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Project Review With Q, December 23, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 29

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello hello we're here again project review with you how do you do for Sasha happy everything that Elijah really of all days you do this to me that I should really have all day this is the day you pick to do that yeah. Will someone they had enough ass up I guess right so now if I had asked if I had a little secret I should probably step up and say all right I love you arrogant Dairy the throne my master my God LOL I bet it's all over now we can move on
they didn't need any help
well I have a very powerful feeling in my heart it was very helpful whether people know that right away or not
might be looking for a new place to sleep tonight but otherwise I'll be okay fan clubs down here these birds are open on Westnedge
what would you like to do
today my PR to say that rhymes
I swear I did not but just I got to get to any writer would you want to do you have another one
giving a convict key you know
just a Castaway on an island lost its you another lonely day with no one here but me real all loneliness in any men to their rescue me before I fall into despair I'll send an SOS to the world and an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets more I hope that someone gets my message
a year has passed since I wrote my note I should have known this only hope can keep me together love Kim Angela love can break your heart I'll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets mad I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle
Message in a Bottle
I walked out this morning don't believe what I saw a hundred billion bottles washed up on the show since I'm not alone 100 billion Castaways looking for a home
sending out an SOS I'm sending out an SOS sending out an SOS sending out an SOS
what's up good shirt so incredibly awesome thank you sing again cuz I know it's Uncle I'm good with it
so fun yeah I feel that this is the way we manifest our projects now the way we walk through life everything we do now to our heart and Anna recognizing recognizing the waiver reincarnating is is not in time it's so so we're starting to figure this out then I just love it it is one of the reasons I did start oceans X need to leave I think the word the mermaid would say cheekily I recognize that you can make the ship's Auburn and and you can play the maritime game with the maritime game against them
as an example I can burst at the dock
and as long as they don't put me in Chains you can't come aboard so quite a quite an opportunity there though a lot of people have figured out you can you can register a vessel out of your country and bring it into another country
and the you don't have to leave cuz you're on Walmart you haven't come into the country yet very interested so as long as you don't get off the boat you haven't come into the country and by the way if you're stopping Dussel police state of that area can I come on your. And you can't arrest them very interesting information still the sovereignty topic is is in our group here is getting really is a nice way to it and I feel everybody's excited to move on and get our titles removed and that's why that's why it was so funny to hear you simply your name was Yeshua or a Manuel or what what the reason that was funny for me is because we didn't believe in title back then or identity that's that's that's all new to have identity
surely there was a personality expression of the name you use here and there many hierarchical system that name but it was very uncommon for higher frequency beings to live and Breathe by title so that's why that's why it's so obvious when you get in here that the cards are stacked against you when you have identity because now you're something and maritime law is of course all the way to that recent talking about this it's a start off with is Captain cookie & the Gang were experts at taking over country speeding countries with room demerits during their Maritime school so they sailed around the world and slave and or brought slaves to other regions what better way than to trap a slave and put them on an island right so they were some of the warships
no one's talking about it we'll cook is fantastic your own a book but as you can see it hasn't served people of those who reached well that's how they did it you can't you can't hurt me cuz I'm coming sure and then they learn the capacity of capability of the culture and Society assistant you're saying out and that's how America became what it is it was mated and then guess what it was what we forgot to do when you say
wow these Maritime laws are very interesting right so you so you invaded America you displace the the aboriginals their style of Native Americans in North America are humongous
so I decided to rename myself Robin Williams
you mean I just got like maybe I can win something more modern you do that or I was thinking Pee-wee Herman I did get a couple checks out of Pee Wee no doubt about it so bad about it
did you ever find funny
unfortunately no not really good with kids though huh that's really not funny it's not funny do you think you're funny are you starting already okay
if you can't hear me it's because I'm in parentheses
Subway near us
I don't have a lot of weight today but I got a couple that way so what do you want to talk about today
that was great did you have any updates first for the Parc people
I think I better hold off I might I'm going to put out a 12-step three days I'll be doing phone calls with individuals starting to see American time be Tuesday through Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday through Friday I'll be calling direct all the people have given me their contact information to VBS again I can't see my calendar scuse me the specific types of projects but it's organized for me so I'll be compared I compartmentalize silver audience's the bad RI yard and real close to what they want to do and some of those some of those people are ocean truckers who want to start the process with me and others are the other
I see no I'm pretty close to get all the Sovereign people also burn the people that want to teach sovereignty I think I'm ready to get them in a in a big bucket of those will be a good portion of the calls this week so we can start teaching everybody how to do it and get it right because it's tricky asthma.
