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Project Review With Q, April 6, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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alright beautiful beautiful beautiful list to you all thank you for joining me today. Such a thrill and such an honor the beautiful beautiful beautiful
they were enjoying I cherish because it's so it's so you need to do us and it's so Divine each and every day we get to be whatever we want to be and it is my great honor privilege thank you for having so much faith in me
thank you devious radio work working so hard for every everyone so they think thank you Hashem thank you Kristen Christopher Ronnie and the mermaid thank you so much and go over few things today that progresses
in a way that I feel will be a really big dancing many of the things you talk
it's working really well that you all keep calling in renewing your subscription keeping your eyes give me some form of identity phone number need phone numbers and I'll show you a couple suggestions I have for us today that will make a big dance at least in North America to solve problems
I was when I originally started his radio shows I sat down with Max Steel Special Forces. And they pull my implants out so quick I didn't you heard me say before I didn't really have the transition time to go through like what you're calling Awakening process it was just overnight until it was it was very shocking and so I know a lot of you are starting to get to for like a better term my level of seeing the truth and everything and it's it's tough I know it's tough I talk to all of you this weekend and week out. I know you're starting to see
the richness of where we're at and realize that your emotional body
and your personality was engineered you do you have the personality but when you see how well they attached it to emotions
a pretty tricky it's the stuffing play Sloan the reality or in his run by aliens
when I sat down with it Max Steel several times we had such a beautiful relationship we always have beautiful relationship where we go in the universe and
I get the implants out and go now what what what is it I could so now that I see how big the propaganda game is against me
and I'm really this guy where would I start okay so first of all the deck is stacked against me just to explain how light beings come into physicality and then everybody is like being and by the way. Trashing religions probably not the healthiest career move and get some of those people end up terminate
but he loves you anyway I'm not going to anybody that's that and I hope you guys don't either but when I say we said we got we got people praying to candles with a figure on the candle we have all of Mexico prior to this guy and this dude I think the store and buy an alien group in a frozen air is to make a witness to what their powers were so when you get out of line you get Frozen concrete know what really happened is they they killing me and I just come right back anyway so that's that's the cable you have to all of you have the same capability
maybe you don't remember it because they they wipe their minds pretty healthy when we jump into another body but looks like that everyone here has a has a story that's a lot different than ours and said you know you just got to start somewhere it doesn't really matter
so today and through the prq teams I feel I have a really good salutation for when I just said that is what if I can get everyone in the in North America and other countries
their Homestead rights back
and I work really hard in this over the years
and so I am quite
quite clear that if I can get it every American citizen their 160 Acres back to standardize it and I'm going to make it happen with your help and
so proofing it is what is been my greatest passion and I just been waiting and waiting for people to jump on board saying this is the right thing to do
it'll tell you what if you have a place to live or you're never tax again you don't have to worry about power bills you don't have to worry about water and you don't pay rent and by the way you don't have to have a mailbox and you grow your own food
tell me what is your life about now well what it what is it you do day in and day out
the only thing missing is is love and affection that's it that's all you would do is arrays your animals you know your food you have water so what what we've been doing throughout this process is we've been we've been asking you guys to sign up thank you very very very much so that we can communicate with you we learned what the issues are in North America
behind from your point of view from your eyes from your heart and doing our best to find Solutions while concurrently taking your projects in advancing them all the time
as best we can in ways that you may never know and what we don't want accolades and we don't want a t-shirt but we're always working for you in one way or another we're always working for you and so keep the projects coming keep keep Communications, there's many people that I asked Tesla last several weeks you could job please get ready to respond to me next week and I want you to respond in a way that I asked you next week forgive me for being a little slip it but I want to make sure I don't challenge bbs's technology system there
but all the people I asked to do couple action item I'm going to watch you to respond to me next weekend thank you so much and I'll give you directions on how to do
what we've done in regarding land patent process Homestead laws that are still very very attacked United States of America in which I plan to distribute around the world in one way shape or form
