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Project Review With Q, February 17, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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welcome by
we're all the people need and greets you welcome bro are you there are you there is anybody out there I was wondering if you left show and you didn't see it
I know I got to weld up with the information
I promised the mermaid that we needed to get the script out that she's very fond of and the artists that I'm going to compliment today there's no way I can touch her vocals so I'm going to read this song I'll sing a little bit and it is called The Emperor's New Clothes
thank you mermaid it seems years since you held the baby while I wrecked the bedroom you said it was dangerous after Sunday and I knew you loved me thanks I just became famous and that's what messed me up but he's wrong how could I possibly know what I want but I was only Twenty-One and there's millions of people to offer advice and say how I should be but they're twisted and they will never be any influence on me but you will always be you will always be if I treated you mean I really didn't mean to but you know how it is and how a pregnancy can change you I see plenty of clothes and I like but I won't go anywhere nice for a while all I want to do is just sit here and write it all down and rest for a while I can't bear to be in another city one where you are not I would return to nothing without you
if I'm your girlfriend or not maybe I was mean but I really don't think so you asked if I'm scared but I said so everyone can see what's going on they last cuz I know they're Untouchable not because what I said was wrong whatever it may bring I will live by my own policies I will sleep with a clear conscience I will sleep maybe it sounds mean but I really don't think so you asked for the truth and I told you to their own words they will be exposed they've got a call solid case of The Emperor's New Clothes The Emperor's New Clothes The Emperor's New Clothes to a new clothes and that is Sinead O'Connor Sinead O'Connor has lyrics The Emperor's New Clothes
how should we play today wonderful thank you would you like to share why that's an important song a lot of different ways I can answer that question
but certainly once you get to a level of Fame
I hear you that's why I'm always asking if you get to this you have this big of audience with and you knew as much as you did you would want to be absurd and that's what you need O'Connor realizes that she is she understood the reality here and realized the prison planet she was on she goes I got to do some of the same I got to do something with this messy bedroom I have an obligation so that is exactly what I'm doing alright I'm going to at least as if I've got a secret and I and I know something how could I live with myself
and so for the most part that's what that's about and uncovering that the emperor always has another story there's always another story the person pulling the levers behind the drapes how's the Wizard of Oz told us many many years ago there's somebody pulling some triggers and hey we figured it out good way
it's such a great analogy because
if you tell enough people something's real even if they see that it's not they will believe it because of the consensus the grand consensus of everyone bleeding it so there's a Emperor who's naked and everyone saying what beautiful new clothes and that's really what happened in this world and sometimes if you just say we'll wait a minute he's not wearing any clothes that Chris that ripple effect and that's what you're doing for us thank you so much
again I'm usually the guy that lights the fuse I don't always see the explosion in dust and that's why I'm such a huge fan of BBS ready because they don't they don't need to endorse one, it looked a week we get to chat so never never assume anything I'm saying they are autonomous and that's what's so beautiful about him and trucking still can you remind me what was the story that mermaid wanted to tell there was a post the fairy tales are true about the mermaid joining With You Against All Odds is that the one that she wanted to share
yeah I'll save that one for her but it's quite a story and when we talked about it a few days ago I think we're going to really take care of that and we'll need more time than prq offers us today and not to say we weren't planning on doing that thing I think she would have told that they
leave the crash test dummy syndrome my family say I have is no better truth comes from her story Against All Odds are getting to me once she recognizes my spirit signature and my allowance and acceptance of acknowledging it as well so it's quite a story, the roommate has to prove how you can make your own realities if your your heart is dedicated to The Harp base decision nothing's going to stop it and it is a beautiful story station will will tell it another day my apology
thank you and it really tied into The Emperor's New Clothes because what most people would do is take the safe path to live a safe life and do the safe things according to what everyone would tell him to do and she did the opposite she did the scariest thing possible and that's what party was all about not not scary and dangerous way but scary Anna
I need to do this to this feel alive and this is how we break free of the money system as well would you like to share about that
I wish we could play that one song that week
people have to have it yeah some people I don't know how is agreed to that he gets a lot of doe ray me what do we have here wait a minute
wait a minute there's a rare guest appearance
no kidding wow just thought you might have any way the money system would you like to say hello
hello Spider-Man hi so nice to hear your voice
oh I just said hi sorry to bother you
the money system what's another way of the mermaid here would you would you want to tell a little mermaid story or do you want to save that for another day
you lead us begin with see if she's interested in again I'll show you what remember the story you told on show she was wondering if you want to tell a story about your leader again if you don't mind Against All Odds follow your heart and your statement to do what I don't believe I know anybody else could have done it was so many odds against you and you succeeded and your life completely transformed because of it now course everyone can do it but you're showing us the way you might be the first person to lead the way so would you be excited to share that your story of how you came to be where you are
