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Out of This World Radio, November 21, 2020

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Out of This World Radio - Spanish
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with Ted Mahr and guests Dr. Libby Rutledge and Teresita Landin

Out of This World Radio "Spanish Show" with Ted Mahr and guests Dr. Libby Rutledge, certified International Hado Instructor and Spanish interpreter, Teresita Landin.

Teresita Landin (Spanish Interpreter)
Ms. Landin has been working at Woodland Star for the past two years as an English Language Assistant, Resource Assistant and substitute teacher. In addition to continuing with her EL and Resource work, she will be teaching Kindergarten and third grade Spanish. She has been a parent in our community for the past four years and brings a deep multi-cultural understanding to her teaching and to our community. Ms. Landin earned her Bachelors degree in Science and Elementary Education from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA

Dr. Libby Rutledge, certified International Hado Instructor. Libby has PhD in Molecular Cellular Biology and she uses Hado (vibration) devices to help people with Energy balancing. She makes a remedy called Magic Potion, and she uses Hado water with magic potion. Dr. Rutledge has published research in peer reviewed journals, and holds a patent as a result of her research. She is also a radionics practitioner, a certified Theta Healing Practitioner, and a Certified Hado Instructor. She started her own molecular biology laboratory in a motorhome and she carries out her own research. She can be reached at Mobile DNA Elements at and, 406-871-5736.

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Hello friends and welcome to apple juice World radio with your host Edmar broadcasting the dang from Lafayette California and the Beautiful Bay Area and join me on the show today is to talk to Route traffic certified how to how to how to instruct her and she just helps a lot of people with their spiritual and physical conditions and will be going into that just in a minute and of course my good friends here is he to land and she's so sweet to to to translate today so I promised we would keep our messages short for Less 10 minutes or less and then she has done a fantastic memory and then she'll go in and out translate everything else
Sports doctor on the okay we've got something else playing there but anyway what will get rid of it I want to thank everyone so much better shut up
okay all I want to stop at the Las Vegas Water Company on Azorean astrosaxena radio out of this world estamos aqui visit Lafayette California is Olivia Rutledge habla con Nosotros sobre terapias en lo que tiene un doctorado en Biologia molecular tambien is practicante
my chest is constantly three on a 10 Mi yo, thank you so much was sponsored station so if you'd like to donate please go to our website at out-of-this-world 11:50, you can donate whatever you like it's a little PayPal buttons there in that area is
yes in programa sinonimos De lucro and son to see Ghost and the Darkness konosuba programa es el dia de la pagina web de out-of-this-world Radio punto net and Louis Vuitton PayPal interesting things one of the things about what Libby Learned was about Shadow or vibration in Tokyo Lobby restaurant in learned of course in Tokyo where she learned to be a certified instructor
Yeah Yeah from u.s. to Dora and in Tokyo High Point
and she has a special machine auto machine that helps people with any spiritual or physical condition nanea are you got a la Gente espiritualmente and I had to come in earlier today practically anything
and so earlier today I had a segment on Fukushima in Japan and Fukushima now has over 1 million tons of radioactive water and this water the government doesn't know what to do with that's not how I see KO SI Como encender una compania para salvar a trillion dollars
all I have is $10 but I have a lot of ideas and another las cosas que no Centennial dr. Emoto skn versus pensamientos son muy poderosa back in 1999. If you send positive thoughts to a bottle of radioactive water and you can I can prove it to you now from my book on the radio on the radioactive water its water crystals from the radioactive water you'll see it there it was use this morning if you need a few minutes okay great okay not that one it would be
okay this is this is the booklet called the message from water to Children's addition and this and this is the beautiful water crystals made when you write love and gratitude on a bottle of water Wauconda less Grievous Amore Ratatouille
okay yes good job that's the one I was looking for thank you so much Don & Doug this is a picture well this is a picture of water a radioactive water where that first Crystal the love and gratitude Crystal was placed on a bottle of radioactive water and within 48 hours all the radiation was gone and they had these beautiful crystals in the in the water esta es La Mansion Del Cristal epimer Crystal and time does David Ortiz SAS Olympia and cuarenta y Ocho Horas Albert Einstein married love is the most powerful force in the universe
tell of Econo Ava contaminada is expressed as it cleans up instantaneously almost we're going to the next slide here I feel like I'm in college but we're going to the next slide okay this is a good one this is what the water molecules look like in a radioactive bottle of water is toys Como saber
so but yes as you just saw in the previous slide if you put like one of these love and gratitude water crystals on the bottle
Federal Como ver en Las palabras De Amor the vibration of the water rises
the reason I started this campaign today is that I read an article 3 days ago when I see coolant Electric Power Company in Tokyo