what we've done is we standardized the land patent process we've used to test a couple different methodologies if the webpage Darla Darla Darla is roll roll
we don't bludgeon this I don't have a screen up but a rule a land ownership webpage Darla's that model has been very successful for us and what we did is we put a property in foreclosure seven times and we also made a sheriff a very large County in America a sheriff aware that he's going to go to prison if he doesn't uphold his oath at for the United States Constitution and we've done it very successfully in Mercantile courts and I feel we're ready to prove it
and sterilize it so everyone can do this and the way that I suggest we do it suggesting not telling
any any comments are much appreciated
is all of you who signed up for BBS radio I would ask that you be a participant in one way shape or form show all Americans can be free and happy
and I will show the world how to do it and and do it right
with that it's my suggestion that for every area we read title correctly Homestead all of you take a homestead geography you would appreciate it but everyone deserves a hundred sixty Acres we were we were promised when we were at the dock
as United States citizen and we would want your help in that you would represent that Homestead on it turn kid and we would also suggest that we have someone who wants to take the ball for us so this would be a company that's run exclusively for teaching people at Homestead managing administrating and making sure they're successful and by the way help them defend themselves at a Bobby Kennedy level down the road so I'm very proud of that yeah I'd like to pick some calls today. If you're willing if you guys are BBS radio if you guys are willing to take calls I will take the bus today forget me I forgot to mention up for me is going to is is what I'm really excited about doing is to watch someone take a land Packing Company we're going to give you all the
all the tools and we're going to do with Grace Ray class
great class no noise we're just going to do it with great great love for each and every person educating the world that we all deserve a place to live on a planet that we are bored and that's that
and so we've got it down to was going to clean you got it down to four steps and I'm ready to publish it right now with the recipe R2 team I'm going to make them Savage we're we're we're training so to speak right now testing out and we're going to do probably two more properties and we're going to we're going to do a property that's for the song by a really bad dude that's what that's what I want if you see if you look at the company could you look in the competition against sovereignty it was that first colony of 13 arguably 13 states on the east coast of of America counties you need to have cities you need help me spell these need to add that was just the beginning of it
Freudian all for what you're saying in America today you have 50 states in multiple counties in each state you have local government
if you look at some of the greatest scumbags ever ever managing humans that would probably be Snohomish County in in Washington state prisons they have laws that they've created for themselves so that that is really the Tyranny you're experiencing in North America is the micro government
the goal is for each state to happiest Old Country you see what they did to Europe you can see the model there and that's keep segregation so when you adopt federal laws they don't have never missed it they may explain but they didn't this is all this is all constructed your local governments that sucker didn't say there's possibilities and potential with local government and its design and Engineering so you can't have any control of it anyway so for me and local government we need to be involved in by shutting it down
unless people are actually going to work for us but what's the point of the exercise is just that it's just a game
the way it was designed and engineered was to take your land from you that's that's what local governments for at county-level and pretend to be of service to the pensions go up your taxes go up the volume of people retiring the more money you have to pay them and by the way if you don't pay we're going to take your landscape if you can't see it I can see it for yourself let me know local governments diet designed to keep you and indentured slave
because you didn't pay your taxes You're Gone by the way how come you text you keep going up I guess you never really on your way
and so what the these bad guys did
Benihana's in hundred years ago they understood that you could do the heard that the US into understanding they have a great job administrating each other so anybody that works in the county level is doing a great job good people managing you making sure you get roads make sure you get teachers make sure you get fireman
but why why is it that we have to pay them when they get retired what why we why we still produce cherries to the system music questions not famous as it doesn't really understand how we don't see the game as is right here
in taxation in regards to land ownership no more land taxes it doesn't work you don't have a say in it by the way there's lots of water in Calif from Mendes amount of water in California and the planet so anybody that lives in California and Bakersfield area
I don't know maybe I should keep trash talking to them religion
anyway having fun today really heavy-handed on this is it's the one item that I feel can solve a lot of problems around the world a place to live rent-free is Michael we got it down to four steps very clean I'll read them to you real quick and I'm going to publish them going in public