And so I need to learn who's got the number one who's got the band with the really Coachella big groups of people or not get busted at the same time as dangerous work A Sew and sew but I'm not afraid
neither should you be because I got to I got to go to my side and I got my bullets to like a first song but right
yeah anyway yeah so that's my only updates cuz I'm a little and organized we just did a couple hours I'll show their I just can't see all my information for give me and everyone else to play with today but thank you for that and it's really exciting to watch what's happening with the pr to because many other groups that aren't connected with our eyes are all around the world implementing the prq Mission Street Mission and the strategies and there's groups reaching out to support one another and there's some groups within our group fine-tuning and realizing new passions and moving deeper into their excitement and bring you more of what they love to life and it just Cascade across the planet as you meant for it to would you like to share anything about that
well I tried to be cute about it I spell is wet
this this is pretty normal the way we get excited about changing world's this evening if there's a standard way we get our knowledge back we're like yeah why don't we just do what we want
all you need is a couple of examples of just a couple of wins and then we get it we get it right is my my opinion until when she gets occurred that what am I waiting for I don't need to wait for you or anybody else I can just go and do this that's that's the only
I don't need an RV to do what I want to do I don't need to do what I want to do I'm going to just go do it is the whole thing here right after lately and just just writing out your project and submitting it as activated so much not it just in the people who did that but the people around them people who don't even know that it's just an explosion of light because you're really diving into what you love what you're excited about and that helps the entire world so thank you to everyone who has done that in our group and other groups that are exploding with the same types of ideas or so grateful for everybody
yeah the radios dangerous it turns out her give the wind is too strong the we do it at other dimensions we don't have we don't have a delay so we don't have a delay and what we want to see pop up and so here there is because it is a Dancer Place is really fun place because it is now because you've gone so far down the road of of evolution and bringing in more you like now all you have to do is start talking about the others seeing it in your ligament system and just take a step for a physical place
do is give yourself a bread from every time you take a step forward and and and that's and that's why we started prq as if I can just get you to sit down and talk to me about it and then that person is yelling at me right now but you haven't called me yet that's enough because you're you want you want to spin this thing up and that's how it works here we're just accept that's how far we are hope that helps so helpful and a lot of times when you have to weigh to make some more passionate I need to do this I'm just going to do this I'm not going to wait for anyting so it's working and you're brilliant
oh thanks I can't use that line again but I want to
set a reminder to laugh with me at 1
yeah and it's exciting because it does we are really moving the ball down the field now and it's it's quite obvious things are changing and that's one of the great Christmas oranges sorrow was leader not is everybody's waiting for this thing to show up and it doesn't have anything to do with excitement no one's excited about green piece of paper that is it proves that you don't need something before you go make something to you that's right that's why I actually did specific healings for people that were waiting to clear that yeah like soon as I get this thing I'm going to do something
really great tricks by the dark in the meantime I'm going to do this one day when I get that thing I am going to do something with it and then we will solve everything but first I'm going to get in a medical bed then we will be healed
that's not going to go over well and the alternative is you get passionate you creative project and you're very Source light starts to attract money and keep own opportunities and it just ignites from there so it's it's just that step toward your fashion instead of waiting for something that's not really your passion will y'all be this helping Mary but we are all real modality is already and we just that's my great encouragement on the crash test dummy here and I can play with it and once I realized I was thinking if I could communicate and prove it I now feel we are we're ready to publish you pretty soon I ate a toolbox if you will acquit cliff notes to look for the samples we have any samples we have now
what you'll see will have the same same directives from the heart of the individuals who wanted it to happen would that be European so incredible people coming forward and doing these projects and getting excited about what's in their heart it's it's so Dynamic and it's so you just inspired everything in you to do more even if you have a different kind of project didn't even on his way doing the same
making bricks I believe that Mexico with hay and straw is that correct
give me more stories like that well I have a store that not quite like that but it's sort of prq story it sounds like there was a fireman in Missouri that went on a call and he was harmed so a five-year-old boy and his sister felt so badly for him they wanted to raise money to help them so they put up a lemonade stand and they were just telling everyone we're going to give all the money to the firefighter and they raised $1,000 and gave it to the fireman and the sky was he was 5 years old and his sister I believe was a time not positive about that but now there is a PR to success story from their heart