has a has over 1 million tons of radioactive water the only solution is to dump it in the Pacific East unaka solution and Sultan Al Pacifico contaminada Toro El Oceano Pacifico I'm sorry but with all due respect that's the most stupidest idea I've ever heard of doing
I'm at my most major what oh my gosh I just lost it. Why don't we just put a gun to her head and I mean just forget it you know I mean beautiful country and they have a lot of very intelligent people there they don't have fun and more intelligent a lot of intelligent people in their Emoto office dr. Moses office in Tokyo and the Fukushima plants are only a few hours away from that office
I love this book on Libby and Libby uses to to help people
Doctor Moto already prove scientifically this works over 20 years ago and Yoda Jam pasado Casa de suenos incidentally Fukushima Sioux City on our world have suffered enough money how much would it cost to put on love and Gratitude Crystals are they holding the water hole
tanks at Fukushima Quanto Costa Rica para poner Crystal has a moral attitude and Los tanques de Fukushima cincuenta centavos Corona and then you tape it on the holding tanks and now how difficult and expensive would that be in San Carlos Arizona Coyotes my Nana's Olympia Washington
sometimes it's okay sometimes it's okay
I don't know what that is okay it's a special black rock found only in Russia okay but if you put shungite in a glass of radioactive water EZ Pawn S S at the end and I'm getting an onion the typical okay so tell me a limpiar cristales the music so probably for a couple thousand dollars you can buy enough shungite to cover everything
there's also prayers we can do inductor Moto found that if you send
positive thoughts to a glass of water the vibration of the water
I'm so don't ask me how this works I want them, from China Eastern I'm not a scientist but I do have some people coming and as they say here is the proof is in the pudding in other words if it works who cares white works or how it works, I know that would be good if you don't mind
it's a water we're sorry water we thank you okay that one there perfect okay this is the prayer that doctor motor used and in the end about 2010 or 11:00 at a a lake called lake lake biwa in Japan. Emoto and elbows mean and what was the name of the lake in in Tokyo it was a prayer
so if we can do that at Lake biwa we can clean up the Fukushima right now doing two or three minutes of prayers does not cost ten trillion dollars dollars but you have to realize that we are all beans can I get a contact is almost seres espirituales in Whipple Aerosoles mucho mejor in Marcellus I want you to say this prayer if you don't mind three times
doctor Nikolai Tesla talked about the power of 3 Nikola Tesla
he talked about the power of 3 6 9 and 12 actually the song Say say this three times with me Massa Maness whether it's in English or Spanish or English so that lots of gold and yellow light which is healing like for healing for the reactants Maria you said gold and yellow gold and yellow
anus after me water we're sorry I want no siento please forgive us our temperaments are we thank you I want that. Get out of water please forgive us we love you and water we thank you I want that I was the one more time why we're sorry please forgive us and why do we thank you we love you we love you and that's all we have to do is just keep saying that it's an amazing and very powerful
yes I'm going to go get animals Cascade Elementary
right so
yeah so we're very powerful and and the story behind it I won't talk too much longer Libby I want to have you want stuff sorry I'm rattling away today but the story behind it is that there was a doctor named Hugh Lim l i m in Honolulu Hawaii Honolulu in Hawaii and he was in charge of a criminal psychiatric ward on the thing and pacientes they were prisoners right Bistro in Esperanza
so I mean they were the worst of the worst what is it says that he had all of them say we're sorry please forgive us excetra times during the day vs. Usos I still spotting president and also said that for the most most recent
2009 released Alaska court case of your nose so that works for that I can work for anyting as you can see from to nobody quite a bit today
introduce yourself to my audience if you can thank you so much for having me here this wonderful good right and I'm s at 10 and had said as I I went to Tokyo last year actually last October 2019, buddy Hotel Sao feuillatte oculina pasado en el ano those mini racing event in October to purchase and receive training in the Hato instruments are a severe esta para comprar recipe instructions or entrenamiento and Los Alisos hello. I was so much information that was too much too
receive all of it yes I experienced up when we might have your second want you to see my information
and that is so that the insurance I have now they're two instruments so the one I got in last October is called the cause of Tama Bingo Los instrumentos que no se llaman is the elk and April I purchase another instrument called the Astoria megler Astoria the first one in Castleton, Cassie, and these two instruments are integrated together in some software so they complement each other if those doors mecanismos SSN fellows and then throw their own system instead of computadora set complement angle
and I'm and they are very amazing and I am a Scientist and I don't know how they work either so easy song La Macarena song Emily and staying that I sent this boy is there any Nazi so don't want no se como esta funcionan I was told in the class that the concert, is Zero Point Energy classic ellemechanika settle nausea I've seen amazing effects of with people drinking the water that I make for them they'd already stole efectos maravillosos going and I can't hear you.
