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Project Review With Q, April 27, 2024

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

Part 45

Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful list to you all prq for done<br> so fucking funny anyway Suisun prq time today<br> it's just amazing all of you sitting in your submittals do not stop just just know that great great opportunity here as long as I have your contact information as you can see I'm using PBS radio to contact it we're going around all the systems so that we can distribute resources at cetera just watching your desires and your inspiration and that is really really really really valuable for the Ascension cycle and the planetary situation just keep submitting keep making BBS radio your favorite friend<br> I know it's redundant and I know it's repetitive but it's going to work out in the long run here as long as we can contact you because of the station on playing go wherever you are in the world please just keep submitting your projects we got them okay we got all your brother now and we also have tremendous amount of individuals and resources that want to help you want to keep submitting don't worry about the white noise don't worry about on this urgency don't worry that it's late or early don't have to worry about that just keep submitting it just all the communication is getting so I don't doubt that it's not just keep it rolling for the pr team<br> do I have set<br> all right people carrying the backpacks the perq guys Transmissions got stifled this week a couple times so I want to make sure I get to you I'm sorry I have to speak in code<br>it's the best music I've ever heard of the geographies were working on there for<br> Patton's prq team if I don't get old if I'm not if we stumble a little bit we do really well obviously on Sundays but this goes for Ronnie as well<br> three locations where the dark taken over is should be getting pretty obvious so where the nunnery has is been a hidden Little Gym<br> who are the nunnery is is there they're hidden champ they don't want you to know about it so forgive all the listeners that you're not going to understand what we're talking about but still that dark area we we can just place for easy to get that really quiet so remember so shocked the Shah is the heart of their their Network and so they use the other geographies has as a little caveat so Lopez is the sanctuary they learned we are going to hide to Andor love Indians rate Pease whereas the geography of San Juan they took that over and now we're going to displace it so that's that that is for your ears only you would understand understand that I'm so sorry I have to talk cryptic late thank you so much<br> if you were going to undermine<br> the topic I'm going to start with before I take the calls again if you're going to undermine American economics how would you do it<br> well you do it through<br> they're so they just like perfect<br> call Greg yep I mean when we look at it how you undermine American are you actually created you you build it up you make it so it's something you actually are so excited about being a millionaire looks like that so all everyone that has a million dollars in the bank is holding on to it that shit crazy just blithering idiots everyone's a millionaire is a batshit idiot they don't understand anything about what they actually think a green piece of paper can measure their existence and it's just amazing that we would fall for this trap and so when I look at undermining American economics it actually populated the rest of the modern world<br> by the way you do it is by getting you excited about the fact that you own something title identity I am this I own something it's if it's the greatest trick ever you'll ever see as soon as the more and more I can get you to buy something and smell something by something until something on a means of exchange that is just created before you were even born is just a beautiful trick dude. You can actually measure the weight of gold how much does gold cost because based on a fraudulent means you some paper with a pyramid on it, black magic you don't actually know what what the weight of any thing is you don't you don't know the scale your actual planet that 10 times bigger than you ever even knew<br> and I can't tell you that cuz you can't prove me because no one's going to let you down there<br> so I want you to prove me I want you to make me wrong everyday I speak please do that because I love you so much I'm going to put my neck out and I want to be the craziest dude ever<br> not to be crazy I'm showing you some opportunities you want them take him if you don't get rid of the skin under the call was keeper rolling here bawling I can't believe BBS radio can tolerate this the stuff I throw at them you just keep calm and come and come and keeps calling what was that movie<br> Let's what is it when it was that<br> let's get rid of groundhog days when I say I don't know where to start BBS radio I got so many people calling in Australia I think for the power of intention ability to overcome all Fiona Fiona Fiona Fiona are you there<br> I hate you beautiful to talk to you<br> I think I Bhajan song with feeling<br> I'm not sure<br> yeah can you define what is your question today is that we've