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Out of This World Radio, December 5, 2020

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Out of This World Radio - Spanish
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with Ted Mahr and guests Michiko Hayashi, Judy Cali and Teresita Landin

Out of This World Radio "Spanish Show" with Ted Mahr and guests Michiko Hayashi, Emoto Peace Project, Judy Cali and Spanish interpreter, Teresita Landin.

Judy Cali, Angelis Healer, Reader, Channel & Medium,
Judy Cali has been doing Intuitive Healing work with The Ascended Masters & Angels from 3 years of age. She was asked by Hilarion, the Ascended Master of Healing of The Emerald Ray, to go public with her gifts, over 18 years ago. Honoring his request, her Clarion Call, working with people all over the World has been a JOY! Intuitively, thru her Sacred Heart & I AM Presence, she receives a whole picture of you by seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing about your Soul.

Her readings bring forth what is most important for you to know at this time in your life. Messages from your Guardian Angels, Guides, Family in Spirit & details from other lives you are living that are most relevant to this life, is what may come forth. Judy is a Crystal Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister, Teacher, Life Coach, Workshop Leader & Guest Speaker. In 2005 she channeled Mikos, Lemurian Telosian of Inner Earth for The Wesak Festival in New York City. Also, she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a documentary on Atlantis & the Bermuda Triangle, still shown today on the Sci Fi Channel.

Teresita Landin (Spanish Interpreter)
Ms. Landin has been working at Woodland Star for the past two years as an English Language Assistant, Resource Assistant and substitute teacher. In addition to continuing with her EL and Resource work, she will be teaching Kindergarten and third grade Spanish. She has been a parent in our community for the past four years and brings a deep multi-cultural understanding to her teaching and to our community. Ms. Landin earned her Bachelors degree in Science and Elementary Education from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA

Michiko Hayashi
Everything is vibration. Vibration is energy and information. Water absorbs all vibration. It is mainstream science that water has memory and transmits information. Our consciousness, thoughts, emotions, words, actions are vibration which affects water. As both human body and surface of the earth are almost 70% water , they affect our life, health, environment and ultimately the Mother Earth. Water shows in its crystalline structures how powerful our consciousness is and shows how we can live so that we can be healthy, happy, harmonious, and so can Mother Earth as well.

Michiko Hayashi is the Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT”. Worked as the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s personal assistant for 10 years. He was the founder of the Emoto Peace Project, pioneer of HADO (vibration), researcher of water, and author of world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”. She is the successor of his legacy.

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there's somebody on the show right now song so thank you thank you so much
well welcome Francis is out of this world radio with your host Edmar broadcasting the day from the studios of BBS radio one in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area from Lafayette California and I'm so much for translating today as well as menshikov coming to us all the way from Tokyo and be my co-host today
so I can speak only a few words in Spanish so well we'll help each other out and my wonderful guess today is Judy Kelly I think Judy is one of America's best Eyecare near she has he's been on my other shows and I'm so happy for her to be on the show today she's coming to a slide from Oklahoma fall places where she recently moved into a beautiful new community excuse me esta bien it's okay we went to ilalko on patronas Mexico Hayashi. Judy Colin Oklahoma and yes or no
what is chicas que tenemos en El Pais Bonita Judy it was angels for many years she started when she was just three years old actually Judy Torres De Las Americas are ya estan en contacto con Angeles email sources and zeros does a Los Tres anos
over 71 years I've been working with the angel
Northwest Missouri this is a Sanyo
prepperwebsite she says the readings bring forth what's most important for you to know what this time of your life is stated no Salen de las cosas Mas importantes que ver en estos tiempos at Wallace you remember me in television of inner earth for the wesak Festival New York city gif we're inside the tell us the illusion De La Sierra in Tirana is Wally West Sac for a documentary film
Atlantis contract for NBC CT car and don't have no sobre El Atlantis in about the Bermuda Triangle yes in Los Lunas de los Morales
no no consider Gomez divertido para la Gente
play radio shows are supported by Lister contributions they're all nonprofit and I appreciate all of your people support so much and phone says no SIM card
thank you. You're such a good translator if your place a proposal a Mis programas para Ser Feliz
and I know if we all work together will create a much better and have few world
in addition to this program I broadcast out of Miami Florida on Fridays from 6 to 7 p.m. eastern time
in addition to say programa is there a gentleman programa Los abogados in Miami Florida at a time in Vienna Austria and stay the last night
Ang in English inside out of BBS Radio One Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 alarm
all broadcast information is found my website at ww.w. Out of this world radio. Net
patio the Ted and Sue parking at Webb and out of this world radio punto com
yes and with that I was up I started this program about a more than a month ago because I was in Mexico and everyone treated me so nicely there
commence es el programa SMS we are Mexico Italy
and everyone asks will you have a show in Spanish and at first I said no and then I said you know I'm going to have a show in Spanish
either Pinterest maybe Nola Mentor program en espanol
and if I may sit give give Julie a nice compliment you know what you look at her face and you can tell what a kind loving and sweet person she is she has a big heart to help
sorry time like it I don't compliment or Judy and get are they still can't seem to mental ver La Cara Gran Persona is schedule as it takes one to know one on the show today cuz that's the purpose of the show to make this world better
now you didn't have to ask you these questions I hope you don't mind but I've time-traveled and I know we're going through a challenging time right now but all of my guide say that we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us of course Judy Unos cambios