and I used to follow on Ted's information about cleaning up Fukushima I want to mention an experiment that I did after I got home from Japan and with the cause of Tama that was all I had at the time and your ass ASAP Ferg nasty on the Ted and the Fukushima Alanna Pearson Suwannee economics unit 1 experimental que se la Maquina
and because I wanted to understand how this worked and how I could best use it or get me a comprender Como de que esta como esta la mejor Manera
so I also am I radionics practitioner as they daddy Annika
and I set up an experiment where I measured the issues that came up for me in the Hato scam you say when experimental on the movie is you you measured what living issues the problem is you for three days I would measure the intensity of these issues as I drank the Huddle water and dysport yes maybe is Dos problemas mentales yo te amaba a lava Jato
and I grafted the results
and so I shall show these right here because it's his complicated and what it what it shows is that measured these are each bar is an issue on Santa Barbara is some problem on the issues as the days went on the issues were getting slightly better iPhone or Juventus vs instead of problem as even as mean as I drank the hot of water each day on Earth Oak area where it went down suddenly here this is where I added magic potion to the water
Dawn Devon Cassidy's new emojis iOS 11
and I'll explain about magic potion in a minute Alessia Cara sobre La Paz En Mexico
but this is a dramatic difference between this set of bars and the set of bars that are so not until then the third day all the issues went to 0 there are no issues ENT
so what this said is that magic potion enhancers the effects of other healing such as puddle water so significant is teleportation magic is the incremental of anastasios than Autos metal destination, I have Lily Libby dr. Rutledge join me in this Fukushima cleanup next year using her magic potion call Olympia Saturday Hiroshima from the images I sent him of your magic potion and I want to show them now if it's okay
Amanda says my sorrow emoto's office LLC
so these on this is an amazingly beautiful Crystal of the magic potion water that was crystallized by the process of Dr emoto's office in oficina De la Torre Moto is this song has a loud turkey
also when I was there last October for the class we got to see and take photographs of the crystals as they formed was very special man. Do you want to go to the next picture too so that's the next one there I don't have all of them living I ran short of time I'm sorry but this this one is what what is it from again in the same batch of water
so let me explain a little bit about the process because so that people understand how they are formed get us from paquito El proceso para que la Gente puede confundir Como Es que se Forman
the the people doing this procedure take I think 5 mL of water access policy Cattlemen 5 ml in Cinco millimeters of water that they're testing and put that into each of 50 petri dishes and Latios the studio and and then they photograph the crystals that form from each of those 50 petri dishes
so the crystals that come out or all of different he lost least Alice Castle in todos en diferentes
breakfast the samples of water that have a Good Vibration have more of the crystals that look like this picture I don't know what is Crystal is como esta
I say this picture meaning they they look beautiful they look symmetrical symmetrical
and they don't look like the photo that Ted showed of the radioactive water that was a not a crystalline structure in 07 para NADA Como Llamar Hotel del agua casera contaminada con radiacion
what what place I noticed this is a hexagonal Crystal here
is there some Crystal sarx049
and not all of the 50 samples are Petri dishes come out with a very beautiful crystals like this place is the cast on in Los platanitos and the Petra is Salim Khan Crystal sbm4 models
but a lot of them looking with beautiful crystals silent please telephone my last name we won't eat that is very delicate to carry out properly Citrus SOS muy delicado en Paraguay
the person performing The Experiment has to make sure that their energy is clear and that they have a positive attitude that they would like an experimental in a kitchen staff a long time to figure out how to get good pictures years apart a severe Como poder Tomar fotos
and and the reason he was doing this and what this data shows is that water carries information which is very important Alaris Impala Kuala Lumpur imouto Sebastian the whale story collector Nutella supposed to work a elegua carga in motion formation
hoteles Libby. Cirelli some success stories that you've used with your with your procedures with the hot water but I live in Poconos platicas sobre experimentos con este exitos
when when lady had a sharp pain in her side when I say that would come and go for 3 years has nothing wrong nothing that helps for more than a day or two and I'll play anaconda
but after doing a bottle water
and radionics and Theta healing better that's why is there tomorrow I will have to instead.
