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Project Review With Q, December 30, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 30

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello hello welcome to project review with you
how do you do just like a Stone Temple Pilots you say I will be me today and maybe a special guest she is away at a non-binary convention in the Caribbean Bobby Kennedy I believe but she is she'll be back soon she's having a tremendous amount of trust me she's Making Waves as OS Who's laughing in the background it is what it is
why is Q never serious the other day he's really pushing this but I'm just saying baby we all know when it's 1 and thank you for joining me today to hear you
do you think you could start our show off today and I'll be okay I see you called the healing room by Sinead O'Connor and I have a universe inside me where I can go and Spirit guides me there I can ask any question I get the answers if I listen
I have a healing room inside me the loving Heelers that I stayed me they make me happy with that last job they kiss and tell me on that.
You have a little voice inside you and doesn't matter who you think you maybe if you don't know me see I'm not the lie that lives outside of and it doesn't matter what you think you believe you know spray if you don't know I'm a
see I am the universe inside you you come to me and I will guide you and make you happy with my last job I joy and seeing you you're my daughter you're my daughter so I believe you're not spray if you do
that is beautiful so believe you're not free if you don't know me is really the the overview of how we connect with our spirit in stores that's amazing words if you don't know me you don't know me is just a beautiful way to start today show thank you so much for doing that and of course today we have the mermaid with us and she's going to help us
qualified use DS that's what the hell is going on is usually your position with me so before we get to prq updates and so far you've always wanted to ask me this question on the radio I'm pretty sure crack me if I'm wrong but
why wouldn't you want to ask me some heavy questions regarding
nesara gesara and revaluation and say what is the mermaid's Canyon of the false advertisement revaluation of our monetary system do you feel in the people you interact with you've been duped a little bit
I'm kind of interested in a spin-off of everything that's been spun off and confuses people sell some of the traces on the bus on YouTube and whatnot and maybe people are fed misinformation and some people would deliberately feeding this information that I think it did get rich very confusing and then it ended up in everybody's kind of store
something grandma would suddenly happen
the tree currency is coming in that's why it's really important everybody keep your subscriptions up with BBs radio keep checking in with for the people or the spirit when people. Space this is how we're getting you truth and information so I can't be misguided working really hard to get you a lot so we have the opportunity to swat and or mass communicate with you in a way that maybe you need to you to keep your subscriptions going so we have contact for it and I'll get to that later this war is really interesting in the ways that you get to use propaganda reactively proactively and positively and negatively
Give an example not to lose sight of the RV in the tsar and sorry and all the other agendas Financial attendance around the planet trust me they all lead back to quite a unique demonic group
let's use the wall from Mexico to America right now here is an example of great
strategic opportunities
or the dark end and the light in many respects do you think the United States military
if they wanted to stop people coming from America don't you think they could do it it would take about five minutes to stop someone coming across the border okay you get to see the story The propaganda machines you get to see that somebody is allowing this to happen so that you can watch it fall apart from you and or you also get to see why would somebody want to send waves of people into America if they were trying to invade America 350,000 34 foot Catalina sailboats invade America
that's why you're even taking but you catch my drift the US military is letting this happen so you can watch it fall apart funny front of you and you can see the agenda this is a classic example of we do you don't know who is directing these people and then you do it you get you get to see where the enemy is coming from what their agenda when you let them attack because the people get to decide what we wanted to prove that you're the United States government has been shut down and prove that you're on a ship without a Rudder A lot of mileage letting Things Fall Apart
so you don't have to be able to see the tires and then you get to see the attack on it who would have thought that the United Nations would be your biggest enemy in the sergeants are they they are there they're manipulating machines sorry to be more propaganda that you're you're seeing that United not United Nations United Nations is doing a great job of keeping us all a card that's been their job
misdirection political message and I got several Black magicians in there many many deceiving individuals in there and we have to clean them up if they're going to play a role as we go forward and we should decide we should decide of satellites are going to come over our heads we should just no one voted on satellites overhead
