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Project Review With Q, February 10, 2024

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Project Review With Q

Part 34

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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welcome welcome welcome
is no way anyone could be anyone anyone
doing fantastic how are you doing
oh you must have magically disappeared it nice cool
really fun week this week how do you want start today though I am looking forward to you blessing us with a song by the time I have someone else on the call who is this
hello good how are you doing what what do what do you call a spool of murmur people I know what we call them but what do would you tell people what merpeople are in a school what would they be
okay got it got it can tell she's from the eighties at all
okay let's see if I can get us going here get on track here it's just a blessing to
so much material that's been given to us musicians and Poets and they know where you come from where we all come from and so I'm always looking at what we potentially will discuss today to Marion that you can tell Mary a song that explains what we're working on it at the same time and the reason I read a lot of songs is because I'm the master of bludgeoning tone Rhythm and and harmonics
Harmony in general but I just love seeing so much but I want to read this song because it's it is
it's the way I feel we're feeling a lot of time and so because I can do that with our Collective Consciousness and you can to I feel the song it that I'm going to read it to you is there is important for us all and it's important that you know that I love you
if I could wave my magic wand
I am made from the dust of the stars and the oceans flow in my veins here I hide in the heart
I was City Like a Stranger cutting coming out of the rain the evening plane Rises up from the runway are constellations of Lights I look down into a million houses and wonder what you're doing tonight
if I passed away my magic wand I'd make everything all right I'm not the I'm not one to believe in magic but I sometimes have a second Seitz I'm not one with a sense of proportion with my heart still changes over night I had a dream of Winter Garden a midnight
Jarvis silver blue and Frozen silence what a fool I was for you I had a dream of the Open Water I was swimming away out to sea so deep I could never touch bottom what a fool I used to be if I could wave my magic wand I set everybody free I'm not one to believe in magic do my memory has the Second Sight I'm not one to go play my finger when I radiate more heart than life don't ask me I'm just improvising my illusion of careless flight can't you see my temperature's Rising I radiate more heat than light don't ask me I'm just sympathizing my losing the harmless lights in to see my temperature's Rising I radiate more than light I'm not one to believe in magic but I sometimes have a second sight I'm not one with a sense of proportion
when my heart still changes overnight every night I'm not going to believe in magic, he has a second side I make everything all right I'm not want nothing but if I could wave my magic wand
like I said everybody free
well that's one way to start it
great introduction to the emergency God casting system
I should probably work that one huh
okay maybe recording a few things so what you up to I know you're going to just
just catch me
I'm not looking I just know you're going to be beautiful the information in a lot of songs is a galactic by the way and don't don't dismiss how much attention they got them that been going a lot of attention
because of the heavy music for the most part but when you look at how they transferred knowledge through their music tremendous knowledge is in there there's a lot of codes in there and some of them have been undermined but there is a lot information in that music because the individual who wrote it is very very special volunteer on this planet with all three of them and the people around Neil Peart has an exceptional Communicator translator is what is Master translator is my opinion
but I didn't want to get off topic with what you want to talk about today Usher
what song is perfect thank you so this brings to my heart a sort of a fairy tale that was brought to us by the domain
expeditionary Force which would be you and the mermaid coming here in 1947 and it's from the rig and one versus we ask as fool's no not around Spirit where are they having traces left by the Gods
would you like to decipher that for us
is every show after just be a ball breaker because every show
that is so brilliant it's just so brilliant she just amazes me every time what is
what is the Avenue in Deer reality from higher Dimensions the individuals coming to to the sound of a horn what if we just come through
a very average means
