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Out of This World Radio, November 28, 2020

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Out of This World Radio - Spanish
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with Ted Mahr and guests Michiko Hayashi and Teresita Landin

Out of This World Radio "Spanish Show" with Ted Mahr and guests Michiko Hayashi, Emoto Peace Project and Spanish interpreter, Teresita Landin.

Teresita Landin (Spanish Interpreter)
Ms. Landin has been working at Woodland Star for the past two years as an English Language Assistant, Resource Assistant and substitute teacher. In addition to continuing with her EL and Resource work, she will be teaching Kindergarten and third grade Spanish. She has been a parent in our community for the past four years and brings a deep multi-cultural understanding to her teaching and to our community. Ms. Landin earned her Bachelors degree in Science and Elementary Education from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA

Michiko Hayashi
Everything is vibration. Vibration is energy and information. Water absorbs all vibration. It is mainstream science that water has memory and transmits information. Our consciousness, thoughts, emotions, words, actions are vibration which affects water. As both human body and surface of the earth are almost 70% water , they affect our life, health, environment and ultimately the Mother Earth. Water shows in its crystalline structures how powerful our consciousness is and shows how we can live so that we can be healthy, happy, harmonious, and so can Mother Earth as well.

Michiko Hayashi is the Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT”. Worked as the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s personal assistant for 10 years. He was the founder of the Emoto Peace Project, pioneer of HADO (vibration), researcher of water, and author of world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”. She is the successor of his legacy.

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The program focuses on out of this world information, including psychic phenomena, UFOs, metaphysics, and predictions for the coming years in the United States planet Earth, and beyond.  The purpose of my show is to make this world a much better and happier place! Thanks to the internet, we are one of the fastest growing psychic, UFO and metaphysical radio programs with listeners in over 200+ countries worldwide, with over 100,000+ listeners! 

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The purpose of this radio program is to raise consciousness and to bring love and light to our listening audience. 

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radio with your host Edmar and I want to thank you so much for translating today she's a wonderful lady and nice to help me out I have a fantastic time today in Michael McAdams so much for the beautiful lost support for the show of the purpose of the show is to make this world a better place and with your help I know we can make this world a great place to think dog a dog in Dawn Of course for their wonderful support I couldn't do without their help and I think you're going to find us the show very interesting today in the middle of this morning when we talked about angels and talk to Michael about his
it's okay all I want to start a message but I said I could go Nosotros in about 10 more liquid and gaseous Donnie dog what I said it's supposed to be a liberal Los Angeles Melody Sharon cell number is Michael McAdams e l s Elko outdoor Del Libro an angel told me so in case I'm getting mushy Kobayashi veselka Nosotros KOMO KO MP3
yeah she's just waking up now so it's a little of the night there but I appreciate her coming on this is going to be fun I want to tell you that I also do to a couple other shows I do my I do a show Miami on Fridays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern what day I'm sorry what day is the one in Miami on Friday in Boylston Vienna Austria Los Lunas algun programa in Vienna Austria in Cambodia
Adam I'll be having a New York Times bestseller author, never let anyone in the mountain in Germany in the u.s. is what what is her name again said I completely lost it in the book is Hannah I can bring the out I'm having my friend bring the book over here OK Google send escuchar la pagina web out of this world radio punto net