heard a lot of the years about the power of intention and the question is an intention bring everything into the lot and are becoming a lot of darkness and I've got a couple of those couple of applications to talk to you about so that's kind of a setup to the question to you and Ron have totes and that have been used I used that we yes I knew I'd sting in our example being like you are actually from the lot of documents but the people to be to receive that'll be healed or intention intention to become the doctor she's the question<br> thank you that great question a beautifully done privilege to get to talk to you very high quality individual you are thank you so much<br> not say anybody else has left can you do you mind if I ask you a question<br> Define intention here is where I think maybe it's coming from the mind and their goal is wind energy as opposed to finding a residence in the first is that what the distinction Monday<br> yeah thank you so much for examining this okay so when we look at the vocabulary let's break it down<br> my great friends that are gone now on Guy TV in excetera they just destroy them<br> we started studying black magic how it works and so nothing that say that this was a dark question I'm going to show you how linguistically it can be compromised.<br> intention<br> in tent shows<br> Chao 10th in so the word intention is trying to get into your intentions that make sense<br> so when we play all right okay so shown so if you turn words around a little bit you'll see how the black magic works and you all if you've been following me you'll know my great friends who taught us this and how the Bible was not going to say his name today you'll know who that show our true intentions come from inspiration and so that's why I the Mind creating an intention through the Mind does not work here<br> I'll say it on a hundred times if you try an intent to do something nothing is going to happen except chance but if you get excited about your heart centers desire to go jump in the lake and swim cuz you can't wait to get there is the best I can do<br> applying that to the example like people have been using that coming from the lot<br> haven't seen it yet meditating at a date I don't know anyone that can Master it that's why I take potshots Stewart swerdlow who's very dear very dear to me and very powerful and we played in the program's over and over again you can translate through the mind that you can't control to the my senior just never going to its you're going to end up the same results this is where we're at right now. Could change that could change but for right now they're not symbiotics the Heart Center in the mind cannot make it right now based on the 99% of the humans here unfortunately I'm one of those that that does not apply to that's what I'm trying and doing my best to teach his<br> is we can break free of this but we got to quit using the money I hope that helps<br> another example then when we will people that have been standing out by the last couple years that Patriots and I know this group letting people that I might not have everything all the time the steaks along the way but if overriding their intention showing her that action things was going to do is for the good then is that something that we can look at it in terms of their intention and let that stand in the line message that comes through them<br> can you say it a little shorter and sweeter make sure I understand<br> if we look at a person's intention to they would actions and deeds<br> that would be facing the past I wouldn't<br> Patron<br> well so cares<br>I'm trying to tell everybody who gives a fuck about anyting it's already are gone the reason I use swear words until I can be absolutely incredible Lee obvious that I don't care what we're saying<br> cuz it's already gone isn't it<br> yes I'm sure that that was the other the other example of intention was with language but you know it's all English language is cropped in a little bicycle a swearing anyway<br> yes, I will need to be good to change them about every single instance of it because it really comes from and I was thinking intention but really the resin what you mean when he said be there<br> so for Birds landed on the table I'm sitting at<br> and they're listening to us right now and that's what you just turned<br> now they're quiet<br> I'm going to pick a fence<br> we have five birds out on top of my iPad right now<br> yes.<br> So that's the power of intention that's the answer they would like to give you<br> hope I answered your question thank you so much I'll go on to the next caller BTS Radio the tank you so much not kidding five birds are sitting on my iPad<br> I swear it works when you use your heart center everything starts coming to you like they understand what I'm doing right now and they're just the nature of local park run first year they just want to participate with you they know that my energetics are doing its best to reach you and they recognize what I'm doing because I'm in my heart and so the birds are like full would help you doing his best to get some Transmissions from the higher Dimensions list the top him and those birds came in and sat right on my iPad thank you so much you guys so much<br> I got to keep moving to the call so I can get service to thank you