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Project Review With Q, December 16, 2023

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 28

Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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hello hello hello project review Q here we go I'll show you their welcome everybody happy day
happy day to you beautiful beautiful beautiful list to you before we start today remind me to tell you the story about q and his pet Lobster it's a great story it'll take too long today but you have you had the lead up anyway
it's a it's a it's a really we have more family members as it turns out so anyway
how do you want to play today I always look forward to the song you've chosen
Sonic showzen
sometimes I don't know why you think I have something I know you this is for warm regards to Andy Fletcher
you will guilt
like Shackles on your feet
like I hate Halo in Red Bluff
I can feel the just call them and y'all see in your head ass was a man in your heart and aching to be free
all of luxury are here for you and me
and when our world a fall apart when the walls come tumbling though we may deserve it it will be worth it
bring your change your live sub tragedy fall into my
and when our world a fall apart when the walls come tumbling in Zoe made
it will be worth it and when our worlds they fall apart when the walls come tumbling in the majors.
It will be worth it
did we start
wow thank you you know every week you put in so much care and time and energy into these incredible songs and I would love for you to elaborate on what this song means to you and why you chose it
so I'm sure it's a
it's a privilege and an honor to be here experiencing here
great great care goes into the songs and
that song called Halo and the lead singer of skews me date one of the primary people for that band that recently passed away that support to have the awareness I have is incredible responsibilities very seriously and which I know we talked about this this week is if I if I have the
if I have this information what am I going to do with it you knowing full well that when we
all the shows with you
co-creating with me around how do Audi works topics regarding propaganda knowing full well when I participate propaganda I am propagandas well there's no way around not participating to explain propaganda you are now propaganda yourself printable responsibility
so when I see that the human The Human Experience
I want to I want to help I want to I want to participate and that song really explains how our participation here is is our choice and how we how we play and have fun and and or we can go to different directions we can play with the Audi or we can play to our heart I'll give you an example forgiveness
is an unusual and exclusive trait of The Human Condition are and I'll explain why
in order to forgive someone they they've had to do something to you right so that means you already started the process of judgement prior to forgive
that's very unique and very rare in the universe except here so when I talk let them Frank about many of the things we don't cuz I'm basically participating in a lower Dimension lower frequency otherwise we can't participate together as arrogance that make come across that's why we need to keep this going is now I can I can stay in tune and learn and be a participant anyway that song I explained a bit of what is what that messaging
is for me today is is why do we keep ourselves in change with decisions we make to our mind instead of a heart and that's what that songs about wow incredible description thank you this is right into what I like to focus on today and I'm going to begin with a quote by Walt Whitman it's about Abraham Lincoln and it's made famous by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society
and it is Oh Captain My Captain our fearful trip is done the ship has weathered every rack the prize we sought what is one would you like to share anything about that quote
just mailed me play smoke me right there huh wow that was incredible course you pulled that one out
well you know to be a service every Wednesday I'll make it short sweet that's impossible your Chatty Cathy of course you keep talkin talkin
the opportunity in those words is that it's already here within us it's already here and we just have to utilize it and get back to using it as it is that's it that's what that's about and I would say you are the captain of this universe you are the captain of this planet what would you say to that
I'm in charge of janitorial services that's correct cleanup Duty
I just don't I just don't I don't I don't know I just see a mess and I want to sweep it out I guess people really
it is just where where do we get to participate is just
unbelievably fascinating it's just endless endless creativity in our universe
and for all of you listening you're the ones creating this universe
and I get to go participate and what you meant what you created its if I anyone not there is anything I say but wait you're you are listening to me are the PowerHouse you're the one driving the ship
it's your deliverable that are participating list of that make sense you've had tremendous success with ocean track and a lot of that is due to the way you hold one hundred percent light and until we hold on a second light some people might find it challenging to respond to the world the way you do so for example last week on inspired with q
you had mentioned just don't ever interact with Darkness if someone calls you 6 times in a day just don't answer and that works really well for you because you cannot be courted because you're 100% right but for some people like they they only have a 20% light they're going to get corded by that person especially if it's their mother like we were talking about and they're going to feel the pain of that person that person might do better while they don't have 100 sunlight
