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Project Review With Q, March 16, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello love me again Daddy Kathy thank you for joining me again here on Project review is Q let's see if we can get some work done today and working around Christmas has quit playing grab-ass appreciate her so much you know who she really was guessing by your asses off and I'm going to take calls this entire hour so go ahead and start ranking ranking the phones to take your calls when I do do my best to keep you all safe rumor has it hanging out with me is not the healthiest thing but that's in the past that's in the past so we'll make the future what we want it
we of course will you just said than done some days at the house cleaning and I'm going to do real quick here I know we have no people in the line already be here in a second
car or lot of people just keep cranking on the I don't have the phone numbers in front of me a BBS radio see if it's easier for people but maybe you already have the bucket is as usual, now there's a short short amount of time that we get chit chat with people so I understand up so as I work through project this week and I'm going to give you a couple updates their priority is for the project me calling him is based on a distribution potential because I've been asked to get a little more involved with
what you're calling the Redemption process which I don't necessarily endorse but follow and watch and deserve and want to help and support you the reason I have when I get my heart calls me and says how can I be a help when were so attached to means of exchange were so attached to the monetary system how do we get out of it in our in our excitement if we're in the middle of it and I did my best to explain how kingdoms of Fallen it's it's really wild in America to see so many rooms you look at look at the scale of Rome when Rome fell
look how many rooms you have in North America now look at look at the size of these
kwaito quite a change if you really feel this information I remember when there wasn't any cities here so it's fantastic that made meet you this used to be a complete on a planet it's quite a shock to come back to the planet where there's this was a living library and that's course would be very coveted planet
anyways the calls today I went through this week was really to test a couple distribution processes and and see see how it gets attention on it or not and so all the people that I assigned to that are in areas in North America and other place I won't shoot the other other content licorice are the other continents with you but you just make it fail make it to you think we'd have this all dialed in with you and that's proof that things aren't things are not all that are told to you on the internet
I'll remind you all I do not endorse any any symptoms of healing outside yourself I have endorsed Nano Soma because I consider that a bridge to your planet it's a substance of your planet it's part of you it is of you and Universal Universal a substance not a technology outside yourself it is you
very difficult explain it
Consciousness so keep that in mind as you work through our communication system I only endorse you that the only thing I endorse is however you want to do it and by the way if we're going to heal people why do we charge
in a monetary system why do you charge money if you want to heal people
if you need something before you do the healing I assure you you're not going to be able to heal people okay I will heal you but first it's going to cost you owe you don't have the money will bill yet all of it so there's no care so that energetic that you expressed now are that powerful that if someone does not have the Integrity to heal you
it will not work
and or it will work temporarily I should say will not be sustainable so that's my great suggestion to all doctors Doctor Who or what that's a tough one tough were there that's my two cents on healing because we just had a witness
can you get away anyway let's take some calls so we don't have to listen to be all day Robin can I get a shout-out from you is Robin on the line
yes what up kuester good to talk to you again this one's getting a little too popular to stir is getting a little too far
I love it is absolutely wonderful
I actually have a beach
go ahead and give me
I actually have a shirt where I put kuester on it was a l warm turtleneck so I wear it when it's cold out and go outside and work out in nature so
Mary and lightning anyway not to hold everything up I have two questions for you one is in regard to what you said on my on my project fewster futuristic about the oxygen that we breathe outside that it's better for you and nature but here in Michigan we get a lot of plane activity and I listen to geoengineering. Cam in I recently watched the most recent one that they were talking about Holly Near Classics being dumped on us so is it safe to go out and breathing the oxygen here in Michigan
thank you for that question the line I don't know where the mermaid I were just talking about this so we know people that drink 1,000 gallons of water in our keep drinking drinking water all the time
and so it was asked me to examine what did the penny on the type of human you are why do some of us drink a lot of water so it don't need any water so the desert some of us like living in the forest that nut that people live in a desert
it is a very nice warm and so I was I was watching the lizard people on their back patio in Palm Springs one day and I said they really look like leather they look like
unfortunately actually we're lizard people that you get my drift it's the way in which they metabolize watch her while we're breathing is a very big subject that we will start paying attention to more and more