The pain went away permanently after one session this was the only one solo definitiva method
also another lady had leg pain for years and had to take pain pills just to get out of bed and she never described this problem to me when she came for a session. I know but I receive it.
but after one day of drinking the Huddle water she no longer had leg pain and remained prank pain free and it's weather tomorrow Columbia engine no sufro de dolor en la pierna in, so get on it.
Another one a man who's in his 70 got some of the water Auto Casa Feliz anos ochenta anos and as a result he did not need glasses any longer to correct his eyes which could not focus together channel to walk you through the side length is Santa's know Korean drama
though he no longer needed glasses since since he was a child
okay and Santa Monica to work at the dentist Lancaster utility so does this mean yes
he also stop stuttering which he had done since he was a child
and so there are many examples of people describing they feel call I muchos ejemplos de Gente que se seque assistant can models and they their pain is decreased or shifts to to feel different to the Lord as steady as we know it can be inferred
and they have often have greater stamina use women 50 and in Winchester Amina I just want to mention to you that this is this is not about healing or curing anything and get all gussied I'll go castano is the Sun not Logical Song
I believe that only God or the Creator can heal and Oakland
and this is about to balancing energy SOS or Saturday
and in just before I forget I'd like to mention one one thing and do the kissing want to be that get on internet on that I am offering so people can see what this process is like it's a little less handle but I feel like I end up with us at a Locus Como Es El tratamiento a free scan and Sky Nails Gratis to do a scan for computer remotely with a picture if what I said
I need to be a picture so you cut off a little bit can you say that again it doesn't have to be what recent picture
it's hard to describe all the things that these two instruments can do
is he facing the Stevie lo que estas instrumentals for an acid provides anatomical images of stock photos of a body that it measures is it I say in Russian is El cuerpo completo
Kenneth could it time for example if if if I sent you a picture of the Fukushima reactors the holding Towers the holding pens for the water so they can back and tell you where the radiation is
that's a very seasoned Mando fotos desde the Hiroshima no Fukushima a mythical Shima Easter puede detectar is a Machina donde es exactamente Chester affect Idle Hour
yes that's a good question I would I would love to work on that okay do it in them
I've got to get contacts in Japan but will started in december-january over there yesterday in the welcome when he got a kannada keyboard stand cuanto Tiempo despues De Niro las cosas 100s Allyson O'Malley.
anyway well that's fascinating work living that is just amazing Arboles I also want to mention that I
I am fascinated by this work fascinated by the things that people tell me they experience in spicy nadakhan acceptable in the interview two weeks ago
he siento Como Lo Que dijo que and swims revista semana iveta jugar
and and he said are we ready eating. Mostly stores
so this feels like my passion and my play i c k s o c c in Tacoma Mi Pasion Mi Pueblo
well I am I'm so happy to have you on today dr. Rutledge you're very talented and
what system with contento dr. Rutledge the tenerte aqui estare en with an important that we have a beautiful and awesome. When Noah brillante we don't have to live with the radiation from Fukushima we don't have to be sickly and and in pain and suffer so much I don't have to be unhappy nothing I'm just considering felices happiness for all of us or them astray add a bunch of fallacy that
and may I say a little bit more about magic potion
magic potion is another imprinted water and La Pasion Mexico in princess, I want to stay in Fenton I don't know about a year-and-a-half ago
okay and don't Tesla Iowa La Pasion masicka you said a year ago or half a year ago a year-and-a-half ago how is my 3 alarm Martin using radionics La Marca con Veronica
some some symbols into water and an hour
and when a person takes just drops of this 123 drops on the line intersect on my own
their life force energy goes up exponentially Sue is the omentum and goes up keeps going up exponentially until the numbers are too large to measure sequencing why so serious that the catalog
animals and people have described also feeling amazing on changes and tingling where the energy is going in there body where it needs to go election Today Show Casey Anthony esta mucho esta como estas haciendo goes to jail.
