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Project Review With Q, January 27, 2024

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 32

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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nice blend BBS radio nice nice hello hello you got a copy happy day and welcome everybody beautiful you that was outstanding so
the end of the sentence I was just so blissful
rumor has it we're popular
that it's a spider eating today is Matt's I mean you just have to admit we're even when we're doing something wrong
yeah we had a lot of Clues don't we are beautiful I love you and I'm so happy to have you and the rest of the team in my lifetime I'm so glad we found each other it's it's really important we're all doing that more and more now I would say
just things that he'll write are more common for us and instead of doing what we're told today I would love to see if you have a song for us well it's funny you ask I do
out of the blue
the song was chosen because I feel this will complement the theme of today's show
and help I proposed to
images of repeat of course
there's a little black spot on the sun today
it's the same old thing as yesterday
there's a black hat called and a hard sleeper there's a flood pool rack in the Wind.
Studio B store inside the pouring rain with the world's on and suck it was running around my brain I guess I'm always hoping that you'll in this rain but it's my destiny to be the Keynote
there's a little black spot on the sun today that is my sole up there it's the same as yesterday what is the black hat called in the heart rate there's a flag pole rack in the wind was a student before inside the pouring rain with the world turn in stock goes running around my brain I guess I'm always hoping that you learn this rain but it's my destiny to be the chief
I'm still there before or inside the pouring rain with the world turned and saw it was running around my brain I guess I'm always hoping that you'll in the rain it's my destiny to be the king of king of King of Prussia always play King of Prussia
one way to start thank you staying and could you please enlighten us on the little black spot on the Sun
Well conspiracy theorists believe there's a black bug with a Black Hole Sun what's going on what's going on there
Will Bill Gates seems to want to block out the Sun for the sun there very very short version so that's your instant portal this your instant connection to the highest dimension in your universe and or Source light
so it should be pretty easy to understand why you'd want to Black it out and poured it manipulated because that's how you get much of your Ascension powers
you get it it's not exclusive that's why I did that many many more. He's tried to get you to pray to the Moon instead of the son of a son is given its there everyday
yeah so if I can get you to believe that it's being augmented get you to believe that it's being reported and give you less power those words endoscope the eclipses are constructed manufactured so if I can eclipse the sun I can Eclipse your Ascension process that make sense
very important a lot of people in front of an eclipse and what happens to them if they do that with the potential usually no problem and in the song when you say the king of pain so if you're the son in the light of this universe and is trying to be blacked out is that the most excruciating pain relate to feel
what about it disconnection Queensryche has several songs about that disconnected I feel so disconnected what the world turning circles running around my brain the brain is that is Nicholas for that statement thank you for sharing all that accentuated and the dark looks darker than light can actually be experienced as more euphoric and one of the main things that we see happening and every attention is so abduction would you like to or Spirit abduction would you like to share anything about that so for me again the only value I bring to you is I have all my memories back from all the lives being here and what are processed purposes take it or leave it it's up to you really really feel the information
do what you want with it she only Valley upbringing as I have all my memories back from all over the universe and here
as fantastic as that is that's that's why I do this work as I want to be of help and and for thousands of years many individuals have geared up to make sure I can't do this work and that's that's where we'll start and is the gross salutation you ask or I'll go back to Egyptian times real quick this is not exclusive in and out and in and not to be
put in a compartment or an absolute but here's a great example because we have a lot of knowledge about Egyptian times a lot of that history is blood through enough where I think it's a good starting point even though it's not exclusive to the consistency and pattern recognition that I see in what's happening today
ultimately this is the cliff notes version is very simple version in Egyptian times your technology grew you had you had much much, she had much is it eventually a debt slavery systems but that was not how it started it was very prosperous and everyone's very happy station and very spiritual very knowledgeable about how Consciousness Moonlight comes into physicality
and over time will will all leave the characters out for now but if you start studying at you look at the personalities and families and all the different lineages of a Bloodlines that took took more prominence