thanks man and so step one
notice of acknowledgement delivering acceptance of deed
once you recognize so this this work is really really really granular
and dryness I should say it's not you can get a proper description of the Homestead at your local Bureau of Land Management
you are golden you now we'll start getting yourself and what a delivery and acceptance of d-des so all we're saying is you deserve the right to get your homestead get your name on it and then take deep and only you can say with Adidas and what the description and
I want everyone to start there if they want to educate themselves and so we can move through this in and we'll do a PowerPoint presentation and will prevent exactly but start teaching yourself if you're interested
what a delivery and acceptance of Adidas and federal level to start there and gets a v on it and I'll do the next step next week to give you enough time to understand those terms the PowerPoint will basically give you everything TurnKey eventually to do it for yourself but if you don't feel confident that's why I call out sick
I would request the people who have a paralegal background legal background in North America are the way to to be a potential candidates that we hand this over to and or help administrative as we move forward and get his his millions and millions and millions of people that would be an incredible incredible achievement or prq in the world in my eyes
I can't wait to see you shows up but I just can't wait till be very very fun and and our children will really appreciate How brave we were again we'll do a class Grace Grace Grace and will do it nice and quiet nice and quiet for all Integrity intentions of love for each month
all of ours
thank you so much for listening to me looks like we have some callers so I better take some callers
where are some colors let's see
mr. Ross sound okay let see who we got here June from Michigan online to I believe I'm not sure if I got the question songs in her mind after going to bed with question what you got
thank you for asking. How are you I'm doing good I'm a little nervous.
I love you
I love you too very much.
so tell me what what is your question
I want to try to answer the
wish I had to call my friend Donna and tell her what I experienced and although I told her about your shows before she hasn't listened so pissed I made a huge impact on her and now she's turning me on right now she's listening can I tell you about this and it involves waking up can I tell you about this so before I go to bed at night I turned off the Wi-Fi Jason commands express my gratitude and I steered will later name is a longer than that I don't know just one song came to my mind that I haven't heard on time and I was wondering if you were going to mention on the air because you've done that before but you do need to talk to you weeks ago I woke up to a line of that song that I was singing that I hadn't heard in a long time and it was I looking up
so that night before sleep I asked my spirit what is this about and I woke up to another phrase of that song which I realized comes from me and it was I was inside looking outside it was a million to say since but still I'm alone waiting hours of waiting I could feel the tension I was longing for her to call and last week because I didn't know if you were just being nice or what should I do like calling or not when I woke up Saturday morning I will send you another part of the same song with my own words that came from my heart which is it is my destiny is what I need to do my heart is telling me I'm so now I'm telling you so I called him a while Rob from Toronto was talking to you I had this profound loving husband
which I believe with you on my right side and I was so touched
wow so you know as a figure skater when I fix the music I'm striving to become the music on my choreographers expresses how the music to describe having problems from YouTube that I saw was like hearing a certain piece of music from the movie Somewhere in Time but since I'm accused of music is Rachmaninoff Paganini variation 18 which starts right at the second phrase when a symphony orchestra and John is a piece that describes how I stopped
how can I show I tell my friend Don about you and when I told her that song I could tell she was just in shock and she said that she was amazed and inspired what I didn't realize was that was her favorite song Long Long Way from Home by Foreigner so Thursday night thank you that's all that came to me or have I listen to record another song that I work Friday morning works and first three are true to my heart which I would say to you which I said you goes like this I used to hear a simple song that was until you came along you took my broken Melody and now I hear something so anyway all I can say is that I'm so grateful to you too I love you so much and you at the Amtrak to stop by
not so great for me I'm here don't lie as inspired as my friendship I wish I could give you a big hug I want everything
and I'm a long long way from home well well well thank you thank you I couldn't ask for a better better return on my investment thank you so much this is a privilege and an honor to hear these words
is it is it is why I do all the same cuz I know I'm going to get through 70 years 70 plus years we've been just coming through all these musicians all of you and all of us happen and that's how we're doing is we're giving you all the the the cliff notes for give me all the hints through the music and and I couldn't do this without you all making a universe for us it's that works it's amazing to see may I ask you a question