Play It's called Hanna's War by and visit and to give us a Los efectos despues De La Bomba atomica the local area for a freak Show so this is the vocalist in Spanish
wonderful wonderful on continuing to raise money for for food and and clean water for the Hopi Indians in Arizona at Europa para Los Indios Hopi and Arizona Amorcito exitosa Samara Colorado
and nearly $10,000 for the Hopi and Food Supplies
during this so-called plan to make the mini Food Supplies have been cut healthy in Arizona and Sedona cortos para Los Indios Hopi Hopi, out of this world reading punto com
and it's an English but it's being translated in the past for my producer told me
this is I want in a day's real quick before we start this is my friend
Sebastian products like shoes and clothing that's totally organic and it's always a soul purpose
are we develop products that are made of organic materials wanted to change the world of fashion and style also create products that are also helping our inner being not just our outer appearance in Morris and what else did you say crazy things that help our energy
Dominic Aro para Casas can you diagnose dementia in Prague and OST International Energy de los productos La Moda
there be more wiring trying to teach her crowds are passing clouds now that they can do both they can look good and feel good and also help themselves their energetic field Positano sa La Quinta Casa de las cosas que dicen he kept on until I get to know ya mismo Tiempo Johnny and June's M-GO this is natural rubber from a tree
just a man in the cork sole Okee the cork so is that recycle cork
KARK news founder of the wine bottles to be recycled natural okere buy a side chick on YouTube protonic quartz crystal quartz crystal on the laces and the lightning is Jesse Allen throw is Delta Pato Sanchez con algodon
mes es importante porque te Canta con la Tierra es importante que la Gente album with shoes today cuz it removes you from the planet and you don't feel grounded so if we use natural materials and even the copper channels the electricity into a body is so tell you that I landed yet is so stinkin lucky
I want to welcome did you go see of the beautiful motor peace project on the show now she got up and I think two or three in the morning to be on Today Show so she is the view cancelled cuz I respect that you say thank you in Sebastian how are you so good to see you high
sending you love thank you I brought I brought this up beautiful mask and it is a mask you sent to me how beautiful yeah yeah wearing them wearing this bracelet that you said to me tea from crystals you really have time to go
Jamaica weather
yellow flower dresses well let's go let's go on to Michael Nucci I want you to join in this too because you're the co-host and also you're an angel so this will be about All About Angels guitar on Michael is staying Michigan ghetto cartoon participate but Michael you and your mom really fantastic book and Angel told me and I want to thank God for sending me the book
okay Michael is it risky business as a liberal and an angel told me so con tournament and stick it out and said who was the person that sent it to you she's a publicist but one of the Christ in you because we all have that God energy spots to say I miss you
so anyway I mean I read the book and continuing your work with angels of course Los Angeles I am I am in the process of releasing volume to which will be on the first of the year by this is volume one of three volumes cs20 proceso de escribir esta bien de sacar El volumen.
okay wonderful that's fantastic what will volume to could you give us a little peek sneak that's going to say let's eat in Pocatello Loco El Segundo
an angel told me so is a collection of messages in teaching dictated directly from Spirit teachers from the other side dictated word for word through my mother Wilma Jean and she receive these messages and teachings for 22 year
CSA in a liberal and Angel told me so when I get Melody Como Es Una coleccion de mensajes de todos por Angeles email sources. Wallace commemorative espanol me mother Wilma Jean Jones escribio I miss the last part sorry Michael rated messages and takes things for 22 year
what a special gift it is to have you on my show today quick Amity I know the doctor Moto G work for dr.