why would I mean you can go on a personal details of Shirley Hodson could try the actual how I intend to story was without giving out an incredibly personal day if I give you a radio friendly version of have the same punch but basically basically I just I just knew when I found my other half of my twin flame as I like that 10 and nothing can stop me I'm all the way in with marriages and children and everything that comes with that everything that comes with all of that and then being in the middle of a hallway in a lot of trouble and you're not allowed out of your country or in other countries though
I just said was so much going on and I don't know how I did it but I somehow did Edinboro people along that didn't even want to go along and just just make it all wet and I just kept following my heart knowing that the knowing that I'd be supported in that sun you how real it was he somehow I was I was and everyone involved was and it all turned out amazing but yeah I found it completely crazy and everyone supposed to make these choices you're supposed to be smart and logical and
you know I worry about the future in your on your spice to worry about your future and being
things that I just didn't think about it I don't really know how to say it without being too tough and I have probably not doing a good job without giving away can I ask you a question about it so those times when it seemed to really really scary like you didn't know it was going to happen and everything was so answered and how did you get those times
yeah cuz that was an that's an aspect of it so that made it even hotter do everything about it was against me actually every single part of it and that I'm including I couldn't speak to him so he was in a position where you can speak to anybody during that says the page of it all and they stay stays guys at the at the head of this lady that's the guy I got a quiet not speak to anyone to protect to protect themselves right at Main weights I mean like you know I ate months. But not a lot of pain and I just have to trust that I knew what was real and nice and things like that that it was real and I know most people would probably shy away from that girl
but I knew I wear in very different circumstances and them to just truly trust and we can waking up we could always managed remotely using you know I just had to trust that we were connecting in the non-physical and we are able to manage now hot spice together and and that was what kept me going every day knowing that I find that I'd find him and the older Logistics that go around that crossing the world and a few different countries on the way to a different countries have class maybe 5 minutes just so amazing even knowing that we had to do it this way
thank you and also we know Keith there's not a man of many words when it comes to texting.
if it was such a dangerous time was very intense then we can all probably remember that that was not a fun time as what was it 21 is 2021 and 23 I think it was a pretty intense see it for myself I think
yeah that's timing but that's when it when we talk
Uncle talks about that story but it is
it has everything it's the blueprint for how to reach a whole new reality of who you are and how you deal with life and how you succeed and I think it did accelerate my it accelerated my eye has been chilling with my iron expansion because I have to just trust my heart and every time the head the head would come in really thought I knew you and I had a dear friend that was only had one friend that really knew what was going on and that could touch me and she would say you know as soon as you get those thoughts if it's ever said I switch I always worry about you trying to be Riley and I don't want you to get that and that guy will derail you at every point in time are you off your car so you just got to shut that off
and saw your heart you know it's you're hot. You had for your hot feels good in your head doesn't so if anyone's ever confuse which is which the one that feels least resistance but feels good or do I need for it that's your hotspot
Blackbird agrees as well
that's quite a story I don't want to bring some station to listen to our relationship it make the point that the bad guys knew what I was about ready to do and that was part of that and she still coming up at me as it would appear now
the opportunity
examine this information is is Bodacious because she walk the dog and it's a place rabbit project it doesn't the outside resources that we may be looking for the the relationship people say they're naturally maturing out and then go ahead and rely on me as you wish
but that dream state that desire is the horsepower in all your project and she's proving just because it's a relationship in this days is is the fundamental her fundamental
tools and decision-making only came from one play one place only as crazy it was the person doesn't even exist but I know I've had I've had an exchange with this person I got to have if we use ocean track readings other than Federal project these people have the incredible ideas of service support systems healing so many lovely things education just keep them coming to keep them coming we have a process will get to shortly here and I just need more project the one project I'm going to talk about today that I really thought about it have yet to see maybe I missed it but what could we use in place of money what do you say caution I love that topic please continue
so most people daily do I talk about money with people I like hey what is a dollar bill Magic 8 how do you even start the ideas of a value from the other nearly show notice that someone's install the belief of identity
title and where ownership measurement is going to be your clue so wide where did we get this sensibility around value where did we get our values from going to find the real engineer and unfortunately you're going to find him in the Bible quite a bit in your bleeding today whatever you been indoctrinated in the short version gray short version is if I can make a human believe in a separate genetic recording system overtime that money gold is valuable so if I go to the Babylonian times example that's not where money was invented by the way so I can get you to believe the hierarchy that controls the kingdom and that's how it started does the micro kingdoms will used to have the counsel you needed to trade with them and so and so when you brought the end of Kingdom needed a bushel to pay etcetera life.
