RV and together for my project so BBQ Fest is there going to be a kid fest battery
why would they name a q you're right in the middle of it right now it's up to you now to start recognizing please train yourself on the definitions of reconciliation L reconciliation works is your door qfs is right you're right in the middle of it now we're going to have to drop the line thank you like on is that correct name
yes I like the guess I have your project don't worry about that you got to know that with all the numbers we have we can get a lot more done than just with me thank you so much BBS radio thank you so much for all your patience bludgeoning the phone lines
beautiful beautiful day to you all sorry for the paper we missed will try to do the colons again next week if you can call back
good day good day good day to you all love you thanks Don bye everyone I love you

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