8 Seconds of Tori motor time in Los Angeles
I've well I don't really think she was channeling was talking to Angels but he was very intuitive so she lives Biddle is Sierra movie into diva
so the messages that he had he delivered to all the people are really Advanced I think la moneda de la Gente esta muy importante here on the West Coast is 3:21 p.m. but in Japan is middle of the night for 4 in the morning
yes and then watching your book caught my eye because of the title
I might go to deliver my Amal attention quality too long it's a long story I'll give you the short version
I had to I had to I was in a transition phrase in my life back about seven or eight years ago I miss that my keys are siete ocho Rios address
I didn't know what to do with my life has been on a homeless homeless man came up to me in Seattle
oh I don't know what that word is a terrible homeless Medical but he said to me he came walking up to me and he said he didn't tell me he said 10 you need to start you need to start your own radio show and start writing books to call me Mary hotel hotel Stevie liberals the way and I looked back he was gone and then about a little more than a month later
on Esteban bedroom sets are call me is that why you will not start that had no idea I was gay Padilla you that Unico sassy little lady who had a friend who was the manager of the station in Seattle going to see a man how I met with him in September of 2013
and after 45 minutes meeting I signed the contract for my boobs show no idea how I was going to pay for it eat nothing and the rest is history. Michael was there one event in your life and your mom's event that started you in the spiritual path Talking to Angels that you the one pasara con Oculus
I have been brought up evengelical Christian Church based bible-based spiritual than religious as we get older psychic readings with a group in Cincinnati called psychic World War II world
I could do psychometry I can hold Rings watches keys and get messages for people that would sit at my table, tree and with whole grain watches vibration Osteria la energia de la persona Wilma Jean my mother was more religious than then I was, it'll module issues and I introduced her to some of the more spiritual information that I was reading and once I did she became open to all of this information and cuanto
ASMR video
and an angel told me so is not really an angel book an angel told me so was Wilma jeans choice for the title United Melody for Angela. No es una Libra de angelis in your sign with the name of the spirit teacher that presented the message via Maestra speed 12 orange pill case Alorica
and she actually receive these messages in thought with words dictated to her mind that she saw in her mind from palabras que yo puedo comprender Aver and cement
she didn't write them down as she saw them with an electric typewriter and it would take three to four hours to receive a message via con una computadora esta electrica
that's amazing that you have any questions for Michael you must have some questions fascinated with them I was going to ask whether Michael D do readings now channelings
I do not I've kind of gotten away from that or or move past it I'm still capable of doing it I meet people most of all of us who are tuned in spiritually we read people we can read people we may not know everything about them but nobody's going to take advantage of us
John know I will estate analysis Jonas and a pasado es pasado totalmente coronavirus I do I do receive in thought I receive messages and teachings and my grandmother did as well as dance intensity pensamientos is that reveals De La Mente
just curious I know what I haven't give you any preparation all today Michael but still used to work for a doctor Moto Z. Michael endoscope a second. Daddy home plan by Paula Jai Zion I don't actually do readings like that I can't TuneIn normally when I receive its spontaneous it just comes out of the blue so I don't really offer that but I appreciate the
the time Los siento mucho Este a oeste canalization s s e s s e o que tiempo thank you Michael that's how I receive messages to you I don't read I can't read people's I cannot do the channelings from my side but normally comes down to me so it's just one way the me parte La Mente cuando recibo algo simplemente llega
well if you get any messages during the during the interview today I will be happy to do that 10:10 ganadoras don't we wish it work that way
bankrupt on Caritas ET amor. Numeros ganadores
well let's go over some of the messages in your book it's amazing it says here let your light shine so that others may see the Christ in you and them and I'll slow down cuz I love my circus is Takis and Cheetos in Nagasaki
la Luz de Cristo empty I think I think all of us when we realize that we can connect with each other and we'll all realize we're all one yours Bieber and also trozei cuando Nosotros no somos went out there so is my total some Osuna
and the only thing to like I like you with your message here it says there's a better life in store for everyone who is spiritually Advanced estar who continues Chrome and psychokinesis questions of spirits cuz you don't know if there's negative spiritual energy or worn with the innate ability to receive