letting them know I love you but I'm only going to take one call today but I love you and then there won't be all that courting in that negative energy so I'm telling the story because you have such great information and we need to comprehend that it is coming from someone with 100 sunlight and as we build up to that light and which you do you show us how to do that every day when we also need to see what is R-Truth so would you like to share about that
do you want to start a live according or what would be a that's brilliant by the way where do we examine this information in in it is as you always are aligned how do we put it into service and increase Solutions with it
great thank you well you holding one of us and life is what we're all going for his what what your emanating here because it's so inspiring and it's the answer to everything it's the answer to our projects working and it's the answer to our relationships working and our life working basically is the more likely have more Spirit we have the more we can do anything as you do so the courting can only happen if we don't have 100% of Our Lives within us is that correct
yes although it's your choice
right it's so that the opportunity here is I don't have memory many people watch me blush and dates and so you know who like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and then so it's it's a little tricky does the value I desire to bring is with with the military implants or inmate I have forgot what it's like to be someone who couldn't afford it
that's how that's how deep the lack of memory is so used to be joblo yeah but now I don't there's just no way for me to remember that you slap me in the face
pretty interesting isn't it so that's were courting come from as we keep recycling the thought and that's that's the difference between that that is a set that is now we just described the sexy right there
excellent thank you we could also touch on the fact that this is a very emotional chronic and you would you say You observe your emotions more than become your and yeah I do like playing with know at times I do they do have value depending on your situation only because there is so much to see if you need to defend your situation boundaries things like that I also found a lot of value in the Motions but once utilize your horsepower girl gone in and you must take great care when you defend yourself
and or express yourself with your heart it's much different than using your brain very difficult for me to explain I'm always looking for you to help me with that
thank you beautiful intro so let's say it is your mom it's calling you six times a day and you love her and you know that she scared so you with you tell her I I can't take all your calls that's one thing you're just being loving you coming from your heart but let's say there's a stalker or a psychopath he's just trying to get your energy calling you six times a day that's the situation where you come separate from that and realize that person is in the dark and therefore any engagement with them is not going to honor anybody so you can serve suspend your emotions because of your not really dealing with the spear would you say that's accurate is perfectly Juju allow people to break in your home do you allow people to from the county to come over and say you need to take a shot New York symptom or reaction to Dua Leti right so why wouldn't you use your
horsepower to create your your your perfect exciting boundaries in the expression of yourself that that work for you that's perfect in it it to bring me to the reality that I see within you which is but you dedicate your entire life force into a moment into your truth into your heart so everything is not a you don't think if you respond from the truth in your heart and when you see Darkness you don't interact with it there's a lot of people that have 20% light they might have to ponder that for a moment maybe not but
your response to some people might seem like it's heartless because they're tied up in societal beliefs and do's and don'ts and what you have to do to be cordial at everything but that harm them and that's what a lot of people have difficulty comprehending because they're going down a path of darkness by going according to their beliefs or their the programming would you like to share about that so where do we get program it so we're perfectly in peace before we get into these bodies
and and the caveat of course has the recycling system and or reincarnation system is enhancing these beliefs
where where is where is our Baseline where where's neutrality that and that's my question to you what why why do we know why can I get back to neutrality every moment but we might save a lot of population can't that's my real question is why can't I explain why can't explain it what is Baseline in neutrality for peace
brilliant question thank you enough for my prospective the human being with a spirit is so compassionate so loving so wanting to be light and when they are told this is for the greater good and they want to do good and they can be led astray and you just like what they did with the job if you don't get the job you're going to kill your grandmother and which is a lie but people feel guilty because again they want to do the right thing so it's really not a negative quality what was that what was that that was a propaganda yeah if you don't get the job
oh my gosh that is so cute I miss so much by not looking at the machines wow that's so that was a was that a commercial for getting the job on going really that's so cool when is covid-19 coming out cuz I want to see that one
sunflower timeline somewhere brilliantly put together I work endlessly to explain
my perspective on so if I if I noticed like to be out of here and be back in here and out of here in a minute I have to work really hard and take great care of that to participate
is is to participate and so we we ripped apart every religion and and and and the Osmond family