at this time and I'm talking to all of your heart you know the truth and Alyssa is 7 / your heart always tells you the truth
Tu Corazon Siempre Teresa LaBarbera so no matter what you hear from anybody always listen to your heart I think I know him for that look at identity High School Gisela Gente Siempre hace Caso a tu Corazon everything we've been going through especially this last year has been about us getting in touch with our truth Philadelphia to San Diego space and meant to do it on Thursday will be more on you is what I can do
by taking away what has distracted us which is work Community obligations responsibilities as a logistics Jonas, trabajo responsibility
it's given each person an opportunity to re-evaluate what matters to you location for importante para Nosotros and at some point you're going to realize if you haven't already the we are one big family in a momento de las cuentas in on you are not alone and that includes every form of life ESO include Dallas-Fort mandevilla
because in our purest form we are pure liquid light we are all in everything organic so this last year what it's done is it's given each person an opportunity to take a breather i c k s o t Melania lisura una puerta del Rey to spend more time with yourself and more time with your families de Pasar Mas Tiempo con Uno mismo in Mass Tiempo con nuestras familias so each person can step into their own Mastery but I could got up a sauna Andreas appropriate mastria
and in December we are having one of those largest Awakenings on the planet Andy Sandra is the most thing in mementos that are the thymus and Norma's Del planeta so more and more people are beginning to remember who they are Maya Cinemas Hinton is that sound Oracle. Kian Kian ehsan in bed. And every being is a golden being of light
and we're all part of a story that we've all made up he told us almost better than when I started I get those animals invented or so when you look at each person as a golden beam of light cuz that's who they really are you to help them to remember who they are. Como la Luz do that I can son has a record a quienes son so what I suggest is before you say something before you choose something takes 30 seconds and pause album version windows tinted windows
and actually touch and feel the beauty of what you're going to say and make it loving and positive and I thought he has a Russillo canvas Odyssey on a positive
so that you are bringing in and attracting things that will honor you but I guess but I can for us after I get the own orange cats kiss on when I spotted because we have what's called The Law of Attraction for did the name is Ophelia Mama's landlady a taxi on and it works for everybody the same in the universe Universal you get 100% whatever you give out
authorized CM porciento De Luca to to authorize you to locate Amanda's and we've been taught by our society to be in fear 96 to 97% of our day in OC OC Dental in West romneya and 19 years ago we shifted from fear-based living and we're stepping into loved based living Pasadena senior Ventano's is Imo's on Cameo the invisible hours in Illinois
so I know everything in your world feels like it's turning upside down e said get the land to Mundo but is it, cuz he says that we can do partes para but you personally as an individualized expression of divinity are creating everything they do you say como hacer Bebe no estas cayendo Toto
so you can choose to either pay attention to what you're afraid of and get more of it I think if lettuce when I let them see on I thought or you can choose to pay attention to what honors you what feels good and loving yourself muscle tension a las cosas que tan Grande Que te hacen bien and every being on the planet their mission your mission is the same
and everybody's missing is to love yourself more in this life
todos tenemos En La misma Mision en esta planeta ESI mission is a Madness mass and mass and West Covina
then you loved yourself in any life ucsic and sunsets nasomatto and koalas get Aveda
you are living all your lives now it says even though classes Vitas Audi
so it's like sitting in your car and turning on your car radio and radio
and you turn to the station that you want to listen to eat bananas
but you know intelligently it'll Savas inteligentemente that there are thousands of radio stations all playing at the same time
it'll service inteligentemente Ki Miller's estaciones.
But you're only tuned into this one station it'll to Sola Mente estas Antonius Lor esta una gas station so the past is gone you've already gotten everything out of it you needed when you experienced it safe way
and you haven't created your future yet because you haven't even created tomorrow yet
what determines what you're going to experience tomorrow look at it that mean alone
is 100% determined
is Cien por ciento the terminal
by how much you love yourself today for little mucho get there and nothing else another mess it has nothing to do with anybody else
you choose before you're born this see that son has an assist
everything you're going to experience
and you creative all to benefit you
and when your experience is really painful Equinox experiencia is the element a
it means you've outgrown yourself significa que es sobre el pasado pasado pasado
and you created with everybody from the other side to have an experience that's uncomfortable and painful para crear una citacion Dolorosa so that you would realize that you've already developed the skills to take your next step and you've outgrown who you used to be okay and some just ask in, but I can receive a message
and even though you chosen everything you're going to experience including all issues and you've also included the solutions and let me see if I got that can you say that one more time Judy I know you're what I said
I got it even though you've created everything to benefit you
go ahead
you created the solutions and the problems as well correct Los problemas Alesso Illusionist Ambien
and the reason this is important is because you're not victims important it is for ustedes and no Sunday team has each each Soul chooses what they want to experience in each life got us look at some point one experience everything
we also want to live as every form of life if I'm yanking and was revealed, California Davina so you're listening lies as animals and plant and moons and Suns and grains of sand and fog
so that you can have a total Sollux perience but I kept with us than they did not experience a completa
how do you come from being pure liquid light Dennis come on said they lose leakira
in your purest form and through for mamas Buddha
and you chose to want to
individually experienced actually everything in life this easier on is school head experiment Edisto denominator Shake That individual I meant not just floating glow no solamente flotar Aradia