yes now that you see how big the game is how are you how are you doing with your personal advancement is Define some days it's a little overwhelming or how how how are things going as you see the bigger picture all the time
the thing is is that you're nauseous longer than you were here believing in that you just kind of put it all together okay and I mean I see my time out of me
I've experienced it and you know I just knew it but I didn't I know it but I didn't know it you know and I don't know it's just that some people like like I remember when you were singing when I told you that you know I was talking or saying stuff to me I telling her about like how we were talking about you and I was one day and she was trying to bite my tongue out from the other side in the Dolphins place and I told her I just I don't know what it's like to be another animal but if I was I would be an eagle cuz I told her that I had stated that a long time ago when I was a kid to the music he's on the hawk by John Denver and then you go ahead and talk about John Denver and you talk about Fly Like an Eagle
running and maybe we're all related is there a chance of that I got a few more people calling and I could. I could talk to you all day I will get will get me out the fold eventually I have to lose couple pounds first but I'll be on the phone
okay Carol thank you so much
I'm going to get on to him here in a minute but I have been there I've been asking children this last week so I'll go around and find some serious Eagle banking banking people that was supposed to be and various ages so so I like to work in about a 13 12 11 10 most most of them are DNA starts you start losing that the DNA has a
started the Restriction of spirit Consciousness about the agent really starts cranking up about the age of 94 most North Americans is different for maybe the African race or an Asian racist if you're pure a race and you don't have a bunch of Landing that's why they would that's why they believe that they can pop out of it live longer and that's why they they don't procreate with outside your bloodline is because they know that generation Generation generation later they're going to be way farther has it and the children children to talk to me that still work let's say it by that engineering to the VNA engineering recharge itself somewhere around depending on
at your biosphere wherever you're living maybe a live data in nature your entire life not that's not exclusive than I don't want us to standardize on that but for the most part kids start getting more of that emotional ego processing plants installed at least have to stop by the time they're 10 years older going to lose more of their capability of just working with her conscious so you could play with fairy somewhere around four or five 6 because Jimmy says you're a nut bag for playing the fairies as though play Army in the woods and that kind of stuff
the reason I'm bringing that up if I asked him what his money last week I worked with several kids said what is money and
and so I had to I had enough of those questions up kids are just out in the public and may I tell him I have a radio show and I say hey could you teach me what money is from your point of view and the parents usually say yeah go ahead crazy guy builds keep doing this I why do we use money what is money and they all would I would standardized because the government tells us
and then of course I do you mind if I ask you some questions who is the government
what do you think the rest of us
we have no idea we have no idea no clue they don't even so we're we're teaching our children to use money by because we're supposed to use money is basically what these kids we don't know why were you told me anyway that's my great
a great passions always has to find us a better trading process and if you can't. You rip it out from underneath their feet anyway thank you for calling and everybody please keep telling Annette and Tom husband from board online one question is State national paperwork needing needing to be done please define that steep National paperwork
Lola loud thank you
so we have been hustling to get our City National
how do you say I'm sorry
hello to you nice and slow girl nice and slow girl slow National status paperwork done so that was free of the corporate government it's a lot of work so we were just wondering if you have a group of lawyers that are going to help through the casa program for everybody to get their correct their status
rights of the very great question okay so I'm not going to tell you who owned the team is leading that one but we have proof to that one pretty well and one of the prq members really loves this one and we feel we can do that from currently with the land Pat's I've watched that one that one's not really that exciting to me absolutely agree with the Denise work it don't get me wrong I just I don't like identity at all so it doesn't really motivate me but I I'm in full agreement that stop and see if we're going to we're going to identify ourselves to any entity we should have control of it so I'm a huge fan of this process very big fan of concurrently I feel the land patent should take precedent because we can tell everybody who and what we are and not have a mailbox on our own land and everybody's entitled
when you say that if I have a safe place to live the rest of his kind of semantics so that's why I chose the priority
within our team at least in the all the people coming for their like we're waiting at this thing done if I just like kids can have them know that I'll always have land
perfect yes I mean most of us most of us don't like our kids
we were just trying to take away their fake power
