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Project Review With Q, February 3, 2024

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 33

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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dead are the death of the radio but dead air is perfect for the theme of today though so that's perfect yeah as we continue panting running three-hour Pace your I love it I love it I love it
so at the risk of being redundant how would you like to start today would you be so gracious to sing us forgive the the excitement too tired of you and and forgive the obvious opportunity from the last show
you could say I lost my faith in science and progress and you could say I lost my belief in the holy church
you would say I lost my sense of direction yes you could say all of this and worse but
if I Ever Lose My Faith In You There be nothing for me to do
some would say I was a lost man of a lost world you could say I lost my face in the people on TV you would say I lost my belief in our politicians they all seem like game show host to me
I can be lost inside there lies Without a Trace but everytime I close my eyes I see your face
I never saw no Miracle of science but didn't go from a blessing to a curse I never saw no military solution that didn't always end up as something worse but let me say this is Fireball
there be nothing left for me to do
hey good way to start
that is so perfect I'm just vibrating with excitement thank you that was so perfect for what we're going to talk about a lot but I just never get tired of the obvious and someone's been working hard to get some information out of it appear and it's hard to do about it with operation mindcrime such as best I can do in Houston
it's some it's an honor and a privilege to look at the body of the work the police made why would they call Ben police are trying to give you a warrant why did Prince make a house called the White House the thrill Wipeout house of love it just goes on and on that you know proof that we can pop through what I'm calling genetic manipulation genetic engineering to not allow life is proof we can do it so that's my great encouragement
thank you I love your encouragement
alright trq everyone come up City
I have to be cool. I got to be excited I won't you know I can't call. You know I'm a loose cannon I can't promise
those kind of things guess I get so excited we have so much more to share with a teacher do you want to start with
I like those I guess maybe we'll get some get some business out of stay tuned at the end of show everyone so all the submittals this last week shockingly amazing don't stop don't stop I have good reason to trust that that's real time I need to be able to get a hold of you as we want to do want to do this in a way that no one gets hurt and I'm so sorry to give you too much information on that we found that turns out he is not the greatest got to be if you're trying to save the planet okay so that's helping you is my greatest greatest passion and we do have a way to do that
and processes that we're going to implement are going to keep it nice and neat and clean and your participation is needed just now I don't know his Turtle different Russian just keep subscriptions going so we have real-time contacts and wish that we will need to call out or at least three administrators who have great great heart centered I know I've got some in the past still want to look for a couple more and I noticed some of the administrators I need help with I need to put them towards other projects potentially based on their desires and we we will need administrators on the prq side and possibly sharing sharing work space as inspired with with other groups that are developing to sew
again just keep the subscription going in that that that's what keeps us aware of what we have in our in our Hopper and chomping at the bit to get ahold of a lot of you and it pains me that I'm not doing it at this moment but just know the great care has put in place so that everybody comes out of this nice and neat and tidy
anyway where do you want to go today Asha otherwise I could I can just listen to myself that all day. Love that would you be able to operate a little bit on the timing because your timing is always quite Divine that's a and you've been so so careful
by now you should start to feel there's a change in the air regarding your banking systems things are just not working
and the flippers icy slippers
your slippers on my way anyway mermaid
the beauty here is there there's some systems that we have so you can I don't want to put too much weight to the propaganda you're you're starting to save but there's a lot of schools that need to be put in place in order to get us all this evening more organized in a light
and one of those is like I tell you what system is that some of your systems are going to survive
and I'll give you a clue they'll be on a transactional site so you don't collapse everything
you currently have all the banks in the world on Island
and you have no way to go around them and I'll be very careful not to explain you can do your homework so all of your Banks yeah intrinsic level you may see people working there but they don't have a way to connect back to the real system is coming into play
today under Miami systems in the meantime
that's the key Point here is collectively we would like you to make these decisions not a bunch of people to show you what you're going to do you get to adopt them now this is tricky when you're talking about a Global Financial system
but just know that right now every single Bank the deals through the Legacy what you believe to be the Legacy International Financial system
is it dark is as all get-out
they're all important right now and now you're saying you're seeing some countries really really closing up and some are advertising it I would say it's healthy to travel and now you're going to have a best friend from high school to endorse and stuff like that so start looking at why people don't like the traveling here you'll see and take a ride back to the banks and you'll see what's going on in the ones that allow you to travel is a very good clue you'll see that those banks have been neutralized the most part it don't it don't participate in sensibly with your life as much as short version going on that's my great encouragement
thank you so in love that our next steps with project review with two or soda of waiting for more solutions to put in place so that it protects the people would you say that there's just a couple more items to get done to make sure
the transfer of disability is has life so I'm a little tight lipped but it seems like it's taking a while to actually going like that but just know there's just really close to here to get a standardization I am not fond of the RV whatsoever I do feel it as needed I do feel it's a stair-step to our sovereignty long-term in our creative Force we will not need beans exchange anymore yet the way we've been engineered our beliefs have been engineered I am now an agreement that some of these tools might be a good little push down the road for a lot of people that need a little space to find themselves at least of it relates to survival
but then again it's my great encouragement that we get to choose what we're going to do and there is a
being sitting next to me with them right now.