I would give you a token everyone knows everyone can study that doesn't matter which time you're going to find somebody wanted to trade with you at a token because you brought a service or product tooth Gap and then the castle you up and you've heard me talk about the reason you're using these tokens is because thousands and thousands of years ago your epigenetic historian the built-in you remembers that you would use money so money is noody very new to you the spirit doesn't understand that whatsoever but the body has recorded the sense of values of silk even I have to use money only because the my neighbor believes it has measurement and have his weight so that's that's my encouragement to people so what can we do to educate that my neighbor who won't sell me the lawn mower or give it give it to me cuz he believed
no no I practice with this whole time and time and time again and I realized that one of the opportunities we have now with money is to let it fall apart now and that's what you're watching right before your very eyes and we can use some of the tools to make it fall apart and that's what what is right on your fingertips right now it's right in front of you I'm not going to tell you where it's coming from it's because now the direction that the real reason why is now the direction is not important. The way in which we conduct ourselves with people is the direction so so as an example we don't
ask somebody how much it cost we asked what does it do how does it help me how does it work okay and vice-versa how does it help and work for you now that you on the lawn mowers except I would like cuz long but I'm getting a new one as soon as I get rid of this one okay so you don't want this anymore no and so do you believe you own it
yeah I paid $500 for its okay its okay now our opportunity to start that education system of why do you believe $500 has Merit way whatsoever and that's just one of many suggested I have where did we get the Fundamentals by this time the lawn mower sales guy says you need to leave crazy person by their daughters by more but if we could just stay on that topic in our in our negotiations how did we get to the relationship of measurement that money is worth anything let's use us.
When the Federal Reserve was engineered only a hundred years ago or whatever number you want to use and by the way here's a picture of it it looks like it's closed
why do you think this has any measurement and by the way it's an electronic currency system anyway and
what would be the difference between using a cryptocurrency or fake back security of any kind they're all they're all the same they're all computer program X's and O's so really it's up to us pretty our own means of Exchange
we are the ones we're going to decide that now each negotiation you have now when you're sharing resources is the key how are we going to share all should you have an opinion
this reminds me of another aspect of what happened with the mermaid because when she just gave it her all and went with her heart 1000000% not only did you two come together but everything started to fall into place miraculously so she's in another country and she wants to move to another country and there's nowhere to live but magically miraculously she gets exactly the hell she wants it just happens because she's in that frequency of positive exchange and self-worth love you it's just that you don't really need the money you need the frequency
yeah and that's exactly like we all have to learn this lacking something is being built into us and that's obviously a lower frequency that's not hostile are always kind of holding it in holding on to it and I really like to not do that just to get rid of it
did not transfer money all together
it doesn't generate more. Because you're in the mindset of black and now the thing going to mention of last show
they know this too and that's why they get rid of their money as fast as possible so if you are a billionaire you are stifling the energy flow of it not because of so not only do you have the black magic behind what were you use your Authority the black magic they're not all money has black magic such as but Deals dollar does and can you use that symbolism you install Kodi and or potential outcomes for your timelines that these people used to be successful do it will they know that the more you use it the more those outcomes and it probably has but increased and so if you use it you can use a big exact same way and make it positive magic but it's not because of the the means of exchange for using US dollar in the face it's because your desire to make an out come true because you baste a decision on the heart so as an example
the mermaid here she goes chases around the world with their last $5 and she's going to find this guy with 5 bucks and she doesn't care if it comes down to the last penny she's going to find a call okay and Dad needs a place to live and has left her home for a year plus and there's a housing crisis where she used to live
is that is that is that an opportunity to start coughing blood but anyway this is how much your heart was in place she gets back to the home she left for a year giving it up
and she comes back the exact same location gets the same home back a year later years later in the largest housing prices ever seen in the community she lived it where everyone is in line to find a home and she just make one swoop and she's back girl from the country
yeah but that is a true story and someday we will get a little more script to it so it makes sense because the energetic speed find how she makes decisions is really pure it's really clean she she only sees emotions
so I've called her the most intelligent person on the planet because she uses
so much of a heart the only time she use her mind is to examine other people's heart rate or not and that's why her emotions are so massively powerful because she knows when to use them and when not to because she examines the fortitude of of whatever that she's in very very very positive statements to analyze in that house how is it that she's able to do this and when I get in a in a situation I'm not taking care of the situation and I'm guilty as charged because I've I have a participating emotions that were reactive where is she primarily a proactive person experiencing an examining the emotion but first it came to the shorts for summer work.