now we did we have done the Osmonds yet so anyway
I am just thrilled to be of service that's why I
you all of us are participating project are you too and and I'm go I'm quite sure we can standardize
the New Evolution here so we can all have more sustainable peace and that's why I do the show because it's still very very exciting for me and to reach out to all these people is just so thrilling to learn their perspective other way more from the people I call and talk to weekend week out then I'll never be able to teach I'm quite convinced of that
thank you would you say aligning with your spirit is your true power
nothing more nothing less
how could I tell you what you are where you are how you are you get to be
can't you see is that a song
so what takes us away from aligning with our spirit is living fractured which would be simply living through the mind which makes us any sexual and that is the trickiness of what society and all the do's and don't for Lisa straight so when we don't try to stir the mind it comes naturally to really aligned with a spirit to grow your power would you give people another way to do that and giving them so many but anything new
thank you so much
the great opportunity here is to use some of these systems is is my assessment that are possibly viewed as negative
can we look at counseling counselors psychotherapist psychologist
at some point is they could be a very big service to us if we could make them aware that we're processing information we actively proactively is where I would position us so when I use my Consciousness your heart whatever words you like they're limited by the English language course that is designed so we can explain this vast information I can Parma lies in it by slaves and if you liked
when you feel your way through life
and especially in your projects very important as we move our project forward when you feel the information and then translate it as I've said it a million times
through the Mind's Eye
forward instead of backwards don't react to it so we can use some of the systems that are here to re-educate our great innovators in the medical industry give me wrong this will credible people look at who invented the modern medical system it's a few minutes that's my suggestion I steal that should start at a very young age and explaining to two children that you can be in peace or you can go react to the world situation you have one choice or the other you can be proactive in Your Heart Center or you can be reactive when you go and play in the playground that's where I suggest we start
brilliant thank you and this might be redundant but this is so important I'm just going to say it in a different way so the power of the dark has been to stimulate a direction for us to go in to take us away from Spirit truth and our happiness and
what would you say is the best way for people to get organized to take back their power and continually stimulate themselves for aligning with their spirit
we can we can cut the piece of paper logical Wise County
yes I'm excited to see how you cut it so
I'm I'm always working to make it sweeter and shorter and way that it resonates with the people so they can see all the information in coming from outside this Dimension and being in this Dimension here's what it looks like to toss our team many people here would be able to recognize
this information many may not this is a dualistic planet that is losing ground being duelist Duality here is losing momentum tremendously because we're not participating with it as much and that's the purpose of all these shows
so the less you play with them the less they can participate with us see where we're participating with them and or do ality because we're choosing it
but if we don't use it it goes away it can't survive so the harvesting of our incredible horsepower is going away because we're starting to recognize I just don't prefer those dualistic real simple
very dear person close to me to participate by marketing incredibly Advanced identification systems to get into buildings to get into businesses
to record record who what where when even even to the detail of a fingerprint
they do it to survive because they believe that they need to have shelter they need to eat and they don't recognize that that is a stairsteps that isn't that is a stepping stone to mass control of a population they don't understand it they're happy to make their six-figure income and lives are happy little life not realizing that that stair step has 15 more already planned for them
and this is not a negative story this suppository so we can't see these bad guys little plan because we're not able to go forward and backward like myself so that's that's the service and help I want to be is Duality it is creating an opportunity for us to make a choice and we can't smell it we can't see what direction is being directed towards me and so that's why you're a dancer excellent thank you very good example so
when we interact on the higher higher frequencies there's so much playfulness for telling jokes for nothing is serious and everything down here is like a play and when it's play then we make choices like little children and things tend to work out even if we don't know how it would even if we don't take the steps they seem to work out because we're in alignment with the frequencies or everything it aligned. Would you like to share about that
are you flirting with me because you know my girlfriends list
I love her too she's amazing Okay so
can you put it a little different leg give me a little different Direction with that I'm close to understanding that but give me a one more shot of it okay to give a love living in the moment doing what she loves the most and being playful and you know she's so innocent every response is it right from her heart and everything works out for her so
. and living in the higher frequencies how do you bring it here into the different lower frequencies of seriousness