you'll see the data actually is happening today and they're actually the same individual but they're doing it in a little different wet what we were sold in Egyptian time is the the ability to suspend our bodies and then take our our our spirit for like a better definition and transferred to another body in another in another route so if you want to go to Ryan star system you would mummify your body you've go into the encapsulation system and or what you're seeing is the pyramids and you transfer your soul Spirit whatever words you like they're I don't care for either one of them but you transfer your energetic to another body wear a matching see your merkaba wants a match to and or kneel to frequency and a similar so you could actually a compliment why the healing depending on which one you use
we could we could take for the most part pays Us in and out of reality in a different body or the same bike I could take the same body cut and paste it be over in a Ryan go back to earth when I came back to Earth I would jump back into the Legacy body so to speak and start my life again this complements our cloning works all I need is to all I need is two cells of your body hydration and protein concurrently to regenerate body since it's really not that fantastic South American lion systems did the same thing Egyptians but
pointy noses we're doing the exact same thing now what ended up happening is there's many successes with it so we got very comfortable is coming and going in and out of her body shop other locations on planet and Austin and then the manipulators went and harvested our soul spear before it came back in the body and this is exactly what's happening to you when you have someone's trying to get an annulment you well these individuals mastered it and they can Harvest Spirits as they came back into the body and do something with it or displace the body with something else so for me the reason I would sting Soul cages or King of Pain nothing change for me I either so such thing as time for me
and you so these timelines the crated they're just readers reducing the same system in healing that is so healing bad are exclusively for soul harvest date can you use harmonics and light to rebalance and recalibrate Spirit to physicality absolutely you can
explain to me why you would give yourself up to somebody else give yourself away to somebody else to displace healing and or provide healing so you're giving away all of your Authority all of your your spirit and then your back filling it with whatever modalities is provided the reason I'm in about this is what we need to take great care now because the exact same things in the Egyptian times are happening right now and the individuals who are conducting this methodology and processes are the same individuals who are representing themselves two different body types and have also abducted the body types of these individual Truliant very difficult very difficult information
but I'll leave it at that off if you want to direct me and or coach me on take subject matter further thank you I'm going to do a little recap so let's say in Hindi Gyptian time the med bed was the king's chamber and there were some dresses so some very valued Spirits would lay in the king's chamber they would go to a Ryan they would come back into a mummified body that was protected and there would be helped in the Egyptian temples to bring that body that Spirit back into the body surrounded by all their possessions so that was real that was a way to go from one place to another and exist physically in both places at that time so today's methods that are being promoted are going to have possibly some positive but they might say all this is going to make you younger this is going to heal you. It might be true but what good is that if your spirits Khan
that's right and that's the living fruit why are there all these tombs with all these artifacts what why would I if I'm going to leave my body I'm going to die why would I want all this all these Trinkets and gold around you when I get back because you're going to come and so you got enough of those winds there's a lot of those and guess what what happens when those people come back they become pharaohs because they have outlandish unbelievable technology information education they become absolute superheroes wouldn't they and the Pharaohs are well known for being a pedophile yeah absolutely so so you could sell all sorts of Stories on how Society should work this is how this Society Works has very successful
why wherever the hell you're saying nothing's really changed for Me Maybe the modality in the deliverable is a little different but as you can see it's not everyone's going to buy into microchipping but everyone does want to be twenty years younger pretty pretty easy sell when you said it especially if they've abducted family loved and well respected they taking that sole out but it somewhere else something else inside not many people are going to be able to tell the difference
yeah so what what you're able to do now is when you see identity and title so when you see words like Galactic Federation can you see words like a multi-dimensional healing things of that nature none of that makes any sense I do represent the Galactic Federation right after the first of all the council is what they would prefer because I'd like to be a they like to be Sport and a resource for you without without getting in your way of your own absolutely massive creative Force so no one from the Galactic Federation if you like those words the council will ever change and or save your life.