es cierto turn on Santa Catalyst animals possibility that they received did you say to receive if you're willing to open your mind and receive you real you need to establish a filter of protection to keep negativity and anything that is not beneficial to your being out of your thoughts system ECU no se abre La menta beneficios a sin or cos ask at the gyno
rate real well I think you're doing wonderful work what do you think about all that we could go out of challenges this country in FIFA black lives matter what do you see for the future ever been giving any messages about their future Esa black lives matter
the message is in teachings that Wilma Jean received were the most close personal comforting messages that I've ever met okay Wilma Jean receive your son los mensajes Masterson Alice in Mass
he's one of my second match personalized cake recipe with a universal thread para para Sakura instruments ashes and EST answer to stand the heat has gone only law is the spirit one said all this sounds like what I'm dealing with this sounds like they're talkin to me but I have not received none of the messages that she received over this 22 year. And they ended in the year 2000 before all of this turmoil started there wasn't anything that would really relate to any future events
Los anos Los ultimo's Play Ronan Los anos in an annual those mean and stand for National and okay thanks for explaining that have any questions for Michael Michael well I'm sorry I have not read his book yet so I really don't have questions related to the book but I was just wondering what are Michael's mother would be saying about this year and next year I won't ask Ali rope-a-dope Arizona and service
as far as events in the United States go you know people are trying to stand up for themselves and make sure that these changes that are trying to be made or the best for the country and the people and not just for the power
Play Straight Outta control Los cambios costanzo San Antonio police barricade optimistic we're going to be okay. Okay that's my gosh sorry my shopping list has President Kennedy
try to help as many people as possible are you intent MSR you that at 12. Cancel cancel Sisters of the split occurring between positives and negatives between sativa C personas negativas
Astoria Carnival
so and this is Chance the entire us election is giving us a chance to see who they are in the world and who the good ones are Shion De Los Estados unidos El Presidente de la presidencia de cuales son los alimentos negative equal
have you heard of the barbecue barbecue restaurant in Toronto barbecue okay a boy meme on. Oh no you shut down in Canada was ridiculous started its own barbecue restaurant just last week I C K BBQ La Semana Pasada
Isa restaurant
and there are many thousands of people at Costco
banana in in Toronto like other parts of the US all small businesses are closed ecosystem Silverado stereo open up his little barbecue restaurant
they arrested him in a momento que soy sauce Alicia's restaurant $50,000 in legal for money for a lawyer SSI ciento cincuenta in Anacortes is Stephanie Ando por libertad against this we need to stand up for our rights and our freedoms
en el estado de Oregon IL governatore getting one of you that somebody that has more than two people in California El venado Este is illegal contact I don't need Mazda status personas para Navidad open on Thanksgiving. No tienen NADA que ver con Los Betos
Play Sia. Melita. No podemos tener La felicidad pero estoy viendo que no estoy haciendo efectivo in Novena Novena said it's gotten in High Point is not mad at you.
No I don't think I can say no more but I think we are fortunate to be much better than the situation in the u.s. speedo siento que somos simple keto masa for tomorrow's going to see it as a comparison
we don't we do have much more freedom of going out being together with people Cinemas matinee and that if we're honest but started starting this month the number of coronavirus has been rising and Miss Mulatto cuenta que Los numeros a coronavirus ornamental so the governor's or government has been asking us we don't have any orders but they're asking us to stay inside or home as much as we can and Don't Tell Em Casa Loma suppose they don't know no system for Sunday as a day so it must Implement in the system. O the government is trying to see the balance between this coronavirus and also
economy because we got economy the government the country cannot stay well and will be I don't know is that infants and thunder was started by Lansing and coronavirus elektronomia potosina economia with by Spotify Casa go back to Michael this morning I received another news report from friends in London Bradley and Gemma they sent me an article from Portugal. The cooler sorry can you say that again today I completely blacked out in Portugal