yeah so you see it absolutely so if you're in the system with identity you're in the system so obviously so I'm encouraging people to just make their own their own little world their own Dimensions because that's that's the power you have now is when you're with your question though why why you think it's so important to be a State national why is state
because that is the way that the process is set up that you get to be wherever what state you choose to reside in eventually agree with you that there shouldn't be borders but at this particular time I guess we're all going back to Republic so we have to have a system by which people can start to reclaim their sovereignty without using that were like there was man or woman free free not you know how I know that
okay good process could you set process
correct yesterday Canadian time until the Americans what to do
yeah I spend some time up there last year I want to get it right in the mix during whatever you guys are calling the flu thing you guys had going on with spec scenes and stopping people and how many are in people and I was like what was his top and I chose British Columbia pretty pretty tough head up there and I think that one was right up there I commend you for your passion for being free I commend you I commend you I commend you I like I like this concept
but I don't want I'm encouraging people to not make it this if it if it's tough to do is probably not right is it if it's a lot of work to amend our identity to a state or local government or Legacy government if it's a lot of work it'll start feeling really if he does that make sense
it is it is and we're worried about people that can't afford it or don't have the stuff I mean you know I can get on one phone call I can talk to everybody so you know working you not being able to talk to a Bobby Kennedy or something like that to a massive amount of law background that's that does not sound like a does not sound like a solution and weakness and you can tell is so so when I show up at your front door if you don't trust you that means you stay Patrol that means you local government that means you Sheriff you guys can do whatever the hell you guys doing out that we don't care but if you come on my land I'm going to shoot you and you're not going
in prison now I would never shoot anybody I'm just being facetious but it's really our right to live on this planet yeah so I feel that's going to be like my solution for many of these issues identity is only needed when you go off your land is
absolutely related if you could ask thank you so much thank you thank you so much for doing this
thank you I'm looking for Homestead people and I'm in the
I'm in favor of breaking up is Corporate farms and do Family Farm people are they entitled to 160 acres per person or is that 320 / family or is it a lot of people are good at this I'm not the only one but the other than the fact that I have a team around me and helps me a lot that this pastor about this so love those questions to be answered when I deliver the package
what up what up what I found in all the homesteads by the way the United States Homestead
if the send it has never been overturned thousands and thousands of no no American citizen ever lost a homestead if he could understand that he owns the homestead and is the rightful deed and and understands how do you do work with it a hundred sixty Acres was to be the the standard for each individual okay so I'm Jon Jones I went and declared the latitude longitude and I said this is where I'm going to live under stickers and he turned it into Bureau of Land Management and the schedule the federal processing system I think it was about $6 I think
today if you did find me $25 $30 160 Acres
and now when your kids grew up for your wife is a train she could go home said to stop so that's how was intended to work now some of the geographies don't listen you're in the corner of State quarterback scuse me its territory forgive me if you're in the corner of a territory so let's say you're all the way in the farthest Northeast section of Maine you may not have 150 acres so they would let homesteads be like 152 Acres because you ran out of land and overcame water or legs or something but if you did Homestead in this instance you did Homestead the lake on your property that is your leg is very very interesting if you look at the territorial boundaries get really invested with Bill to try as we go along here really start understanding the web page
Bureau of Land Management to get really comfy with that web page you can pull Homestead Church way right now where you're living right now now what we're really working on his do I kick everyone off my Homestead I'm going to go ahead and I found a really bad dude and I'm going to go ahead and take his his way on because he's only quick claim deed deed of trust in his land supposed to be making some good kick him off his land so that you guys can feel comfortable that's kick people out the land it's to prove that they don't have the title and may may not even take possession land I'm just saying I'm showing you that the way to procure land owned land is shut down the real estate industry as well stayed in the street absolutely design engineer
not only the Harvest read and scumbags forgive me all these beautiful real estate agents for beautiful people but it was design engineer so you wouldn't understand anything I'm sorry I was so long-winded is there another question that's all we have done it and did the whole process but it was very expensive
yeah and so I'm going to make it free that's what I'm going to do to make it
that's great that's what we're going to do thank you for your question I love you guys
today and nausea
thank you thank you thank you
buy thank you.