And so just what I feel like is the magic potion enhance has the healing the The Beneficial effects of other modalities like Hannah water and Don said look at Santa Fe and I want or La Pasion mihika is the
beneficios de mucho Mas Auto Metal Jose De sanacion, incremental beneficios
so whatever the magic potion is combined with will enhance its a benefits i c k Locus instead of mass beneficios
and this is can I ask a question on this is water that you created so you created this right and it's on your website cuz I saw that okay in Port in question can you cure her curly hair OKC airport ballora song
well I haven't tried that one yet I'm I'm willing question to ask Polly I've learned so much by my clients asking me can I do this or can I do that and I thought this amazingly things work that's a good feeling to be able to help people like that would be wonderful
the technology itself reminds me of going into the higher Dimensions like the 4th and 5th dimensions
La tecnologia Masa pensar Como eliminarlas Marcela veles, like what they like it is very well because these kinds of Technologies stay happen instantly and distance does not matter what I meant you no tienes que esperar para un resultado
one person asked me in a remote session I'm going up there Sunday and if the energy could just be sent to her picture directly rather than into the water guess he then if I swing my Kindle de la persona and visit you.
Anna my intuition told me no because the water needed to be physically connected in in the person's body Pocono Porque el agua tiene carries the information what time is llama National Lottery Moto Moto
and water has water water has memory
yeah. Romano also said that water is God and God is water its and everything
yeah they gives me the Goosebumps have you been able to like what about other things tell us some more fun stories you've got
I I give magic potion water to my plants soil Love Potion magickal mix planters
and I believe they they do better each day okay
in spite of me not watering them enough
I did do an experiment with a plant see you soon experimento con una planta
it was a schefflera houseplant umbrella plant is one which had grown up to my ceiling can I see the picture of the Mikasa so I had to cut it down as he got to wake a co-star and I use the the part that I cut off to cut into 8 sections with the lease and section in San Marcos
it it. I gave for the sections
the the symbols that that go into magic potion Los simbolos de la Pasion Mexican those those for I set right on top of the symbols is a squatter laws Pollo K&D directamente encima de Sousa
the other four I put 7 feet away a Los cuatro cuatro
and my intuition told me that the ones right on top of the symbols would not do well I mean sushi on Medical Las cuatro partes directamente encima de los simbolos Nuevo Nuevo De Soto because the energy of the symbols was too strong for them or can I wait on Sahara Las plantas
and that the optimal distance was 7 feet for these EK La distancia Optima are the city PS
and it after I think it was about two months display Zach I see those message
I saw that the cuttings that were seven feet away from the symbols had more leaves on them be getting lost the lasso santostefano City and the leaves were larger Alesso things that were put directly on top of the symbols
Madeline desk a Las plantas que esta encima de los simbolos on top of the symbols also and started riding that me an S7 encima de los simbolos en pasado Napoli's
so this was a real confirmation how powerful the symbol energy is a ver que tiempo de reposo es el poder de Esto simbolos
fast and could you tell us what kind of symbols they were again images of us and the v e Mike and the mechanics Cayo de CV I have not seen these symbols anywhere else I will not. And did you have them there
no not not with me na na carne aqui what did they look like classic a glass of the symbol of Silence on sequel of circles and triangles some of them look like Greek letters album no son Como Es El culo City on Golden Triangle Los Gatos on similar
at this time I don't want to make them public but eventually I will and it's Elemental no license no quiero hacer Los simbolos publico the symbols are not from this planet is cierto ESO simbolos Music address on their state Universal from the universe
as home de l'univers O'Dell