but taste and touch and smell
fiddle fiddle tambien experimented is De Los sabores del tacto
here and know what are the bed or he 87
so you come into form
SE Que vienen in vienen EN Tren a forma to experience everything but experiment that do them
through living many lives
and you come to the opposite extreme of pure love Evie n n i La Puesto extremo dimorphodon
tip your unloved
Al Al Al Alves amor
Mas puto
totally fragmented
to work your way back but I thought I had bought Apple at 2 principio
into Oneness I said Uno Uno but to do it mindfully and consciously little boy little boy little I said conciente conscientemente through feeling and that's the gift esa's El regalo when something is really uncomfortable i c k cuando algo Star Elementary in Como Lo and really painful Emoji photo some it means that you've gotten everything out of it you needed see me fika
and everybody involved he saw the ether Las personas and blue Prada got everything from you they needed Tammy and receiver on Todo lo que necesita on the tea and your complete ESPN complex and because it's so uncomfortable before Kissed Tanning, Oregon
it encourages you
is a motivation and everybody else involved he at the animal products to move on but a seguir Adelante into your next expression expression Lavida more expanded in mathematics Bandidos
being of light says the loss and you want to celebrate change it get it cuz it means you're not who you used to be for que significa Tu no eres la persona que Horas antes you've expanded a 6.2 diesel into more love I said my some more into more wisdom into more experience when two more joy and having a better sense of who you are even sent you don't want your neck or the Sabbath Canada symbol that
and who you really are Cassandra letter
is pewter DaVinci
you are Source God all the way through it is obvious in your purest form and before my message board
no matter what's going on in your life as he can report against a sicilian them to do that
chew self-love is Amor propio it is the answer to every issue is La respuesta I got a problem and you download into your soul if two boxes is information as to self
into your Sacred Heart I have to Corazon Sagrado
everything that you need for this life so it'll look as soon as assistants necesitas para esta Vida
all people persona
all places photos was the baddest all things Torres las cosas and all experiences including all the Solutions in Korean. And you also download it on me unless Carlos
how you're going to wake up and remember who you are single one of you before you were born but they found out one of your status Anthony Abernathy do
went through called the veil of forgetting that I Let Go Saad en el vello Del dolor dedo
so you would live a human life 100% and understand it and get through it but I need a ported sub Reposado
and work beyond the fear it's a Lahar Mas Alla Del temor which is in your head gets time to mentor and being in your ego into a go where no truth exists the next ascending going into your heart
en Tu Corazon
we're only truth exists and to Corazon de Navidad
and you can live
what is baby more than half of your day mines element added to the loving you and loving life I'm on the 15 mismo de Mando La Vida by making you feeling good and I sent it at amusement centers Devion your top priority.
You are also here
sister Nikki
to be your own best friend but I said Susan acordes Amigos
be patient and gentle and tender and loving with yourself and buy Santa's San Fierro San Diego museums
and treat yourself
he threatened say
with the Love's going to landlord that you would give to a two-week-old baby in Italian
no judgement think we seals no criticism the gas and no unkindness a seam said said can it also has Contigo mismo because everyone forget those
in their purest sense in Sioux Center Hospital
is a golden being of light and some said they lose playing a role in a script that you wrote
jugando en jugando en Valle Luna
in this life and this time either before you came in on physical you got us so you would have all these different experiences but I could do it at the less suffix
next do you want to be the love of your own life
next year or makes you want to be the love of your life
and as you choose to love you I said I said get to Sands and Mas Grande Amor De Tu propia Vida and you fill your wealth first, too young and stupid to prove your Tanki
then you can give
stupid is that to all others
from the love that you already have this isn't tennis this is how Jesus is Jesus and Mary Magdalene Maria Magdalena
on a more expanded level and don't even must expend either or one people
Sun Moon solo set on solo Espiritu came here to teach and to live as Evie Como
Christ Consciousness la conciencia de Cristo
which is unconditional unlimited love is unconditional is alinity
and would people would be in Jesus's Ora equanil a Gente Esta Esta Mas cerca de la hora de Jesus
or Mary magdalene's all the Laura Maria Magdalena
people would automatically the Hampton automaticamente he'll says I never even if Jesus
hunky Jesus or Mary Magdalene on my attention was somewhere else I don't get used to be a dancer atencion en algun otro lado and they were focused on that person you know severan is the implicado sign is a person I guess it's another if they touched his robe see little Calvin Sue Sylvester idea or hers
they would automatically be given the opportunity to be in that energy of unconditional love conditional
we are the second coming we are here
estamos aqui offer exactly what Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to share estamos aqui para decir lo mismo que Jesus Maria Magdalena no sense in me I don't see Erin Condren Arizona Kicker Comp RT
when you look through the eyes of your own loved one
you see everybody asked who they really are you best at those, locate and there's a sun and through the love of who they are yet reversal Immortal Sun
when you look through the eyes of fear on the visitor Visa Los Ojos del Amor
your ability to see who they really are
wobbly. Para berinjela. Kinison
is not possible noise for ceiling
because you have to be it is to attract will get the Guinness kiss it look at Kerrisdale Palatine
so one person may see somebody and make an unloving comment I think I will never again see no more
and that's based on their view of themselves ESO as by Sodom and Gomorrah are Gyros & Deli. 7 it has nothing to do with the other person no tiene NADA que ver con otra persona you can only see the truth through love so lamented what is a letter that a travez Del Amor
so when you love you I think you're going to the Amazon thing you see the most loving attributes of another person solamente viz best Place Los atrevidos masamoto's allowed a person example
I look at Teresita they last
and she's an angel
yeah yes or no kid she has beautiful luminous wings and she is glowing passionate heart