they will support us and they only way they do support us is they actually take a life as a human
because they understand the participation is the process for helping so a being with so much knowledge knows better than to participate because then they become part of the dualistic process in this case at least on Earth so they're never going to persist because they know they just make it longer that's why they won't participate so it if you hear anyone talking about the Galactic Federation is coming to save me it's all garbage
are the observing and helping outside this realm and fighting in front of the worst absolutely not in your reality though they'll be very careful not to obstruct your life because they consider you peers so when you see people taking a position of title identity hierarchy I'm better than you you're going to see these are the same pharaohs coming back with hijacks physical beings in most cases of the help thank you very much to get people very excited like all the negative aliens are gone you're safe we're going to take care of you and we got all this technology that's going to heal you the world is going to be perfect now on some frequency
there is some truth to that that's going to come to the individual Spirit which we activate ourselves and the main thing to really look out for is no being of light will ever ever allow itself to be channeled through a human being ever that is so Dakshin please share more about that
yeah so when you give away yourself that's what you've done you said I'd rather be something else I'm channeling something else handling is abduction is there good information at sometimes there is it's a beautifully feathered with a misdirection it's it's tough conversation because some of these fabulously famous people on our Awakening process here are channeling and they were unbelievably beautiful people in the past and it's it's it's tough to watch watching many many people lose themselves over the years
it is really about holding space in these bodies out and that's why you know you're cloning document 3 compliments this is and this is why prq is so important in this topic is we really need to own what we're excited about and that's what prevents
misdirection of timelines and the displacement of Our Own Heart Center because they're so these two bodies were designed to not give you all of your capabilities right I bet you have to grow for it by just walking what I just said in that is upside about doing this I give you more of you maintaining a home just holding ground I love making my house it's simple as that being a caretaker is absolutely powerful and so you have it right for me is where do you where is the delineation between this person being animated by something else
by the way this is designed
if you don't know what's inside a human now and you're starting to question what's inside a human that was actually designed to create even more chaos when you say
I really get a lot out of The Duality here because as you know there are some very few
I wouldn't call them mad. But as you said light and sound technology is that the higher Realms hold that we had maybe in Atlantis that that could heal but it's not that that's not possible but we hold that within our spirit who has constantly said go within go within the within it all within and the danger is just going without that it's not that we can't trust anyone but we need to trust our own spirit and our own discernment above anything else and this is a very dangerous time for not doing that because it's so easily we are so easily misled right now with someone we loved it was always trusted for like that's a 40 years old cuz it's going with that has to be the same person well maybe it's not
it's got business Yu-Gi-Oh up for some relationships where you knew that person remember the adage every 7 years I have a person's a little different
yes I think we should probably be stranded on the three years so I don't know maybe this type of body was designed to to be able to be mind-controlled instantly I can send you a signal on your I can send you about right now and you do get it that's how brilliant these brains are but that would be backwards. That's your your processing information backwards if you do it that way you have receptor you have you have an unbelievable antenna to observe sex
and record think but you don't have to because you're the knowledge comes to your hearts and as you've heard this a million times before you use that the more your brain is going to be a funnel for what we're calling channeling and or Dakshin doesn't really matter because you say
city of Jackson you are so powerful you don't I am me and I am this personality and I am this thing okay will the Feathering of the abduction process doesn't have to be continued it just going to be when you're about ready to go into the board me when you're about ready to do some traveling and they can jump in and out in Mountain out and that's why I'm suggesting people if you can't stop thinking then ask yourself why
that's the best I can do
thank you excellent information and we're going to talk about the main dangers that would lead to that and also the solutions but one thing that the Q drops emphasizes that symbols will be their downfall and there are some Egyptian symbols at do sort of give some people away
maybe you can elaborate on if this is accurate or not but what would you say to Egyptian ankh what does that represent