so much that was Fiona Richard Heidi I don't know where I'm at BBS am I up to Richard now California wants to know how you conscious of the unconscious Richard what kind of crazy question is there a new list for you cuz some drop out some God damn it says new cast on it but we just hit okay so we'll do Susan from New York online whatever about multi-dimensional experiences coming into this really wild questions man you must be crazy what are you doing what are you doing call me now tell me what's up that's my question is what the heck happened and<br> what the hell this is my horse is a Northbound horse going south what the hell are we doing<br> okay we are okay narrow me down can you get this is a great question what do you want to do<br> okay I have so much energy and running stream me right now thank you I have felt horsepower for you over the past few weeks and observing living for my heart center from what you were just describing with Fiona and I mean it's just incredible things it's like a whole other existence and then this this multi-dimensional experience happen so it's personal so please stop me if I should not share it if not to details but the other night on I'm sleeping I'm on deep asleep I have sheet into covers up to my neck and then I become aware I'm in I'm in my body<br> and I understand what you mean without the Liberation without the Liberation and my eyes are closed I see this bright flash of light out my window. The Liberation I am on my feet in a ninja, position and I say out loud is that my ship<br> it said I just stand there realizing I just demonstrated a superhero movement and I was totally aware I was not dreaming I turned off my fan I looked out the window and it was raining and I was just what the heck was that<br> I'm asking you could you share anything with me<br> thank you for that this a great question the mermaid is joined us she likes to be amused so<br> it seemed I purchase but you never know where the mermaid play off the end how about you narrow me down a little bit on<br> what is what is your spine your definitions for me because they don't really make a lot of sense yet you're close but what do you mean by ship what does that mean to you<br> a vessel is how I took it to me<br> okay<br> so I have the answer to 16 out of my mouth I didn't I didn't have the answers for you but I don't want to impose my understanding into you and say you know it don't make sense<br> yes it does<br> so if I tell people what they are where they are now they are is reduction of your capability so your self realization is all about you and whatever you want to be wherever you came from because it's an endless story there<br> now say it again I feel I can be of service to you<br> okay do you mean to repeat what I say what I said<br> okay<br> experience of being aware of my Suzanne's dogs and there's another awareness<br> of me doing something else<br> and they seem to have met<br> in my Suzanne awareness<br> did you hear that<br> yes I agree I agree glass<br> pretty cool<br> so they know we're here<br> and that's all you need to know<br> don't have to put a bunch of tricks in<br> Thompson hurdles in your way you're here all right. Don't worry about the other okay<br> how you got here is not important know that you're here<br> that's it you're here let's enjoy it let's enjoy here is that okay<br> yes<br> all right did I answer your question<br> you did and can you tell mermaid one thing<br> the other day I was very excited to go walk on the beach earlier than usual so I just went to the beach cuz I was so excited and literally as I walked on the beach and not kidding on the east coast in the cars literally 5200 dolphin keep streaming across<br>but maybe you'd like to talk to the mermaid say something new mermaid hearing you this is my beautiful wow we're out in nature and all these birds like just came out on the table and started nodding and seeing as you were talking to<br> say magical to get the signs and rash<br> it's it's so beautiful and there is another day there was a sea lion on the beach and he was looked like he was struggling so I commanded my call to you and see if you could help or the creation light shut them I continued walking and feeling sad cuz I didn't know what to do but I came back and sat at a distance and ended my commands is gone for my spirit for you both and the creation like chips and I got up to walk back and then there are the seal was like rolling around full of life and spirit and it's just it's just incredible just cannot take you both<br> yeah we're working really hard to get a sanctuary on the ocean for all of us so that you can meet both mermaid Island and we're all inspired thank you for your question did did we satisfy your question<br> you did thank you so dearly my love I love you love you boo<br> what a beautiful<br> thank you for showing up to your phone to see you my little mermaid pups alright new less we got Suzanne why it's coming into this reality well that's true story<br> and move on to Heidi from wheat<br> cuz I better be Wisconsin question about the water to help heal issues healing issues water what's your question Heidi what is your question<br>how do you around<br> I think she's hiding so we're going to have to hide<br> Heidi is hiding so we will not do hiding with Heidi