she doesn't intend harm no intent that last unless I see
Yo Belle the beauty of who you are loved and yes I make an address
I feel it I feel your love so I choose to suggest
Jodeci do sushi
that you have this time it's on minisa Tiempo where the world is shut down donde esta completamente Cerrado in various ways and my nana diferentes
to use this time but I can totally Sonesta Tiempo to spend real time with you but I get but I can extend consigo mismos in your journey is a ver que Su corrido
is about you
is solamente uceris loving you a man do say I'll say this Miss moss and then you're able
Adidas boys instead of spoiling
2 aspect all life I think that I Thought I Loved You Then
through your heart at the time is a sus corazones that is a greatest gift es el mejor regalo you can give to the world Philip what is that animal to others our groceries to people you love Alexander gamelin to yourself
and that's the purpose of being here and as you step into more self-love and want to through and through by amor propio
you step into interest
your Mastery do maestria
and that gives u e s what they that the time to remember example biotic that you are a being of Peace on Saturday pass in your purest form and do for my masked Buddha
and only when you're at peace he's so romantic on the stars and pass can we create World Peace what am I scared it starts with u m p SI Contigo
when I'm at peace in my heart as he get one of your story and pass and me Corazon no matter what's going on out here and then once I guess that's a no matter what the story is once I guess y'all Astoria no matter what the drama is named for that, I know Joe said that my relationship with myself and neither last young conmigo misma and loving me and my mommy is what's creating my world is Lucas that could handle me Mundo and I take full responsibility for it is complete
so after Self Love Comes the last the last Choice decision and that is to live in the now yes be bead a key in Elora you do not have an expiration date on your birth certificate so you do not consciously know I seek a no service consienteme conscientemente
when you shift to the other side Juan Luis Guerra con citas Al otro lado so live now I see gave it our time is my Audi time is now in the moment where your breathing and then mementos on the side of this be done though and choose to be happy now either see this ad Feliz hour and then and every cell in your body it is Swiss got us and every organ and your aura as Little Smiles on it
so that you create through Joy but after 3
I healthy life una vida saludable
that is what we're here for you and we have had EMS any though
the gift and regalo expanding so much more mucho Mas into who we really are I see a la persona Que in this last year and this they will see more on you
so give yourself the gift of love as he give that love each IL regalo De Amor which then give the world your gift Alessia Cara despues celebra El Mundo entero SI mismo gifts maestros
picture here to give guess that's a keeper that that only you can give it's all I meant that stupid as that you are an original aspect of divinity what is expected original De La Divina. There is no one else knowing Nadia mess and all of creation and thought creation never has been and never will be
who you are intuitive and you have it to tienes a special gift that only you can give guess I lamented to put is that to the world and that can't come out yes or no puede salir
in your head in fear
Mente de miedo
it can only come out solamente puede salir through your heart at that is a tu Corazon in love and I more you have three hearts anestrus corazones you have your human fart in a su Corazon humano when you're in human form on the stars and formal Mana you have your chakra Hart and his stupid ass on this chakra with your energy centers in the body going through Santos and his head because I quit for which we used to have seven Anderson Yemassee at then and now we're expanding into 12 inside the body is the most expensive acidosis
so you have a chakra heart out at the anus and cortisone shot when you're in form cuando estas informa
but you're also living lies
as a thought, pensamiento
as Wind come with the anthem
what you're really not inform them that no space and former no I forma
so your third heart as he gets up there said khorasan is the most important part is it must important a Corazon and it's called your Sacred Heart you say Yama to Sagrado Corazon that's located right in front of your spinal column is that incident are the two coluna vertebral and you're Connecting Point if 2.0 conectivo is right here
at the little hollow space at the base of your throat right above your sinus that is your creator part Corazon creative
where you are Creator Source all that is going to do it is as the other $8 Lopez your Sacred Heart Is your Immortal heart to Saginaw do Corazon es tu Corazon in Austin that's home it says La Casa, it's not out here alone God knows.
home is here and oh God is a key
connected to you as Creator going to Stylo Contigo Como quiero
it's also where you live in Your Divine flow yes I'm being from the Vives + 2 + 2 fluid es Divino
and your Divine flow it to Florida Savina because you're all and everything for Kasai centola
allows you to permit them to have everything you need if it means that the nest all the locus Tu necesitas taken care of in Harmony and Grace in an ammonia Iglesia so when you're in the love frequency of you I think the more you're a lined especially me alone
to the truth of who you are at the river to the full expression of who you are I through Maxima expression and to all parts of you which is all in everything he told us to spot this kiss on tour SE Todo
when you're in your head on a sentimente you are in fear is that something more and fear is false evidence appearing real
Amor es evidencia falsa apparent and Jose weather
and your ego it wiggle is your head mind is to Mentor de la cabeza
and it only knows that it sinks
solamente Tu sabes que piensa that you are mortal it is more fun and this is the only life you're living Es as I only got so it's trying to keep you safe and small as you get this. Intentando montaner Sano amoeba Kenya
your heart to go Tucson
knows everything about you haven't thought that was all lies you're living the thought I'd let you carry this told us to that got lost old honesty price all wisdom of knowledge
and it knows everything about this life that you planned a Sabbath on their side
your heart is 5000 times more powerful than your head to go die song is Cinco mil veces Mas poderoso que tu Mente
and therefore I C K
you are always encouraged to live the truth of your own heart and trust it sampling it is multi rather by David Gaston to chorus on FMLA la confianza
we are we are at a point estamos en el momento
as a planet where were being guided Vanessa Moss Scandal yellows to trust
stop motion.