they're at Portuguese Court found that the Covent tests are actually 97% accurate and control those last units at covid so noventa siete porciento is the dentist and contain the virus last on HSN China is supuestamente confian en el video de koven so when I give the test often it's inaccurate Almost 100% of the time and then covered with children Camp horno Sonesta new song Last notice without no son buenos and is a secret song 5SOS
Ortega contienen delvino's in Ark if you look at the language carefully of our governor is here in the US they say cases they don't say people actually have it but they say cases in these are they false readings by these false test in numero de casos de personas in this castle song Castles in Whitewood and said is the fossil positivas
what are so in Canada or the anti muchas protestas Contra location as Chino con Este Restaurante de Barbacoa right so people instead of realizing in Canada and United States and elsewhere is not about this virus it's about making us into a police state without any rights or freedoms in Canada in winter but they said no see no paramilitary-style El estado
and to my mini beautiful friends in Mexico Mexico has never been shut down this year everyone's but I mean in Mexico City in Mexico is very interesting they have almost zero Kelvin cases is the castles the government has been treated like a flu everyone there has herd immunity and the Country Inn, he's doing just fine because it's hurting munity cuz you need a stye last
so in my opinion it's there's a lot of alternative negative agendas behind this whole virus thing is there something that covid Wells Mills Park Elementary Midwest waiting for that
there's a there's a book Michael you probably know about Kobe Rancho book have you heard of the book of Urantia book on my website which is Spirit speaks. Com and the great link page and your Ranch is their names of the earth and me Pasadena web what's your web page didn't mean anybody know where Santa is
we can probably talk for 12 hours straight on just that book
because the book itself is I remember it's like 2,000 pages long and it gets is a road map of all the spiritual worlds we have here is a tambien es como un mapa spiritual
could you share some of that with this place that's the best any book I love the Urantia book the Urantia book is sponsored by a foundation out of Chicago call The Ranch at Foundation Africa and Americanization 1835 first published in 1955 Daniel munera Santos enticing Khalifa publicado en el ano mil novecientos cincuenta cinco por Primera vez
osito in dcccd yamas and Bandido you said how many books have been sold or printed copy and print DIY masacuata mean copious in this deliver one of my favorite Parts there's only four parts to the book solamente cuatro partes en esta Libre is a 650 page section on Jesus that sounds like they were standing beside him with a microphone for 33 in a La Cuarta parte que sientas paginas de larga in Jesus para dos punto con microfono de Casas para que sera blando
could you share a little bit of that you don't mind but I don't have the book in front of me to be able to do that I apologize but it does it does cover every year of his life and it agrees with the Bible about 98% of the compatibility of a Libra cir Libreria Al momento por ciento
well that's fascinating and and I think the 8% that doesn't call is probably the parts they were altered by on, but what's the name, emperor Constantine and 3:25 ad at the Council of Nicea Nikki sacilotto percent of Kano computer accountability or Constantino and she did not
go ahead she didn't want anything in the Bible talking about reincarnation because she didn't want to pay for her sins. Que hablar en accion 4K i c k e Soca supposed to rain carnation
I've actually read that the what's it called the passages that they took out and they sound exactly like the Hindu Mahabharata which is the Hindu Bible passage Skies a Liberia in do
Shintoism doesn't talk about reincarnation but Buddhism talk about reincarnation OC in 25 words or less could you talk about Buddhism and reincarnation Buddhism is more of a philosophy and
it is too for people to become close to Buddha and Buddhist mantras must be enough you know Sophia E430 ism is something more like a culture ancient culture that we've always had for many thousands of years is Majin comunicado de Antigua camo San Diego from Los anos a we say that for everything there is spirit of God in it like water God Mountain God everything has got in it the simos get Todo tiene en dios in it
so we appreciate everything in their worldview Michael and purses Studios videos
it appears that in all of the world's religions that a spiritual entity is always important and that communication is available to all of the people that believe what was the last part that it's there available for everyone right who believes so I have a question Michael if I may ask you sure am I going to be able to communicate we have to be open we have to believe in the existence of angels and Tortas para poder tenerte cerca Monocacy Anthony mosquera create an existential and his Los Angeles
actually you don't have to believe in the in an angels or Spirit teachers you can allow them to prove themselves