all right let's moved on down the line thank you Heidi for calling in forgive us<br> we are times to get distractions turns out I'm a little popular that stuffed animal with me today Sarah from Oklahoma I'm doing the Australian version because I live with us right now. I woke up with a really pronounce Tara thank you want questions about light body and five the Earth questions about my buddy there are you there thank you for your question let's dig into those children are fascinated by<br> I believe people who enjoy being with them it just seems to be getting a lot of attention that way I do anyway I do have my question for the for the for the 3D in a 5D Earth<br> when there when that transition happens does do we are we going to be like you another word will we also have the white body and are there different Ascension symptoms that go along with that as I feel like I like I just got attacked not right before you answered with a great big huge ring in the ear but will there be other different kinds of symptoms that allow us to go from the carbon body to the crystalline body<br> okay so a great question<br> okay so busy kalaty is the least of your concern so what what your we will clubhouses have done to you is convinced you that you are<br> your something when you could be unlimited everything to start there and it gets a little easier is my opinion if you believe you're something and you're really devoted to being something that is your power so it's very tricky conversation of his nut<br> am I talking to myself<br> what I'm I guess maybe I'm what I'm trying to understand is how how<br> how does that how does that but we are all transition together or will we do what I'm trying to understand is what we maybe do what you're doing and other words go back and forth to help the rest of the earth do we all transition together to 5D I guess that's really more my question<br> okay thank you for that couldn't so if you quit limitations on the dimensions for your your glory for the vacation that's that's not you so why do you call a dimension of number that's all that's all the alien technology is what<br> yes the week numeral numeral D is created by somebody else correct so you can actually say I'm going to be a fifth dimensional being<br> and don't put limitations on Dimensions it's your choice what you want to be so if you're going to if you're going to create all these start the steps I need one day I'm going to be 42 inch but one day I cannot wait to be an 8th dimensional being absolutely mind control bullshit it's all bulshit so once once you realize your choices in your arm from your inspiration and excitement where you want to go and experience life that's what you basically asked me where can I go next what do I want to do next well my suggestion is your here why don't you bring the highest frequency possible here I hope that helps<br>the meaning of the word you have to work Monday<br> I was just going to say I'm<br> that it's not so it's not so much everybody everybody changing at the same time it's an individual price fast and then you would be creating your own 5 days I think I don't know if that's a question but I know the information really sucks when you go in<br> together to create reality we talked about this a lot cuz it's really hot I think you like we're not if you don't wind up waiting for the others to catch up<br> I don't need to expand on that she's as you can see she is brilliant and that's that that's the luxury maybe have is when we come in and out of here we're watching you do it incrementally cuz we're all one and now we get to be an individuality so I can expand on her beautiful words any other question<br> oh no that's that's perfect I I was I was trying to understand what what the concept of when you feel like when mermaid is on the first floor she's at a certain Dimension and when you're upstairs you could be you're at a higher Dimension that whatever that means like you say and I guess that's where I was confused on on your able to pop back and forth to where the mermaid and where we are but we can't do that yet from what I understand until we assent with is that correct<br> incorrect In correct everybody it's being budget you don't know if someone's going to screw with this transmission to you right now so be very careful that some of the things I say could be different words when you hear them from your mission could ever never doubt that your machines can screw with you each and every time I talk on this road<br> you got one internet and here we are you got one phone with the interpretation I'm feeding a dimension downstairs she's concentrating Dimension upstairs they're not hire they're not lower their our own fate of course that's what you are capable of doing everyone's making their own damage you're making a universe just by walking to the mailbox and never forget it<br> thank you now that makes sense when you're creating through your heart. See you in the higher Dimension and then and then and then you'll watch synchronicity will all be perfect. You spirit I don't know what I was experiencing it but we got there and I'm now I understand I hope everybody else who was frustrated with with trying to understand that the whole conception it makes absolute perfect sense so thank you both thank you mermaid take you to this is exciting I can't wait and I'm ready to listen to hear birds I have some great bird.