to be with you we have to actually be with you we have to be exactly like you in order to be of help in service and that's what I want us to get accustomed to that actually be in a reality not to mention reality how would you recognize them
when were the ones coming here to be a support and assistance without restrictions or at least as much as we like great names for averaging so you're listening to three of us right now there's there's more of us here but doesn't doesn't sound like
we don't have any pretense we. We're not telling you're not telling 80 shirts where at what we're really doing this is the best I can do for you I should I thank you so much for helping me find my way this is this is quite an unusual experience always want to talk about it endlessly like now what if there were people ready to help all of humanity and the right in front of you
but you don't recognize them because of the people's has been in the organization alignments around you sold you a story that no one's going to help you yet they're right here already what would you say if I would say the only ones that are really going to be at Healthcare ones here now we have to be here to help so we're really doing this and we're all here now now where do you where do you suppose opportunities are
what would you both like to elaborate on why we have to be here in physical to actually be of help
very good
so if if you do look at Dimensions not I just give me a look at dimensions
your planet is a very good tool for you to model dimensions and work remove water I was officially why does water freeze in my pipes when I don't insulated a soapy water is really good tool for us to look at these trying if you you told you he told the water you wanted to come in your house you told the water where to go you directed it to a pipe that's life right there water wants to go it it has memory you said you wanted water to your house well that's what I'm going to do so cold outside and the pipes freeze because the water is still going to flow
yes it's change of state don't get me wrong all all all scientists are now jumping up and down know it's expanding because it got called that's not true more water molecules keep coming and coming and coming and then that's where you're getting the expansion that's that's a frequency band that you can actually measured why is water want to keep flow it why do you want to keep blowing what direction are you going to go so in this case the style of man one has a frequency band based on how it wants to slow so if you don't participate with it and it's level at once the flow then you actually can't be in that Dimension and that's how I'm powerful we all are so so you go and play on the playground one day and then you go work in an office building other day is a dimensional Delta that's a difference so when you send a couple you coming home all day I found it on the computer completely different
now at least then when you went to play up with your kids on the on the playground so in order to be on the playground the best I can do with your question forgive me first do you want to go to the playground you have to actually go to play this what I'm saying
and it does. Despite the identity of a human so when we're more more Progressive outside of this Dimension it is not dictated by the generalization of a body
yes the frequency and and the synchronicity of the styles of beings we are at higher Dimension does this have diversity but it doesn't dictate the dimensional reality rain like this one I better stop there mermaid but you like to add anything to that everything
not even one little flipper
do fish are a great tool dolphins dolphins are more people I assume everybody they know they don't they don't even need to be concerned information because that's how fast are that's how fast you are real animals that says something special with
I know you don't really know I don't care high in line with you are you guys going to come see what's going on why aren't you know that that is that is beautiful a beautiful about how the universe is what else you got all of that just to reiterate when the beings see the mermaid and the kuester they asked him what are you doing on land is I know them from the water as water beings of great power and love
yeah I did spill the beans on that I was fortunate to be on the Pacific Ocean for a week or so and you know being a hundred miles offshore is super comfortable for me and
it's it is emotional it's just it's just like a coming home and what a lot of folks don't understand Maybe
you're all talking to each other at the same time yet don't talk to each other unless they want it so watch this one what if every single fish in the ocean could talk to each other at the same time
listen to information all the same time yet not participate with it unless they wanted to
and that's that's what happens in the ocean and that's why it's such a comfortable place to live that's where you left your sister Cleo I say over and over again.