so because your a sponge
everything around you is consumed by you in what you're calling auction so would most scientists know when they get to the Pinnacle of their career they go we're not breathing at all word weird words were absorbing
our atmosphere so can we answer your question from your point of view now is it good to breathe jp-5
it's probably don't want to be hanging out with jet airplane TPMS
right now
okay not to say you can't heal from at the biosphere has a lot of hindrances like that at times this is what we've adopted we get on planes that can only go 5 miles and we think it's going along way of 747s don't actually go very far so anyway
when when you look this is a really great subject for me please or not when you look at why you live where you live is it because of the obligations the family you just love the area in the in your Universe there why do you live at the back end of a jet airplane
I have kids here cuz I'm I'm more of a tropical person though
okay so we are so fond of our children
we we we just not going to do it
well they're old enough to take care of themselves now so there's that possibility yeah but wait a minute what about the grandkids
what I don't have any grandchildren yet yeah but what did you do that
you're right it okay it would be really forgive me for wasting your time
the the way we we see our situation is it's just not bad enough for us to leave the situation is it it's not that it's really not that bad I'm so alive right
right right in and I do love but the nature here is beautiful here
in the summertime
anyway I'll leave it at that but that is a great observation 11 project I suggest we all start looking on
is it looking at is
the Technologies coming forward are stupendous and there is a lot of solutions there but it's up to us to start growing out of dimensional reality so it is short-lived
you will not see airplanes in the future that that that that use fuel like this in the future so it's not as bad as you think it is not going to judge a technology over another per se but obviously we don't want to want to breed the cleanest are Robin thank you for your call so much thank you with us for you a lot of creation Lightship and I just recently did the 7th generation and I'm seeing visions prior to sleeping and sometimes I see him in the day time and I am a time traveling soldier I have also you know I do my commands I am really working on cleaning the densities but I feel this constant pressure in my head
it's like a buzzing noise and would that could you tell me if that's something that I need to work on more in regard to implant
yes no problem thank you so it's okay to share this information on the radio
we have not worried about anyting
okay so I can get everybody yeah I'm giving everybody your bank account number
just getting all right
okay alright so
all all take care of my words so when you look at the type of human being that you're inside of right now because there's many many factors
or the symptoms that your experience many in your metal in your bloodline you're up at epigenetics and the way you process information the way you receive information the way you transfer information so when you do the commands what happens when you get a lot stronger don't you
so you're going to the changes why if I already know you're going to go through those changes one day what would I do to make sure you don't get aware of the change
I'd like to put some hindrances in there would not make it a little tougher for you but even or even before you were born
all right so you got to remember minutes all right so one of the I'm going to be very careful not to get too much information as I don't want this to be your Bible and I don't want it to be an absolute it's not an absolute but when we start receiving and transmitting from and to ourselves not another entity so the reason you're having a lot of success is because you're not Shandling anybody you're just bringing in more of you so so I'm going to I'm going to want cuz I'm a bad guy I'm going to want the radio signals to be a little distorted if I can't and so those are carrier with you can actually see it in your reality in North America most attacks on people who are getting to your level or better they get a check by their cell phones on and carry away if you see a lot of college professors now I can send the thought in your head with your cell phone will it works the same way when you're out of this dimension
talking to yourself I can put a carrier wave it can't hurt you it can't really do anything to your true self but it can be a disturbance the way you're receiving information through the physical body that make sense
yes it does very much so that's awesome about it and then destroy it so if anyone's screwing with you in this process you destroy them immediately I command my spirit to destroy anyone stopping me from having all of me and the store nothing is good that's trying to hinder you I assure you
okay thank you you rock thank you so much and mermaid mermaid I just want to say this to you I you made a beautiful impact on me when you were Princess die I loved her and I thought she was the most amazing woman on this planet so thank you
thank you for calling thank you for taking calls on Project reviews Q some people are given anybody so I can call in will have the
CVS is working through some things. Everybody here so I'll do my best to tap in
when I start doing calls this week I realized that if I get some people a little Gap in time that are that are used to maybe being in the trenches or having to work through things
working things in their personal life professional life
I do you have
