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Project Review With Q, February 24, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

all right good day to everyone today is Miss available as well happy day to you is what is appropriate reading anymore now that we know that English is is is witchcraft black magic what is a proper greeting now
trick me again
yeah that it's so fun to hear your energy every time you just
it's really really honored to get to do this each and every week on PBS radio swell thank you so much Asha maybe I can start a spa
we'll see how close are synchronisation is with topics today and often album called synchronicity II by the police and I assume it'll be appropriate for today
if I can get this right
50 million years ago you walked upon the planet so Lord of all that you could see just a little bit like me walking in your footsteps
walking in your footsteps
walking in your footsteps
walking in your footsteps
hey mr. So you really couldn't ask for more but you didn't walking in your food
walking in your footsteps
hey Mighty brontosaurus don't you have a listing for you thought you rule the world always last there was no lesson in your past you will build three stories how they say you would not reply it was as if we had slowed the atom bomb would they say that we were dumb
Weider walking in your footsteps walking in your footsteps
and that's how we will start today thank you very much then tastic from the being who created Music and Harmony such an honor to be tripped a little bit today buddy anyway I find an appropriate following up we got to last week's show we're all here
looks like we made it what kind of what kind of what kind of topic would you like to start with today Solutions well there is an excellent solution person here today would you like to say hello hello
I wish I could tell you yes please start us off I really wanted the blue one the mermaid decision on this that she could so we got our offer for rock and see if she can thank you for being with us
Easter you at Barber really interesting point while back and you were saying that for example the Border experience that many countries are having was initially activated by let's say the dark but the juice behind at the energy propelling it and expanding it is actually us would you please explain that to the people
alright so
get gets tricky here is English language you have sorry I said so all the time no see other animal speak to her
yes so I'm by the way I do not have any pet birds that's all nature books that's all nature
the if that there is some diagrams at some point we'll put in with the historians that are coming into Patrick Nuuk you but I'll give you one real quick and look up if you go to a Blog blogger known as Eve has one she made a book that is it is predominantly transferred information from some of the collect some things word of Galactic Council has also done paintings one of which is the Sea of Joy it's okay do I encourage you to buy that work do they do have symbolism in there to help stir Ancient Memories you have to be careful with another still symbolism I still can't figure out of things but see if you away is exactly what you're going through right now so you're clear of your planet is changing and evolving we're going to the Ascension cycle so
scale size everything is now up to you so when you perceive that there's more land bear that's in the area and there will be and so end and it has a lot to do with the time too it's not as dramatic as I'm making it sound but the most part your your beliefs and your knowledge are now coming together and they're going to compete in this is this is what you're going to see in your relationships when we talk about love the expansiveness to love the opportunity to stay in a place of Love is your natural state of being added to our knowledge that you're going to get coming through you all the time now so you'll have very few limitations going for here as we perceive space there's no such thing as time or space so now when you work with a planet that's going to the Ascension cycle all the rules are off so when you go to the border now things can
start changing if you believe you're going to have trouble with the borders example you can have trouble the Border if you believe everything's going to be perfect at the border it may be perfect but if you know you're going to another destination things just lie on by Jennifer statement
very well said as usual thank you
yes so I find it I find us the opportunity we have right now is to start practicing in with it and find it as are our decision-making process and why I keep repetitively saying this is your your Nimble is never been more powerful than each and every day going forward to getting a lot of support and what would Becomes of this is massive amounts of knowledge are coming through your corner. And so when we start talking about Solutions and so forth are going to just innately come through you you don't need to know how they don't need there's no gears to it there's no buttons all you do is just follow your your Center your core and the information will come to you and that's where this is the real race if there is such a thing is we're getting
so naturally intelligent that inventions will come out we're going to get organized we know that we know we need to get alignment with everybody regardless of opinions are very valuable now because a lot of the knowledge of coming through who will help us sort of sort it out and we'll get as we get collectively aligned with each other that knowledge is going to be the same knowledge and work together I hope that helps excellent so there is no time and space that we can create time and space and we can align with the reality that we want to sober talking about let's say the Border invasions the dark may have instigated The Invasion but when we get a frayed and panicked and we watch the news our energy is what fuels more of that
so what you're saying is that when we focus on the solution or on the reality that we want for the time and space that we want to create then we move to a different experience is that what you're saying
absolutely so thank you so much thank you so much for working with me yesterday and I am truly
knowing you're a superhero sometimes your attentions are pointed another directions at a moment's notice
that was pretty good that was pretty good I was making fun of all the superhero stuff that I'm sorry
yeah it's listen to me one more time in a little different direction and see if I get a little different angle we must be aware that we are the ones who Infuse existence with our ideas and our intentions and our energy and our light and then we experience.