well it's not real comfortable about this topic but let's let's stereotype if you don't mind because I don't want to give anyone symbol a more power than the other so if if you do study Egyptian in Egyptian information will call it it is a fairly dangerous if you don't know how to absorb and defer the information give you because if you don't know how the symbol of symbology works
you want that so that each symbol is like a book if you used your heart center to to translate it
saying that is equally as dangerous if you don't understand how to separate it from the coating Us in there and the information you're being downloads when you're reading the symbols
they will start moving with you too
so you can you can save when you look at an Egyptian symbol you can get it to anime just like you because it's infused with RN it's infused with us
so the short version would be with that individual and the others they always if there's title and identity there is no agenda
look at the name again what might be the agenda there
should I said go ahead
okay so so so when you look at when you look at individuals like and key and so forth they're not here to help you whatsoever okay because they are working against your natural progression of a sentient they're manipulating genetics their engineering things they always have a scheme that popping in the popping out they don't show their faces they don't even want you to know they exist and by the way they'll have another name tomorrow
thank you are working very hard right now to reverse the basics of the Bible there's some days because either I'm not sure if they're just me but those cartoons are right now where they're showing that Satan is the victim and that he was the good guy Lucifer full of light and that Eve saw that he was good and merged with him and then Source destroyed them and made this work World oxidos agendas to reverse everything to cause confusion caused Havoc so no one knows through their head was true and no one cartoons and movies. It just embeds in your energy field to where you would start to believe something ridiculous like that but in your heart you'll always know the truth
yeah it was just amazing about that as you know a good portion of that the words you just gave are true
the light came in to eradicate the dark but look how you can switch the story so simply they make doing what it do us this is what they're doing the President Trump and all the court cases
yes OB that's me again why the Galactic Federation will never get involved in intrinsic situations that we observe here because they understand that they're creating a timeline that is not proactive for us because I didn't ask about the Legacy Star Trek for the great they do not they do not obstruct crime creation Prime the prime directive is our freedom to create what we want to our inspiration in our special ourselves
and that's the best I can do with that but you got it right
thank you so very much for this information and you know just like your songs a little black spot on the sun today what hinders us the most is anything that blocks our spirit or anyting that displaced our spirit and that could be big from it could be channeling it could be mad that it could be chiamo it could be being really negative relationship it could be working a job you hate it could be living in a really unhealthy please continue what block are Spirit
oh my gosh
poor singing from Q
I'm not could never be
I don't know maybe rap music from Rod Stewart know that was a low blow I shouldn't
only ride we get that the
the mister at the primary horsepower for misdirection of of your statement would be on reactive timeline and that is going to be a new project for us and I'll need a lot of volunteers and want one example would be smartphone remediation program for our children adult vigils probably need it just as much as the children now but I have several several suggestions and modalities on how to remove
remediate how we look at timelines proactively reactively and why the phone can be positive and negative if we would understand when and how we make decisions in our real-time lives that are awesome the heart and are not
that are from obligation and or from desire and so for me reactive timelines is the best way to stop us from creating getting a speeding ticket in fighting it is example perfectly how you react to a situation knowing full well you can win and by the way mind control is very powerful but is that a is that an expression of your creative Force that's the best one I have is speeding tickets I like that one the best also could it be habits that we do without even thinking about it and also fear
you mean you mean like o c d
it's like I have to have my shirt wearing a certain way
so if you do look at for the people. Space he do look at some of the cloning video she has her there's a there's a lot of Truth there in relationship to
I can record your genetics throughout this last two thousand years and get you to jump in that body inherit the historian the built-in you have a natural historian built into just like a street trauma highs lows hyper and I can get high quality
visibility to see if I can get a light being into a physical being said lots of trauma I get to 41 now now I just need to sociate with it to sustain life with you and you don't necessarily recognize and that's why they're abducting these people that you used to trust because now you're you're parked there they're able to participate you're starting to believe what they're saying and work again participation is all they really want because they know how powerful you are out of your mind and know how sentimental we are how we love people we trust them we open to them you know we have faith in them in because then it in a world of light of course there would be no cause not to do that especially when someone has been such an incredible. Such a beautiful being and it's very hard to come to terms with what's happening on this planet but it's very important that we do