I do not know nothing have to have talked about a doll Dal Universe it's the next Universe over from this one the universal real soon and you are so much like mother like this universe but on a different it's a little different time line is como esta Universal is injured they will go to the Dali Universe to heal themselves so it's likely a higher vibration in this universe on a different timeline
doesn't have the negativity that this universe does not there so it's like this universe but without the the Bad Boys is the first time I've gotten any information about the Dali Universe Universal that painful is it on the sign Leo and happy meals at McDonald's
I'm sorry just kidding
tell another story of exploring these symbols
this was basically how I put the symbols into the what I call a phrase that I used now s s Como Pongo Los simbolos
cuz I didn't know what to do with the symbols in the beginning or can dogs have uric acid, simbolos a principio
and there was a palm tree in an office of my friend, and I'll eagle
and nobody watered it in 911 so I took it home
I think Elijah via Casa conmigo
to see if I could help it with the symbols but I see no point are you there, simbolos so I started with a simple tree symbol phrase
and wrote it down and put it on the top of the soil yesterday and
then my intuition says it needs another set of symbols you know if I mean Christian medical can I see David
so I determined a longer phrase for it I see Kik and waited to see if they would get better yesterday but a vessel Atlanta
looking good.
so I was called to make another longer phrase to help it I see game 3 Estus flask and that it still did not help the plant I want to see no lie I use all Atlanta
so the experiment was a success as he get experiment on North where no no but the patient died oh yes it was it was it was the event that caused me to develop the symbols into what it is a Creer Los simbolos a komodo City so India by the way Libby gave me eight to plants last year Libby Mario Madrigal
Lunesta Jakob at Libby St Los Dos estamos bien gracias por has information she sent the rubber plant actually it wouldn't have a branch off
Aleman de la planta de Gomez seen since Isis intermetallic as you get $1 ACV simplemente La Busa and thank you must like your energy living in from a car mechanic regarding your Jato sessions
could you could you could you conceivably put a picture of an old car on your heart of machine and what it improve the engine or prove the car make it feel better when I mentioned it to Caro estoy en la Maquina de Haro e priscila Mente es el dia del motor Del Carro
that sounds like a great idea and I'd love to try it and so Sonic on one of them we when I am in cantabria intentalo can go buy you some Migos mecanicos and if it worked
easy easy from Shannara
one thing that I have done is put the symbols around Parts in my car or the gas tank skip West apartments in Los Angeles address in partes Mi Carro Como en el Tanque de Gasolina
and actually that was a friend of mine that did that and I'm not sure if they get better gas mileage or not when does that mean for resulted or let me tell you a true story some old Camaro SS a Christian
and I blew it up real quick and then it looks a little weird but I didn't care Salinas OVO acid Elemento versus centimeters per galon instead I got to understand them on the Shasta that have been blessed by the priest of Talos Energy Event
sesenta assistant classes in Des Amis Portugal on brakes are out videos and with all due respect Libby
I think your techniques would you be could be used for cars and other objects as well so that would be a fun thing to do to do hear the this this is the lot there's a lot that can be done by I do know that it's a planet has Como Inn in West End SDA salvation there are so many opportunities maravillosas European says there's just so many ways we can make this world a better place and dumb
but I don't want to take tirosint this time too much by producer he's such an angel lease it just go ahead and talk as long as you like our doesn't matter
I feel so excited to be here at this time I feel I feel excited to be here I
things like I just got an office in July and so I'm I feel like these are
it's opportunities at this time is siento que necesitan para muchos possibilidades
and I feel also like the all of humanity is dreaming everything that's happening is creating everything that's happening now for future Santo catolico money that is and