you just not listening to us
we're not hearing each other we're not listening to One Another because we we we use our obligations to our minds as a primary decision-making process but we are changing and it is really really fun to use started to look at the tools of the ocean right one of us showing us exactly when another universe is and we live right next to another Universe we don't even recognize it and when we align with the ocean of existence through our heart we experienced just what you described in the ocean as the beings many people may Brown
yeah and you know you know you know me I ain't I don't give up easy do I thank goodness I'll leave a little bit of pain help shooting
whatever you like I've got lucky it's really important that for me today is that there is some beautiful beautiful help all around you now and and it's it is fun for me to make fun of myself directly for everyone on the call fit and
the biggest crime you can do in the universe's tell somebody what they are where they are and how they are and then you watch me do it when I speak about what they see what who's my favorite this week it's always going to be Steve Jobs really is then how to tell my immune from that it is actual proof that even I am in a body style like yours that has instant judgment and manipulation of emotion
because when we're out of here we don't care about past whatsoever and we don't even participate because it's not conducive to creativity we always are going for so that's one of the things I want to make sure I was always clear with it if I if it's affecting me this body style emotions judgement not only is there a lot of lot of trauma here potentially
perceived, endorse trauma and and and suspending trauma over and over again it is our own fault and I'm included in so when we keep saying this exists it does exist and that's why with this show maybe we will always lean towards what do we want to eat and what does beautiful
maybe I'm starting to make sense that this language or give us an example of that Steve Jobs that got me thinking about the phones and the conversations we've had lately I think I feel like since cell phones came around that's if we if we never had this cell phones introduced specifically the smart finds out we would be way further ahead right now because they completely taken us out of the Nintendo switch to a body
United States yeah it's just a shame because if we go to the device and then some people might be going Austin is it such a trap say
but you get your own show what where why how okay so now we have to find the people use cell phones that crack so you know better are you check out whenever it was when will it be at when the BMW. It's just it's just keeping us out of the present moment
is the breakfast somebody's worried about sending it to where week what was the mermaid is alluding to it she's she's very she's so she does take better care of her words than I do she's used to living someplace else is what she just said she she knows what it's like to live outside of control
but we're now we're right back to the star of the show on most so we are we implying that a society uses phone when were only in a dimensional reality a society that uses phones because there are society's on planet on this planet that don't use phone and I would say they're at a different frequency would we say hi or low so when I go live in the Amazon jungle I'm at a different frequency is it high or low. That's objectives but you can't really measure it we're in another reality
even though because is it because we're reacting presents and framing for super valuable. Space
when when you look at the material the author knows exactly that you're living in the past but if you don't know what you don't know how do you how do you clean clean up your act that's my question are we
the problem is well I don't think that's different getting information cuz I know how she works and she's so if you're going to distribute knowledge when is it now
delusional or propaganda could be either way which is very confusing to people so we have Elon Musk who is the actually the deputy head of the United States space force which many people might not know and he is not promoting getting a chip in your head on and on and on and a lot of people are supporting him as demonic and has to be taken out but as we know the white hats will promote something pretend to be a bad guy why do they do that
so lots of tricks and we got to use them all and one reasons for Chapel here in Syracuse we just had a lot of people get injured and we've had people die and my apologies work into it nicely though it's living proof that not everyone's excited about the direction we're going and the gross salutation for me as it is for some reason you need a space force
you can you can now look up the regions in which space forces exist should be able to find the Russian space forces the web search American you're going to find several of them but why do you need to space about are we ready to get this going on in and it is part of my job description scope task to starting it from fluid what is the United States space force or the global space force they got out of here and they look back and they said this is unbelievable we have to save them
what is that was happening How would how would you know the difference you've been told you that you don't know the scale of your planet you don't even know why your baseboards you don't know why you've been looking at Satellite your whole life you didn't why do you sound like some your head somebody's either trying to get in here or somebody's trying to get you out of here which one is it awesome
is it a bit of both
it would it would appear you should be able to put together that if the guys that left here and realize we're in trouble or coming back to help us
and we're we're mediation the process by creating our own space for say hey guys we're going to let you in your how would you know the difference between the bad guys and good guys if they're they're traveling back here in vessels you've never seen how would you know if your between the good guys and bad guys could tell and just following up with Elon Musk he is going to expose how dangerous is artificial intelligence says the first you have to promote it to the good news about most of the positions of the spokes will call them is their complementing with the bad guys are preparing you for