yeah it's very difficult to be in this position now with prq because we're ready to really get people going there and we have a lot of opportunities here
to get things going and to watch people disappear to lose people see people tortured so sorry just just say that it's very difficult position I'm in and I'm going to work tirelessly to make sure everyone is absolutely bodaciously successful but I have to take great care to and so does Asha and suppose the rest of team we we have a lot of attention on us and I'll let you know that and we have to take great care of her next steps but I encourage you to keep your subscription going so we can do a swap location with you it's right under our fingers but my break just know great care is taken that helps thank you beautiful and I also like to point out that
Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones the Temple of Doom the Last Crusade the kingdom of the crystal skulls those are all disclosure to show
Soul Capture and just to follow up on what you were just saying in a lot of ways were sort of living in Indiana Jones with every time I say something we're getting hit really hard and we've got to be extremely creative and extremely careful so we in our greatest intention we have said we're setting up meetings and phone calls and it's just not safe to do that all the time now so we apologize if everyone anyone has misunderstood that we are working so so hard behind the scenes to do everything we can everything is moving forward and there's a timing is it Universal and Galactic and World aiming to an Ascension she was being very very careful of when to do the redemptions when to give information and he's always right on so please elaborate on that
thanks it's my last race at all well I'm the one
fortunately she is correct let me just as fantastic as this information as I assure you you still have a tremendous amount of aliens here and I'm so sorry to inform you you're in the middle of a war interdimensional war were people individuals aliens if you like are struggling to keep up with us that's it in a nutshell they're not able to keep up with them and now they're doing their best to keep up with and the only way to keep up with us is to misdirect us and get us in a reactionary situation
so are there still gray aliens on the planet absolutely and they're actually not that big of a deal above ground below ground is almost impossible to get at these guys they own it you know you have these radar system is very difficult 51 is proven that I can't even tell you how deep that bass goes cuz they never stopped building on it
hundreds and hundreds of course so when you look at that globally gets lot more interesting how you going to Raticate it well we can live to fight another War if they want to keep harvesting genetics that's that's fine this is a genetic Factory for the most part we can overcome at this is not a doom and gloom it's the way we out overcome these hindrances is using more of our true self of your Consciousness or Spirit or life
reason I'm getting at that is we on the intrinsic level can move forward regardless of what other distractions are are here
and it is a blessing in disguise in that we just aren't that participate with them and they won't exist. That's
and what I mean by get out of here as when you make decisions that are from the heart your dimensional reality on your planet will be completely different than your neighbors even though you can see your neighbor they're actually when they make Lourdes mental choices there in a different dimension or frequency also we should consider that the government's around this planet gave permission to the greys and they have let's say some sort of agreement with a many of the aliens in their thousands of different races of aliens who have gotten into and taking part in the galactic Trade Center taking body parts and get the things from the planet so that it doesn't just go away. You know if we're doing well and we don't even have to stop as much as we need to
bar on frequency to a place outside of it that's right now you have a compliment to you have higher dimensional beings on your planet you've never met and then you have other other race of beings example there's a race of beings in Russia the Russians don't even deal with there's no negotiations there's no communication it's like this like it or not and you're not going to break down their perimeter there they're very confused there there in the north Barron see that they're just not going to deal with it they're not going to be with you they don't so in this case the Russian government for the most part way into where all the Legacy Family that's where they live we leave them alone they leave us alone I see no problem if you saw the diversity of beings on this planet that's not a bad school when you say
I agree
so when we look at the other side of your planet where there are other dimensional beings that they're hired miss me so I mean I stay or negative or positive the ones that are you are not going to interact and obstruct your decision making your prayer for you don't need to be safe
