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Project Review With Q, April 20, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

great day good day beautiful beautiful beautiful people thank you for joining me again and we're here for an hour of prq project to do with you working today so I appreciate it everyone's participation new subscribers and Advance the dancing project colder it is just a complete honor and privilege to get to speak to you again and I will be taking calls as you are inspired and your time and your space weird a derby calls coming in on going to start with a couple items here the people I'm calling them
were given a couple couple of suggested resources to test out and look at an inn observed over the last several weeks and what what were able to do what we do is see what works and what doesn't work and it just it's the luxury to to see the attention on this if I can get you as bait just kidding but the computers are are are really nice electronic work yourself you understand try to do something a little ahead of time little ahead of schedule so that we can get things going until maybe some bigger changes that I show up here
let's see if your queue team is what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and
give the taskers if the volunteer anyone that wants to help pass they're doing add to that popular population list in other countries now and then see which ones are people prefer and so forth and and then see if we can get some things happen please keep your subscriptions going make sure you got the phone number and so forth thank you so much for your faith in me I'm always let the phone line to get populated a year maybe I'm mistaken maybe it they are growing already
looks like they are rolling I think I'll start looks like I don't have to even advertise the phone numbers anymore thank you for calling and everybody it's beautiful start now thank you baby s radio for doing this over and over again with me you're brilliant and all of us listening must must feed in the Brilliance of BBS in helping us communicating in large volumes and that's why we're doing the show and I'll take the first call we don't start and get it going here and it's Robin from a my are we going to be picked up by aliens Robin are you going to call or are you off yes I am I am here hello good day
hey did you so your question is are we going to be picked up a langevin opinion there's a little
no actually there's a little confusion but among some people know that we are creating Heaven here on Earth but I did recently read an article by a Mack Spears none of us are getting out of here alive so please stop treating yourself as an afterthought you're not okay so some people think that we're going to be picked up and take him out of here while the chaos goes on but I know in my heart that we are here and we are creating heaven on Earth and I don't feel that we're going anywhere
beautiful beautiful I would do it is really your choice I wasn't it that's what you're saying right you can mingle hi Rosa delauro no doubt about it when I when I first started years ago with her I guess it was still that we we always wanted to do where do you start is where we always are. Will this such a large volume of material opposing the propaganda is all over the place and the one item that should be really obvious regarding this topic is I can look at the Egyptian times and you see the power generators that are still there and the portal technology had time so I could I could take my body mummify it or take it with me and jump to another region in in
space and time and another planet and noticed that procreation a lot of the hieroglyphics or or we or else you'll see they don't have a lot of imagery about procreation more about afterlife what what they're talking about is your ability to take your Consciousness in and out of different body so that of course resulted in massive Wars because they're using the Stargates and bringing back some really bad guys and that's why you have a desert in Egypt because they have they had real bad guys starting fights with other beings on our planet and that's why you have deserts in Australia in Egypt and many other places anyway I noticed appropriation changes when we look at some of the Indian country
it was viewed and appreciated in that Ascension cycle
that we would want to standardize a type of human now and then that's what that's what created the Heaven on Earth is more stability within races so we have all these different races come in that creates more.