so when you make fun of them in directly indirectly like that you counted them and of course you can expect that to be counted as well so if the goal for the bad guys was to put microchips in your mind control you with satellites by the way you're the album full of iPhone so if you're going to be mind controlled by your super villain
you you now have countered the dark agenda in some respects because you you showed that you showed their hand against Eli doesn't care what you think he's showing you right from your eyes what the plan is for the bad guys they're trying to mind control you with artificial intelligence with your machine and by the way they've done a very very good job and what they're doing is controlling sign wise so now when you're off this planet
when you're off this planet now remember years and years went into my next payment years & years on this planet goes into my next payment I have interviewed thousands and thousands of people thank you very much you lovely dear peeing and I ask every every secret Soldier every every secret space program individual to contact me knowing full well what was going to happen what do you think happened on it for years and years I have every Super Soldier every secret Soldier and every secret space program individual come to me what do you think happened ocean
I found you
mermaid and I found some other than prq what I'm getting at is and they want to come back and they know how to get back but they don't want to freak us out and work for a civil unrest because the the technology the Delta of Technology been told of it what's your universe is a dramatically different is going to be tough is the Assumption I feel we can handle it but when you start understanding that all your choices are creating a dimension each and every second a lot different living now is this
very much so that's my great encouragement is you do have you do have fleets on your planet now that are participating with fleets off your planet interesting isn't it
very interesting and let's also look at just for the audience when Elon Musk took over Twitter which was course deep state it was white and blue and it changed to the space Force colors with the space force star to Black and White Witch was symbolically assignment United States space force was capturing a deep-sea operation so who are The Rescuers here
think I think you just put your hand up didn't you
please save me from myself
yes you got it right so and so it gets a little easier when you start looking
you know I'm pretty tough on history and what's been on both of us but time time and on top on the definitions of time
but it has as I said to you this week and it has helped us a little bit to to have an awareness of time continuum in in my opinion it's given us a metrics to prove that this game is run out of it doesn't have any weight we're we're understanding that we don't know how to make an Egyptian pyramid Ever every every engineer on the planet still has no idea how to make an Egyptian pyramid to the scale in Abbott sustain an erection that long for thousands and thousands and thousands of years that you're never going to know these are very old construction material
and that doesn't do it it doesn't do it justice because there's no such nice time they're they're designed to anneal to your electromagnetic field that many tools with pyramids like the Egyptian pyramids Mayan pyramids
what I'm getting at is that helped us a lot realized stories run out the narrative run out there's a lot of unanswered questions here and all the sudden by the way why do we need a space force show me again why do we need Facebook
it's a rescue team
the cracked so you're someplace that you're unaware of your unaware of that that's how beautiful this deception has have done your someplace you're unaware of you I've had many Beautiful People approach me over the years that I know I know you I know you I know you I know you in the person that says say to me I'm not from here I know that's why we were talking nothing here is normal
so I've been fortunate for me to tell everybody you're in a tramp it pains me to say when you can still sell powerful you are you can still have the most incredibly beautiful day each and every day it's amazing that you can find positivity in the most deceiving trap ever it's amazing that we still cherish each other and find each other and love each other and love the essence of beauty of this planet as well and still are only 15 per cent of what our capabilities are it's quite amazing
so well said and I would like to give a standing ovation to you and the mermaid for bringing that here because in 1947 that you landed and pretended to crash at Roswell but simultaneously you also
Buy located and landed in China and Russia this is very important because in China and the United States you were interrogated you were tortured and you were killed and in Russia you are embraced welcomed and integrated so the great wisdom that you brought to us
great piece and then intelligence from the domain was integrated by the Russian forces we have a space force in Russia that is that's a leading the rescue mission from my perspective and they're expanding in America as well would you like to elaborate on that
your story sounds better go ahead go ahead please the key here is that the the Russian people from many many reasons open their hearts to the mermaid in kiester when I came here in 1947 and that really really helped the Russian Federation to have a great wisdom and if you look at in kuester always read a racist Russia has never instigated a war as much as the mainstream media will lie and say it has he look at Tucker Carlson's latest interview with Vladimir Putin you'll see with great wisdom and intelligence he shares exactly what happened with Ukraine this man is very honest
and he's from
the domain
he's from that Landing in 1947 so please continue
the mermaids going over the chills so that's how it works so when we use our Consciousness you like we're all getting our awareness back and so you can see the truth and everything obviously the story is very very best and one day we will and I remember Bill and Jane really tugging on me to do the area 51 dialogue over and over again I said no it's so much bigger than Area 51
that's why they want you to be in your awareness presumably because they want to make a note that says that's where they say traffic
the Russian geography is very important.