some I do have some appreciation for maybe a transition. The mermaid is encouraged me that if we if we can distribute mean to exchange that is traditional right now or non-traditional it doesn't really matter maybe gives people a good gap of time of year to to just say what is my pass maybe I can't find my password and I do have to pay rent these are all things I brought into my reality but maybe if we do create a gap of time for people it would be beneficial I'm so on the fence on at the mermaid that is your opinion to the people have time in my crack to take a little break
from their routine to find that they can make their own reality it might help it. Stop living the naughty dream maybe living a dream
yeah giving them some moles but its fake and letting people write my opinion is you just go live in a van down by the river that's that's what I would do I'm going to get back there today and we have Susie on line something Susie are you there I think it's Susie from Australia line 12 d i y yeah I'm sure and his Q hello and trying to reach you
apologize and yet it's come to Wi and you'll find them everywhere I'm okay okay so I just call you was Spencer Borden the world I don't even know and I don't care for you
I'm not really sure because I didn't expect to get Trudy of ain't trying many time has been received visitors several times as my passion is to restore Western Australian indigenous Road and amazing spot kids school is about
I like the school thing in an environment where is Metro Bush and we're growing Bush medicine medicine available to the community and that children from the get-go a lot of family in the school but the entire family thought you'd Music Experience working with people in the area transit station is showing people that she say why is the bank cuz I can be truly connected to do that or is that children learn from the heart from the from the very start I don't know any other way
as for that one of my passions big reason why I'm just hope you is I know a lot of people here and Bristol Elder who was the only person to successfully take a land rights issues here in West Estrellas the high court the wind so she stays abelia very beautiful beautiful area but yes I wanted to get something going with we can make this and I can put you in touch with the right people
who wants to type country do what you do like
I think I've said enough
no that's just fine okay so can I ask you a couple questions
shut up
what is there anything that stops you from doing your your work now
yeah yes.
I think well I don't want to spend money but money do I have found the land
and the person that owns it for a nice will want to put the school on her property
I think that's really stopping me is my ballet actually just you know like I keep thinking this time put on the fortnite disc
okay so that would be doubt wouldn't it
it would be a thank you thank you I'm worried
cuz yeah
you know I pay my car note paid on that police chase me I have a terrible family situation with the dark Forces are at work cuz I'm actually froze Illuminati bloodline and I told his married when the Luminati like ending of stopping so I want to see how do I get my supposed to actually go there where I want to go
okay let me let me hold you there if you don't mind cuz I'll forget everything you said okay so right now there's several people in your country and a testbed for distribution of some resources but the first thing I want all Australians to to start reading immediately I'm going to I'm going to take some shots for this but in 1893 there was a thing called the homestead back I'm sure your friend there is aware of it and it looks almost identical to the United States land patent half and homesteading back there they're almost identical except there's a play on words here and there that you're a real tricky because of the way they've site Queen and how you it's a it's a play on words and how your processing your homestead so the
I think this the hope that the proper term would be Western Australia
can you say that word please
Western Australia Western Australia a no-win septimo Victor
vehicle a regen a 57 Victoria number 18 in FC rangement of sections read it know it live it love it and I will assure you your projects in the hopper
the what I'm doing right now is I'm testing how I would get you helped with one click of a button and that goes for everyone on the planet so now that I have everyone's information in one click of a button I can give you directions and I can actually send people money
which I have mixed emotions about but that's what we're working on we're doing our best to keep everyone safe last time we did this 2 months ago me reaching out people you all didn't do so well so I'm being careful and I am not living a life of Job paying yet
and I'm going to make sure I get it in one SWAT so that we don't have to do it more than once that make sense
yes it does completely makes sense that that word that you said can you please play some happy thank you. We've gotten legislation. And then the title of it is at Western Australia and then this is your riding into Google but this is the same lesson
I'm going to be able to pronounce a n n o
and then quinquagesima Moe is one word
so all my Nano s a p t i m o
I'll just I'll do it I'll just do it again next word quinquagesima Mo and the next word is s a p t i m o and then your next word is v i c t o r i a n what is ragina and it is the Homestead Act 1893
so they've made that pretty hard to find using Hughes
yeah I'm so what we're going to say we'll take the next caller as well as helping and dismiss paper will definitely be paying attention to you and your projects and getting some relief. See if we can set some really really yeah it's tragic what happened to Aaron judge people around the world but the culture is so beautiful and that hospital