no tienes que Creer in Angela so my sources. Wallace did you say you have to they have to tell them to prove themselves simplemente te Ka and Western a t and an incoming thought has a different feel in our mind then a thought that we think
recibimos pensamientos de pensamiento que esta en transito okay starting the project aho pentimento gramos thank you
I'm so your next book and it be a second book and it'll contain many much of the same I mean but probably knew them new new wisdom that your aunt has Michael to Segundo Libro is David Morris Avenue area and volume 3 will be a continuation of these messages and teachings that Wilma Jean received in de los mensajes de Wilma Jean receive you signed with the name of the spirit teachers that presented the message answer is Stanfield models going to nombre de la persona is Odell said asleep while or Maestro character is San Simeon Solomon Sasha
and as the years continued it's like the spirit teacher started spreading the word On The Other Side Deli Los seres espirituales comments I don't know if mensajes Del otro lado giving even deeper and more profound teachings and it's obvious that they that hire teachers were giving these deeper messages instead us cuenta que se hacen llaves en masse is the important a CPN and mass and sing answers
I think my guys are telling me that the sooner you get it out the better Michael because it's really needed for Humanity at this point in history report alimony on my website Spirit speaks. Com is a television interview that Wilma Jean gave in Cincinnati Spirit speaks Socom II unit revista in Cincinnati
posted on her television interview is a sneak peek for volume to this was at a message sign by a spirit teacher and it was the only time in 22 years were two different Spirit teachers moved in the same session gave two different messages and sign two different names that mean d Los anos schedule my sources people is a second if you don't come those numbers for dentist
it was obvious that the second teacher was a different teacher than the first because the hole Cadence and phrasing of the messages different massages while diferente porque Las Casas en diferentes
fascinating to begin their names or just initials as you read volume 1 a lot of the messages are signed your loving guide your loving spiritual teacher but these messages are given from a of a weave perspective we believe we feel we advised our view encompasses more than your use allowed to comprehend Sacramento casinos men's Stampede models, solamente Michael acaba De decir que Como some more spiritual, spiritual and enter setup did you set third person
or they speak about themselves in first-person fascinating fascinating when we can't wait to read it before we go on I wanted to bring down my friend Sebastian before I forget and to give out the ordering information on how you can order it wonderful products you go to Triple w dot., season Everett sq4 isn't all he's never that he asked you for and there's a discount code of out of this world to get a third off whatever you order
okay so a Ted your information. Sebastian de sus productos de la pagina web can you say that so the web page is wwww Escape Esq for SF the number for okay punto con Denise opponent in Quarryville out of this world but not receiving on this cuento and also my friend Sebastian also has a line of clothing text people from EMF waves as well yes yes I'm sure she's like that to you for the cell phones and
tambien tambien tiene Las Casitas para los celulares. It's got heart okay this is this is silver a silver cap that prevent skin protects against electricity as well is the Metallica get the protection contre La radiacion okay sweetie Licious Agoura, nobody talk on the telephone
Drake well would you like to give some final words to humanity on your book and and on your money that is staying sober to sleep loss
on the back cover of the book Ted is a message that Wilma Jean received in thought this was not one that she took down from a spirit teacher with dictation and she not really sure if she wanted to put these messages in a book The volume one was pretty much all personal much as bit messages to Wilma Jean and myself but she was working in the kitchen one day and the words came into her mind and she picked up a piece of paper and pen head beautiful handwriting and she took this message down word for word that is presented in thought may I share this with your audience if you could please wait till six months and then do you want to allow her I'll let her explain a design thank you
synonym essay Iron Man sidekick Wilma Jean ST view SMS to prepare a letter I will carry on your return Michael Valley
this is the message that Wilma Jean received that she felt was confirmation that she should put these messages in book form the Panera serve mensajes from Forman Libro Porque el primero Ibarra Michael McAdams
emptiness is part of fulfillment is started and then
I don't know that word hold on sorry guys oh my gosh
but I need a man can we go okay well sorry guys OK Google Indian song let your resources fill the void left so that distinction of your purpose can be found