okay until you said the kids initiate the lemonade stand and the kids the little boy got really excited cuz you wanted to help this family felt so bad for him and so he decided to make his lemonade stand
too cool how do you do that when you just a kid
yeah how do you not do that I mean those are just kids right kids do it yeah that's cool that's it that's an interesting for me regarding time so I was promoting I think two or one or two more shows on longer and your calendars going to get shorter if you keep believing in time. Tell me your that is so children you'll remember if you're making your day
interco creating West light source the planet when you were a child in your playing ball with your buds say you're six to eight winner of the day was super long and or in your case you were you're probably shooting deer in the woods right okay whatever I just thought you was Pocahontas would be a good tool but anyway when we when we play like that where our day or day was created by us and so when you get inspired you're excited about doing something I really want to fix the roof and actually will it'll feel like
I really want to construct the house I really want to make something you're going to get a little just the effortlessly it's like a labor of love is is a real story
is a song on how you going to see some change and then when you go interact with people who are not inspired on your project watch how that works even though they're great people and may be great friends watch out watch out Works nothing gets done with that they don't like it but they're very loving and caring but they're not really into it to attend and it just doesn't move so that's my great observation in the one of the models we have with all the projects has some people still which is no problem including myself are always looking for that next inspirational choice and you don't know a sustained and that's okay to you may not may only want to be the Chief Financial Officer Coca-Cola very short time after set
until you find your true or passion when you go to the Dr do for me that's why did the targeting of Manatee with fake diseases was so valuable for the light is because people were forced to quit their job cuz they were going to do something outside your body will they got home and go like that job anyway and see my kid and seven years invaluable
now I have a secret about that by the way in America there was a guy before he got fired he needs sure yours earlier that there was a process if of weapon of mass destruction came out in the shot or otherwise that everyone in America would have over a year and a half maybe 2 years in case of unemployment of weekly benefits
people made so much money on unemployment sitting home it was a tool to get you to find your passion bleeding or not
Bravo thank you pretty good really good it's just $4,500 a month since I don't like like serving Burgers anyways you were going to do what you wanted anyway where you exactly where at least have enough time to have self-realization to start looking at yourself and go again
what do I really want to do and I'll tell you what there's even a bigger truck here because of the succession of how fast we're going in it with our light it was also known as Quantum and conscious Computing that timing was paralleled against the attack on us so the dark knew that were over we'd better get on it and we know they're going to attack and so that's how that works pretty interesting huh that's really interesting and I did see people near me that benefited from that tremendously completely changed their life
I know and it's it's it's it is one way to use the tools that we may not prefer to make the transition in our next in our next lighter the projections are for us one day to have a means of exchange where there's no measurements
so there's several ways to do it one give everybody a trillion. And the dark that was the dark skill to is I'll just give everybody a trillion dollars on a credit card and go get your shot and Away you go and you'll live happily ever after in the mansion and have service there some agenda is there too but it's really to prove that it has no value because everybody has so they're both fighting now
with potentially fighting scuse me
on where we're going to decide what are we going to prefer as far as the means which is the ultimate goal is that we just share everything on the planet. I forgot to tell you that on the last show what's interesting about what you said very curious how you got the information
nevermind I know you said I was left gold and then I distributed it out to 3 people in their socks crap
here's an interesting story the same person that left me that gold this time isn't a note to go that time
that's an incredible story and I have I have one of the strongest dragon in the world watching it now and I've never touched it and never seen it but that's how it works so it's almost the same store so I'm so I never I've never told me that story would never confess to this fantastic information we're sharing today but that is that is what happened and those are very very special people and my relationships with the people who work in prqr very very special to me and just just do great care is taken in the process now I'm still tingling from that that is such a trial information in and on that note
our team is really really being bombarded with so so many emails and everything and just a reminder that for the next couple weeks is probably going to be too much work for them to get back to anyone so everyone just chill you know it would work on your passion but the team is he going to be able to do probably reply to anyone for a while because there's a bunch of emails sent out and now they're going to have lunch so thank you for your patience with that you never know