thank you I love you yeah I agree thank you so much for the amazing spy yeah so that is really fun topic for me and I'm doing my best to get this standardized between both countries in Canada as well as in the reason the reason it gets tricky here is in one of the reasons counties and states were made so if we use Australia
whether its Queensland rather why would they make a state called Queensland think she wanted it huh so you're seeing one of the agendas Legacy agendas for National a country is to make borders on so we can see that somebody wants it's all have borders which are going to be removed very soon with our desire a contradiction to your home today to all those law still exist they have not don't let anyone at the state level or county-level city level of any of these countries tell you otherwise because you have higher
I love not using illegal terms because you're playing their game if you do use the legal term so that's why I make fun of the legal terms and say you have the higher authority
to live on a planet you were born and those home sagax are proof of it and so you just have to reprocess your homestead agreement and or not agreement because you're a homesteader and no one can always remember this word if you can no one can embarrass you on your land and it is really just a matter of us learning how to protect our land when someone tries to embarrass you etcetera etcetera very long read but it's my encouragement that is one way to live in inspired life is to have a place to live and not have to worry about bills not have to worry about the environment around you that might attack you and your dimension will get a little cleaner is my opinion and it is how I observe my own life because my intentions of having my own land is what I'm getting at is my inspiration and so that's why I didn't home
the property that I used to live on and then I gave it away and that makes the intentions even stronger
rising up hundreds of years ago in our country's many countries like Australia and what is it when someone 6806 39th a Rite-Aid still stand that just for the ferry.
Yeah yeah yeah we can land back in everyone's to have a hymen is more than enough land for everyone that's also misconception that is not enough land for every human here with a joke that is what you live on 10% of the ER I think she ate it anyway we left several people have a published that they're going into foreclosure when I started recognizing this I go I'm just going to make a standardized kit for everyone if you don't have
other means in the meantime look at United States webpage Marlow's rural land ownership and get started real quick there and I will take a call from Gretchen from Illinois online 2
I used to have a dinosaur named question
okay technically we would not cheat on you with a dragon ever get I know
who does Rachel want to come on the call to call now
the reason I got excited about the homesteading as I realize it is instantly a solution for everyone to get some Freedom let me know if nothing comes on BBS hello
is this my last dinosaur friend mentioned
okay what's happening
loud and clear go for it okay so you're looking for admin then I have applied and I just wanted to touch base and see if you want an interview I do okay go ahead what's your qualification
just kidding
could you could you
could you tell us if you're interested in helping administrate Communications with radio shows would you be of any value to a radio show company that needed more help they support
I don't see why not
when you're done with this maybe give BBS radio Dugard on a call and see if they need your help Debbie okay
that would be okay
I also I also thought you an idea of the other day about nonprofit grocery stores
instead of people owning grocery stores and making lots of money off of people why don't we have nonprofit grocery stores
yes outstanding job by the way and I was aware of that project now here is what my encouragement would be is what is a non-profit grocery store is my question he'll come full circle real quick what is a non-profit book
what is it to me a store where there's there's no profit margins on all the products only only what the cover of the employees of the spoilage
okay Berry good and so we want grocery stores in this case because
why do we want them we want grocery stores because people have to eat and I don't think other people should get rich off of other people having to eat
all right so we're on the opinion that we need to eat is that correct
I guess that is the normal consensus is that we eat the mermaid mermaid do I eat because my body needs me to eat or do I eat because it's 12 and it's lunch time to change everybody start to change and your need for food is going to change to the type of food and so forth but really where we're spending a lot of time on this subject is why is it that we don't grow our own food when it's so easy to grow our own food in a very very small space and I know lots of people that are but lots of other people are kind of behind the
behind the times on it
yep so maybe a transition was there several projects were looking at and in some people at the ark you have put together packages where we can send you a box and you being an instant farmer that's what we're working on what do you think about that one I eat on the way back when
34 pretty pretty close to Canada with the micro greens and so but I think you're going to find that if you listen to your mind when you're hungry versus your body and it's completely different way of living does that make sense
alrighty thank you so much for the call Daisy patient with us you'll see how this works out it's interesting way we're going to do this I'm super excited about all of it it's all good
all right get down the ends here folks gets
it's a privilege and an honor to get to do the shows
