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The People Speak, March 1, 2016

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The People Speak
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Guest, Robert Finnegan

The People Speak with Steve Johnson and guest Robert Finnegan

Guest, Robert Finnegan

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Robert Finnegan
Robert Finnegan
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Journalist/Editor The 5th Estate
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It began as an annoying, deep-seated pain.  The kind I get from time to time and more often now from my old broken bone sites, at first annoying and then progressing to infuriating and finally to alarm that something is going to have to be done about it.  The knowledge that it isn’t going to get better but only worse adds a sense of urgency and anger at having to face this at my age.

However there it was, staring me in the face.  My country was in a terminal downward spiral and my wife and I could either leave or perish.  The death threats and my recent arrest by the Alameda County, California Sheriff's Department on bogus charges didn’t help our overall outlook.  After faking a 911 call to our expensive hotel room in Castro Valley to get me downstairs, they arrested me when I came down to the lobby to see what in the hell was going on and at 0230 AM hauled me away to Santa Rita, a maximum security prison in Dublin without allowing me to inform my wife upstairs or put on clothes or shoes. 

I was held incognito for 5 days without food and water - my wife not knowing if I was dead or alive as I had just disappeared in the custody of rogue pigs - and the only way I was finally released was by a cousin, who just happened to be a prison guard in another part of the state and had me found utilizing her contacts.  No charges were filed, and the swine said that there had "been a mistake in identity."  I did receive one belated apology from a low-level jailer who had the presence of mind to punch my name into a Google search:  "I'm sorry Mr. Finnegan, I don't know how this happened."

Well I sure as hell do, and the looks on the monkey's faces partially recompensed me when I showed up a week later to get a copy of the arrest report - which they somehow could not locate - in a suit and with several other pissed-off investigators in tow and packing a video camera.  Phil Bronstein was monitoring our arrival and departure from the SF Chronicle.  He later told me to get the hell out of America, that the game was over for journalists.
They had even arranged the savage beating of a hooded, shackled fellow prisoner in front of me, just in case I didn't understand what they could do to me if they wished.  That was it, we were going no matter what, I got their message loud and clear, the fucking Nazis.  I had to be hospitalized for 48 hours following my release to be re-hydrated and treated for high blood pressure, a condition I had never had before.  There was no lawyer in the county that would touch the case, such was their fear of these Gestapo cops.  This was not America anymore.  Instead, we were caught in the clutches of a criminal totalitarian dictatorship that was killing journalists and anyone else that dared to speak out.
It was not an easy decision, and it was going to be irrevocable
We left at 0200 in the morning, leaving our home completely intact as if we were just stepping out for a moment, BMW parked in front and carrying only our computer hard-drives, cameras, a few clothes and papers.  I was concerned that I would be on one of the ridiculous “No Fly” lists, and as any good Marine had a “Plan B.”  It had only a 50% chance of success and survival, but for me these were good odds.  It didn’t make any difference; I was going anyways even if it cost me my life. Pretty tough to imagine let alone embark on a journey on foot of possibly 10,000 miles being a type 1 diabetic and needing insulin every day, but I didn't give a damn at that point. I was getting out, period. Thankfully, the execution of "Plan B" was not necessary.
Our stroll through customs was uneventful despite TSA and soon we were watching the lights of San Francisco disappear over the horizon… for the last time.  I still can’t manage to conjure up the proper English words for my feelings at that time. 
* * *
I refuse to use the word “expat” as it is simply not what we are, and we are not “voluntary” Exiles either, as we were forced to leave by a corrupt, malevolent corporate government comprised of criminals that has hijacked our democracy and the United States as a whole.  We were FORCED out of our country by conditions brought about by our criminal corporate government, so there is nothing “voluntary” about it.  There is no nice way to say it and those that know me know that I always tell it like it is and to hell with the consequences.  The Free Peoples of the world have a right to ANY information regarding their governments.  THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOVERNMENT.
We are also going to attempt to give the reader the best possible timely, actionable, condensed to important subject international news so that they may make timely, rational decisions on World events affecting them.  
We do not and will not recognize or play by any "mainstream media" rules.  Anything goes as long as it is verifiable truth with the exception of pornography and tasteless sexual acts.  
We are on the edge of a new world, and it will either be one composed of slavery, hate and death, or – if the good people of the United States of America manage to come together, rise up, and destroy the evil that is prevalent in our government - one of peace, prosperity and if nothing else a shedding of the shackles on our hands and minds from the evil bastards that now rule from the White House, Senate and Congress and threaten not only our existence, but the very existence of mankind.
Americans will most likely take massive casualties as the forces of evil battle it out with us, using engineered biological weapons, assassinations, terror strikes on their own citizens and possibly even nuclear weapons on "rebel" or "domestic terrorist haven" cities (San Francisco, Berkley), constructed with our tax dollars that we foolishly paid without question as to where the money was going, because we were too busy to be bothered with the basic tenets of democracy and too consumed by greed and just plain survival.  It will have to be decided by and at the hands of The People.  So be it. 
Our government has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed, endless war, endless death.  They lie through their teeth as to the casualties we have taken in the Middle East and elsewhere.  THEY are nothing but LIES.  We now think too little and feel too little thanks to their propaganda machine, endless illegal laws, and the boob tube.
And it is at this point in time where more than machinery and technology we need kindness and gentleness towards each other while displaying a  mailed fist to the Obama administration, the CIA, TSA, and all other "OGA's" that are terrorizing Americans.  Terrorizing our population by providing the disgusting, Satanic spectacles such as the forcing of American Senior Citizens to eat dog and cat food to survive in the richest country in the world - it is our responsibility now and always as human beings, first and foremost for the strong to protect, care for and stand up for the weak.  We have forgotten this.  Without these basic human instincts, life will be more than violent, and this is what “they” our so-called elected leaders, wish and pray for:  Martial Law.  They will then have complete and total control over our physical bodies and souls.  Their ultimate aim being a country and world of serfs, ruled by the very few “chosen” elite.  THEM.
We are victims of a global system that does nothing but torture, imprison and loot.  Rape and pillage on a scale never before seen in recorded history.  In addition, the people of the world are now in the gunsights of insane elitists and those that advance Armageddon in order to "rule the world."  They will be stopped.
One fine day, the power illegally usurped by the dictators from The People will return to The People, and so long as men and women are prepared to die for their humanity, liberty will never perish.
It is the right of every individual to be free in the land in which they were born.  We are not free today in the land of America.

The feral cops that now terrorise Americans will be held accountable for their actions, individually and collectively. They are now completely out of control, assaulting and murdering Americans at will. This will come to a swift and decisive end.
“The Truth means responsibility, which is exactly why everyone dreads it.  If there is no way out, it is imperative to find a further way in.  Now more than ever in U.S. history, Americans are shielding their eyes against the painful truth…. As for myself, I am capable of knowing and willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, accept it, and then ACT ON IT.”



Robert S. Finnegan


The 5th Estate - The Free Peoples Of The U.S. In Exile

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