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The Power of Synergy, May 7, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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The Synergy of Jealousy

The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

May 7 Radio Show 
The Synergy of Jealousy

What is synergy? What is jealousy? Is it a healthy response? 

*The difference between the sum, the product, and exponents
Addition, multiplication, and powers (Synergy as a principle)
*2 and 7: 9 or 14 or 128 
(vs. 7 and 2: 49)
*4 and 8: 12 or 32 or 65,536
(vs. 8 and 4: 4,096)
*5 and 9: 14 or 45 or 1,953,125
(vs. 9 and 5: 59,049)
*Are you the base or the power? S is the base: the manifestation. N is the power: the augmentation.

*2 elements required to create jealousy
Insecurity and provocation: there is no “neutral” energy. It’s either positive or it’s negative. 
*Provocative without provocation
*Trust is about YOU—not the other person
If you’re confident, you don’t have to worry about others not being loyal or faithful to you. If you’re worried about the person, you need to break up.

*Are YOU relationship material?
Relationships are a privilege—not a right. They are a lot of work: like food. Eating does not mean you know how to cook. 

*Can a man and woman just “be friends”? *My best friend’s wedding story example vs When Harry Met Sally (5 minutes)
*Can sex not be a factor in a relationship? Platonic? 
*Or does it change everything, universally: you never see each other the same way; “you can’t change back”
*Men only have enough blood for one head at a time
*Vulnerability comes with sex, whether you want it to or not

*Universal boundaries need to be predetermined
And not negotiable—consistently enforced. Especially by the woman. Verbally. In detail. If they change, they need to be updated. And confirmed—by both parties. 

*Sexual Harassment 
Law and Order episode of rape: is a woman ever “at fault”?
*Is there a point of no return: when you cross the line, have you forsaken your right to say “no”?
*D.O.S.E. = The biochemistry of orgasm
If you laughed more, you would need sex less.
*Dopamine: SJ
*Oxytocin: NF
*Serotonin: NT
*Endorphins: SP

*Marriage terms and conditions different from dating? How?
When you live together for 18 years, why haven’t you stepped up to the plate and signed the contract? Do you even know why? Does the person that you’re with know? 

*Neutral neuters
*When you “don’t care”, you harm yourself and the people you’re with. “Girls just wanna have fun” = selfishness and abuse
*Do you think about other people when you’re “with” your mate?

*Jealousy even between family members 
Juan’s daughter is a great example! My husband had to walk me through it. And my sons and daughter.

*What are the real threats to a romantic relationship?
Same gender friends are potentially just as threatening to a courtship or marriage! 
*Disclosing relationship secrets 
*Taking priority over the spouse
*Family members are potentially just as threatening as friends when they’re more important than the mate
*Men are more vulnerable to women’s abuse than women are to men’s

*Sex and the City issue people asked me about
There’s “nowhere to hide” when someone is living with you: *SSB = Secret Single Behaviors
*I’ll be damned if I apologize first
*The husband trying to be part of Charlotte’s group of friends
*“We are work and sex and nothing more”

*What is trust
To each person, based on functionality and personal experience. The other person is just an element. Not a factor.
*My husband doesn’t trust other men. He completely trusts me. But not at first. It’s something that must be earned.
*What are YOUR terms—not negotiable?
Are you always honest about all of them—and therefore trustworthy to your mate?
*The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is vital to trust. At all times.
*When you’re not completely open about everything, people wonder. Their imagination is insane.  
*The way I’m gorgeous and friendly with men would potentially make a lot of men jealous. Why isn’t my husband? 

*Are you jealous? Do you like it when other people are—doing things to provoke that negativity? Provocative vs. prevocational.
*The elements and number examples of jealousy repeated.
*There is no neutral.
*Relationships are about power. Power comes with responsibility. Responsibility demands accountability.

Synergy is what we create when we come together. When you come together with people, make sure you use your power for positive. 

The Power of Synergy

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