B o in it it seems that maybe we could model something what would be an example in a day in and day out decision-making that would prove that will give me example
mermaid did you want to go first
okay so mermaid to me
for the most part when we wake up in the morning why don't we why don't we just look at I know there's so many Savvy people listening all all the people that show up on Sunday show so bear with me a bit if it's an opportunity every time you wake up
so waking up for me is you coming back into the body if you've been traveling at night when you get that feeling that you were falling from a building in Ann Arbor City wake up before you went to sleep is one of many examples of that
so a portion of you hold space in the body while the other portion of you is traveling in these wild adventure because you're afraid of force so powerful so in your dream state when you wake up you can stay there dreaming so to speak so but it doesn't come from the head
so when you your propelled by this incredible dream state from your heart then the landscape in front of you starts changing even though you may perceive yourself on planet Earth you're actually the one creating planet Earth with planet Earth
is repetitive as I am about the Celtics play with it and nature is the easiest way to check my my my words because the the the living beings there they'll be more in alignment with themselves and then with you as you do the heartfelt creativity
so if you want to go to Nature because you can't wait to get out of Nature's example or did you have to go dig a ditch in nature is completely different to survive this check so play with those kind of options which is my suggestion but notice the feeling you have and how it changes from the moment you wake up and throughout the day because it'll be fresh almost always is it fresh that first minute your way hope that helps went and many people may have had that experience where they're asleep but they're awake and sleep and if you're watching the experience you're having in that state nothing bothers you everything seems so simple even if it appears to be a scary scene you're observing it and if you can bring that into the fully awake state and it starts to change your life and I believe the Mermaid has had quite a few experiences of that
8 months where she's going to wear something very real for her and then she can bring that beauty of it back into this experience mermaid did you want to share anything about that
yeah yeah Jim Jimmy in the dream state bringing will I collect like on the other side if I'm not quite in this world I feel like I'm going to higher places by the state and then I wake up and I are in 2 hours intentionally bring that. I bring it in this life that helps me and my
in my life but I've noticed that since you started having these experiences your you are so much more like growing every single day and so much more peace and confidence and they just your life is really expanding as you really are aware of those experiences and take the energy of how you see yourself in that is that how you explain it
really beautiful and then I'm usually it just reminds you how how is just like incredible incredibly blessed always and how tiny and insignificant almost this life is not all my God this is all starting to worry about what you really are and how expensive you are and how you just searched everywhere everywhere all at once in your life experiences piece of cake
I'll spirit is it pretty seriously
Kodak been hung up on the small stuff
will $8 help the speed of a driver's license no
how do you deal with that how you do it to Aldi
I have you breaking up just a little bit there are ships going to click in and out I notice we got a little attention today sorry about that I'll do my best at 10 as usual what you just said ties into what the mermaid was saying because when we're in that waking dreams to you as my mate says in that other reality without his face we don't have thoughts or emotions which is to have an experience so you stir in this reality you don't have a driver's license because that's not the experience you're bringing here would you resonate with that
what was because I've just making a I'm going to revitalize the Big Wheel in the Sky me to call kuester and that will all ride around a big wheels against
a dog who has been completely innocent people like I've been like that since a child and it comes across as being defiant but I remember being at school and already knowing this is all stay like I never was never afraid of people in uniform and stuff like that cuz you know it's fake it's already in you to know it.