most beautiful mermaid did you want to comment on that it's a very important topic because the way you do this if we can all glean from this it would really help everybody because your spirit your energy is so pure that there's not a thought before you do something so it's just a is a continuous flow of wanting to give wanting to help wanting to nurture wanting to make better and that that energy in itself comes back to you to everyone wants to do that for you because I love you so much because it's it's so pure when it comes from you it activates that another people do everywhere you go you're receiving what you're giving
and it's because it's one hundred percent it's so authentic a lot of people do it maybe even 90% but they're just going to get 90% back so I've never met the frequency of what you have a day off and just stay that you have and I know sister has it too cuz your twin flame but you know when you express it in different ways and it's it's so easy to see the way you do it in that regard just the way you don't think before you do anything else just give give gifts
no thank you I sure do enjoy the encouragement because we come across so many interesting people
let's feed continue on a little bit with money and strategies are
couple more examples other topics you want to talk about by the way cuz you know this is my least favorite so some of the opportunities you have now is understanding reconciliation and that's that's one of the charters
the Redemption process will call at the US military really wants you to understand is how do you redeem a means of exchange and why do you accept the way it's done now and so if you would stop expect accepting Redemption day of redemption process it would all change our reality why so you don't so let's take Banks out of the equation. Say Banks do not exist they don't but I'm going to go to the store and Joe believes that he bought a bunch of milk and you put to the store and I need to buy the milk okay when we reconcile money now we use a credit card and the X's and O's live on a computer they don't they're not in the back they're just asking.
so you can go get reckons that you can get rekt you can go to the bank and get reconciled in currency we assume depending on which country and we'll use them North America were reference to David so we're reconciling how many X's and O's do you have in your computer and that's why I mean I'm always making fun of deployed into knowing 19 guns at work they're never done anything for living other than trade and barter exynos based on the stability of Market segmentation and or perceived value measurement of stocks bonds and or the productivity of human so people that work in finance and or slave Management Systems would be called the light to stay asleep management company because it's it's promoting the fact that we need to ensure that you are successful and you have something when you're done being successful bunch of bunch
topic sir
the reason I find that topic in Ford news because we're under the belief system that we can reconcile our productivity based on an item that we are changing by me average being mean
so why do we do that why why did we learn x's and o's in a computer into a value and measurement system
well this might not be where you going with it but I'm just noticing that a lot of people who live that way where it's always for the outcome of what they're going to get is the dead end so it just creates more of a frantic knows where they look at you and the mermaid there's no out, just I'm going to give and then you forget you have been given it's a whole different reality so it's about to create and given play with as opposed to I better get this if I do that and I gave this to this person they better give it back into totally different of course of course of course so that is the energetics that you described the Delta between the the
the ding dong you were talking about the previous show selling all the stocks getting all the bonds put away and now I'm going to go control something so people who have lots of money and don't get rid of it don't use it
they're controlling the energetics there's no way around it I have this and I'm not giving it away yet or I am going to go do something with it or what I want to have done that make sense to you
well said right so it when you use it for when you use a means of exchange it with the intentions like a year so you will stated it changes its its capabilities so don't get hung up on any means of exchange being good or bad when you start using it with your heart it's just a means of exchange isn't it