exactly right into your heart center get stronger and stronger the more generation to get the same bloodline so you have it right for me maybe we'll just we might need a couple more tries here but I would say the Egyptian Ascension psych was probably six or eight Ascension Cycles ago I argue all the time with someone about this and the in the Legacy Indian cultures probably for sentience. It's proof that we can we can keep each generation of Ascension cycle is really up to us the phone again or we going to pick him up thank you for the call Brilliant have a beautiful beautiful day
you also thank you
all right let's do an easy one
what to do how do I get 90 blind
how do I get my nine-year-old blind mother to get heart-centered Susan some NJ Susan
Susan Susan Susan Susan Susan
okay moving on well address the question
you know the best I can do with this topic I taken it on many times how do I wake up my neighbor Etc is Cheech I've always started with mini mini the mind control people people have the monkey mind maybe it is one way you described it running around circles in their head is to get them to stop thinking and so I know you hear me say the same thing over and over again but it you just have to start somewhere and then you can get we can step you can step up into more capabilities and more potential of observation of why someone can and cannot
stop thinking so the emotions that we appreciate if we would proactively use them instead of reactively is what I'm doing the best teach people to do cuz it's not normal to have reacted emotions
in a way that creates an induction point and mine patterning where is instant in automatic and so anyway my suggestion is out loud teacher teacher to have trust in the fact that she can talk to two stores by commanding her spirit to take the thoughts from your head and put them in her heart and she does that three times out loud I guarantee you she is maybe once a day something's going to change I hope that helps
all right
my dear friends from Australia thank you for calling of what's the situation Australia
Kiryu there
is it me or the phone's not working today
a caller from Australia online free what's the situation in Australia maybe I'm going too fast
continue can you give me last couple weeks
I have to specify conscious so many people want to talk to you so you can pick and choose which ones you want to answer the phone what was the initial which Australia is genetic engineering. The second one is the one I was asking what do you want the first thing and it's not to put fear into anyone it it's just getting so much of his abilities to you guys doing all the calls week in week out I get their lunch street so I can track one of the tools you get when you don't have your DNA restrictions as I can track artificial intelligent so that's one of the reasons Matrix makes fun of
but you can actually do that when you can actually see where a phone call comes from where any mail comes from things like that and so when you start going all the way down the rabbit hole in this is how I was used and when some of these programs see who is really full of triggers behind the scenes for the most part
socially gross overstatement but for the most part the goal is very is very well under way to turn the book 1984 that would be of the best summary of Australia and the drawer will run it I'll give you an example I met someone several weeks ago who called me and said they got a ticket sitting at a stop sign because they're their car back seat was recline too far that ticket cost $1,500 just sitting at a red light and it was you that the backseat in Brisbane Australia
what look how one state does not observe
Daylight Savings Time in the other state does but they're on the same longitude things like that so you're getting closer they did the genetics enhance it when when you vaccinate a large volume of people
and then get the and then get this the mapping right to degenerates the volume of light coming to you and stimulates the DNA to suppress you and that's why there was so many clones in 2012 is really just to stop us from growing through or Heart Center if we don't know any better so the type of again a gross overstatement for the type of people that were designed to be popular in Australia presume they're all criminals go there so that's why there's only 25 million people in Australia and I argue there's even less than that but basically shipped the group that did it I'm sure you can figure that out the group of ship them to Australia's exactly was created for take back to you very easy to do thank you for your question I'll be back with you soon okay
text thank you love you
okay love you too
alright let's keep rolling here
Kevin from Florida line for the notes notion that for me please thank you Kevin for calling in
Kevin Kevin Kevin
Bueller Bueller no Kevin or maybe maybe Kevin get a cup of coffee all right all right here until I get another color or maybe sold Landrum
the phone lines are playing games this today so
I'll move on to another topic gear one of the one of the reasons I want to talk about the Egyptian times is because
call me you're almost exactly the opposite of the way we lived that show Tutankhamun as an is example he's a he's a Young Man Has a King well that's an example of a light being representing the people and is very very strong civilization is you understood how conscious works you knew you could take your spirit out of your body and be another human you knew how sentient work and you knew what it was like to deal with the other civilization so as you can imagine if you have the way to go to other civilizations to your Stargate portal whatever words you like they're you realize that you don't necessarily have to procreate in a system that you didn't prefer cuz when you went to another plant planetary system it was
something you prefer for me that's how a lot of genetic engineering has undermined at us because now you're you're duplicating what a lot of the folks in the Galactic Federation would appreciate that they like shark that's like that some group some of the group's other groups understand that the long road the long way is Ashley so
anyway when you go to the other civilization you realize like a certain columns gone well well a lot of what happened there too so you can prove