that would be my assessment that when do we get to have our say when we are working in multi-dimensional reality so we can control the outcome right so Everyone's entitled if we're going to keep continuity with boundaries and countries what would be a standard over me what would be a stock overview summary is people decide
on the gross domestic a byproduct of their input day in and day out as a service provider for the world so I called out Exxon less than why does that sound get the revenue and not people of the geography you're it
that's all going to go wet you know so if you truly recognized on this oranges Star as the tool your voice again it's up to the people these laws were put in place and we but we don't have a country right now so how are you going to impose them and or endorsing them if you don't even have an education process for people they don't need nine out of 10 people that don't even understand what I just said what is nasara what is what is re-evaluation look at all the people who don't realize 9/11 was for the read revaluation of the American currency
brought to my attention to talk about the US dollar today by the way to
this is a trail this money Trail on the US dollar is quite demonic so if you want to go ahead and take the moments and bring out a u.s. dollar real quick here and you can see the surface opportunities are one world new order has shipped their pyramid you have y'all seen and I and so forth gets a little richer when you start combining the genetic manipulation of humans and how money at least in America and globally genetics are barcodes in your physical being and your epigenetic recording system so this is a very passionate about this topic and I'm not budging on it until
proven otherwise
at least in releasing many of these hindrances in the newest version of human epigenetically there was a wreck epigenetics for me are just a recording system and for me DNA is just at least this type of DNA is just a filter stopping the volume of your life getting through a recognized through your mind. Not to say you can't correct it. So you can clean it up I heard me say it many times before is if I can't get all my knowledge through my like or and recognize it in my head then how am I going to how do I have a fighting chance with what I'm getting at and so the more we exercise and our spiritual peace our life force energy remove that filter knowing full well
what they also did as made you an incredible supercomputer of recording things so that you will relive the timelines that have been established here this is why they're so much attention on prq over and over because they do not want you to realize that the dimensional reality that you can create has nothing to do with money and has nothing to do with the timelines whatsoever because you
are entitled to be free create dimensional realities in which you complement each other
so the epigenetics you say how does that Mary with Finance if you look at the US dollar over the course of let's just take a hundred years even if I go back to Confederate time once you're able to do with that is your able to match the genda's through the coating of your epigenetics and when you use my remember money is just energetic it is nothing more than energetics you it's a means of exchange is now averaging system to exchange energetics and served as you want to get
it's not positive or negative it's just a means until you coat it so if I'm a black magician and I have agendas around the world
I would want my means to change to be the most popular the most popular so that's why I would control the world with black magic and or I mean that everybody uses like oil and forgive me that this is repetitive and redundant but it's very important as we move forward here assuming this is our new year when I towed my money and I get a bass line of people to utilize it I can also code epigenetics to it to make the money more powerful for outcomes so the serial numbers of demarcation the symbolism I can change decade after decade money over and over again has different colors are all for the perception of counterfeiting now you have Electronics
I could put a barcode on the money in serial numbers that said
believe there is a disease and take your message I can put that on money and so every if I can get a million people 10 million 100 million people using that black magic
u.s. dollar it would now install and reinforce the agendas that may be initiated by these nefarious individual so I can do that with Revenue I can do that with inflation D place I can code money and make it do things because you are so powerful you're so amazingly powerful that you're just buying a bottle of water that will actually pushed the energetic Great Valley believe in the code you just have to use the means of exchange which is energetic since you are horsepower just by using it unaware naive but that's how that's how good these black magician
so when you travel around the world has been careful you and other people have told me when I hold Canadian money it just feels like Canadian money but when I hold a stack of hundred-dollar bills US money I feel like I got something I just know it's something they've done something palpable specifically with the u.s. still on it's always felt more exciting and small white when I was younger and traveling to America