we are recording all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that's prq team puts together and it's turning out to be very very interesting because
more of us collaborating the better and and it is my great apology that the collaborations get a lot of attention and I am working on making sure that doesn't happen anymore and as you can see we assumed not to tell you that you don't have a choice regarding what you're calling your RV if you have no choice whatsoever it's well well down the path of being in your reality and and
this Gap in time before you Lisa North America is really healthy really healthy especially when you look at Consciousness management observation whatever word you like four gateways this is brilliant to just be a little different about money and know that it's raped and I'll take a call from anette's from Florida online one thank you thank you thank you
I have a question with regards to Anna von Reitz and so many of us are following her Inspirations on how to free us from the old guard and there's been some recent you know of course they're going to make everybody sounds bad when you're going up against them so my my gut tells me she's beautiful person and that is doing so much for mankind but everybody keep telling you that's not true
okay so do ality pretty fun isn't it
I want confusing so if I push you you're going to push me back or I mean what you prefer you already know the answer so what what what could we do to complement the information without relying on somebody else what what can we do to say this feels right for me it's in your heart right you two so why why does why would we listen to Scuttlebutt's Rumours the most ever getting that tool we have and do a Leti why don't you just follow it feels good deal no problem right
it is not a problem except for I did follow that and now I have a massive lawsuit case against me because I followed all of that but they don't follow the rules
so the lawsuit and you know what I do for a suicide rip them up and burn them but you can play with them if you'd like let's see how you do you like playing in the lost you know I'm here because we don't if we keep reacting we're going to get what we actually are we
yes you're right you're right I just you know I try to follow and be inspiration to lots of people and to go up against the system to show them to be braver it's just costing me
I had watch this when I had a I had a I had someone sue me under a surname and a friend of mine was an attorney and I said I'm not even going to go to any of these things to help you
or a year plus this lawyer filled out paperwork I didn't even read me just watch the fall apart everybody's going this way and that way in this big things and fireworks everything you guys have fun with your dude and then one day they just went away it just goes away he just genuinely ignore it no matter how bad I just arrived are on our team leader for lws told me she was not from the light which was very confusing for me
but we is up to you guys what what gossip you guys like to spin around hope you have fun with it
yeah I didn't feel like off that I didn't like it I I I feel that she is a good person but you know again there's so much misconceptions out there there's so much confusion on purpose just to Sequoia
I'll show you how the light works that helps you so when you call me a name
I don't remember the name you called
okay so here's how the light works
if you going to talk negative about people and or observe them examine them you can do that but we really don't have any opinions about in anything other than examination we're not able to judge really so that's that's a pretty standard tool what is a light being we don't really have judgment we have between examine it we may make fun of Bill Gates and the rest of the gang but we forget about it after we wouldn't go out of her way to say this person is good with for some fast we examine it or not
what does I'd like to bring every last person that brings something to the game or so the fight should be commended that's my opinion
humans are very fun to play with her
I love all of your inspiration and all of you give us so much so much love that it makes it easy to fight this evil
thank you thank you so much for your call let's let's make it happen let's do it let's be who we want to be have a beautiful day
you as well stay well why don't we wrap it up to your BBS radio I think 3 hours is enough for me
finish a little earlier or prq folks will be meeting again this week we work all week long for you in one way or shape or form we love you and just know that this is a marathon not a race and I'm sure you changes are going to be very evident very quickly in your reality because you don't have much choice if you're going to be alive you're going to the Ascension process you're going to feel better it's not always going to be difficult it is. Lots of opportunities for you now and that's my great encouragement and
I love you yeah like I said before there is that really glorious live stream of light that's taking hold of the planet and all of us. Just jump on me cuz my mom will see you and happy yep all the books are written in you wrote them guess the more you use your heart the more the truth will come through it'll be really nice and slow make your day Sloan out your time is changing very quickly days are going to be longer years are going to be faster very tricky how it works
quit quit believing in measurement of any kind regarding you and none a certain seat that is the best project I glean to transfer to you is there's no such thing as time and there's no such thing as space tell you created my great day to you my great love to you have a beautiful beautiful day today thank you baby us radio thank you Kristin Christopher

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