I just I feel that that we're doing it Humanities doing it he Santo que Los tamos or Grand Oak Elementary. Los del Rio Grande oh so I feel like saying congratulations to humanity because it's been a long road I think imma santouka felicidades a llama and an excited to be here and to participate in this and to see it and watch it
all three of us were in Atlantis and lemuria at the time the atlanteans destroyed the planet 12,500 years ago did you say lemuria tour in Atlanta Ella Maria cuando es el Lugar for this real vmu-2 receipt to your and lemuria and Atlantis is controlled by a military small group of people who wanted to control the planet
Stuyvesant new controller controller instead Ian Allen can't stay out of control with the least side on S10
Ulta Salon
bomba nuclear weapon she said no surprise dolls Anna Maria a new story can I listen to lamezia difference this time is that we will succeed is internet internet on 2nd Terrace and Sewer America Central America is standard NCAA
and for my dear friends in Mexico Mexico was never locked down but Central America and South America and parts the United States good times are ahead for us just remembered that surround us on Tara's is 10 / on Central America South America vs xolos 2018 World War II
sa Winston Churchill vehicle in Nigeria only thing we have to fear is it the more you know this whole thing about the increasing virus cases
eat Odessa condos in Los Los casos De Los Estados unidos and the choke Esparza
and them
I'm so things will get better I know they will The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn Olivia is there anything else you'd like to add to your interview today this is been a lot of fun
Libya Algoma Sierra Vista
yes it's it's been wonderful and a lot of fun c i c e maravillosa
I would say to the positive hold the positive feeling in yourself and it was a test sample see people's so staying on Apple TV. And see me
and the whole Love In Yourself he says thing animal dancing mismos have to
ourselves or loved anyone else I'm disappointed I do that and Mariah Lynn Mass
well as some Professor Einstein his said love is the most powerful and important force in the universe is universal and so if we if we recognize that will succeed in Atlanta so there's some there's a beautiful song I'd like to end up our interview today and I've had a busy day are you not conceal and more psychological but in the meantime what kinds of um
what kinds of things are you working on now for your science now you're a scientist and you're very talented so what other things will you be doing now for the future and mono Yugioh tascosa sisters asiano
I'm studying some more effects of the magic potion on Plants is so yes to the end of my sobre La cancion Mexicana con Las plantas
and I will be working with the symbols more creating new combinations, simbolos Para crear nuevas combinaciones
okay and when you get these are you being helped by angels as well with your with what's your what's your work schedule and yes I have seen that I have many guides are we still getting a muchos Kia in ochos Rios on scientifico
and use my intuition and muscle testing to receive information you think he saw me and Christian vs Los examenes de musculo para civil information
okay and don't mind me asking how does muscle testing work also be called applied Kinesiology and what is their discreto Horas than can you Co-op ricotta or body dowsing or is the dowsing I quit
and basically it relies on the fact that your body knows what is the truth
is there some Pokemon show in an essay
subtract El cuerpo Lo Sabe
and and so I'm most any muscle can be used to do this process
I find the easiest way is to do it standing in Connecticut
and let my body sway forward or backward eat a hacking equipo somewhere I can send it or pallet rack
in answer to my question and respuesta I mean pregunta so for me if it's ways forward that's a yes answer me Singapore post Centre as a significant crimes backward easy and Corpus of Asia is uno Comer despues De Mi so this is a process of asking yes no type question es el proceso para preguntar SI Cancun respuesta zesty or no
and I'm very used to and familiar with asking questions when I troubleshoot experiments your story Hack Wilson brother I said preguntas SEC on Norris cancion de respuesta es cuando estoy haciendo an experimental it.