<br> You're welcome it is really really hot because it's just I'm out in the woods and failing to take that yeah I think you got it<br> thank you for such a beautiful call that was an MP lifters today okay so that was Sarah Sarah supposed to say<br> I find Fiona I think I'm going to have to pass over you because you already had a call so we can get this she loved piano forgive me I love you you're from Australia and you would think he would think you got me<br> I think I would throw you a few times and it was a tough go having this name<br> I bet I bet what you got you got here right now my question was will there be a lower and higher frequency planet Earth<br> so the first thing I would remind everybody let me get my life back in the first thing I remind we've done this a lot a lot even though you don't have any memories back we have come into a planetary system that is named ABC or do you know what a pretty tough plays as far as the dark concerned as the Jitter plane flies over but it's pretty much we've done a lot worse than that<br> and in very very successful so I don't want to be Debbie Downer a lot of these topics but we would still have a lot of work to do a lot of chicken in that is being a piece<br> and so went when I start looking at your definitions they don't really work for me from our point of view but we we like the start of the definitions<br> and we're not sure how to coach and teacher until you teach us so the only way we can plan make the transition as I explained many times on the transition specialist we don't really understand what it's like to be here except through your eyes<br> so she can expand on your question I'd really love that<br> okay so<br> I had I'll just carry on with<br> so I had a call with you last summer and so I was going to be in the communication group and then I got and it was I had like the most awesome project come through me we haven't submitted yet but it's a screenplay so I'm super excited about it but in this manuscript that I had written before it I just it has a way of coaching me like you're my writing and so then you know how you talked about getting through the visqueen like true that layer<br> let's go ahead feel like I am okay so. Is like right where I'm at right now<br> and there's just I get attacked all the time and I just like I am like destroying things left right and center and that's just I mean<br> do what I have to do so<br> yeah I'm not sure what more to say other than then other people unlike okay you guys do what you do I'm just like the time just all about a sentence with many people even my husband he who is more awake than most he's always like questing how do you know that's true and it's like well you know when you know<br> so then I thought well<br> you know how is this I was just really working in the mermaid then I listen to another call at made total sense about that you know you're creating your own experience<br> but<br> now I just feel like I'm babbling away like that's going to be a lower frequency us and the people are sending our on a higher frequency us for the sake of this is a really beautiful if you can look it up online by I'm at work and I'm amazing geometric the orions pension<br> will give you many lifeguards information and stuff that's really beautiful but it's no I totally feel like that's totally on track so when my you know my<br> God's word for my page is my spirit whatever you want to call it talks to me I know I'll get insights especially first thing in the morning and<br> it's a yes call in with this question today<br> and I had other questions. Just calling with this one question<br> beautiful how do you say whatever in The Miz and then there's the rest of us that on<br> existing together or is everybody just naturally<br> yeah so it should be getting more obvious all the time is what it what is it you want to do where is your inspiration so you're going to get there more and more and more and more and can leave<br> so that's the best I can do is to explain to you that the darkness on this planet is so will dissolve now that states not here<br> but it's now up to you if you want to participate with it instead of her statement<br> yeah like I'm just so not participating with it I only do everything that I feel inspired tooth that moment that day and that's what happened when I wrote the screenplay I wouldn't write anything until I had that familiar feeling that that the story was with would come true me in the way that the story was meant to be written not how my mind wanted certain characters to be your anything and so that is I just had that inside that that's how you live your life you just don't even do anything until you have that Clarity and knowing of what you want to do I could have and that's why I don't even agree to work<br> make plans with people like even the day before cuz I just want to know how I feel that day<br> but 6:30 how we live such a beautiful and we're so happy we got this thank you thank you I just saw this is like this it's a miracle day which is like to be everyday<br> it is every day thank you so much<br> my love you thanks for the call I forgive us for moving on to a few other folks your beautiful thank you so