I think that's a part of you being like almost laughing at it let's let's see how how's it going to stick we are today walking in your footsteps walking in your footsteps yeah so so now this is how fun is here. Should I roughly know what we're going to talk about that but it does not apply to the to the song mermaid does not know what we're talking about and everything she said is synchronous stick to the topic I should bring and the song I sing interesting huh
as always has a guy right there
if you allow it allowance is very important topic I just love the idea of
a lot so all of us now I have opinions about how Healthcare resources excuse me services and we're going to get so knowledgeable now and then you're going to get a lot of help to because a couple balls are being opened as we speak not kidding and we deserve it we deserve a break here and come give us a little Gap in time so we can't find our hearts again and in some respects and find what really really really excited to do when you're on the grindstone all the time
I'm getting out of out of your routine we were used to Karma is really
and if it makes like this this other shoe that's so comfortable you just love getting it back on the way we react to the situation we were just really happy to do the same thing over and over again expecting different outcome but certainly there has been a big change in you and you can feel it in the mermaid is a great measurement tool I feel she would attest to it what her transitions look like through the course of her life and knowing that she's been other people in the course of her life at the same time she did not get indoctrinated she knows how it works now because she is getting that natural knowledge back which I called Memories
would you like to see play Tasha and I just think it's sad that the beings I know also the other beings I know that share the mermaid Spirit are also have been accelerating since the mermaid activated it so everyone who has your spirit anyone who's that listening there is also going to benefit from what you're doing with your reality and imagine what would happen if everyone began living as authentically is kiester in the mermaid where we're just bringing into our experience what we really really love
yeah it's it's beautifully said I should every time thank you so much it be one thing if I so narcissistic that I have the way I'm just stating that I didn't adopt any of the systems here I did I didn't agree to any of you being fingerprinted in prison when I come out of the womb I never really went went to see it when you come in and out of here so much you can see the control is so what a bizarre organized as an example people in Australia they can't they can't see that they are in the most trouble on the planet right now they're not only being mind-controlled genetically engineered but they've also been put on the island where they
may not be able to get off soon if they don't stand up for themselves because they believe the news is actually telling them the truth and people are pretending to fight the government when nobody is because they can make movies about people pretending to fight the government that's real in the propaganda machine here they're over here everywhere there you cannot trust any of this median it doesn't matter where you're at it can still be happiness used as a tool to do so so you'll learn from it if we shut it down and we stay let's say if we collectively shut it down that means everyone then would we when we learned our lesson I want what do you think I'm sure if the mainstream media and entertainment can write the script of what we believe and making override that by writing our own script and that's really really how easy it is
absolutely so now we could prove to ourselves that the scripts being description or bludgeoning us are actually up to us so
it's the media is actually pretty good tool to proof that the delicacy of reality you you explain so eloquently look how obvious it is now if we don't believe in something if we believe in something versus when we know something and I just want as many people listening turn in a project about this topic any and all day so give this real-time examples is is what I'm looking for
one week you only lived in the heart and the other week you lived with the from obligation obligation family requirements that anything like that one day when we got them but give us a real give us some real steady information so we can model y delivery package for you know our children are next Generations and and how it works and nuts that's what happens here at the end of the Ascension cycle if I was to give encouragement we all get our knowledge back we are BS meter goes through the roof and we slow things down that's the standard you can count on my guarantee.