was that a bird or a child that is for Birds family of 3 you let say the body use Fiber skip bread from me I just got him around me is so fun
well that's what they know as well as it's just I didn't just go to a quiet place on some strawberries girl what's going on anyway
I need a people show up or they all leave cuz they're not people
yeah it is the mermaid I have cleared out a restaurant or two that that's an interesting show
I'm sure others are doing it to accidentally it's we just sit down and they looked at us and then they wonder why ours were here and we're looking at them like we don't know either, I am very excited about the dieticians until I died I want more volume on the on the diet side then dr. Neal because it's more restaurants the energetic an honor to get to go out for a meal and everybody apparently has a one generalization that where I'm at now
you see so many people who are entitled to be served and when they don't get good service they feel they're entitled to complain
so I feel there's an opportunity to change the model of the restaurants to a the restaurants now we could have a
once once you lose the revenue base for restaurant you have the opportunity now to pitch in at the restaurant so nothing really changes at the restaurant for say it's just you take on one of the roles there and gets it serves well but you just go go mingle in the in the management process because you don't really need everyone's appear to you knowing full well you may not know you may not have the drive and Love of Cooking and managing the restaurant but you do have the grill to be able to sit down with others and collaborate and that is another misdirection of the of the last supper was we always had a collaboration place where we shared resources and that's what it's so thrilling about facilities are already and I are already right in front of us
are we just changed the model in which were utilizing so going out to dinner is this fun now we pay a guy he brings me food is great food nothing wrong with that but what if we all got there about our community that's pretty quick when you say oh that's so exciting to the lodge and Jim would have products from the farm Ray would have wood forest and there be a carpenter who knew how to put it all together except so if we could just just get it at a microscopic level take our cafes and make them more communal
that's that is my prediction for you all because you're not going to care about Revenue in your business that makes sense to be really exciting for you to share more about that time and and how everything slowed
reason you're favoring sharing is because you have more knowledge and it'll show you how working so you were you're much more knowledgeable than I want to say smarter but then go back in the new more information about that you knew that all the resources are here
and you knew that you needed help getting forced out of a small town and you don't have any cows you got to you got to rely on the farmer and he's going to rely on you because you makes you so
you just understood each other's roles so so much better and how important are the risks you didn't really like the farmer maybe it's not a big deal he's a little different but she she know and he doesn't care for you maybe either but he knows your great cobbler he knows he needs boots etcetera etcetera so you that knowledge is coming back into that you just start naturally sharing in so you don't have a middleman because you don't have measurement that's why you were so much smarter back then knowledgeable back then is because you didn't measure the weight of the shoe or the milk you just knew you needed it that make sense
yes I love this so let's say there's someone who really didn't have a skill because it's a community of sharing and that person maybe it's just fun to be in their presence everyone will be taking care of because in that day everyone was filled with light and that's what we're moving towards now is everyone filled with light is not going to be someone just sitting on the couch pouting you know would you like to speak on that. So when she remember having a million million life I start change real quick
and the weight of things changed real quick and Eagle mind disappearing is part of that of course the re-evaluation globally of your means of the chain that is real it is changing
and it needs to change no doubt it in my assessment and many other notified about it but the real re-evaluation on the planet is you
everyone listening so when we look at going back to the byproduct of your production when we look at Country who produces something what you're calling the gross domestic product which is now that run has been stolen from you give me example that right now you once you realize that it's yours and you give it back to the people is all this happening here you made it you get the revenue that's one way to solve a lot of financial system so in some respects massage Tucson are bogus because they don't tell the whole story about you recognize yourself give me example
I like to make fun of our favorite industry the petroleum industry obviously I want to do the medical one but I don't they don't exist for me so I don't know that they're in my reality when I do go to the doctor's right now I would go to buy new ceiling and probably go to Asha the mermaid release you Nicole Evans anyway and I'd have my dragonfly me anyway so not as funny as it was
the when we look at the refining industry
look where we'll see what use the Gulf of Mexico let's let's assume that we all we own that Region's land in the way we entitled people to drill oil and then we put in processing plants refineries and the Greater Texas area and we Crank It Up the Hill upstream and then we produce a few and then the company called Exxon it takes that profit and puts it back in the company or whatever to pair of things they may be doing probably not my best choice of words but anyway.