Oh my gosh that is so emotional yeah those a concierge
in the Integrity in the Integrity of Our Own Heart then rest of your Corazon and our own soul in Tokyo Espiritu and your higher self album
when you worried cuando te preocupa when you doubt cuando do that when you're impatient, spicy and then you block your flow looking ass to flujo
when you need to know when you need rest and you block your flow Y no necesitas David cuando necesitas comprender blow over because they're both fear-based ideas for this song Los Dos only there beside us and is there more
the one you trust in you as a cuando confias en TI
then everything opens up for you and you live your greatest potential for this lifetime and a potential Paris DaVita which is really what you want right now
so loved you and then you loved the world I think it love someone until you've also
Ambien have an opportunity to be in touch with this. Encontacto what's truths for you so you can be more Discerning but I can put as this as need and be clear he said Moscato about what is not good for you
call las cosas que no son para TI and what's not Truth for you you look annoyed by the thing and that is a true gift ESS when the one that you can give to yourself get through the blood is that a theme mismo by believing in you
this in a long version on that located at which is what's going on now I'm I'm not sure none more so no se Corte en Libras SE que so the greatest gift you can give yourself a Seagate in the hood I look at the weather
is to love you and believe in yourself is I'm not getting mismo you could read and see me and know that there's no one else like you East Ovid Nadia Mas Como Tu so please don't ever compare yourself to another being I think it was it's the greatest way to disrespect your stuff is not Monday.
and you are the only person that feels the way you do kisses Santa Con misuta Santa's
each person got up as soon as their own feelings Dennis is propio sentimientos so you don't have to defend
I see que no tienes Cara Sin Verte justify or explain explicacion is your true feelings to sentimientos words that are those to anybody else
if something doesn't feel good to you see I don't expect anybody else to get it
love you're not yourself enough I'm at the most efficient way to say thank you for the invitation for right now that doesn't feel good to me maybe another time but I say gracias por la invitacion para que son los que sienta bien para me kisses and not report
and that's it yes I still owe
if they respect you see At Your Service pet them and they can only respect you if they've back themselves he solamente te pueden respetar caos mismos errores better then they will not pressure you if they pressure you see the Christiana it's because they're so insecure porque yo suntanning seguros anybody who thinks for themselves, they don't know tommen come on
I came across a word I don't remember
yep it's one of those words that I say sorry
oh my God here we go. Omar Carmona and Vanessa and in a lot of families and muchas familias
everybody wants everybody to be the same Wallace so that but I guess everybody sing but I get those piensan everything is the same as he was but you're an individual Federal status on an individual that's why you need to go out if you step inside pussy mismos much as wonderful as his family is equal to mass and muscle Familia
each person is an individual
and should be given the opportunity he said that every opportunity that and the respect he arrested to choose for themselves lcd-4z mismos whether anybody else gets it or not as long as your choice
I'm solo tattoos to decision is not causing harm don't get to this is your nose take out Sandow Daniel
and you stand by what you feel
okay let me rephrase that then if somebody else in the family is he a lien last in the Familia has an entirely different understanding
then choose to meet them in the middle of the sea that is steak acuerdo in El Centro
because Everyone's entitled to their opinion or get those thin another that your ass whooping yawn because each soul will take a test
as an individual, individual is going to be guided by said yeah I do out of you everything I come over total for all individuals but in our bigger form they don't know style for mamas and must have for my muscle and as pure energy, nausea
and all life is energy if we are all and everything else almost total
so be it peace in your heart as he get them fast and the chorus on and don't make anybody else's opinion of you ignore others de las opinion has a Los Demas to yes
important to you just an important this but I think they have a right to their opinion
just like you have a right to your opinion he was going through tienes derecho a tu propia opinion as long as we're not talking about harming each other simply cuando nos vemos hablando de Daniel knows we're talking about respecting each other it's almost Orlando they'll respect our NY lotto and if that's really your intention ECS out there that is doing cancion
and you will meet them in the middle and thumb is equitable
it's just so wonderful oh my God Judy this is amazing amazing to me I had to hold ears back ok Google my God
what it's like to channel Jesus see if they're okay may I choose Jesus, here we go
in your heart of hearts and to Corazon de corazones
you all know so those seven
the beauty of who you really are and as I look at all of you
my heart feels me Corazon SE llena
what's the Deep Joy con una Alegria
at the beauty of Who You HR
I will I will come into each of your dream states tonight Georgia got into suenos that got out around 3 p.m., last resort
No 3 a.m. I left there's a la Manana wherever you are in the globe don't make it at this this and then window
I will hold your hand so spend their to mono and I will show you a picture if you most at it when I imagined of the beauty of who you are beloved as I see you
so you can see yourself but I could do that what I said at the amusement from the bigger picture that is in my mansion
of the energy of who you really are they landed here they can Edison jelly that
I am choosing at this time estoy escribiendo en Este momento
because it is crucial for this crucial
in order to have peace in the world and in order them in person and Moon Dough
you must be at peace with yourself and us get the next bus going to mismo and if you can connect to
Issaquah desconectarse Quan