thank you ma'am I did you want to add anything to that
you know recently Elon Musk was asked what was his solution to war and not just any more about the war in Israel and Hamas and he suggested to deploy conspicuous acts of kindness which he gave some examples of what America did for your opinion delay in Japan WWII and most people don't know that America has actually done some good things but they rebuilt what was worth one very conspicuously they really made it clear that they were helping was harmed so that's a tricky line because we don't want to help the Psychopaths but we do want to live authentically which is as Source we're peaceful we love we give we share we nurse and that would be a way of being authentic to ourselves is just continually doing acts of kindness no matter
what has happened as long as we have discernment not to empower the dark
bright show misdirection have you ever met Elon Musk
I have him talking to him right now so you can't prove that he exists because remember there's no such thing as fine so how can you prove that body is
the body re
animated itself in the time you're in with them tricky tricky example isn't it does Elon Musk exist that's right so does he exist right now or did you go to that place and be in his demand reality with us so that's what your do everyone's doing that right now okay I'll give you another one let's say the mermaid goes upstairs
and I go downstairs I'm actually in a different dimensional shift that's how that's how delicate on are powerful creative force is between dimensionally out if that's what's going on right now so that's what I'm doing my best to explain that if one that knows that I got to get to work out somehow someway and I'm happy to take the hits all day long I know this is the solution in that is we're not in time and the media system that you have is engineer it's very ancient technology
are ancient is engineered to get you on timeline that are not yours so unfortunately this isn't a dark alien run planet and you have a choice not to participate them anymore that's all I'm getting it so if you don't know that you're being cut and pasted into a different or somebody over and over again out of time man in to time again how you would be able to recognize it because they overlap too closely so all of you have the Billy everyone listening has the ability to be in multiple bodies at the same time cuz you're a fragment from
we are at your party Source you can do anything you can have a lot more awareness that's all that's going on here is your bringing more of your awareness into physicality for at least the standard human balance on the planet now so we start working with yourself you can now decide if I want more recognition or less so what I'm saying is you can't prove there's twenty of you on this planet right now because you can't see how how hyperactive you are that is in that is with the current and someone's cutting and pasting the time getting you on timelines and you're you're you're playing but you're not remembering you're playing and I am he has ever going is that maybe that's what I thought that's how I want to help Humanity I hope that helps
oh that was excellent thank you really well said would you like to elaborate a bit more on
how you see it because you are aware of it what does it look like from your perspective
so when we went when we come into the universe
will bear more in a larger column might be one way to look at it you like your spirit Consciousness whatever words you like they're they're all in complete you take that call up light and then you start expressing interest to to do something else observe something else participate in something else some of it is orchestrated song that is not some of it as a collective directions, but his individual you can't you'll never be able to put a measurement to it you'll never be able to put a direction to it your universe so if you do look at the universe looks like more or less well a Groundswell on the ocean and in this case your planet's on top of a Groundswell going to the Ascension cyclist example
that's what keeps everything moving we energize
the universe based on our desire it's like you jumped into a TV and you made the show that's what you're doing right now you jumped into a TV and you made that you're making everything with everyone else but
the volume of light is now directed to multiple characters so that it gets confusing is the time delineation between the length of the end of this type of a human and beast before and after you're not able to recognize it like you would in a different type of melon so typically here's here's what you would look like you would be able to change the shape of you height of you color of you instantly and know that you're doing it so what I'm explaining is that like call him that is fragmented and Pregnant and Pregnant to base our desires and incitement to jump into that CD or the other TV it can it can shatter multiple different ways because of its interest in at school so look at a human being as a very very small portion of its origination and or like all
and not recognizing so that's not an absolute but that's pretty much how you would have deserve a normal mammal in here and that's why it's so easy to abduct us to that's why it's so easy for all the obvious you can't see that you're coming in the body in that gap between living a lot hope that wasn't fair start this great would you say that you are
the source of that stream of light looking from The Source into all the different televisions that you're playing in
so that so that's cracked so everyone can get out of this little trip that's my baby for everyone can get out of this truck
and it and the only way to do it that is a sure way no shortcuts here for me and that is to be authentically here or be authentically somewhere else there's no there's no source does not allow your spirit doesn't know anything else but being that's all I know so if you're going to if you're going to play this is Kristen's favorite saying from me you're going to play grab-ass You're going to grab it okay if you're going to be kind to you and Waffle to life cuz if you really really really really want to be here let's do it so I'm saying I'm saying what do you say
water lady
slippers are looking good today
I agree with everything you said she does not like that I do that that's all I got for entertain she's holding for the universe job description
yeah it's so exciting to talk about thank you for bringing this forward and thank you for explaining it so well so many people may have had an experience where they catch themselves coming back into the body and they can see their body from above now if they take that experience and they
go higher and see the part of them coming into the body you know just go a little further back what came before they saw their body where were they who were they would that help to go back to source with your consciousness
yeah well be careful there because now instantly if you look at how spirituality has been promoted here there's the real fine line and delineation between being hijacked through the mind when he leave your body but now you're really close but you have to go to the heart and I know that's what you meant but most of us can't tell if we're doing the knowledge that's coming through your your core knowledge coming through and the mind that was engineered to control you are so close together in recognition many people can't tell the difference does that make sense do that's so important thank you for bringing it up so telling the difference for example, let's say that you
are aware
in the awake dream state and you can see your body and you go into your heart and you
ask a question to see the hair
flow of your life stream from your heart would that be may be safer the good news is the bad news bad news is good news to hear they've destroyed me hear so many times I've gotten to practice for you that's why I am your your expert forgive me I know how we work when we come back in I will get Ellie space back into the animation story of a being a human I know exactly how that works I've done it so many times over and over again just so I could understand it because it's very unique to have a karmic machine I'm calling a karmic machine call everyone recycling center where the bodies are changing but we're not it's wife is quite unusual to see this in the universe and it is the great great war is
how do we genetically get us stronger again through our own procreation which we can do but we we have to change the way we are participating in this reality and I will take two or three generations no problem going to be very simple and I hope that was a good starts the answer can you please elaborate on that you're not you guys aren't necessarily.
