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The Power of Synergy, September 3, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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The Power of Nature; Cooperating With It

The Power of Synergy

September 3, 2022

The Power of Nature; Cooperating With It


Definition of Synergy

There is no neutral energy


4 Dichotomies:

*Social Energy:

1. Friends

2. Interruptions

3. Noise

4. Special Occasions


*General Focus

1. Tangible is better, even if it’s bad

2. Literal is better, for practical reasons

3. Directions are not confusing

4. Hypothesizing is a waste of time


*Making Decisions

1. Making people happy is best

2. Making sense is good

3. Creating pain is bad

4. Self-neglect is habitual


*Carrying out decisions

1. Knowing rules and following them

2. More excited at the beginning? Or the end?

3. Writing lists and keeping them handy

4. Planning? Or spontaneous?


4 Levels of Activity


1. Like breathing

2. 8 hours/day: minimum 50%



1. Like eating

2. 3-4 hours/day: 25-30%



1. Like walking

2. 2-3 hours/day: 15-20%



1. Like running

2. 1-2 hours/day: 5-10%


*What’s worse? Not doing what is you? Or doing what isn’t?

1. Making it habitual is harmful

2. Getting yourself back is a slow process: 5-10% at a time

3. The 21-day rule of a habit


Quality over Quantity:

Personal Care: for yourself first

*People are willing to help and share

*When the ROI is real, it’s “worth it” for everyone

Equipped: Prepared beforehand

*Know what you will need

*Have it “available” and “in stock”


Milestones and Rewards:

*Close enough to be achievable, but far apart enough to be challenging

*1:4 ratio

*4-week maximum distance

*Weight example (break it down as many times as you need to)

*Don’t undermine your work


Support System:

Physical: SP

Emotional: NF

Mental: NT

Moral: SJ

*Have them available and aware; concession

*Have 5 of each (so know who in your life is what)



*Always in the positive

*1:3 ratio

*Simple and short

*Say the whole list until they’re all completely believed

*Add one and remove one every 21 days


Checklists for focus:

*1:4 ratio (already do, occasionally do, rarely do, never do)

*Just make it 8 things that you’ll do in a 24-hour day

*Change the list every 3 months


Shot-in-the-arm for energy:

*At least 33% improvement

*Keep everything accessible

*Not more than twice, daily


Negative Emotions:






The Power of Synergy

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