the beauty of who you are going to have it yesterday can it is your Compassionate Heart Will Open more what I song compasivo Savvy Rama's
and you will expand it expanded us
into being just
your love I said amor
and that will assist each of you
ESO assistant that I can download to a line I can selenium with the truth of who you really are going out of that again in an umbrella we are all brothers and sisters Donna Summers and mine was your man as there is no being 9 in goon said who is above or below in any other being is that muscle Eva on my stomach ache while we are all pure Divinity choosing experiences handle experience yes and that's why we're here for avoid assholes done with cycling
my gift me regalo
for this holiday season by Dessa Temple Festival is for you each to realize is that I could throw those who stay there sitting cuenta that you are a star is Sonoran Estrella in the world and in mundo like no one else Como nadie Mas
I am Jesus yo soy Jesus your brother Twitter mono am I also bring my partner Mary Magdalene Ami compania de Maria Magdalena to join me but I get it sooner so that you see yourself but I get the recipe
as the combined energy from one of your masculine side this was lado de Su lado masculino the right side of you in the side of you that sends a lot of India and the left side of you alot or scared
which is your feminine side which receives and you combine them Alaskan Venus so you are
but I can say is living your life but I guess it's busy the end of the Vita as a Living Prayer come on come on out from your Divine Center visit through Central Aveeno in balance and balance a order in Oregon and harmony armonia
it is done
Jessie J
I see Sarah
that was so powerful
K next is Jiminy Cricket here we go
Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio
here we go when you wish upon a star on delassus when they say loan Estrella all of life hears your prayer
Toda La Vida escucha Tu oracion and all of life response
I think I sent a your true self who said where they do as Jesus said, Jesus as the true prayer of life
your heartlight
Lulu's El Corazon touches every form of life Focus
be wise
Sabio in what you're sending out and throw the Locust a seaman and oh and noticed and noticed that a star. De cuenta que una Estrella shines brightly for all baruto Lowe's
no matter what you are doing no matter where you are. Don't let this
and no matter what you think of yourself is singing for Saturday look at 2 p.m. says that team is a star
una Estrella from its heart there's a su Corazon shines as bright as it can be. Let me know cemento Como puede nice para Toda La Vida menu choose the same
this is Jiminy Cricket Jiminy Cricket
and I sent you eat the kiss 11 Mando un Beso from my heart doesn't me Corazon to yours as to you as stars como estas
thank you so much Judy that she said he touched my heart and I'm sure came from I came from my heart that's why I love and gratitude productor Moto if he's there I'd love to hear from him if that's all right with OSF
this is a perfect time is this a momento perfecto
in December and December where your DNA is expanding then the two are they in Spanish
to bless
Barra para bendecir all water
because every part
is being touched by water it's a sandal Toccata for our I'm sorry for everybody that's what I do thank you
and water is the one thing is like is Onika cousin dispatches Every Soul on the planet get to Alma en el planeta equally important yes it was important as 3/4 of you is water
Como Tres cuartos Addison hour so let's take this moment for each person on this call I think blessings to the water i c k it get them arrested memento stalowa
and as we put our hands together when there's no estas Manos juntas and as we send this blessing from our heart he had in the ad is that John doesn't whistle Corazon from the heart to the water that is in Westville Corazon allow one to the heart water I thought I saw that one because water for the hour has its own Consciousness just like you do Guinness soup propia conciencia a wife get to siletz and loves i c k a k and BR amor
from each of your hearts does it's a little sus corazones to the water Iowa
for 3 seconds or 3 segundos
I made this blessing ujala is television as they consume water
Al consumir agua
are washed by water and limpiado Sport Iowa
and Visually experience water EB Suavemente experimenting hour
hold on Hesperian
maybe want a sip of water
hold on just a minute I'm sure that that's good my process like a little one woman band right and my body clears what's ever stuck something so thank you is heart is glowing brighter and brighter and brighter with each blessing that is felt into the water and he said give you your heart's are growing and glowing brighter and brighter with each second that the blessings are rolling in
Alberto Guerra Corazon De locura Moto e su Corazon esta muy expandido expensive o con luces de muy contento II to Curacao Memento Isabella Casas en espanol hug FaceTime Beyond una Brasso Every Soul I gotta Alma
OS bless the water in the ceiling
for taking this action force tomorrow is the Paso inspection and he asked me pregunta
is when you think of it
que cuando Lo pienses can you send blessings to the water
which word contains Luvia Envia CA and Biondo oraciones Al agua
which will continue to bless each being from this point on is this the momentum and help us step into World Peace A La Paz Mundial
now he's stepping back I see his heart just getting brighter and brighter and glowing and more bright as each of our hearts are so beyond ocaso Corazon esta creciendo mass in Moscow mucho Mas Los corazones en do you just said thanks for the suggestion. Two weeks by team adentro De La Semana
now John Kennedy's here wonderful day here we go
I just wanted to step in at a time of the year that Jackie and I adored we love the holidays
quisiera entrar en Este momento en momentos tan especiales
the holidays and festivals no matter what your beliefs were Los Dias festivos new in Singapore that wireless phone and two strands yes or they are today
holidays remind us requirement to open our hearts
they have read mistress corazones and to give more of ourselves either that Mazda Nosotros mismos then we'll do another time of the year
Jackie and I Jackie eagle
are asking us to please make a decision
Les estan presentando que pasa por una decision that you will carry that compassion can you write on is a composition and that giving heart ESL Corazon Del Del.