Play shallow
so nice to see a prq
where to go
anyway the mermaid is a good advocate for everyone because she says to me daily so when you going to get it together there bro and she's constantly pushing me the people need some at times hopia proof of their advances that there are advances just know that great care was taken here and working a lot of things down and just to keep the subscription going a little bit longer and I'll show you a couple wins and I'll show you how it works not too long not too far down the road here and a way to standardize it so you can help others and you can teach him how to do it remember this is for all of us not just our our individuality yeah we all we all want some Creature Comforts pet
it's now there's a bigger story here as a relates to our Ascension cycle our education process disclosure in a massive level all of it comes into play not just find out I hope that helps a bit thank you and the Mermaid has helped us really come up with ideas of the highest way to help all the people that have sent in their projects and to really help them investing cells in their highest excitement and said it may be getting a bunch of money in paying a bill or something so she's helped us come up with ways that would really honor people spirits and would it be all right if we spoke about some of those things right now
sharp you asking me so we have noticed that a lot of people have been having a very very hard time and are very stressed and when we're stressed and focused on just the challenges in life we often it's really hard to connect with our highest excitement
part of what we will we would love to introduce is taking particular people who we know need that sort of distressing and hooking them up with some beautiful prq people who have a Oasis exactly for that and blessing those people that have the oasis with some facility to taking some of these beautiful prq people and then this facility will will offer you nurturing and a chance to learn an instrument and a chance to dance and do acting and just relax or be in nature so you can just chill and we are looking to facilitate that sort of if you want to call it creative vacation for people to just really focus on getting that excitement of what they're going to do next knowing that everything is going to be financially coming together for everybody
we want to kick-start their excitement again and then help them in that way would you like to elaborate either of you
yeah so what I realized is we do we do higher-quality War when we're looking each other eyeballs eyeball and we now have enough individuals who have resources for us to have our summer camp set up if you help myself as well we have a really great way to collaborate a while
healing when you don't know you need healing and that's the biggest topic we've observed looking at it we use Collective conscience of to check people out on a lot of lot of people I've interviewed over many many years now lot of people don't know they're sick because the the definition of illness is success and and it pains me to say it because I used to be one of those people and so when you get space with others
and or you have space to be alone imagine so as an example if if I have if I have someone that has to work at the bank 40 hours a week just to make ends meet the post office whatever it is what if we take care of their their resources are Hiatus for a month two months a year whatever it is just so they can get some free time to assess themselves and what they are truly inspired to do because when you working 40 hours a week and obligations of family you never really get that free let two weeks in Hawaii doesn't want to do it and it's in it's a false it supposed to be casing Me cases because you're in or you're out of her resorting everything is perfect and he is arguable if you're actually get your own time to really assess what am I excited about I've never had the chance to
that's that's what I got out of that I also meet you somewhere with you I sure if I can I can give everybody a year off of work I think it's it's an idea that we might want to adopt and really gets it in more importantly compartmentalizing the people that have the desire to have these summer camp Healing Centers going to be like to call them so the rest of us can use them for what they're inspired about which is their inspired about us finding their inspiration beautifully beautifully work and that's why I am patiently observing the information that you've all given me is
the high ticket item to me at least in the western world is a little space to re-calibrate reconfigured to what we really want to do and by the way if we get it wrong that your female we can do it again
my love
and just know that you have support to figuring out this new world you have a new world now
finances collapse that's why I'm giving you this information it's all collapsed you you've you were using an X's and O's system and now guess what you're starting to realize that the exynos in the computer may not all be that bad it's a credit you've been in my credit system but that slavery system your whole life if you're under the age of 100 and so now that we recognize that the means of exchange rate using is for resources that already here and it's a big change the time on the first day of percent but why not just use a trading system it's that that we can all that's all it is anyways