so when so when you when you push the energetics of those cuz it actually helps impose the agenda so it's hard to feel and I love and I and I have sat in the room very very wealthy people actually think they've done something for a living Deloitte & touche Executives actually think they've done something and they move numbers from numbers the numbers Associated they think they've done something fascism is their baby they love it and I love the stories we talked about people who are wholesalers of products
they think they've actually done something they've never touched me never made anything new drop ship from a manufacturer to another one and they've made revenue on it and other rich and or they presume they actually made black magic agendas around the world because they have 50 million in their back or whatever the number that just in hoarding it and holding it in your bank is actually even as powerful because the coating is in there by the 50 billion dollars in a coating is held there an energetic and held in Anchorage is going to Linda's all ate every bit of it
Aloha most emotion and no action would be holding grasping saving really higher frequency Behavior would be educated on for the people that space is very important that you read the RICO Act is very important because the spine collusion at this level Define collaboration the dis dis vas around the globe is very very tricky to prove so I got a guy in Europe I got a guy in South America I got a guy in Australia New Zealand America all with the same agenda incredibly tough to prove that they are cold listings for an outcome
stifling the American dream in the world dreams you are great fans for encourage everyone to get beautifully educated with RICO Act it was incredible a tool is going to be incredible stool and you're seeing it unfold right now you're starting to see disclosure of people who are in the club and who are in the club as you can see there are some Heroes on the dark side I was on live cattle so I'm in Hollywood did participate in a few things in Caribbean islands and some people have rolled over the whole Michael a sister makes a baby to say my staple whenever I've had this conversation will that be
I think what you would say
everything's going to stop believing in money so I'm using money
a grade
what somebody says he can fly can buy from each other that's why I'm catching everybody your subscriptions up so the collaboration and now with just our desire to do something different is all we need to do in our heart center so I really don't like the processes I was adopted into that's enough and then keeping our energetic Louis for the future that's all I'm so that's all I'm proposing prq it's just let's keep any kind of dialogue going regardless of the volume just keep it going so that we can now directed however we want you not how she wants to run less
we're going to keep going forward and in it is a beautiful queen I do not want to know answer your question out and it is very important
you are now and place it in your universe and in your development in this type of mammal and that was engineered to stifle you forgive me I'm sorry it's the your were intended to be 100 times more aware of your capabilities but you're growing out of it and one of those tools is being naive and be gentle with yourself as the mermaid song Would dictate just find your inner self with your net choices now your statement is extremely important
because your past decisions
if we keep reinstalling them in our reality that's what you're going to get this is I bought a house I'm upside down it's got a ratchet mortgage I've got to keep it going did you keep doing it what do you think you're going to get in the future I'm falling behind I got to make more money I need something to do something is the goal of this American inflationary Financial did you make that decision is what is all I'm getting at I needed a place to live and it was a really good by is there is really good bye
woke you why do you go look for houses when you don't have any money and if I don't want it cuz I really want to live there is completely different okay you don't have any money how do you how do you think you're going to get it cuz I don't think I'm going to get it I know I want to be there and I want to live there and I want to share that space I know I want to live right there is different than I can afford it and one day I when I can't afford I'll get to do it
I think Billy I think Billy's 20 was I'll just go ahead is my church right now so I love that love that the first steps for me to doing in the conversation asking a question mermaid is and on one side of your TV is a list for the past one side of your TV is the future and you start listing everything you want in the future and everything you don't want on the past everything you did not prefer in the past I do not like this house cost too much and I'm not really that happy I'd rather live in in the Bahamas okay whatever it is whatever you're not getting whatever you're not happy with put on the left side of your teeth on the bottom side of your teeth put in future now all you have to do everyday