okay that I'm going to that's going to be hard can you say that again you know what I think this is going to be so complicated and deep but it would be hard that the emptiness is part of fulfillment let your resources fill the void left so that distinction of your purpose can be found expression is always self-explanatory therefore look inside and anchor all your beliefs beside those Still Waters that will take away your trouble View and renew your strength to recapture that which was lost but it's now found to be adequate to pursue the course set before you and is you reconcile your being to represent those qualities that have been left intact God will see to it that all those circumstances have been trying to say the least you're wearing this will disappear as clouds once removed allow the sun to shine to dispel the gloom and darkness
it has provided your continents and is once described to be for a token of this presence will be deposited to your account and books recorded in his name
yeah that's hard to translate yes it's very deep deep deep it's a beautiful day it's nice to get those messages out and a lot of times when people have a lot of times people have a lot of questions and you know and I'm so that's that's great but you need I can go for another hour if you need it 5 and do people up a short overview what you do okay well thank you I want to show everyone
okay State and Liberty Tow a Los ninos en espanol in English right here he talks about how we are water
holiday did they kill you or so we we learn we are teaching what a water heater sharing with us that because we're water the Earth is water and that when we are positive and thinking well or being kind
then the water makes beautiful crystals when the loss of their system was pensando algo positivo we waiting fatica in tossa Del agua.
Entonces a c k e r d n e positivo de Ser muy muy muy simpaticos composite volcanoes in the face tell the amount of gratitude
so they try to be kind to each other share what we have with everyone and most importantly let's live in the state of love and gratitude
the website is ww.w in multiple keys
No. Net I'm sorry it was a peace project. Net then you can contact me or you can download site because people could see it just hold it there just for a minute ww.w. Emoto so enlightened appointed by Hot Cheetos this day stop asking everybody can can download the children's book for free of charge from the Sun website and they can see a lot of water crystals and research took him to have done before thank you and miss you and I know you give a lot of presentations worldwide
best upcoming up could you list a couple of them for four people so they could listen to I just gave one yesterday in for Mexican people in Mexico or all around the world I don't have my schedule with me right now. Presentation is not a second mistake. I'm going to give one of the organizer is from India
what is the India I have one from from Europe also from here from Japan Jackie in high point in time I sent it to school to show when she can get up in the middle of the night and so I'm so glad to be here any any last questions for Michael
what's Michael thank you so much and it's nice to meet you here
it is Michael muchas gracias is this beautiful messages from angels Los Angeles I think that people really need those beautiful messages now this is the time that we all need positive and beautiful messages and momenta licuado para is important because thoughts are energy organelles are sentimentals on energy are what we think we are the energy so we are whatever we focus on the energy expands and looking as income on Instagram
so do you want to focus on something beautiful and positive as he can. There are more than forgotten cosas Buenas appositive US during this time that everybody is going through the challenging time we really want to be staying in the positive state has the most important Amanda Mendoza Nunez. O positivo and that's something that we all learn from this message from water to u e s i m o sobre Los mensajes del agua thank you so much I think of you all the love you too thank you
gee thank you
what great we can't wait I can't wait till this new book comes in and and sharing and sharing these new messages I mean people are looking for Comfort now and I think a lot of my have a lot of stress right now. Polo G necesitan estas mensajes a beautiful lass tagline or really profound last paragraph important
the second teachers message where the first teacher is posted on my website
ended his message with a really profound last paragraph of course no profanity I've never known the spirit teachers to use profanity in Teresa this is another one that is so deep yeah you know what just say it by Michael I think it would be really hard to translate it when it's raining so beautifully here and there but you are liking to the land that is scared for individually nourish and love until the full and total development allows it to be master of himself