much<br> alright well we better hurry up before I sing another song and everybody's had a thing for moving on to BBS you help me I don't know where I'm at did I go past Cielo from DC or am I on Margie from Costa Rica to know more about identity Margie from Costa Rica is online for 6 months. I guess we're going to we do have<br> hello<br> hello how are you how is how is my friend it is Heidi haikyuu Heidi hello<br> I mermaid how are you both today<br> write thank you wonderful I'm so grateful that I'm on talking to you both because I so much love that I've felt back and forth with you guys and I'm just happy that I'm here so there you go<br>I do have a question I have been working on my project part of it quite a few different things but it's about water and I know where we talked a bit earlier about water and putting our water through the vortex and when you tell us to take a shower you say to do a Vortex around us to continue the water to heal our bodies is there anything else we can do with that is my first Parts sale help so consider yourself a mammal near water be that's all you are 78 80% water<br> okay so I thought the reason I'm promoting keeps piling your water cuz it helps it energized and get recalibrated reconfigured neutrally water has memory as you've heard me say Amelia are the reason promoting that process by promoting very few Technologies in the universe, would be an example in case of water drink water<br> filter water make sure it's recalibrating my computer so if you can't if you don't have your own well spring water then this is one opportunity to recalibrate make this planet that's why I say this thing and nose are even into place next question Place once a month is spring luckily near me and I utilize that so very lucky there now when we do the healing with the water toner us if we're standing in the shower we want to counter clockwise<br> if we're going to our left and then around, right is that the directions right so one of the clearing work you can use endlessly I think there's a key component in creation white ship what will you do if the head of the faucet of a shower comes down the top of your head makes Envision meant the water going counter-clockwise left to right down at so the head it let's make the top of the head the clock make it goes straight through you counterclockwise and cleanse you all the way to yourself so the water will purify you straight through the brain straight through the spine straight to all of your DNA that is one way to get more of your capabilities in life interview lights for your knowledge that so you just keep spending it spending it and then if you do is command with it it's really thought so it's for most people<br> takes a pattern recognition for most humans so here so you can make make it a ceremony so on Mondays I do my water clearing do as I command my spirit to be cleansed and freed of anything in inhibiting me or I can add my start to remove anything and need if not me wild waters filing through your body and I guarantee you'll get results that's the best way to heal too so I commend my spirit to heal and balancing now Wild Waters filing to the top of your head all the way to body that makes us yes it's completely does thank you how do I work out this problem things like that the water will help you if you use those type of command<br> it's wonderful I am have I was going to talk about my project a little bit but we're short on time but I was wondering if you could do I keep I have friends and her haven't seen any health issues that can you do a healing command for like a general Good Feeling command for any of our listeners or anybody that may need it but you should be doing it. Me<br> okay I'll do more<br> okay I personally I say I have issues with<br> a kiss ass that you should see me and shoes with my legs and my knees and my hip is that was like the start of it okay I'll bring you some okay<br> ceiling<br> anyone that has in their Mind Body Spirit any issues that there<br> physical being is hurting where they do not know their perfection that they find themselves in Perfection now<br> are very good let's do it okay repeat after me<br> I command our spirits<br> Commander spirits<br> to increase our capabilities now<br> increase our capabilities now Spirits spirits<br> to heal and balance our bodies now<br> Akil and balance our bodies now<br> I command our spirits<br> the commander Spirits give us all of us now<br> give us all of us now<br> count after me 5<br> or<br> or 3<br> 2<br> 21<br> one now<br> now<br> thank you but messy emotions come out it's okay<br> I'm sick of crying and laughing at the same time thank you thank you<br> thank you for teaching<br> thank you I love you I love you all<br> beautiful beautiful day to you thank you please keep pulling on us keep calling keep submitting we love you very much<br> and moving on oh my gosh I'm already in the mermaid thing<br> because believe it or not Sinead O'Connor what is your favorite what is your favorite<br> gosh<br> message Simon<br> Emperor has no clothes. What's up there<br> okay we got to go to be. Go HotShots love you PS thanks for your patience beautiful beautiful list all will see you next week I love you love you love you keep submitting good day<br>

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