I don't care if you get kicked out of your house what happens if you could get it I guarantee you're going to be you're going to live somewhere something's going to happen if you use your heart now that's not very realistic I know everybody a smack me around when I promote the stuff
with great cares what I'm saying just take baby steps as you said what you really really can do each of the shuttle choices did it come from the heart or did it come to my house too because I have to like right when I die I have done what I just said I sat on ice at
refused to do anything for a year in a very very financially challenging position just to see if I could watch timelines that weren't mine affect me negatively or positively I guarantee you you'll come out on top if you just take care of your heart base Choice I've done in many different ways and I challenged myself and just did exactly what I wanted even though in the past I adopted a lifestyle that I thought was the right way to go and now when I adopt a lifestyle that is what I prefer each and every day without doubt the whole thing for the whole Matrix falls apart you're in a dimension right now
never talked about last couple days to use my voice
there is a dimension right outside of most people's attention all the time there's always a frequency band that you can go to and from so when you make a choice to go skip in the woods and you make a choice to go to the US Post Office those are dimensions now
I'm really happy to I can't wait to see in the forest and then I have to go to post office mail this is a dimension that before you were locked in the freaking to get so don't ever put linear spot two-dimensionally out if I'm stuck in the third dimension know you are kicking yourself in the third dimension would be a different way of putting it
a reference that there is a will there is a way of beings that want to help you on your planet right now and never will until you can reach their frequency band they will never impose and they never want to participate in Tuality with you because now they're participating in the word well the reason you're not getting the help is because you're not getting their level because you haven't found you as an example in that might be one of their of many many me if you look at Hollow Earth has example they're not coming to your dimension frequency band feel like each other one
because they're not going to participate in to our why would they participate in a lower frequency if they had a choice at a higher that's all that's going on you so the higher dimensional beings that want to help you they will not impose beliefs in you that you haven't
created for yourself yourself in the meantime they're also not going to go down to the lower levels and participate with you even though they could
many people who walk in the forest like menthols
knows I like to contribute to Neil Peart Rush many many sailors many many artists are cuz I've been looking out the ocean for days and days and weeks and they get to a higher frequency and they you know
nothing to think about or worry about me anyway. I hope that helps people but just practice with it and I will I do look forward to to making sure I'm a service the two in the future how to standardize living high frequency and or validating what I'm saying for yourself so that it's not all my words that you can put
these these passionate projects are more proof that this is going to be my greatest passion to prove to you I made the largest consulting firm in the shortest amount of time because you desired it and I desire that we all desire and we are all going to get our greatest stipend if we just keep focusing on it folks want to focus on it and never look back I know
Arceus versus
the people are the weapon to keep in touch just keep envisioning solution solution solution and way we will go so that's my great my open already halfway to show what else you want
there is there is a couple projects I want to promote to people a couple things here first of all the
going forward there is some illusions on your planet and
many of these Illusions are with technology and emulation ship to how you work with the energetics of the universe
this is our planet
was a light pole and it was taken over by the dark for lack of a better term in a way that you can't see because it's so beautiful and Magnificent the dark when they took over the planet they did a way to create a lot of it lose it so number one the body that you're in is designed to be in the illusion of a capability of feeling
mammal has the the original blueprint of a mammal and with with its Spirit work about 100% of it it can heal instantly and control gauge direction of growth height size scale you can do many things especially here is fear you've inherited is designed to do the opposite as you can tell me and we talked about our favorite soft drink last week
so these Illusions are breaking down now and part of them is your perception to see so notice there's an eye doctor every corner of every state every city in America they all want you to lose your eyesight and what you wear glasses you were designed to have your eyes were out because what was you coming to the the the dimensional reality real real to Seymour and here's one to land which will help you see more of the dimensional realities proactive it
I showed you how you can move the screen of a visuality in nature not as easy a house because you believe the house is the scale size it is when you're in a box