well you know that's that that's perfect I'm I'm with you now what are the solution what is the action that we can do to to put our next step forward for what you just said love it love it love it okay so I was recently talking to someone who's not sure which direction to go
and a little and confusion so the emotion of confusion when you stop and look around at your life is really really positive confusion is the greatest emotion that I have observed in the human body and I know we talked about quite a bit but I'll do it again just to see if I can direct it in a way that that gets us more opportunities confusion is the hindrance of the dark big time and the type of humans be engineered to have massive amount of memory Mass about emotions like a Percocet
but the the spirit your your your Collective conscience with all of us
has fought through many of those emotion and confusion is one of them confusion is your heart feeling I don't think I should go in that cage cuz I I feel there's a bear in there taking Fusion is awesome now just use it a little more
and Savor the that gut feeling in the part now put it into play when you're going to go
and mow the lawn grocery store Etc
tiring as it may be to hear me
the more you practice with it the more you exercise with it the more you will not listen to this show
thank you he's had incredible success with ocean track were you ever confused about that direction
what was this thing about ocean track is and by the way we we all the folks that have sent in their ideas and suggestions is next week I'll be reaching out to you and participation we need we need a great inspiration and I'll be inspired to reach out to all of you coming at you anyway
going into the abyss of looking for a floating School Bus you now now now I'm going to make a decision who has a floating school bus and what do we do to participate with you no business people in in this case academics
lower frequency decision-making happens when you go look for a floating school bus or at least in my case it was so no doubt people who have assets they want to
I waited and measure it based on a perceived value and that's why I was so stunned by the ocean track to be a template for all everyone else's project and we got you know we got good six seven eight examples now and we can standardized and that's why I wanted her to keep her prescriptions subscriptions up and didn't tell me I want to keep keep everyone on the Rolodex here is because now we can mask communicate what is the common theme for successes in Project
Tia the confusion I observe is dealing with people who have a perception that they want to
charge you measure the weight of an acid that that's been the biggest confusion is so I want the world to be free cell phones we were using that one a lot I want children to get off their cell phone and could I have your vessel because I think it would make Society a lot happier if children can have water day camps water homeschooling groups a water anything to get people on the water and so when I when I promote that
that's that's great you're that's really cool man that's a great idea but this thing worse best night so I can't break the cycle unless they go into a three-week course on where money is coming from that's very confusing to me they don't realize that they're in a financial control program incredibly confusing so who am I going to participate with
knowing full well confusion is a clue to me the tool that is there a glimmer of hope is there a is there Just a Little Smoke there or they'll they'll make a concession with their heart in their mind
and that's where I chose to go with all the vessels I looked at for years and years years years I started and I finally found some of that just a glimmer of door open where they can help and participate with my inspiration our inspiration so many people's inspiration to do these water support so yeah that was a great example and so now I feel that I'm ready and many other projects I feel ready to show where that confusion is actually more horsepower
Daw okay great thank you and how long have you had this passion for ocean check it's always been with I can't remember a day I did not want to share the experience of being on water mind-controlled or otherwise I've always always been there I just look where all our cities are are are populated they're all next to water I know where aquatic creatures I know all of us favorite this type of mammal it has a lot of aquatic desires not only because the engineering of this type of
when our spirit comes into physical body
it recognizes that it's on a water Planet so it didn't meals and calibrating configures to the type of Planet year so we know when you get on a water planet or rock that so many of those relate to being like a lion cat being just as planets unique because it has it all every every type of genetics you can imagine here is at least as far as mammals Melting Pot for sure I agree with you have to align with water and look at the percentage of water that's in your body
so that's always come naturally to me and I feel everybody feels the same way they like going on the Lakes they like to be near a river the the the bionics of water you drink water every day you are water
so yeah it's there is always always always been with me so everyone has that everyone has some desire like that
maybe not run water maybe it's around trees maybe it's around mountains there it's round snow but I guarantee you if you're in love with Forrest you're still in love with water when you say yes very much thank you for that so this is always been within you why now why is it coming together now
which I I do my best to
positively speak about this question and I thank you so much
and I'll work very hard all the time to make me the spiritual crash test dummy and be a template so we can really do our best to be super happy here
say it one more time