we would you call company with double X's by the way anyway
what's what's going to change now in any of these countries is that that Revenue so why does that company get Americans
productive production look at all the people in Upstream in the refining process all the people that pump the fuel out of the ground so all those people get paid wages say from the weight and and revenue from the whole process okay but what about the American why do why do asking everyone do you own the oil or just the people of America on the well very tricky Now isn't why do we give our right way to a corporation and obviously a very big component to the war on the world is Corporation so why why don't you why don't you get revenue from Exxon pump in oil out of Gulf of Mexico
because we were duped into agreeing to that incorporating little countries Michael countries in maritime law are interesting it's not okay so now we got all these countries run around Frank and oil that you don't get the revenue from Once you change that thank you d t once you change that you were going to flood everyone's wallet it's a stepping stone for the RV and process for recognizing that we still have to order neighbor because they don't make shoes and I I I rake out we should we can't forget that a society that really love communities and we and we can do so much are oak trees cuz we're not going to live 20 towns or little one so anyway that's what's so exciting about the RV is when you remove in the in the legal system getting my dental
why does the problem once you remove that gross domestic product
what I should say the revenue not coming back to the people the whole world changed when you say it reminds me of what exactly the same thing and and and and things are for me everything done on that on that story is just now getting everyone aware how to understand this great great incredible
Jubilee that starts with each individual not something else and so that's really my definition Jubilee and it's really to give people to update and encouragement know what what the stars are really weird what kind of a trick and an endorsement of the lights goals in Genesis what are we going to choose with our means exchange Avenue you see shell.
and cooked food
yes text Boo. Be careful I do a couple days off
so the Jubilee would be a living or excitement is that correct because in so when you get so reason talk about when you get that unemployment check for 2 years almost you and you had to do something to look at yourself what do I want to do it does that is that is one of the Jubilee for sure
great and me conclusion of I know what I want to do and now I have time and energy and money to do that because of that. And even if it didn't have the money they would be excited to do something. Did you really correct
this hold up real quick here what's another word for before the storm
Steven Wright damn it's good by you
I knew you were going to be okay
what is the alphabet in that order is it because of that song what is an ocean say to the other ocean nothing they waved
after the next time from Malaysia.
But I mean at some point
we I don't know they're real I mean because of where we're at today
do we have to really get to it
go for it
what would Jesus use to purchase items online
he's used pretty pal trailer
you're on a roll
hey why are frogs so happy
because they eat whatever bugs them
where did the boats go when they get sick
of course I knew you'd know that one
I don't know I think I'm done I think I'm just going to I don't know what to do with you cuz you're going to be no way hey you know what I just wanted to tell you A friend of mine gave me this really Incredible Gift I just love it it's a food but had to return because it has holes in it you are that's not good that's not good no way I felt for that one
I should not have laughed with our mission.