when you're in nature and you take your head and you move it from your left shoulder to your right shoulder with your eyes open really slow 1234 you will see all the beings loading right in front of you as you co-created up fries are lot doesn't gamble you're going to see them dance just a microcosm in that accept and the more you focus on not focusing the more you're going to see the illusion of your reality dissipate you're making a movie and you are the captain and the you are the lead actress
and now you've heard it a thousand times but now you should be able to see the screen moving as you do my exercises
anything you can do now because your Veil is is spinning if you like
you can look straight ahead but you can also see left and right
and this is how you can see the other beings that are hidden from you so I'm a good summer bad unfortunately the latter is usually the trip
they're running out of space to stay with us because you outgrown the dimensional belief system to hinder you from the multi-dimensional being you are that's all getting very difficult to do now if you just
just really focus on the collaboration goals you have for the future of that helped reason that's important is some more you practice at the more you just lay with it the more you look and feel your partner next to you
through their core the more you both grow
Encouragement that make sense to you
lever on ya I'm running a lot okay so do you think it would be of value to clear up the mystery action on Mary
Mario Kart
they went teaching sexuality and sacred sexuality with your tree lobby after being in love with somebody cuz they could sexuality to expand one's Consciousness to get out with your love with you it was a practice behind it that they were using and it's all very beautiful and lovely and clean and spiritual and
it's been growing send said I was using the practice of love and I only love my bicycle and so and so she was pretty sure she was fine and they found each other and then they worked on it together and have a great help to bring him to Enlightenment beautiful ability to engage in these acts very quickly demonized sexuality night at 39 women left that we all know the story and the whole thing becomes controlled and now it's no longer it's beautiful
high-frequency active now
555 Christ and what it wants you so much yes Mr Orwell 1984 was his last words the goal is to take the orgasm away from the Spurs and humans so that you will lose all connection with the expansion and we're off to the expansion going out the inter kinetics 1984 is very valuable tool book on some of the agendas on this planet one of the reasons we came through Area 51 is to prove that they're a procreation is our ultimate intrinsic opportunity to expand generation after generation after Generation Z
now at the end of at the end of the Ascension cycling at the end of the Ascension cycle right now you're going to watch the church is get really really strong with propaganda still start buying radio shows of start magazine the false idolization and Jesus all of these anything to stop from your ultimate knowledge that your life being just like us and that you can get out of the inner tube any story any false gods you're going to watch him all show up now you got to believe in this you got to believe we got to know that you got a preggo Black Box walk around 37th Circle going to be idle idle idle the churches will now really try and protect their ground it's all an alien agenda by the way many of these books are I absolutely have fruit them it's unfortunate that watch the predictive analysis machines these people out the reason they're accurate is because
you're in a movie script the reason Bo Pony is accurate the reason Martin Armstrong is accurate the reason Cliff high is accurate with their machines in the prediction is because it's a script has been written for you and now you can model it and model it and model attend and diverts the computers are designed
Matthew to see what you're going to do in your in your Facebook account at cetera all your emails all the dialogue the computers now you can extrapolate a control mechanism with propaganda what are they going to do that's why they're so good at so this is why I'm heavy on myself let's not create timeline from predictive analysis for ourselves just all we have to do is use our queen of course I'm sure these are beautiful people I meant but there is nothing that can stop our creative Force now is what I'm endorsing
we have that opportunity now and and propaganda around Mary is proof of it that's a book it's a lie there all books from the past the future doesn't have a book what does it so my suggestion is no more birth control everyone etcetera etcetera end up to stifle the growth of humanity it's just that simple Mr morwell has a right for me that's why he's not here with us anymore many people are here with us anymore and
and they're the ones doing a lot of good work
I wish I had a band called rush we are going to you there will be a few will have a 1-800 number so I will take calls we only take phone calls as you noticed please keep sending in projects to the previous portal please send me Cason Petersburg yes we do get them they're not going to react because we want to use them as tools to improve the efficiency of one project over yet so the 1-800 number is going to work divinely in many ways it's one reason is you can talk to people when I call people throughout the weeks it's just so exciting for me to get Spectrum