if you can read the literature as you can prove that people were leaving and then the folks over here shut down to Target so you left your family here and let your friends music cuz it works so good for so long and then they turn the power generators Austin Pandora there's enough manipulation manipulation schedule from bad guys in the dark guy who partnered with the Legacy Egyptian Elders pretending to represent us
well over time those individuals grew and grew and grew and pretty soon he just falls apart in the wars and so forth but
what was exciting yet is people had had free power up to then they had a ton of monetary system that actually worked it recent work so well is because we shared we share the resource is so well the the the bartering system didn't get rigid until the end and in in a family start change name is outstanding at this this topic
and he knows all the players and so does so does the rest of your team and so we appreciate it unbelievable farming systems irrigation systems and just social relationships where we we nursed each other on a far more regular basis and we had all the technology in the universe so you would never need to have a cell phone is example because you had more of your Consciousness in you or you lies more than I should say and so you didn't have didn't have these great prophet rule-makers until the end there because you could use your heart and realize that the book was written by another person so where did that where did that ideas and suggestions to come from
if you could teach yourself how to go get the information for any subject matter right at a drop of a hat and observe and examine it and then you realize it or throw it away and so that's the microphone is a cliff notes version of where I was like then and there and
so if you don't have any need for technology
and You observe what would your day be like each and every day and that's what I'm going for with prq has refused to is if we could just settle down and get comfortable I feel that will really help all these projects Insurance in a more organic peaceful way yes we do you think maybe a little more authentically as I didn't just now so you got lots of Technology taken away from you in that Ascension cycle at the end is what I'm doing my best to get you here and now you can actually see where exactly the opposite
we're trying to get our technology back and that's right in the middle of our chest right right there when you feel that that emotion that that that safe peaceful place when you take the dogs out of your head and now people are going to possibly trick you with Technologies outside of yourself that potential is there everybody's excited about a machine that's the name is there potential for some of those machines to be capable of helping us that there are will it be sustainable you're the strongest thing in the universe that's that's why you're able to be here so what I am doing my best to keep talking about is
the opportunity as you heard the first caller to do this is right now
and and it's really exciting to to see how much
first we have and inevitably we will get there you don't have a choice list but it's my great great joy to help and support and be there as quick as I can I'm going to need one shot from UB vs radio I'll need the phone numbers real quick here in case somebody wants to call in and I did not hear from Kevin from Florida if you still got him sitting around all this man but maybe what other she told me the phone number to get Onslaught shout it out here
hi my name is Rob from Toronto
hey Rob thanks for calling us today it's my privilege and honor to get to chat with you how can I help you today I'm happy I got something for taking my call away 125 times before it went through
yeah it's literally I'm not even joking it was 125 x but sorry that it's works this way but I had it's flattering at this point.
it indeed is and I would suggest to some people I was trying the toll free from Canada to the 888 and that just won't even go through and I tried the direct line in it got the same message and then finally is it rang and went through on the direct line so I don't know maybe you try that one before the toll-free one if people want to
yeah thank you for that what do you want what do you want to play with today
I was wondering about implants and barcodes been listening to a lot of on image calling and I know he had a lot of insights and I was just kind of seeing like how things have changed if at all in that regard since you know he's been gone for a while now and you're you've taken over and do those things keep do they keep coming back or once they're removed are they kind of gone forever I know you said you had a physical implant the people who question for people who weren't in the super soldier program with a potentially have physical implants as well
yeah it's been a line if you don't if you don't mind I can I want to ask a couple questions first of all if you're listening to Ronnie I'm probably never going I probably will never disagree with any of his material I may have different words in a different perspective but the most part all agree with most of the things you said there but I'd be careful
I would like you understand the difference between barcode from are the genetic genetic barcodes and then the difference between a implant that was put in your body and then step 3 would if I could put an implant in you that marries with your Barca pretty interesting hot when you're in real trouble then you're in real trouble so I'll talk about the barcodes first and then I'll break breakdown in class if you don't mind if you're interested
call I'm totally interested I would love it thank you so much okay so the barcodes several reasons for barcoding this version of human say when they're when we're at the gym this this genetic engineering system for the most part was a bar coating system where I can have IP address just like your computer so I can call it and I can talk to you I can install disease in you I can make you taller or shorter and I can and I can also abduct you third party and so are all bar codes used for that purpose know so that's just a sample of what barcodes were designed for But ultimately it was so we witness scape the Trap of this body so you can manage a human consciousness easier if you have a barcode is what I'm getting on well