yes and change is sometimes difficult for people but it could be really fun and the more you know, the safer you will be in that more fun this will be
yeah you're you're going to nothing and like it our favorite cartoon character mr. Schwab says there is no ownership or asset that can be measured by a fake denominations that there's no way to truly measure well there's no such thing as well it's a belief system that is now being destroyed and and so as we break down ownership and I didn't so
now that you can prove only an ass that can be proven that there was an outcome I built something I have something that I built is the only measurement of of of an exchange is it you needed something I built it for you I need something do you have what it should be more common than not when you go to a grocery store in the restaurant here's some green piece of paper that's a very, very unusual compared to 15 years ago when you say.
yes I'm thrilled about that hard as that summation has to do with measuring our Collective Consciousness globally not just in the world's hired we've all been controlled by this fake measurement system and so that's what makes the new measurement system more efficient cuz we just woke up. Can we see her name
okay I can Justin Kelly
Yolanda baby we love you
do others I got to keep a little safe I'll just say countries but for now unless you cook it at Costa Rica we're going to need you to Hawaii one of the Varian translator had to take great care
my Irish family Junior I need him correspondence is coming and I wish cleaning cleaning house little bit and then we'll get things straightened out so many others many others I noticed that my Alchemist called in to me thank you for coming you'll be needed thank you so much for Stockton meal and the rest of the Australian gang you are on the list joke
what else you want to work on today Asha the mermaids that was the best joke ever
let's just add the Switzerland Switzerland forgive me to Tasha they going through some changes so what you're saying is something
I didn't say nothing I didn't say nothing well we are we are ready to go in a standardizing the Go part is all I'm getting that stuff I think it's tough because I know it's hard for nothing has happened and you might have done the same to you and ask her and make the team last year and yeah we just we are used to things being really bother me like that but I decide for you it's not actually slowed it it is fast and you're looking at a picture of the huge huge change in his big step forward and I guess history of the planet we're about to switch everything of her in the financial system prison system and all that it is such a huge deal so I mean
it's actually going really fast and yeah I just I know that it seems like everybody all of it all the changes that it's really not so just hang in there perfectly in Italian
yeah yeah you asked me a while back on that topic. Shut about
how painful it was for me to do the Saint Nicholas call
or you know even though the actual manual it'll be like there there's always been a tyranny to
or at least six thousand years there's always been a goal throughout an Ascension cycle to reintroduce a monetary system that's based on someone owning eventually not not exclusive but eventually someone wants to claim that they own has a different way of doing it we've talked about religion the last part of the show last show someone is trying to own information someone's trying to own technology the Egyptian times a technology was you being able to go to another star system and come back into your body so there's always a new clothes has been said by somebody very famous
should I get tired of that smile. Anyway our bed that seems to be a very common cycle but it's always at the end of the Ascension cycle now this one started was in this one it started we could argue the stage was it stumbling getting back into clothes stumbling back Bo's by the 1500 you got a pretty good monetary system you got pushed Columbus taking over geographies and eventually Captain Cook in the gang so all of that was constructed or getting people to believe in in in a means of exchange because there's a higher authority okay so now how would we
concurrently as we go into our our our our process of changing our trade how do we concurrently teach that the rules and Rags that we've adopted are equally as powerful as the emperor's monetary system
we will use the the speeding ticket as an example lot
how are you going to stand up to these laws that are fraud when they want to take green piece of paper from you that you don't have
those are that is part of the Tyranny that we we owe ourselves to educate how we're going to deal with when there's no one that you tell us how fast we should be able to walk Runner drive a real weird laws for we are Savvy enough to know not to speed and kill everybody we know not to smoke cigarettes LOL, baby all of these has so many rules here that are going to complement the monetary systems re-evaluation like we have to get smarter with these laws
you need to break them down it's quite clear and I do not want to impose my will on anybody and my followers
it's our time to change everything. This month
see I got a fan
it's to the point where I'm sorry everyone no one's coming to save you is part of the clues you should be see it yes there's changes and it is.