and it is time consuming that's the idea
one of the distractions to your projects is reactive communication and I want and I now got enough modeling now or I can prove that it takes away from your creative Force if you're reacting to communication that does not support your Proactiv Choice each and every moment that's what emails are for is reactive they're great at at submittals for publishing information and be wrong when you communicate with them they are not proactive to your creator would be my assessment I'll let you decide of course
so I keep in mind when you're when you're taking 11 and vision one dream step forward with your project ask yourself am I making this decision because I think I need this before I can get this and I need this I need to I need the school before I need to build the project things like that it gets a little tedious over-analyzing I understand really practice on how am I going to make my next decision when it applies to your creative Force that's all I'm getting out of this is Brooklyn Decker
the 1-800 number of will probably keep it American time and we'll ask that will be the next request or prq I'm going to need some administrative assistance of more administrators I have quite a few already don't worry don't worry if there's a little redundant and you sent any of those we will we have projects that are going to need Administration as well as punch to be with you
what's the time for meeting I'm supposed to answer a question. Let me give a couple of that on it let's see
Bradley Beach or text papers I have that for you and ready to send to you so I did not answer Yoli Journey got it by the artist ocean checked on the big island I got that one ocean trackers we're going to start qualifying you this next month I can eat all sorts of folks
also to deliver bowls
onshore and offshore Miss shaver will give it another try thank you I'll reach out to you Joy in Rodger Rodger
IKEA Phoenix Phoenix Theater
got a copy on that oven Mel's sport
Kelly O'Brien Tree project
this the waiver populating are Hoppers is working very well so we need we need this beautiful time to get nice combination and a nice complement to everyone's Nations and rolls in my place would keep it going so your friends and family and you have to do what about animal project animals running the project
can we do that you're the mermaid you ask the school finished just start beating down dams on the Columbia River couldn't get me have the the whales on the yeah that is a truth that is a true story yeah I guarantee you use the San Diego or one project I I really want us to get on top of is if the state of California Newsom you're on notice by the way as I I know you already know that because you're a lot heavier the California lie about there's no water
is brilliant just so obvious on a water plant how can California be out well obviously I could put a 12 inch PVC pipe off the Columbia River and crank it down California if it was truly out of water and a greater Palm Springs or are you going to see you've been misled and liked it
they're mostly if you actually want to check me and look at all the tunnel system you'll get some gas out of sharks in the Pacific Ocean and you will see all of The Incredibles huddling in Legacy.
Kelly we will try again so I missed your call when you miss my call or vice versa here is a potential calendar for various groups have been working with a face-to-face meeting. Ballard girls probably May looking to be in the region somewhere in the region where we can sit down in advanced made a lot of Headway with your compilation projects dealer in otherwise architectural so far so I want to get with you physically in May Hawaii Hawaiian people in April and Australia's most likely in March will be some more meetings set up
so I have to be so vague amount of attention on Project review acute
we take a look at the beautiful compliment for me not sure I'm a fan of watching people die but I know I know where we're going and there's some folks that don't like where we're going and that is absolute perfect peace perfect peace and that's all there is perfect peace with some planning I get kicked off this radio because I've been gone a while
clean the cleanest. Big an end to the chairs and in between you and the troubles I've seen and now that I'm playing you know what I mean I broken my phone into it all I've changed my routine now on please I don't understand what Destiny is starting to grow what is in my own head
auto claim to know where my holy just goes I just know that I like what is starting to show sometimes Play the clean is not be an end to the tears and in between here and the troubles I see now that you know what I mean I broken my fault put an end to it all I've changed my routine now please as years go by all the feelings inside twists and 80 men as they ride with the Todd I don't advise as an auto criticize I just know what I like with my own eyes
I'm playing the cleaners. Been sometimes an end to the tears and in between years and the troubles I've seen now that I'm please
some shall we say goodbye and thank you for having so much Faith you all are incredible incredible incredible and I can't wait to see you all next time beautiful day to you

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