okay what to do with the military program realizes if I can if I can implant you with an outcome I wanted as you probably realized now I got something so if you look at the implants I and some people have wear when we're doing hyperspace travel they my insides were basically so I didn't get I didn't they got me back and I could endure could program that the mission they wanted me to go on so it's example that they throw us forward and backward in time to participate in a war and in change the outcome
and so that was probably what we are from where as many of the women from the space Forces help with their implants they be governed so they wouldn't that they're the best best drivers are vessels and so you don't want them to get too out of control but you also wants to know how are they doing it so women always say very well in the space program somehow learn how they're doing what you want to get bad guys to do so any other 51 the only person I could teach it was Billy's to fly one of our vessels because Billy would use more heart center and understood how to do it and took a little time but that's that's an example why you would have an implant in is because now Billy can take off
you can get the vehicle back because once you once you realize what you realize what's going on here you're not coming back so that's that's it in a nutshell does that help a little bit
no that's what I wonderful in that regard and I had another question I was listening to Max Steel episode last week and he talked about being able to communicate with a vessel that he found and I was wondering if that was something that was inherent to him or only a few specific people or like is it something that has been hidden from all of us
yeah so they're all organic and I can show you all the bad all of bajor ships here I talked to them all the time and so if you have if you can find flat-bottomed clouds most cases that's going to be a duffle there and so when you go and call them when you just work with him for that first couple seconds they don't know that you're good or bad and then they usually close the communication so it's it's it's it's probably quite a little fun game because they also know that we can destroy them very quickly so they try to stay neutral so the bad guys the bad guy ships are here and there is a lot of them they they will make a silhouette of themselves way to Technologies you might like notice so many people are probably getting to the point where you can see them but they'll make a you know you can take an iPhone and flip the camera around
just might push the button so there they have a cloaking device that makes it look like what's on the other side of your peripheral of the vision that would be opposing the ship so if if you had blue sky behind the ship the front of the ship would look like blue sky catch my drift actually see the outline of them once you get so there's a song by Queens ryke I can only see in infrared that that's also why the Vatican has it has a telescope in infrared will that's what I'm able to do as well as you as you can see the silhouette of the vessel and some of the positive Chemtrails if there is such a thing there's not that that's how that's how they're getting the tracers it so you probably heard me say it but Max has his own vessel and I do too
it's not fantastic and I can tell you right where it's at and you have to have an organic soil to do multi-dimensional you can't do it with nothing but so I hope that helps
yeah totally endives are time for one more question cuz you kind of just start something as you were staying
mentioned something about
at whatever it was triggered this but my dad was in the amateur astronomer and so I can even really into it and I just wondered you know after listening to your shows and Ronnie amitron being courted to you know planets and stuff that he was looking at if that's kind of took them out cuz I noticed it at a time appointed life when he gave it up and he went like downhill really quick and not so I was just wondering I got this was before I knew all this stuff and I and now it's like I'm looking back and then I'm like oh my God Made You know he was being controlled or you know whatever the things he was observing in the sky and he didn't really know it was even talking to
yeah that looks pretty, question and in this work here so that there's there's several folks I would hang out with a stick got to Smart on the Egyptian topics and start publishing it then they disappear that would be a good model with your your dad there is once you can see the fabric of the dimensional reality will other people can see that you can see that that make sense once you realize how this thing works here and you're really getting into most of the astronomers I know that you have the aha moment is a start measuring of the wobble in and then that's why not a space agency in the rest of the gang are are claiming that the planets you're seeing out there where stars are wobbling well that's because they're not
are actually ships in many cases and so when they stays up and face out they'll do their best to even make a signature card so that they can face and face out and you won't see when they come and go so it's a bunch of fixer but it looks to me like he caught he caught two ships one nights that we're right next to each other and the next night he caught him a whole lot farther apart from each other and or changing their orientation so if if you are if you're really into astronomy and you make patterns yourself you'll find all sorts of wild stuff and you'll realize that I think my horoscope lying to me
yeah I know thank you so much and deaf just lots of love to everything to do in from all of us up here in Canada and I appreciate that you take my call today and answer my questions and just all that's all the stuff to you
my love to you you have a beautiful beautiful day
thanks a lot you two all right let's see if we can find Ivan from Europe Ivan I don't have quest for a bit Ivan what you got how can I help you today everything's great great great great day to you
wonderful day to you too so my question is are we getting a new Financial systems anytime soon because a lot of people around the world are struggling and through this basically Financial oppression I know I've asked this question before I know it's difficult to answer but if we can get some clarification about
yeah so again