Combining all or advertising leaving the body that people meditating in circle Concord a symbolism siblings the symbolism living outside yourself praying to something outside yourself all is alien to all of your numerical system is alien technology because we think there's thoughts thoughts and so when you don't use thought is your primary decision-making process it will never happen again please remind me that question
oh that was such an important note to mermaid thank you for sharing that and I was so intrigued I don't remember the question that's what happened to us this is proof of what we're doing here we don't remember anything you don't need memory at all does this body I'm in have epigenetic memories absolutely does it have mind memories absolutely do I participate with it only if I want to that's that's Ascension right there and I don't want to be the golden pony here by any means I'm saying exactly at work you just don't do it anymore you just quit it just just like that's why you don't go to the courthouse anymore you don't want to
you don't have to think of you don't want to do that make sense
oh yes and again the two of you really do
emulate that because the way you live Things fall into place for you without effort would you like to give an example.
Well I'll be calling a few people this weekend I have a feeling they will not let me down what do you think I should never do it's just you know when you pick here and I'm making light
of our relationships are so important now is he is when you get engaged with one another now for all the same reason man it's just beautiful it's just a nap and I'm speaking to the mermaid we realized if we were lying ourselves relationships are we we just know how it works now we're not sure we can ever put words to it but we wanted to be a model while we were in here so we can show how it works at least and or the obb practice
test dummies if nothing else for it that's what we're doing
thank you I I do have a question
do you have to be out of your body to be looking down on it because if you're at the top of the source you're looking down at all of your body's but you're in your body so is that what you do
that's not the way we would explain it though
so does sequence of events if we're going to use metrics that are here who would probably look like 150 times as I'm observing myself in this life but I'm also doing it on four other planets currently I know it sounds bizarre do what you've been told but that's what our capabilities are that's why your kid I'm doing it with an intention because this is the Ascension cycle I always coming in this tension cycle and I know what you're seeing the expression of myself even your personality are designed and engineered to somewhat manipulate you so when your your authentic self noticed that your personality has changed between you say
how much so when you're observing all of the different experiences you're having in different bodies is there a space you're doing it from or is it all in, sing of all of existence that you're simply you our existence observing it all
what's a place exactly so how would you put it
what is a place you don't we can explain a place other than you you are the one sustaining a place just because we are able to sustain a creation like ship to propel the universe doesn't necessarily negate that it's not a place it's a creative Force it's a it's it is an energetic it's not a place it is able to be a place it's able to move is able to transition it's able to change or
it is creativity is creation and that's the best I can do so we did establish that you are The Source phone into his body so there's no place it's because this is all basically an illusion that we are creating how would you put it
it's not an illusion you created in you
creativity itself is simply a sprained so play with creativity and that creates what we experience would you say that you're sitting in is it still there
only if I keep putting attention on it
is is five minutes ago still there
it's not
that's how fast we are nothing exists nothing we talked about exist anymore nothing we said even exist it's all gone not even the ground you're standing on exist from one second ago it's all being regenerated by you and creation and forever and ever and ever and ever and ever exactly what I was hoping you say perfect thank you so this is how we pull our attention away from what we don't want because it doesn't really exist anyway so it's a piece of that for example we began with the Border situation a lot of people upset but what if that's not it doesn't really exist in this moment
sing it that way I can pull our thoughts or emotions away from it so we're not lending to the creation of it
that's right so that's exactly why it's so important not to leave your body that's why so important not to do hyperspace travel now
we obviously are getting a lot of leash to communicate these the stories to you