So I'm used to asking specific questions to a situation ESO a relative atomic mass equation
okay alright well mr. Trump be re-elected in January President Trump and an arrow okay to do this I have to stand up stand outside the view okay we're but I've met at 4. I love that I camera in the form of a statement is theme
come on oh my gosh wondered where are you your kids are going to say mommy where are you are you still a crazy guy
I'm going to say this out loud
Trump will be re-elected
ice Way Forward so I got to yes ok Google Pacific and sunset are so sneaky. Casey wonderful Doug it's called live for life and Fries out of Orlando Florida beautiful song I apologize okay getting two minutes to another another 2 minutes Visa
crate train let me ask you this living put your hot on machine help children with autism
girls get to maquinas para ninos con autismo
good question I have not tried that. When I put it won't that no Lo intentes when I got to Astria machine I ask a question I asked if it could hurt anyone is an appointment at Casa Padre elastomer a lien and they told me no email
the other thing I was told by the Emoto office several years ago that they don't sell the machines to anyone with negative energy
that's interesting I didn't know that it doesn't mean that isn't that you're not happy either so that's what I was told ojala que todavia tengo ganas a police at 11
Bonnie negative entities need help to but if they start doing work for negative entities than they really lost their Soul Heaven thing, Harkin interview in 10 antivirus negativas en que todos necesitamos I apologize it's in English but it's a beautiful song it's called lift for life is a Yama Beaver por Vida in Orlando Florida Christopher too well to please make a Spanish version I think Spanish is a beautiful language and it would be a perfect Saint Louis hookah real artistic Christopher K I got La cancion en espanol
saw Unturned on if you could play that that would be great
thank you my friend
with the new uniform in my heart
it's not nice what a beautiful song we got to get that translated I can play with my students anything else you'd like to say to wrap up your beautiful interview today
well I just I know that the energy in the vibrations have been increasing but I've been able to measure that increases I believe with radionics secondary breast Jonas Jonas energy assistance in Tremont and o s s
I measured the life force energy using radionics instant me though I'm only
oh it's only a year-and-a-half ago he Quantum SSO solamente onion menu
I believe the average life force energy I was measuring of people was 300SE okay if statement
and now I believe it is around 2,000 he can study that is back on while those meeting
that's that's amazing vibrations of the Planet 2 I think must be on television
so there's you know it it's it's just my radionics instrument and be measuring it but there is to me that's some evidence that things are improving
Second Sole Mentor Ohio Amusement me Maquina de guanica evidencias de para decir que las cosas system
and so I would say to find fun everyone needs fun in their lives they need play in their lives so do that and contrast division is La Vida
that's right everyone needs finding what you were saying before about Q is very appropriate
great great Libby I want to thank you so much for coming on today and you're wonderful interview or insert Teresita you always do such a great job translating I am living in attic innocent intervista for your work and Ted
you welcome well this is this is really good and I've wanted to do this kind of program for some time and everything came together and I couldn't do it without your help to receipt so you've been great and I really think it's and it's my pleasure I really appreciate it I'll get you those images for my book by tomorrow by the way go ahead let me where can people find you
sorry it's going to have it on my Note my website is that's mobile DNA elements. Com formacion esta sobre sus proyectos de la doctora Rutledge and stay in WWE there any a l a m a n s a s a punto con Pasion de contacto
my email is mobile DNA elements at electronico is m a o l a i n e r a l a m a n a n a s a Gmail puntocom
for remembering that my website at triple W. Out of this world radio. Net punto out-of-this-world Flavio internet service is a w o l l s t o net
wonderful wonderful and thanks for all the wonderful support in the future this is going to take some time but all my shows will be available both on my radio website out-of-this-world radio. Net worth of Amazon Esta Esta Esta Esta Mundo very open Donuts also be available on my website web page on PBS radio was well and he was going to be some work but it's going to get done and so in the future when they go to bbsradio they can see all of my shows in Miami San Francisco in Vienna Austria
Tiempo para organizar Lopez VMA will be it'll be both there as well and if you want to go to my my ordering website at out-of-this-world readings. Com. Liberals is Emily Rose but I need amoeba Hina what is out-of-this-world readings went okay yeah yeah so this is been a wonderful day believe it or not I've got one more interview to do tonight and then I'm done
Eliza Casa Dona increible pero El proposito de dios de programas para hacer Este Mundo en Lugar mejor may try but there's nothing they can do to stop this, Derek on Star Trek in Accra Ghana to start Star Trek what did he say and one of the Beautiful Things is that everyone will realize that we all have God within us the Supreme Being within us
and no matter what religion we are what race we are what language we speak we are all children of God total some Jose Jose Diaz this may sound idealistic but we should all treat each other with love and great respect respect humanity is here to create a beautiful paradise and this is what we we should work on right now he has to look at every meal has anos what we do now in the next couple of months will determine our future for tens of thousands of years to come
the demeanor.
Como hacer en otra Vida
so speak the truth know that you're loved and know that you're being helped by angels for a better and happier future vallecito Dr Los Angeles. Thank you so much again for the help today and with that I love you all and thank you for the show on making this world a better place by

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