Geographically but when you looked at when you come into a reality
that you're calling a planet a living a living space
what you're able to do just like the Allegacy Star Trek TV series in the 70s
where you able to do is use your able to see the volume of Consciousness on a planet and this is the gateways and confiscate ways we've delivered here to Planet that's why everything's getting cleaned up
we desire you're able to read the volume of light that's coming in for population in one of those that just stood out tremendously was rush because of the volume the population of the way they created the legacy of historians their did a good job of transferring natural Technologies through genetics so that they can absorb information in a way that information instead of read and nuts in believe information to the knowing they had an in the gene pool call it was was very strong
Beyond The Way We Now distribute ourselves around the planet. Portent that it went based on priorities of events that they suggest it as an example we really need you guys over in China next because they're planning this not the snap they're going to clone all of that species and turn them into robots that is one of us so the priorities were based on the Russian people explanation of what's happening on on what you're calling your planet and which is a space I'm calling unemployment
the reason America was sighted is because they're the agendas The Unbelievable agendas or being constructed in America that's the only reason we did our best to to work with the American industrial control already obviously in some dark individuals that technology here so we're we're we're a little late we could say but we're more Progressive because we're giving you all of the forgiving you not only a little bit more if it we're getting you everything when you use a cart stay away but it's specific to your geography your planet so that you would learn about what's actually going on behind the scenes here not to tell you in direct you how to live your life very tricky to do very very tricky to now communicate we don't want to control the outcome that you're going to create
but we do want to tell you by the way you're on a you're honest Factory at your planet trying its best to be a genetic engineering. That's the short version and we do hosts several hours of of calls about this but essentially Earth to up coming here looks like a genetic engineering form so make sure that our Collective conscience does not get all of his capabilities that's what Earth is to us forgive me for any work
that's perfect mermaid did you want to share anything about time
look how emotions can run everybody's Roost know how does it work how do we get triggered so easily as one of the design design is one of the ways they do that is mainstream media is so if you look at all of the beautiful beings from the domain that are now helping us in rescuing us we have Latimer Putin we have G in China we have been summoned and we have President Trump we have to Anna mermaid we have Millennia we have Elon Musk we have Modi and it goes on and on these are all beings from the domain they've taken leadership roles and the mainstream media is going to create emotions very detrimental e-motion through lies and bold-faced lies that make people hate those people or think something is completely made up so they use our emotions and her negative thoughts to make sure that we don't get run
Pizza Hut right now I'm good with put down the mermaid
if I can find that for me that's how is it possible can we find a very important point because the mermaid represents a very special frequency we look at Princess Diana which is all you hear is love add oration just cherishing because her frequency anchor something here that we all need to be rescued or maybe would you like to elaborate
what do I say to that perfectly set
you said it just just that way that's how you are babies they come out they come out screaming a lot of the time and they don't know why either they're like what is going on that day coming into this is very very dense and low frequency and they're trying out and see when they're going to the emergency room immediately.
Seymour that's true self and not not the yeah but I guess Soul cages these buddies to pay the breaking spray and be more.