say one more time I see you have had this passion for as long as you existed why now why is it coming to fruition now that's why I wanted you to say it again why now
when is now
now yeah so so when I when I started this journey the like all of us I'm not I'm not unique, just like you just getting a lot of the restrictions removed from this physical body why now is prove that we can do it so I'm doing it right before your very eyes as your spiritual crash test dummy because I had to make a decision to take on two ality intake on propaganda if I have a secret that I couldn't live with I really wanted to share it
I couldn't but there's no way I could stay here any longer without telling my story and then put
the walk in in and just prove that we can create synchronous stay positive for each and every moment each and every day that's why
wow what a gift thank you for the answer I was really excited when you were telling me about the conversation you had with your ship would you please share that with us
O Captain O Captain alright when you're able to see material items
they're they're living their their life they they have history some of their karmic so then we're not
when when you can touch a piece of furniture is example it's a look at the life of a piece of furniture it was a living tree is an example of a wooden chair that was a living tree it has a history of being alive and then when you cut it down and has a history of being murdered
could be murdered gracefully and or free I would really love to make a chair out of you and I love you so much do you mind being a chair I can't wait to be in your house if you have Alex's as one type of recordings as many different types of recordings in materialized I don't care for the word betrayal but he's a cool case
so in this case you have a vessel a marine Vessel that has all sorts of materials in it in that example I gave you as would the people who built the vessel took either great care or they didn't the people in this case were manufactured built constructed design engineer this vessel
all of those energetics are in this vessel was used for its entire career those energetic trying to stifle and this vessel very long story very short version this vessel cannot wait to do exactly what ocean track is about it's truly a floating school bus and it cannot wait to leave the dock because it has not had the chance to do it because of lie
it wants to go it just wants to go it was designed to go and fulfill ocean treks desires and needs it's not a it's not a boat it's a living that's why they're always called women saw weather named after women that's why there's always mermaids on the battle like your mermaid reminds me of it every day you must take care of women take care of women they're not to take care of you it's just that simple. It's a vessel it's even called it houses you and beat you up or text you it will save your life or floating at Sea I hope that made it so fun thank you we do you say exactly what she said to you when you asked her
when we leaving
I want out of here now I want to go that's that's it and she asked you where you going to take her
no she doesn't care doesn't care just out of the bag I would like to go there was a spot of conversation about warm weather is not your favorite she would really like to be in the North Pacific like to be on the west coast of America because she's also in kneeling with my passion very interesting that a material items with all this energetic says Woolard you want to go it actually asks you back
it's like my pet Lobster
so would you say she can feel your true love for her and therefore you already have a relationship with her than end
write in I'll work I'll work tirelessly to explain why do you how can you have a relationship with her amateur Elida how can you fall in love with something you go tripping no it's not it's it's a kneeling with your desire.
great way to put it
it's just cuz what do you want me to do I don't know so it's is much different than the guy that goes look at my new
Corvette man yeah the guy really love driving a Corvette fast round racetrack actually sustain life
perfectly for him it's if it's quiet it is quite a conundrum here is now it's like everyone's always wants a Corvette right so anyway yeah you like you like so it's using the tools are here are Horus as you heard the song
as we started today using these tools it's all for us we made these things
goal of them be in alignment with your Lovin in synchronicity for these material items that is my suggestion
thank you I'm so exciting hearing about that that many times you know we're really looking for ways to help people
align with what you've aligned with the whole coming together of their project
and I often find quotes and I realize you at some point wrote those quotes in a different body and there's one that I love by go it's a good and people calling ghost and it is for a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is would you like to share about that
greater than he is
is that possible
yes because a lot of times we see ourselves as nearly human and that means something less than Divine and to me that quote is we are Divine let's live as if we are Divinity absolutely perfect perfect you answered your own question I like it better when you answer would you like to share something else about that
so if we're just right now
and you are you why don't we go B
let's just look on it let's put the suit look for the tie on Alexis really really hold perfect space from our heart that's what that sings about looks really really do it with great respect and great care of how how incredibly powerful we are when we are excited to do something that's that would be my read summarization of of the same knowledge as another one from you and it this one reminds me of the mermaid anything you can do for dream you can do begin it boldness has genius power and magic in it
they share what that means for you