wow that's something be agreed that we don't cuz there is no measurement to it there's no way to it if it's green piece of paper experiments on it we we can take with power by just utilizing it from our heart it doesn't really matter what do we use when a seashell gold silver it all does not matter to us from the higher dimensional realize that's why the mermaid I we do not understand money whatsoever we don't we don't under the game being played here we can not figure out how to educate because we we can speak to it I consider most Economist most Financial people that I've run across very very successful very very intelligent
managers of outcomes related to control have no clue what we just said
it's the money it's the it's the thing it's a thing that we need you Catherine Austin Fitts is probably the exception she's played with billions of dollars in realize I had a minute I just need food Water Shelter and how about a little bit of love and there are many people like that billions of dollars are so excited about making someone happy you're helping someone in this way and that's they live the same way as you and the mermaid because they're just excited about getting even though their billionaires but they are also very Savvy about how to create that so they can give so there's nothing we're not there's no judgment on anyone
no it's it's all a process as it's all coming out in in the wash anyway if you look at how we have adjusted very very quickly to this false sense of values of the disinflationary system is really valuable to us the same house and grandma bought is now for for $5 is now worth $1000000 so even the most out of where people can say okay so what's change oh my house got went up in value well wait a minute know your house is actually worthless is what I'm hearing because your dollars worthless do you need more of these things to buy this thing or is your how how valuable is your out how do you measure the value of a home
if it's based on a means of exchange only 15 minutes old by the way and doesn't have anything backing it other than the success of a society going to work every day with their jail sentence called social security number with their barcode called their birth certificate with their footprints on a piece of paper in the prison cell so this is a positive statement doesn't sound like that's very possible it's really up to us anyway I'm giving you some Clues there are some system right in front of your nose right now that can teach you about reconciliation and now we can use those tools to say hey Miss I want to go into escrow since I only have this kind of means exchange how come you don't accept it when the guy next door does it's a very big hit
some people are accepting means of exchange is now that other people don't
there's your clue now which one's going to win might be interesting and who gets dominance control over that that is a bigger story sure but why are some people exchanging some and are reconciling some means of exchange and others aren't so when you sit down with the banker scuse me the landowner maybe you have an opportunity to understand reconciliation
hope that helps please what are your topics today will you please be a little more specific for people some people might relax a little bit hard to follow such a riddle
when we when you when you go buy something I'll do the Smokey Olympic still so when you go buy some of the grocery stores you use your debit card your credit cards you're under the opinion it's coming from a bank
okay last time I checked most debit card say Visa or Mastercard on America's best Discovery whatever so that means there's somebody in between the back now isn't the Russia
that's right okay so what if MasterCard just reconciles instantly the means of exchange you have on the computer what what value do the banks
the mailman's gone right so now we're all were talking about of the computer saying I have X's and O's okay credit and the school I used to do Commerce at least in transactional is a card with numbers on it that says I've actually no that's it so now what value actually knows how they're just text me. All right now the step it up a little bit we know the grocery store takes X's and O's from my Mastercard and I can buy milk there now I go so now you have an instant argument here you have an instant legal argument that my Mastercard doesn't work works here but it doesn't work and I'm not endorsing any of these these names but now my Mastercard as I go to buy a home doesn't work how come we don't reconcile
X's and O's from MasterCard because it is attached to a currency system that we don't use it wait a minute I don't care MasterCard said they were willing to reconcile the value of the home I want to buy today now you broke in a lot if you don't reconcile the laws behind a master getting not endorsing this process whatsoever but now it's your job now when you go sit down with the real estate broker when you go sit down whenever we don't have banks in the way.