I got a line question regarding evaluation of truancy this sounds really fun K what is regarding about who supposed to question Mr Mrs Akon mr. Akon
if I don't have no thanks
say your name for me so I know what is Ty how are you
I've called a couple times already
yeah I'm good thank you Allah from Bulgaria and I know many people and I listened very carefully to all your transmission that you've been giving giving us all the last one here and I'm trying to comprehend everything back to you going on on the internet about to do so and I called Nation Station occurrences and all that, because you know all the governments are very corrupt especially here in New York City the same everywhere so it's almost impossible to try to do any business right now and some of us are in the situation where we cannot pay rent we can barely pay the bills so I'm looking for solution and I know
of your cute image working very very hard but if you have any ideas what we can do it here in Europe and about this topic about landowners how is it going to happen share the financial side of things that will supposedly allegedly confiscated by the idea of that stuff how is it going to be is there going to be an adoption centers and how is it going to work
very good thank you for your question I'll go and move on to the next caller but I'm going to ask you to your I want to make sure I get to the next caller but I'll answer your question statement what I feel we're ready to do a standardized homesteading around the world not just in America and so you remember the Homestead laws in America we're basically cut and pasted from your experiences out in Europe nothing's going to change your your local governments are older in Europe we can argue
to me there's no such thing as time so it's difficult when I look at two thousand years it looks like a week to me so forgive me being slip on that but so you built up you built up look up very very very nicely in Europe and now we're going to we're going to get the option to break it down once you take your land back and so I think that's the very first step is so we'll start with standardized on that and the revaluation of your currency is going to come will will will have to align with it because you can actually measure the value of where you can't ask because your money is worthless anyway it's just it's just a Ponzi scheme so I don't know I'm always curious why anybody cares about money why do we need money at all when I just go to my neighbor and he said a goat and I want his the goat milk and you have a single and you need any roofing material it's it's the song all all money is a facade
and a passionate and
let me get onto another call or but please keep calling in okay cuz I do want to talk to you about the first things especially regarding Bulgaria to give me for moving on to the next call her when I get to one more points and thank you for your love thank you for your love
yes I thought you kept my coordinates and now so if you can if you decide to call me during the week or you can do this to reach has asked me to make sure you have a phone number and I want to move on PBS radio hardly one to Suzanne Suzanne from New York online to Suzanne Suzanne from New York online to it's a clarification needed on Bliss from last week and I get another one
I love you I need it maybe you didn't hear me maybe you didn't hear me maybe didn't hear me I love you
I feel it I know you feel it thank you thank you for the phone I know you talk to me when I talk to you I know I just I just want a big hug as a you know what I'm feeling
if you want to do do you want to play with me
okay last week cuz I know you're running out of time last week you spoke about this queen within blessed all that is installed nothing else but that's stunning Beauty and I've had feelings of bliss and at the same time aware of my body is that what you're talking about with the distance between the lawyer is not pushing through the layer that feeling
are there you go if I send it you would someone to help me put it together. That's where I live in being at a level of an orgasm all day every day what would that be like the state of being completely different
to be just to be like in a very peaceful place but perfectly neutral and perfectly happy is that what you're explaining to me yes and how do you sustain it right for the most part that that peaceful place you found is our normal places of existence and so that's that's what I'm saying and the children that help me I don't have an incision in adults that visqueen model I gave you is some of us are getting through it
and then popping back so it's almost like a rubber band I called The Rubberband people over the years so I know where you're at 200% yes yeah yeah okay so now it's my opinion is if you just keep working with yourself I commend my spirit to increase my life force energy must be horrible that's my suggestion that's a tool I don't want to make everybody a free crazy person run around hey I commend my spirit in the grocery store understand my goal is it just works when you start talkin to Source God it just works it is as what you've experienced what you have stated that makes it confusing so I observe going in my mind and then I can go back into my heart and feel it again this be
the only value I really bring yours I have my memories back and I know it so I know it's like to be in another human that's the only thing I'm doing for you is I know it's like to not be in this type of human I know it's like to be another planet I know this like to be in an animal I know it's like to be all over this universe is the only value I bring to you and you just explain it to me thank you thank you thank you
and you bring so much more value our captain and organizing structure
okay I hope secure that I've got to wrap this up and I love BBS radio and I love you and I love you and I love you thank you for helping me cuz you taught everybody beautiful beautiful day to you all incredible day all of you my love to you all

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