yeah so the the mermaid is exceptional and we will start a project on the side I'm quite convinced she's exceptional at what she calls us starting the dream machine and she watches the dream machine very important that we all get used to using the Dream Ship and that's that's her gift to humanity
when you stop dreaming through your heart some things affecting a lot of different reasons why the dream machine doesn't work good night I'll speak for a little bit at your environment your biosphere your relationships family friends winter let the Dream Machine Works consistent it ever stop dreaming it will never leave you little always be there and so that the words you you gave us are from the mermaid and that in even though it's translated maybe through that body the dream machine will Coach you my suggestion of course
of course
you use your emotion of confusion to to favor the dream machine
or at least understand when the volume is turned down on the dream machine or turned up that is the horsepower I suggest we use in our project is the dream machine if you can't dream your next incredible excitement then you see got it that there is your opportunity for observing computation it would be one idea is that help you think been tested thank you so much and here's another one that you probably wrote with her in mind or in your heart love grants in a moment what Toil and Harley achieve in an age
perfect just explain to her how he didn't you that's exactly when you go play you work here so you work so hard at square peg in a round hole and it doesn't work for you keep because you're so powerful you do get that square peg in occasionally that's what that statements about it why do I just keep forcing my wife because this is a this planet with my dinner Jeep it works a lot there's some very very model successful people here cuz they have controlled and manipulated thought so well it mastered it and that it is how do you alley works
look at all the rich people who have have really control their environment in been defined a successful
they're actually toiled with the dualistic energetic of this type of family
hope that made sense
excellent once again thank you and even the way the mermaid found you and got you are the perfect example of how love can break through mountains and mean everything was against her getting and she made it you know it's just a miracle and that's how she lives her life so she's a really good example of that
she's some silly mermaid I've seen get on the swing set
it had to be by the beach I feel one day we will tell that story so it is Project itself is once you know you know you know you know that's a metric time I will Tire SLI
give examples to know I've got to
is different than I think I have two and any any suggestions I'm open to so any project people out there if we can put a root cause analysis together and making a project for that you know our next Generations I would love to hear it please send in your your suggestion project
thank you now I like to be respectful of BBS and Dawn would you like to share any updates before we go
updates updates update update update what is the updated
I was looking at it I was looking at the word forgiveness
Nest give or give give for
let's see okay so couple opportunities here is your me mention ocean track is going to need some stuff so I'd like to start pulling people and see where they want to play with this first vessel
come January
and so go ahead and go ahead and plug me through BBS I'd like to see how many people we've got against we only keep up with subscribers in real time so if you subscribe 6 months so we're not going to see it so just why don't we do it this way so we can be in real-time got your message kaleena nozzle be with you this week many other projects Sovereign movement for Lithuania I'll get you love that one by the way
good day music request thank you Don let's see haven't heard from Q is in children's books folks I'll get you their books is interesting because it varies with what we're talking about today and so that's what I'm hoping we needed this time
to create a bigger population so that I can also get you back filled with people are inspired with projects just like you so this this nice lad and or and observance of population is very very positive get you to look at your project and I'll get you to have to really look at yourself and where what you need and the people that are coming in now all the new subscribers there going to be a resource and so that's why you know we've only been at this five six months here and so it's really positive
there was one other person that I have
I think I'll just hold my tongue for now because we're running out of time but I look at the project process here and it should start to make sense we've got I think I'm going to put a call out to a settings and show them somehow they've done this without any coaching system a Zing went the kids camping instead of looking for the people. Space somebody did that because they were excited Nicole Evans done because of the way that she makes decisions look how dr. Neal is making decisions
look how should practice making decisions look how Kristen and Christopher making decisions look how prone to music that's my great-great passion is to to give us a model base and then standardized it so that we can
really just a beautiful beautiful beautiful time and beautiful life
what you say Sasha I love it thank you that was wonderful so we're we're making some Headway here and just stay with us and I can't wait to do this again and I love love you all love you all
have a beautiful day Asha
you do and thank you Christopher and Kristen and the mermaid and Donna BBS we're so grateful for everyone all the listeners thank you so much but thank you for dead serious I'm done wheel of Doug does the super D's have a beautiful day everyone thank you so much for following and having faith in me and yourself love love to you all.

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