And you're all we're honest about there's e El conocimiento de los Demas
is Cher but I going to parties from this moment on this is the moment Asia Delante with a Holiday Heart going on Coruscant Festiva as each of us she uses
a Memento cotorros is Okemos to understand that the Heart And Then There came Corazon
it does not fracture itself no suspected a solo into all these different understandings I thought status conference Jonas love so if we each
ickc Toros share more
compartimos Mass from our heart there's an whistle Corazon through compassion compassion to all we will have a huge family
una familia in Norman that considers and looks even four ways to be a service evils that this is the Staten servicio and not only the ways that you have control place in Fort Myers nuevas as president of the United States president and as a Kennedy equal mon Kennedy I was raised
Joffrey your free credit card no matter what I had in life joffe weekly Idol get nine portulaca look at the VA La Vina I was to be aware then yeah get the Nelco nacimiento of my brothers and sisters then he said Amano see me sermon on an international level nivel Internacional and what was good
hello Kira window was important for everybody it ain't for Sunday para todos what was Fair located. Should be extended the very acidic splendido worldwide Montero so that we became
but I know Scooby theorem has a human family to give animals
Como Los animales animals Los Angeles gift from their heart everything they have. They don't care what nationality you are no Les importa que nacionalidad eres they don't care what status you have in the world no Les importa que estado cannibalistic listen to store lemons they don't carry what's in your pocket no less important thing I sent you will see you they see who you really are then Angela de la persona que as a brother and sister come on on set a reminder your money and family if I milia
I love them and they love them and they love you however you are in the moment if they are sending Memento wouldn't it be wonderful if we chose the same thing
we had animals the whole time I was growing up and as an adult has yet me and a long with Nature Valley Welcome To Remember
Los animales La naturaleza major on a recorder to be charitable and to look
Iver through my heart after I visit me Corazon
and not just my head email solamente me meant so I suggest your holiday gift to the world as he gets through here to get to Asia and then yes that's Dias festivos hace El Mundo is to bless your animals West nature
bendecida LA naturaleza and know that they are the greatest teachers you could ever have either going to my voice John Kennedy
and I send you Alyssa and Bo a hug that goes around the world and that also ESO tambien is Jackie's wish as well and may our family he can touch each family in the world Poker Tour de las familias en el mundo ma we be one family
K Peter Rabbit's here in cave Peter Rabbit Stuckey
I am known do cycling to see do in the world of children
Joseph conocido en El Mundo de los Ninos as Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit and I am known you're so going to see them as a rabbit common Conejo teasingly I can bestow cementing thanks multiplies with just a wink goes as La Mente Embarcadero so suddenly one rabbit I think it repented in Solo Conejo becomes a hunt rabbits se convierte en Santo de Conejos in the blink of an eye and a moon solo papaya
of course this is not true
ovviamente Sunrise better than what is true
is that as we each other's allow ourselves to open nose to the joys of life I laughingly Cesar de la Vina and 2 The Adventure of life
we are constantly amazed
estamos Como estamos Continental maravillosos by the variety
boulevardia saint that helps us to become more of who we are in Osoyoos on acid must the Locust somas
tell my story as he can meet Astoria was about
weather me having an opportunity than me then and only opportunity to sneak into a garden gave me tell me and show my tummy and then burp and Delight in regular rabbit ear shotgun commercial area as all of us rabbits do I ask you at this time I think it's a restaurant en Este momento noticed the wisdom of the rabbit
when we open our heart to Adventures wandle Avenue El Corazon Aventura and we don't label them good or bad in Norris Norris catalog Amazon Moreno son malos then we have this child the light and then was is Tamara Via de luna in yo
and not knowing what's around any corner while ago so they're Nino's inside volcanoes Aspera and call Christina and we get to have Adventures if we must admit that are beyond anything we could have imagined that the little candles and then we multiply you were going too smoothly, and share our Joyce e compartimos muscle area with all life Con Toda la vida
we talked through life has a Travers La Vida we can't wait to hop into our next experience enough we wake of our tail and we wiggle our ears and we standing complete anticipation you know spot almost and completa in anticipate anticipation
just knowing solamente Savion do something exciting so you're looking algo muy emocionante is right around the corner is that allow lessina we believe in magic we believe in miracles are we believe in the circle of life and I suggest that you do the same Alesso Heroes when you know on the seven there is any moment you can tap into your own magical
what is tocar Tu propia magia Mystikal Mystikal creativity and have the most magnificent Ethan are
Adventure 11 to The Magnificat
then you wake up and don't send the spirit s in Joy con felicidad for being granted or said another day or throw the air to play
so our advice to you as you can or throw consejo para ustedes As Rabbits
is to look at life as adventure to Adventure Shake Your Tail wiggle your ears keep your nose ready
month internet is Lista cuz then you're ready for the next adventure working phone says that as listo para la siguiente Aventura and that's what life is ESO es la Vida one Venture into the next adventure and you never know what's around the corner. This is Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit wiggling my tail bring each of you is overseeing the list I got down on used to have the joy of life that we have is rabbits la Alegria de la Vida Como Conejos