you get to do whatever you want out there's much of these boundaries have been released and that's and that's why I'm so excited to get people going on their projects they just did they just explode when she roll with it you can't stop yourself once you really get hooked up that's that's my assessment
thank you has excellent so just to recap all of the things that would hinder our spirit put a dark spot on our sunlight inside would be cell phones video games technology that we don't know if it's positive or not and big Pharma and jobs and Med beds that we don't know anything about there's no way to prove it and any negativity everything that we suggested hear those are just things to be aware of but there are many many things that will keep us in connection with our spirit and keep our spirit and body for the Ascension and what he was just speaking about it and I will live in your eyes excitement as his why he keeps doing this home
do what you love the most even if it doesn't seem like anything's happening just keep on going and it will happen and there's much more support for that now in fact I've been receiving a lot of information or communication from a lot of people are saying wow this just happened I never imagined it would and you know they have been through periods of Great Depression not thinking of making Headway but all the sudden now you can just feel it leave the light is so close to us it's really pressing in so many miraculous things are happening so please believe in your spirit believe in all things good because it's never been more exciting
you should get a radio show I think you should
it was so well said
yeah you know you really pulled me beautifully with the subject matter it's it's really important that why why would why do we see people propositioning themselves in an in an identifiable round outside of important than inside here it's not right I didn't say we didn't get a tubing that will never be repeated again pretty good here by chimp server capabilities most of your personalities in a day and they're really not your personalities because you have the expression of you is there don't get me wrong
your your your your true personality is there but when you put emotions up against your personality you're not used to instant emotion gratification this is very unusual for you to slap you and have you cry like a baby that's that's an unusual so if you were to look at a normal Spirit you would almost look like Spock on Star Trek that is not rational I don't understand why you think that's rational it's just not rational
it's not that you're don't have emotions it's that you would choose to participate in emotions completely different and that's why I am encouraging everybody to really examine when they get triggered was it from their their true self or was it from the brain reactive process of Kobe shoe as you said we can't we get in these patterns of emotional recycling is that a fair statement and emotions are the soul cage
absolutely and that's why these are the soul cages in in this is the the proof of the engineering here is to the harbor the PowerHouse we are and then let the governor be your brain and in thought and so the less you can think and or process information from the heart and then translated from the brain is what I meant. Isn't suggesting you adopt and just play with it and see which direction you're going to and from and that's also what stimulates your project and or the advances in what you want to do in life it won't you it is so powerful you are going to struggle to keep up with yourself and I can tell you this last week we move the boat Up Out on the Ocean in Oceanside can I get off bro and everyone goes what happened to you
you at did you go to a spa treatment know I did exactly what my heart wanted that was to be at sea for 7 days and it was I love being the crash test dummies for everybody to prove that when we live in the line it with our our truth you're just so powerful nothing can keep up with you
I love Dad and I can attest to that and it reminds me that they've proven that or they've tested that six-year-old laugh about three hundred times a day and adults laugh about 50 to 100 times a day and my text with you would you laugh maybe 6,000 times a day and you're sick so powerful and you're the prince example for all of us thank you so much that is great I guess I don't recognize that all the time I assumed everybody does that
to put it lightly you know you use the example of Spock which is an excellent exam but a lot of people more like a puppy you know they're not as and consciousness of Spock of awareness and the playfulness of a puppy that makes it even easier to do what you do
so if I was to standardize what Spirits like before it comes into this type of body it's like SEAL Pup so I can dolphins dolphins by the way are more people I'm sure you've heard billion Jane talk about it y'all things do not have any past tense are they remember that a shark made wanted some but they don't they don't hang onto that's that's typically what your liking in the universe you just keep playing and playing and that's exactly back to the Federation they're not they're playful their sniff so much knowledge so much capability there they're going to let you do what you want to do your urine your own Fjord you're playing your own make it happen if you don't like what's going on then changed that. That's that's how you can prove that this this Calvary if it was going to come in and save you would