I assure you people like Stewart swerdlow myself many other we went into program to test bed all of it we were abducted we were stolen by us the federal government we were just there they were using us for my statements there's no such thing as space and time there's nothing
and we don't really have time to talk about anything else for me if there's no such thing as space and time and now it's all now it's about what do we prefer
and I'm sorry mermaid your way up there on the list
and I'm like I hadn't even realize that and then instantly know the truth and then the other kids like how could that but you have to be in more places than one and the Shaolin them to explain really so I can't find his face isn't real
you know it's all simple tanyous and we can be in a really struggle to
and that's my best friend as well
so I only hang out with three rows I'm going to get arrested for pedophilia or something that I know
it was a common
anyways didn't come out the way I talked this is how this is how good the propaganda is youth you have seen information says the higher dimensional beings when they come down they are all Mighty God
well we're coming in to be just like you and our power is our loving we're so naive is our power word neutral we are perfect this is how powerful we are we don't know anything until we go and do it and we won't we won't hold on to anything so that's why you seem so many superhero movies and false god stories and how incredible Neptune was I can tell you what it was like to be nothing no problem but we've learned over a very very very long time that if we come in as these false Idols that's what you'll grab a pay to fall savior to be here independently naive and loving and caring to receive and participates in time is the power we prefer does that make sense
perfect sense
how many cents is a mermaid did you want to elaborate and what he just said
I completely forgot what he does
looking at the weather in Savannah this is an example so when the mermaid and I are emerging energy we don't see anyone explain how twin flames work to that star real real passion we can't see the other one spots from the other one where where we actually I'm anytime Saturday we do not talk but we do participate in what we're going to do next before we even communicate about it yes we talked all day every day we never stop talking we can't get enough but we we noticed that more and more to the Ascension cycle the merging that we have is almost almost 1 now very close
what may need to be done or whatever it may be looking for you
where's my thing that's what turns into where's my thanks to everybody wants something I don't you turn 10 you go where's my thing that you weren't happy just playing in the sandbox Lane will she got knowledge we have about 10 minutes left did you guys want to share more about your the beauty and Grace of your relationship so people can get a feel for what that's like to flow each other spirit
oh I got some discrepancies alright you got some stuff to talk about
yeah we may just connected as one so I can almost see sometimes cuz we feel each other's stuff completely since someone has a lot of the other doesn't feel very positive because the other person is exactly what you would want to be everything you could ever want because they are always traffic is never an issue
would ask to buy dealing with yourself you work at yourself that's got to explain it to serve a quality time and let me get a couple updates soon is that okay Usher
go for it okay thanks for hanging in there by the way you're doing a great job okay so the Alchemist or send in projects thank you thank you thank you keep them coming please I'm the administrators thank you thank you even come in I got a short list rolling the updates and are unbelievable and can't wait to see that just explode sovereignty before the people they may be are they may be our template for the world you know it's here I will decide getting through our list of individuals in Australia working with Australia have leaked this next week because they're the ones in the most trouble I hate to say it based on my perception of the people and what they brought me so those calls will be going out this week as well. I'll have some updates when I call you
it's really good bands to you in a really tremendous way and that's why I'm calling you anything else I sure
I was a perfect winter day
the way is a Eastbay walking in your footsteps I'm walking in your food stamps
set up my device
beautiful beautiful people beautiful beautiful everyone beautiful beautiful miss to you beautiful missed all of you I cherish every option I get to interact with you thank you thank you thank you might as well keep listening whoever. Then we love you all have a beautiful day Christian Christopher thank you so much I love you I sure hope you have a beautiful beautiful day you thank you everyone

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