when you buy a house now you have an escrow escrow and a homeowner just takes acceptance for the reconciliation in this example is that make sense wow that is a fantastic example thank you right now that is what's changing out so where do you get X's and O's from mine and I mean so so that's where you're at everyone you're in a game of x's and o's and so don't worry about going back Securities are Silverbacks just don't worry about any asset-backed Securities as much as how you reconcile settlement on payment OK Google play back everything with gold silver ore
mermaids beautiful hair which is worth billions okay it's just look at shortened the process down how do we reconcile what I want to I want to deliver a good or service or product look how it goes back and forth now these are the energetic sure going to enjoy very soon now so so you're not buying anything you are going to look for sustenance because you need energy you need food don't look at buying milk I need sustenance I don't have a cow but my neighbor does etcetera etcetera so those energetic you make those decisions that are proactively become your heart my body my body might need a little fishing today then I make a decision to go find a nutrition that's completely different than I got to buy some milk is that make sense
perfect sense
I need to share anything about that I was just going to say it's it's it's I think it's at this point in time it must be getting over yesterday but it is such a game like we're being play I know and I think many countries is going through it. I think wearing sweats a a nice a nice big 4 bedroom house was around maybe eight hundred thousands of very nice for like a really nice house in the pool and then two years later triple the price not double that triple. 3.5 million like come on money
but if everyone just stopped and said and protested at all or just whatever is that is crazy that's not that's not realize he's got to be able to stay until like everybody now it just should be so we should we should start a protest what would we call it a hundred thousand why is it not playing the game
the people doing this for the most part we should say participating in this are believing they're going to get an Roi we're going to make more I'm going to control the outcome and then
and then I'm going to go on holiday and live in Hawaii and everyone's going to have to work for me because I work till I was 62 and now I'm entitled and my dinner is late again at the pizza parlor god dammit
if we organized the bad guys organized the other realtor has to go to push this if we organize peacefully lovingly and agree on what we want our world to be like and say no I don't even want to be 8:00 and we want to pay 10,000 and help the person who built the house because we're so grateful to them exactly a vacation system the great opportunity here especially projects is it have to be so heavy-handed here as we weren't we're going to change the Texans are changing very quickly around the globe I'm sorry America you're going to be one of the last once it's really tough news I know but it's really about the opportunity to take a breath here and really recognize how do we understand exchanging me what we're saying is an average in system prior to this someone constructed it for you and made you use it
I can tell you you're only three generations away from when you did not use any money you you may not remember it but I do know someone I used to live with who never used money and they raised a family three generations without money in Arkansas and there are a lot of civilizations 2 don't use money I'm not endorsing one of the other I'm just saying you money is very new to you medical Medical Associates very new to you you think it's always been here it's not it's been forced down you your been made and told that there's a value and means of exchange that you need to model against hope that helps and stuff by talking about things that has just been forced upon us
in the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal from 1946 there's a clause that says if a government uses the funds raised by taxation to wage an illegal war or to commit genocide crimes against humanity or war crimes then a taxpayer's normal duty to pay tax is reversed and becomes a duty to refuse to pay tax what he said about and that's what you're actually seen right before your very eyes every single bank at least in North America is unnoticed so it's difficult to put a million people in prison
when they believe they did the right thing but they're they're all contributors so that's why I make fun of the way into those are actually criminals that thought they were doing the right thing interesting huh what would you say to people who are afraid
afraid not paying taxes do you have to stop looking it up I want everyone to to do it do it right now and prove them anytime just get a new job getting old. I don't care for something you love to do for us but say I'm not going to sign this document it's voluntary and if you can align align yourself correctly with your employer
you will not pay taxes because you said you want to hire me here's my signing letter now you going to human resource department now I'm not signing this one I'm excited you can make your own as an example so again the IRS the corporation you work for the company work or does not just not have any stay over you you do you have to say you take your natural laws back to you is a corporation just like McDonald's it's a corporation is bankrupt what kind of power does it have
your belief that it's alive and a real thing that's the only Power yes and is it alive is it a real thing complete Jump by the way when did they help you
never it's amazing that all these things have been dismantled taken apart no longer exists in the well said mermaid thank you
you should be the greatest show how to close out there if you're one
fantastic both of you thank you brilliant thank you so much
I believe that would not be fair to Don who's got another show coming up so
okay so let's close on this
I can use some really big Clues to the opportunities we have that are starting to be indoors around the planet that we might consider America is party for as a collective not exclusively split start looking at how people are reconciling in the Middle East are they reconcile money in Russia how are they reconcile reconciliation is now your new term for money and or means of exchange look how it's working
can you get ahold of anybody over and United Emirates or Iraq or Iran rush it just start poking around how are they doing it look at them Bob way how are they doing it that there is bricks legitimate a very good it's the end of the day goodnight goodnight sweetheart goodnight
if I have a lovely lovely chatting to you thanks for having me thank you Kristen and Christopher see you soon thank you I'll send on to get rid of
love you bye

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