play it started a while back
when the Cavalry already be here at least eight thousand years back
I mean listen to start with the World War 1 when we have a little help then when were spraying everybody's mustard gas so obviously because there's no delineation time if it's just a matter of when the effect unfortunately it's taken this much processing impact other beings in other Realms unfortunately because they they did figure out how to do genetic manipulation and soul jump Spirit jump when they sold and or barter genetics trade system
yes thank you and you and your team are here to help people Ascend everything we're talkin about is just because we love you we would love for you to come back so late and not be trapped here and it's very simple laugh have fun play do what you love be with people you love and who love you take good care of yourself and be in nature stay away from all the things were were saying could put a black spot on your heart and your spirit and one of the things that I noticed with the kuester here when he's on the ocean
talk about everything we need to ascend is here all of the wildlife in the ocean talk to him and they know she can hear them would you like to share more about that
while getting set up
it's just a great honor to listen to the merpeople just the mermaids for this last trip I did see two more men and basically just saluting our our
r42 deliverable that all of us are getting caught up too if not already in adjusting to
the Dolphins for the most part are absolutely unbelievably optimistic they never they never there they just do it's impossible to feel the same way but one one conversation I had that I shared with the group this week was good to have the Dolphins come up and schools of 30 40 at a time and explained to me that the killer whales wanted to send me a message because of the way they used to Corral the blue whales and sperm whales humpback whale into being spotted from humans they did it because the humans were wasting the byproduct of white whales work for process
speculative of the whale that the processing plants didn't keep his to it away and so they said well if you're going to do that will help you but we're going to take our share in the meantime but we don't really want to do it this way either but if you're going to slaughter these whales we have no say over at work we'd like some person there was a great great communication this last week on wedi we want to know that we're proud that you all recognize that that was the wrong way to go about things and we recognize that too and the killer whales one of the Dolphins to be that conduit because they're there so fast they want to be that communication for that's pretty common resource because they know that I can communicate with you I'm not special we all have this ability they just know that I can get that message to you that they have so much Consciousness so much heart center they know that they are equivalent to us
and or we're almost to come up to them so that's that's a small example of some other Consciousness their experiences different where they don't have fear and death is not the same to them as it is to us we are controlled and governed by a manufactured construct a DNA system they don't have they don't have a filter we do
so that sort of corralling of the blue whales Etc that might seem very cruel to us but there was a great purpose behind it nothing that a human May ever comprehend but the the life in the ocean is very symbiotic would say would you like to elaborate on that they know that they are for the other layers of of of the ocean the killer whales know their role in the ocean the Dolphins know that they're just interfit perfect place they own being that sets at being I am a they don't know what they're doing many cases because of reactionary situations maybe we would say the biosphere is very reactive
I love it thank you so much and also touching on something else you said so beautiful but elephants are always can bang happiness and peace like a puppy and what I've noticed on the coast is it there my sense is there really wanting us to
to let they receive that more than ever it too and hope when the word it's more like an aware of what really happens now. Something we have to wait for a hope for so it's Derek beautiful frequency is becoming louder and if we open to Nature go to the beach go to enforce whoever you're going to start to feel more support and more peace because it's coming in let's say louder
how about this one what's in with this if I can heal everybody
I'm pretty sure I can cuz I'll teach you how to heal yourself
what are charged for it
never you never have that's right keep that in your your bailiwick everyone why would we charge to give people knowledge knowledge is free comes from you was a great great chauffeur for me thank you so much thank you so much and thank you for having this show and for sharing your wisdom so abundantly and freely and thank you for teaching us that our heart knows things are will never know and to trust her heart always
thank you thank you keep your subscriptions up please so I can get ahold of you we we want to look at you in real time not the past thank you so much for your faith in me thank you I'll see who's having so much faith in me I thank you and I love you so much thank you I love you and thank you Kristin and Christopher in the mermaid and Dawn and all of our wonderful this knows we love you bye bye bye

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