Why did Jesus date not want to see him again
because he never stopped talking about his ass
explain that to people okay if I go out on a date there's no one that's going to be able to beat the mermaid I'm sorry it's just when you have it when you met your twin. It's quite an experience if it's at least on this planet during normal everywhere else but in this body to have all these emotions and feelings it's just quite quite a wild ride. Hopefully I'm not speaking for her
you don't have to pick when you away from her on a trip the whole team felt it like it wasn't just her that missed you like we missed the two of you being together it's really interesting because the the whole unit if the Dynamics were it wasn't as powerful when you guys are together it just gels everything you know did you notice that
yeah I am I don't I don't want credit for that I just I just feel like we so when you get so close to you no 56 of us we just week we know one person is doing something other than when we were together so we just if it's quite clear we all our relationship is it is very best on the team and so to speak and we're going to do whatever we want anyway but when we're not doing whatever we want together I feel is what you just explained that the mesh attachments in a little bit of a detached yeah changes the field
when you guys are together there's so much light and energy and celebration that concerns us and I mean it is when you're off doing something you love to but it was significant last week
what was Jesus favorite sport
hey why didn't why did the traffic light turn red
you would too if you had to change in the middle of the street
what is Zeus least favorite got very bad very bad why can't any nose be 12 in Long
because then it would be a foot that was pretty good that was pretty good
knock knock who's there me me who Jesus Christ is open the fucking door
oh my God why is England the wettest country because the queen reigned there for far too long what are they what are they going to do
score UK I can't wait till their America huh
when you say on on grass without an snn notice that the queen had no escorts that day if you got image of that that's even more startling so the queen has to have by Mike Reid I believe it is. She has have an escort to help her when she's not on Pathways and so forth and purposely made sure she does some of the stories and symbolism that we do speak or have I should be out so you can prove the things that happened to me on dub huge day one of those items told what to do
you got a free to you that's my peeps you going to free the people of England and people did a lot of work there you know the people of England get free from a monarchy and that's why it's kind of funny to see them struggling to keep propaganda rolling in the news and why do we even care about these clowns and that's what's so good about anti-propaganda is let them go ahead and publish the stuff to see how ridiculous having a hierarchical system manage people now
it's so boring I don't even know why but the the old news is it's just gettin tuckered out by itself and that's what I love about you anyway there are so as we there's a great goal to break down the borders of all continent and some have mature politics and other people need to decide what they want do you like being governed by a thing will call her thing whatever she is
I do not know whether what she was and anyway there is there's a great goal to get it I will I would expect they'll be five countries total in the next 10 years answer one of those merging potentially is the UK in America Hospital in America Canada to America as you can see our governance once you remove the hierarchy of Revenue tax and Taxation system you now just work with people so there's going to be some opportunities are four countries to align and that's why Europe is is built the way it is it's keep everyone caramelizer so you you may be up for some surprise when you don't have borders this place you're going to get really fun and you don't have to worry about survival it's going to be at statically
thank you would you like to share the positive attributes what's happening at our border right now what you guys are accomplishing with that
how does Jesus turn water and coffee
bruised it first
that's exactly what we need is to align ourselves so one of the schools will be if we are conscious and now there's a Greg Olsen misdirected because the bad guys have a crappy computer that's going to pretend because this man sling that probably getting that Agenda One internet is not enough it turns out when you say
so what if what if we could have millions of Internet
could you put propaganda in anybody's internet if you had that would be your Consciousness your heart once you know the truth so everyone is going to have enough to upgrade themselves in a way that's organic and no information is truthful and so there are strategies and tools to do that and that's why the attack on that process is accomplished absolutely of opportunity so that is one of the tools that coming for the n-word opportunity for people to assess assess being the keyword
thank you I'm in a chess game if you play long enough with someone you start to know their moves and what they're going to do with people coming across the border we're learning a lot about the bad guys who's paying for who to come over here what their agenda is and we're getting a lot of answers so that and when they arrest or has happened in the intrinsic level no doubt about it so it's way easier to catch your enemy with his hand in the cookie jar it's just way easier that's why this stuff takes. You don't know which way they're shooting you don't know which way they're going to move and so we need when they commit sin dating America then you know what's going on as an example when you said yes and are there precautions in place
we have an opportunity to use the tools already have and that is our Sheriff's of the United States of America tax music and represent the United States Constitution and the sheriff's are going to be there going to be cold to do their job
is that already happening that's correct what did Moses say after you witnessed people praying over a Bejeweled Divine holy cow
you can fleas off your so funny
I'm going that way anyway that was a fun day today did you have fun thank you we got some work done today on both shows absolutely excellent yeah we're soda over already so or we can't wait to reach out to people this next week. I can't help myself have called few people and I'll get on it and I love you all thank you for having so much faith in me and Kristen Christopher thank you for having so much faith in me as well and done in the beginning PDF done
it's been just a privilege to do this name my great love to you all
thank you and thank you for the mermaid and thank you sir and thank you Kristen Christopher and Don everyone listeners we love you thank you so much for sharing this time space with us

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