if you do if you do look at bricks you look at countries going to Gold backs. He's there is a great great attempt to get sold the world on acid Mexico. And if you start looking at who's who's propping up the old systems you can see that it's really important that we all go at the same time and if you don't go all the same time you're in the trade with your neighbor
and so you should be able to see now if you really really see that some of these people still want central banks some people don't some people weren't holding houses some people do but either way you're going to an acid bacteria or otherwise you can just going to keep playing Fiat and so is cryptocurrency money
is this the same thing we've been using is that we have Hoover the laggards but you can see a lot of guys already switched over and so the answer is yes
yes because there's a lot of resistance in the Western World thing Europeans with the corrupt governments and people are basically most of the regular people are unaware about this and they don't want to fight I have tried to organize many people this is just all this is is a lack of organization alignment that's why the UN is absolutely does it serve no purpose in this topic otherwise they would just get us a line that's why you have so many countries so you can't get organized and that's why I do this show every week
least we'll get we'll get somewhere we're going to get somewhere but you can see the goal is for much confusion lots of politics and he said she said that in this net and then by the way send me a couple of minutes so I see how those countries have done it why they done it and then make a list you can actually see the ones who are trying to participate or they think their way is better so that's that's my suggestion for everybody start studying
yes because I'm multiple occasions I have tried to reconciliations as you suggested and fair trade with different people in different countries that is simply not working yet or not ready for this on a regular frog again if we would start learning what reconciliation mean and not literally but how we apply it in our lives really start checking
how we do business as examples what would what would be the most corrupt industry that we accept this as normal business and that's how we purchase real estate yeah it's just a disaster we actually think we own something once those days are over we're going to have a we're going to have a lot of fun is life. Thank you for your call thank you so much for calling in
thank you one more quick question how do you remove DNA blockages
again it's called and it's really just keep working with your spirit in your decision-making process I commend my spirit increase my life force energy as you do that once a week once a day out loud now put into play how you feel when you get into peace energy
each and every choice you make thank you for the call
okay Ivan Aaron from TX Sharon from TXU have a question Sharon you hear me all right
beautiful beautiful
I have tried for six weeks to call in and I just took the advice of the other call her and just blew up my phone I think I tried 3040 time and it finally went through so yay
I do have a question for you but you know I had an aha moment two nights ago one of my favorite things to do is hop in a sports car and just roll down the windows and I feel and Josh Groban and I just I just drive I got a bit of 107 & me I just love to drive and this song was going on and I was like I need the words don't give up it's just the weight of the world when your heart is heavy I will list it for you don't give up because you want to be hurt if silence keeps you I will bring it for you I mean in that song that goes on and on and I just you and I don't know if you can stay but is it warms my heart
it's us you can feel the familiarity that you hide when you're lost inside I'll be there to find you don't give up because you want to burn bright if Darkness blinds you I will sign to guide me thank you thank you for all your doing I mean, I actually do have a question that was probably from 3 weeks ago or 3 times to go on BBS on being inspired with you as we're creating our projects you know and it's so exciting just to kind of take the next step on each one, you were talking about twin flame and with the mermaid in the pattern that you set and if I heard you correctly I thought I heard you say we are co-creating in a twin flame model with you
can you send it to sound so exciting it feels so I mean it's
yeah that's why thank you beautiful call cuz that's really important of one Consciousness and then delivering individuality as we are clear for segregation and spreads out so this universe is far more yours than then herzen in mind because you're the one who really participated for so much duration maybe we'd say so much about this and then we come and participate with you is what I'm always do my best to explain so we're where the greenhorns and you guys are the experts in most cases in but never losing the understanding that your from Source just like we are no difference between us you're you're just
yours is faster you're out here who made more and we're participating not to say we don't have the same abilities it's just kind of our roles aren't that's why I said everybody's telling you they have soul contract I want to help him with immediately because our creative forces doesn't have the Liberation as what I'm doing my best to play but anyway when we made the pattern if we looked at the way our patterns comes out of source is what I'm doing I'm doing my best to explain because we would be you would consider us the first
Quinn's that segregated segregate in cigarette does maybe one other way you could look at that make sense
yes so when I'm dreaming of my other project of my of what I would love to do are you also in that you're in that dream
right so you can't get away from any we can't get away from each other is what I'm saying you can go somewhere you can go play over there but you never going to always be a portion of life in you if you're not a so the reason I trying to explain aliens aliens are really not the same a race not to say that they're from another place aliens are beings that cannot do multi-dimensional creative creativity like you can so they may only have the ability to do 25 30% of what we can do that's what that time and that's why they use technology so much and that's why they copy is so much that the dark knows the light we don't know so that's that's insane understand how to do the Twin Flame heating way but it's never ever going to be like the way you can do it.