so is man so cap and denied only those things that would not in the long run nourishes Spirit God is all wise and loving in his dispensations we are not to judge the workings of Our Father who are we to judge each other work all ways to improve your own being for in the end time there lies your soul with all the nourishment that you're giving it totally dependent upon the outcome of your intention that message was signed your loving spiritual teacher
nice nice
a lot of messages from the from the other side are very profound and it takes time to think what they say understand in DOS cabezas no Toma Tiempo para poder comprender Su significado
a lot of these messages and teachings are so deep you need to read paragraphs more than once just to get everything out of it this is an escalator miss most powerful muchas veces para comprender total Continental
that's true and that's what they Ranch a book is for me I can only read about a couple of pages and then I have to sit wait no solamente una in Spain have lacunae Senora de Espana
and she would be perfect for this show only speaks one language in my 3rd dimensional mind and me Mente three-dimensional Central chorus on the Black Sea
sound like a Cherokee Indian language he said Corte mucho perro es Como Es El lenguaje De Los Indios Hopi
how do you hook the king from the play
so are you cut off dead I don't know if it's my computer or if it's on your end did you say that the Hopi came from the pleiadian leaving it on the last name de los playlist
Leslie Ellis anyway Michael will what was your website again
Nespresso to Pasadena web Universe the website is Spirit speaks la pagina web Spirits speak. Com speaks s a r e e s h e s
and the book is available on Barnes & Noble Balboa press Amazon Kindle and Nook Barnes and Nobles Kendall and what were the other two Michael Enoch Amazon
okay great Michael will thank you so much again for coming on today Michael I really appreciate it and I want to keep the spirits and Angels Sing keep up your beautiful work has Michael Porter strategy is the most Museum Los espiritus my son is Shane okay continuous going to Anamosa travel
well thank you Dad thank you for having me on your show and if there is a way that you can share an email address I would send you a sneak peek messages three messages from volume to that's not out yet that I think you'll appreciate and I would send you a message that I received and thought an answer to a question on a Publisher's website what makes your material you need why would anyone want to read this and I had a message that came to my mind as fast as I could take it down
if you want to share an email address or contact me and share that through her I'll be happy to give you any information my email address Michael is out of this world 1150 at
yeah Michael akamaru
Microtel Tennessee Titans record electronic call Angela puede mandar information sobre las partes de Chalino 1150 10
correct 1150 at all right when we get off here I will you will have something coming in your email I appreciate it so you can print them. I'll send you three and you can print those and I promise you'll read them more than one especially if you like the book
okay great well after after this interview today I'm going to a very special special where I hope to board a plebeian Mothership
tell them I said hi
sorry to receive it's okay I want to spend on Galactica
IE Mike Waka by Ledisi. Elt to Laura
Finally Famous by good friend Sebastian for his wonderful one of a kind fellow and a mix things that are good for good for people in the environment himself website again for CSS ropa de proteccion Contra super ssk Puente con la letra w w w e s a
Escape right what is it Escape
EF cuatro punto con PS3 Venezia Stephen out of this world for Alistair Mundo is one of their own descuento condo complain causes the superhero what's your season thank you so much for all your wonderful. I think I ate too much sweets during you know few days ago for Thanksgiving
yeah that's alright no you didn't need the 18in sweets cuz you're already sweet enough as it is so precipitous nice meeting you it was very nice meeting you too Michael I'm
t-shirt everything you should with us today I'm sorry I couldn't Translate
know what if you if tank isn't too me I'll be able to translate them and then we can put them on the show later I would be happy to know that I would be happy to send you the same information I'm sending you want to share an email address so you can email me mine's a little long it's one a one a one you send a text why don't you say easier for him thanks so much better thank you both
okay alright and I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving and I know what in spite of everything we're going to have a wonderful new year next year with many wonderful good news ESPN
Festival that's something I said movie maravillosos
an alliance against out of this world out of this world radio. NSA is the program is programa para los sinonimos de lucro is he who standing up when I'm busy. Mozart La para web out of this world radio punto net
great thank you so much again gracias a todos doggy.
Receita para estar aqui
Semana Proxima
adios everyone have a beautiful day and thanks for the next Saturday

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