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The Power of Synergy, March 24, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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with Gabrielle Cardona

The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

Title: Is Health Contagious

Constitution vs. Condition: one is more temporary. Restoring health is a 21-day process (creating a habit and starting from scratch go together)

Covid 19; social isolation’s effect on health (distance and facial covering)

We feel each other—physically and emotionally. It’s just a question of how much we pay attention to it. 

Part 1: Internal
*Emotional: Fear, Anger, Anxiety (what we do with them is the determining factor of how healthy they make us)
*Mental: Mindfulness, hypnosis (disconnection is not helpful. Proactive instead of reactive is all you need. Thoughts are the source of emotions.)
*Psychosomatic (The Power of Suggestion)
*We Should Live Forever (Dying makes no sense. So let’s regenerate and maximize our internal resources)
*The Chemistry of Laughter (endorphins and dopamine)
*Reflexology (Hands and feet have “pressure points”. Nature makes our lifestyle very healthy)

Part 2: External
*Clean (bleach is good enough)
*Listening to your body—at all times (be able to look away from the world)
*Walking (how much of a difference does it make?)
*Less is More (intermittent fasting)
*Quality over quantity (synthetic fast-food industry makes portion sizes more and more because the quality is less and less)
*Touch (the largest organ of our body. Its ability to impact others)

Part 3: Alone; as a Lifestyle
*Weight loss (how much does your appearance distract you to make you unhappy?)
*Diet (truly nutritious is not weird or packaged)
*Exercise (How much should you burn? Of what substances; sugar, muscle, fat?)
*Rest (8 quality hours, total, of different levels)
*Mindfulness (How aware of yourself at any given moment?)
*Functional Order (50-25-15-10)

Part 4: With Others
*Social responsibility (You have to genuinely care. And behave)
*Trust (Vulnerability is mutual)
*Attitude is infectious (It’s about your belief system that permeates every activity in your life—including the very activities that you elect.)
*Laughter is contagious (Unless it’s fake or ill-willed)
*Get in a Good Mood (Do you know how? Learn your personality)
*The Health Care Industry: very uninformed (and always changing their minds)
*The Pharmaceutical Industry: very capitalist (and always motivated by greed)

The Power of Synergy

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