beautiful I look forward talking about that in the future yes thank you so much and I just want to encourage you and I mean it is all working we are healing ourselves we're changing the weather changing a schedule of my ghost does a child ask ask God for it the night before
until I give him a yellow kayak and he wanted a canoe with the things that are just showing up in that are happening it's all working thank you very much thank you it's brilliant. Thank you for the call and my great great love you thank you for your your determination talk to me I love feeling your energy thank you so much today
alright let's see if we can finally get back to Susan from.ny Susan did you make it back
and I'm here to can you hear me
thank you for being so so so magnificent thank you for letting me know
how can I help you
tell my mom is blind and 90 years old and I'm always working with her to be in Heart Center and a lot of times more time is that bad and she is out of Heart Center and is very depressed and doesn't understand what to do and when everything going to be fixed which is it does affect me and then it knocks me out of Heart Center and I can't get away from her
I don't want to do that to her
I know right I tried to call you and encourage at one of my one of my project I had success with this week and I received the first bike that we're going to take that the Blind and low vision seniors at the park or bike if I called her to let her know it came 5 weeks early and she rained on My Parade so to speak
yeah great question will first just shake her violently and say wake up that is where does it say so I really like over the years just Dunst each person's unique in the way the older people who are older people here have a nice pattern recognition system and I don't think cuz they've been doing it longer and with it
so that the thinking man was engineered so the memory bank has a pattern system that wants to workouts puzzle and thinks it knows really thanks and really thinks it knows how to do it so if I can obviously you know how to command your spirit take the thoughts of you put in your heart you can you can do it for or an in with her a little bit more you can so I can tell that you have a little more horsepower than the average person so you can actually asked permission and help her do it but when I'm the one the one thing that really clean for me is as you've heard me say if you can get them if you can get her to write on one side of the page to Future and what you want the first in life and on the left side of page write what she doesn't want in your life
and then in the middle of the page and what I call the T neutral prove to her that somebody is telling you to think about the past and what's going to happen if somebody is thinking what we dream and want in the future so who's who's who and where does how do you associate and and then what you can do with that as you can take the emotions that come with surge example I don't like being blind okay when she does not prefer that and then on the other one was an emotion does she have when she says I can't wait to play with puppy. Whatever it is and now you can actually nap the Delta between piece energy and the emotions coming in and touching to there either and then took you make per can find a pattern you can find a pattern there if he's willing to work with you maybe do 9/10 of those you'll see how fast she is a
stopping thought or not that makes sense then you can slow down or look at or or the psychological perception of how she processes information what I'm what I'm doing my best to play is she presses against information the way pattern recognized or is she adopting at a recognition in a different way so that's the best I can do there
right and I just wanted to add so a couple months ago she thought she could see her hand she only has one eye and she's completely blind in it but she swore she could see her hand
that's really good news that's really good news so I didn't call you both
but on the other end she has for a while now she sees many different people in her room if she's in the dining room of the facility she said that she's never seen these people there's children is a lot of children that she sees but the problem is is he's fine he sees him clear as could be and it's scaring her because she doesn't know where she is now in her room she does know even know where the floor is or or bad or the bathroom stole a couple weeks till you out of woman had something similar and you had her do the command to destroy anything with in my space that is I have it written down for her and cheap started doing that and it worked but if they did come back again I haven't and I don't want to buy the next show I have to get off the call now but I love you very much and I'm I'll put that in the body of information the next showing
thank you for calling and everybody thank you so much and I'll be back at it Monday with your Monday this Monday and I love you all so Ronnie I'll be with you too I'll show my great love to you my great love to you my great love to you and all the lizards have a beautiful beautiful day

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