we really really in our communities we on on it ourselves to get a lines and be of value to purpose to our self and it will all fall into place is my suggestion
perfect thank you and it is wasted out of course is instead of focusing on the money coming in focus on what you get to do with your life of your spirit to start to live in a direction is going to feed your spirit
I'll show you tell me there's not going to be Nordstrom's at work yet
what do you think mermaid
kickass store huh when I first met him he was living of Clans and that old
honey is there secrets in a Tooth Fairy come on my gosh why would you give up my deepest darkest secret is he didn't need anything but I told her I thought the same thing would be the maximum during private that was good yep I would have been disappointed if it is during covid-19, cold as a historical event
I'm the only one drink covid testing cats but I'm sure I'm pretty sure I'm the only one they got fodio tape
photographed purchasing something for twice as much would it cost because they wouldn't accept my money
cuz I wouldn't wear masks so I couldn't but so I was allowed to shop in the store this is how this is how stupid we got in America I love to stop in the shower but I wasn't allowed to buy anything against overhang on and I say to the clerk I got so I can stay in here as long as I want shopping but you will take my money when I come to the okay let's see if I can do some quick math hear this cost would you agree this item cost $20. Would you agree this guy to cost $10 I would and I put $70 on the counter and I leave and they tried to stop it
that's my best crabs right and photograph me and photograph the car that's the photo I want which exists somewhere in some security system is I look like Bigfoot with my arms straight out in front and barn behind holding my smoked salmon and attempting to get away from being arrested for paying too much with and now we called it he's the unmask dependent
never going to get all the only way I could have
yeah that was very encouraging so you can survive Nettles and oyster and clams okay so now I'm set up I did want to have synchronous and on on relationship so if I and I always want to be a crash test dummy and that's why I do prq is cuz I can make your projects just be Bodacious smoke doors whatever state you want I can prove to you that your project is going to go to the moon and back and I've modeled it so many times now I can standardized it and now I just need some time with each project folder in a way in which
we get a good Collective to standardize First Step taken such without making steps so the thing about what the mermaid said here I did not feel like buying anything that was processed or touch somebody else's and because they delivered it because the energetic was all about this studying energetic on on what would I would I will assume that you are going to say this but I grew in my garden I nurtured I watered from my well and the food that I said I found in the forest or the food I found on the beach prove my inner stability my heart center how it affected me so I could share it with you so it took
right so what ya so
so you put it back into its pouch okay so what would what would approve for me is you change what I'm going to call rename your spiritual molecular an ailment to physical your physical body so and it's not a nutrition that the dieticians are trying to sell you what really should happen now and this is a project request for someone we need and have the capabilities May School model how energetic our food is in a level of attrition that's different than just nutrients so when I ate my tomatoes that I love talk to caress as you've heard me say that the trishan level that the normal level of connecting with myself is completely different with the chemical water that was growing tomato organic tomatoes from the Whole Foods of the world so
people realize that your water that's been given to your organic farmer might not be all that energetic we align with the statement of organic so if I go down in Corona California you tell me that water doesn't have fluoride in it and it's growing the plant and the people growing it really don't like their job and they don't really love the plants at the job they want to get tomatoes in a box and send it to you and it's presumed to be organic that's fine and that's maybe the best we can do now until we get reorganized
when you start measuring energetics of how things grow remember it's a living being it's unbelievable how healthy you will become the mermaid you really going to get a big Slauson vitamin C real quick and you know you were on your deathbed what would you do I feel number one LG or kelp or seaweed right off the bat wouldn't even wouldn't even the reason being is killed organically propagating populate if it is naturally grown in the ocean it has humongous nutritional values but it's energetic levels are the highest you're going to find it's a living being and filtering the ocean participating with all the animals all the all the all the Plankton on the Bayou planks of the other microplankton
it's an incredible food and and I can tell you firsthand it was removed from your guy that used to be in ice cream for smooth I think the company that used to deal with CP Kelco and they took it from your diet because it was actually making it more like
anyway that's a lot of words
a lot of very helpful words thank you
I Ever Lose My Faith In You there's nothing left I can do
whether it's something you did want to speak about today if you're still interested this is why I said that the pause
in the show at the very beginning was really a symbolic of what we're going to talk about witches recognizing allowance
in the bed and the mermaid I believed had a story to describe how you do that
yeah just summer I said if you don't mind when you watch me make the decision maybe you could just summarize what's different the way I do it where is most people were taught to do it I guess it's like you guys.