Show a beautifully said everyone can steal the information you give out I'd so proud to get to witness this it's it's a beautiful Road we're on its really changing fast now and the recognition that is one of the topics I have a gentleman in my circle Ron a new captain ABS you know anyway that is the one tune we'd like to explain to you today there are a lot of people off plan if they're coming back to help us and the Galactic Federation by the council's would never get in our own way that's what I've been doing my best to explain to you they're not going to
really compete with more Duality that I can because I know it's just the Galactic Federation to call the lesson you like that word that's great either kelbel they they can see what's going on they have gateways just like we do all over the universe
and it's really up to us to clean our own house. That's what it ends up being so please do not Channel other beings in your body you're just going to get your you you're here right now do not Channel anything outside of yourself just be more Vigilant about what where when how you are each and every choice is our suggestion that like has me
misdirection with traveling especially I think a lot of people that I know quite a bit actually believe that that expanding your Consciousness and voices in 10 things like that that's complete destruction I mean a lot of people have those abilities that are good people but it's not that's not staying more you know about Orion's ladies Leary I am not sure if
well that's good bad the ugly right there so it's just so many spaces and places in the story of all the opportunities you just can't abide by all this space bike rules and structures and stuff it just becomes more and more fact that you can't believe they even still sad and stressed out and stuff I guess if I swing by the federal taxes that are in place he has a mold I crumbled I've already been taken down
another estimate that holds it together cuz it's just not real anymore
she's on a roll today I should even do the question going back on what she said was helpful for us to see what's going on in the mainstream right now if there's an agenda that asking for a lot of money for example you Crainer Israel a lot of times they're they're hiding something so just to be clear and maybe you guys can liberate when Putin went into Russia he rescued children and animals and families in cages and domes in bio lab in Ukraine that was a rescue mission and he seized and burn down the dubs and the bio weapons were specifically for intended for this lot of people a lot of them were they were trying to wipe out brush of course because they're most evolved that might not be the best way to say it but physically there is the Navy Jag and the space Force JAG system which are those taken care
he knows that we're not being told about it
that's correct so if you knew the information it it's it's really tough when you look at the underground World here in most places it's it's to the level in which if we told you the information you would probably go crazy yeah it's really in it in I'm not making light of it if you saw the material there their they're looking at its design to have its own booby trap so when I look at Material computer about what they're actually doing it has booby-trapped in it just like the programs they put in my head in the program to put an a other secret soldiers and so forth they have planned to be discovered they know they're going to be struggling to try to hide they just protect themselves with a very Advanced booby-trapped so when you look in the material and then you want to go
deal with and identified individuals did this year it's very difficult to do so sorry to inform people this
yes I think you should be very careful from your heart heal if it's safe to watch what you're going to watch because a lot of things are going to start coming out
yeah I will say that the one of the reasons I'm such a heavy hitter on the smartphone is they do have a program they could send your phone right now and watching one second of it would scramble your mind
and that is a true weapon here and that's why this is such a tough game here is is really easy to put submit transmit that code into your phone from abroad on fire. But it's super easy to get your phone to receive it so you're living with a Russian Roulette system just by using this location towards the one I'm using right now they can send that to us doesn't I'll tell you a little bit I got the message
they strip our batteries daily I'll speak for I haven't really talked to Josh about this I know the technology that you'd be stripped of all of our technology whatever they want just to flirt with and then we have the ability to bring it back
and so we're playing game in a lot of PR Q's been affected by that
just know I got you just know I got your poetry Bo just know I'm still getting all your information do not let your subscriptions do we have a way we have many solutions here at the end of the road here how to get this cleaned up in a way that's comprehensive and extremely healthy for our spirit
how do you on and Asha thank you kuester and the mermaid and Christopher and Christina and Don and I are wonderful listeners we love you thank you so much for being a part of this with us
it is fun to have a words that all of us were at the end of the show I know what you just started to be The Little Mermaid yeah that is weird how they would make fun of us appreciate that all it is it is a privilege and an honor to get to do the shows and we do our best to have fun year
because that's that's what it's really all about is it is my
my my cleaning is to just have unbelievable fun from here on out and that's all there is because we see those who find a world has passed them by too late to save a dream that's growing we realized I'd go to try to see the distance
I love you all thank you so much for letting me pretend to sing I love you take hold of the flame everyone just have any negative information that's not all of it by just doing what we want and not worrying about anything don't you steal us the game to take hold of the flame you got nothing to lose and everything to gain I'll be reaching out to you all keep it comin everyone love you love you love you miss you love you

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