world where old like when you told me that confusion and we're still trying to battle kind of battle between a hot now head that's totally normal people that are living through that hot mostly we still have my identity is still there unfortunately were mines and it's just kind of going back and forth between the two I noticed that when will manifest life device it depends for everybody but life is so you know what you want with your hot and then some time with you and then you got to really be careful and watch it cuz sometimes your head gets involved and stop pushing it a little too much cuz we want things fast
one day sorry the kids like as an example whatever it could be I'm I'm probably too fast and learning to fly down by my heart has the first intention in the same thing I see stopped working out beautifully I'll stop saying he has to do with Hawaii and then the next day I'm going well cuz I'm not pushing anything I'm just in the dream state of it and as soon as I start really trying to shove the square peg in a round hole and try to push it faster and faster cuz now I want all the answers and I want to know how every part of the Jenny's going to fit all the puzzle pieces will fit together how I'm going to make it there I'm going to get the whole family there I'm going to see this tonight or maybe pick one of the shelves and all the logistics actually want to stop the store and then sometimes
moves that prematurely get the wrong place at the wrong house go to the wrong job because we're just in case in and pushing and pushing so yes so she doesn't do that at all he's really patient and he really doesn't do anything from mine and Addie I can tell you that much tonight I know it's the way you've come in here is different so you're blasting that way it's just as old as hell all in the in the high-wire playing the way we all would be well enough in these bodies that's my time and what it is seized the vision and it might sound completely impossible that might involve usually money seems to be our main hold back from a dream he doesn't do that at all. Just know what the dream is and allows it doesn't push any
you know how is Googling scenario is on the computer trying to conjure Out tile the steps again to work out your brain doing that loves you yeah I've watched it many times and I'm learning from it to me cuz I'm pretty sure I've always been pretty impatient and I probably push things a little nuts and now I say I guess I'll get to the dream a little pot so it didn't quite work out right like it it's I got there but say the house wasn't so I tried all the disorder that trying to stop so whatever and if I if I just kind of patient we allowed it and just stayed in the hot sun to the whole time with no doubt and fear front of workout step and just fully trust I'll get that aside it's quite amazing his Visions turn out beyond the traffic's like every piece of the puzzle is beyond has never any folks in that picture
he just allows it to happen with complete trust that it would always quiet extraordinary so I just wanted to share it out and I'm learning every day today. I thought I was done and we can all learn from that it's just it's just really amazing to just try to relax a little more and push a little less
distress thank you
one of the great goals here with Sharky one of my great inspiration to is to prove that statement and promote every project that come in on this radio show now what would I am observing is as we get more popular disease radio stations are getting more popular to now they are stimulated by their own unbelievable excitement PBS radio their brilliant at watching observing their inspiration which way they want to go as the show's get more popular all assume you can see it very easy to just give everybody an hour about the resources they need a why that's so important to me hopefully for you is when I get June from to come see who wants to make hush puppies
Ellen's the news tonight
call June to June is going to instantly find someone who who puts up leather and put some soul and she is making so that networking is part of it but the desire the intentions as we talked about the previous show is the horsepower with the dream and that is a pure does a pure emotion of your will and so high I can show you circumstance by circumstance on the radio now so if I can get you know now these three are the shows Ben 10 turn into 20-30 project that are all about self-promotion all about needs assessment all about the acceleration of our energetic not about the intrinsic site so when you have a will with your excitement in the rest of us as you can be safe also have that well.
explodes it just goes so fat so that's what I'm saying slower is faster but that's where I would like to see prq go is expand X watch to promote all your project and then we get to hear where the winds are where where where where opportunities are caused the negative maybe but we all get to assess the standardization of how we find our inspiration our project and proof when we got tricked into mind energy instead of inspirational energy that was a good way to close out the show today even though I think I just mean when you're excited and you might be like researching it online and things are going great and it's feeling good and then the next day you do it again
and then you just hit a bunch of brick walls of your searches all your dreaming and then it kind of puts you off the bed and then you see you want any kind of stop posting things cuz he wanted to keep flowing and it's not that's when that's when it would be a good idea to just let it go and keep the initial dream and vision and then come back and put it away for something you know it's just keep saying that hot excitement and the synchronicity when we start to force things
clarify that on the allowing chocolate we had before I love but I would not want to cross you
please go to your husband that's for sure yeah so did you have any other topics otherwise I'll keep Rollin
so you began the show with If I Ever Lose My Faith In You there would be nothing for me to do and the way I see you taking up pause and waiting for the perfect opportunity is because you have so much faith in your spirit you're so much faith in existence and you know it's all going to say you never react you simply allow it to happen and that's the miracle that I feel you in the mermaid or both sharing with us just to break it down a bit
thank you I'm sure that's This brilliant that. Will to observe us when I can't thank you enough how you're able to examine the information translate far better than I can thank you so much
it's a it's a it's a really beautiful time now to just start looking at where we've come
what's Falls saviors of Falls idolization it's all gone now we can get to it now
that's my great encouragement as we don't need anything outside of ourselves to make decisions and and and as we start sharing again
it will start populating our dreams the sharing is really powerful
cuz it doesn't come from the mind that's the biggest that's been the biggest awareness being here is ownership identity entitled people think they own a home
I you're you're borrowing it sorry to say
and I think part of it is the illusion of time in the illusion of of
the illusion of Bob
mortality when when I know we live forever and we can express ourselves multiple times multiple different regions multiple different wet and with that I want to remind everybody that only shows you get stimulated and I want to do a little bit of that day if you don't mind Usher
thank you
we command our Spirits command creation to increase our capabilities of our life force energy we command our Spirits we command creation Freestar lights for Spirit
increase our capabilities for all we command our Spirits we can man Prime
creation of all for all of us as all of us forever to increase our capabilities of our life force energy
and it will be
thank you for letting me do that out yet
so anyway. My migraine encouragement on these shows was just keep dreaming keep it in front right right there in front of you doesn't matter if the dangling carrot it is going to happen I guarantee you it's much different world right now if you start as a mermaid start trying to think what steps do you need to make to get them doesn't work anymore I'm so sorry getting that that I figure job and knowing full well it's going to pay you well but you're not to be happy like a can you be happy if it's going to fall apart it just doesn't this is how I sent you were you can't do things you don't want to do any more just to be a perceived
Improvement measure you have to know and love what you're doing now and it's been tried as it is returned it is that's that's exactly what you are your God your source and this is your natural way of Dancing with the universe is only do it you prefer I hope that helps
so helpful thank you for having both of you
I was just talking to a friend yesterday saying they don't make decisions we got a wrap
mermaid tastes lie
love you love you BBS radio love you I shut Kristen Christopher hey the note was sent let's see what happens love love you guys all have a beautiful day out here thank you love you thank you and thanks to Yolanda and her son we love you thanks. Thanks for joining us

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