and now he's wiggling his nose
you're so much for coming on today in
lgd thank you so much for everything everything you shared with us every moment was just amazing and I would love everyone to listen to what you said today because that's so important for a single person and because we are energy beings however we feel what did the love we have expands from there from within and that's what do Komodo shared in this book of the message from water in in dots Law of Attraction and love attraction is the law of the universe that is 100% of energy and Troost
yeah I know I am so happy and so grateful that you shared everything that don't threaten what they wanted to share with everyone around the world through this water crystals in the study of water and just I want to say thank you so much I was just so touched and I brought my brought tears to my eyes today for all that you do to help bring remotest message to the world thank you and from different angles were doing the same was delivering the same messages so I just want to say thank you so much thank you thank you thank you
what's your thank you so much and didn't see that what a great job you did thank you you're just an amazing translator it's not only a translator but whatever you say it comes from your words come from your heart and I just I can always feel it and I'm so grateful if thank you so much thank you so much miss you so much I appreciate it thank you so much for having me again I'm sorry I'm not doing much as a co-host but I really enjoyed sharing this time with you and and beautiful wisdom that Judy shared with us today
did you give out your website and she please get some w w w w w a multi-piece project Emoto peace project. Net punto net in the Bible
are there any other Spirits probably a mini would like to come in I don't want to take too much of tea receipt this time we were already a few minutes over George Washington they are just curious as to be heard so can I just hope it's a petunia Enos Carolina men's soccer
I'm here today is so Yankee boy to represent but at a present that nature
and I'm here to suggest he is so lucky.
That each of you think I don't know you said is are equally an important part of nature think I don't know you said it's on e y Mente una parte importante de la naturaleza part of nature equal Mopar can you also carry all the Earth's Lolo's archivos of the universe Universal & Beyond inside the essence of who you are I didn't throw the licencia de quienes son
as a flower go Moana floor
I have different life expectancies depending on what kind of flour I choose to be single defendant as spectacular as a Vida dependiendo but the length of time of my experience is not what matters is looking for staff what matters
looking for that is that I am 100% present is gas at CM porciento but it sent them every expression of blooming and gotta expression the return air and then coming back into another form of life it is very sad
and that I am 100% present yes it is voice as toy cm porciento presente and every stage and got us decision in the expansion of me and next month in my expense e on the memes
the when I am exhausted. I think it's one of those sodium pensamiento in the hardness Creator and in corisande. Or the light Astorian go so
when I become a seed quando, convierto en una semilla I Delight Astorian Go song
when I start stretching from Olympia to become more and Blossom of who I am he convinces me and Mercy, Mercy Manassas flor de quien soy I give from the wholeness of me though there's a Lo Mas completo them to the homeless of you must complete OST
and when I spread myself as wide as I can or let them eat you expand on
and I shared my pure Essence econ parto me esencia food and whether it says my color
Singapore taxi semicolon or fragrance
whether it has my size o Meter manual
where the healing properties that I carry cargo okay you have a boy in the fullness of who I am in complete Joy nip bottle in La totally. De quien soy en Alegria and then I bring my pedals in Thomas petalos Occidental to hug me
and to love me but I'm out of me as I could come back into my Essence cuando anthro then level and me esencia to become the creative Earth but I come back to bloom in my next expression
did I am so guided at the time
and I guess so yeah Danny memento
to be honest I suggest you approach your life the same way a superhero que ustedes tambien but she wants to be.
feel the Delight Anthony algoso of all the to go through that's all they look at trespassing or your entire existence
to be who you are today but I said Kennesaw Audi
an Embrace u e c e s s e n s o
and be in the moment he is standing in placenta
fully and completely
completamente en el presente you will never have this moment again for a moment or then level
sodalite in the unfoldment of you I think it was do men go so and it'll listen to dissemble with me until just a ResMed nose as you share
Alcon parties
your essence with all of life's Su esencia en Toda La Vida do it with boldness do it with Panache
I got a lock on finish flare style con mucho Estilo
do it with a full heart I got no comen Corazon completo and let all of life no eviction I Thought I Loved You by Savage Garden original experience and you're perfect That's the Way You Are
I am a flower so you're not floor and I am deeply grateful is soy soy plenamente I got to see that to have my blooming experience MI experiencia
to be shared with all of life they said Con piscina Con Toda La Vida system after I visit
We Are One Flower of Life somos una flor de vida
Bloom where you're planted donde Ora Tanya donde estas plantel now
and don't put blooming off email no phone guy said so para despues until another time
about outro Tiempo
you're perfect now Bloom now
and now the flower is closing its petals and a hug floor is a Sedano's especiales en una Brasso
and the flowers hugging the whole world allow Flores.
And it just kissed all of our hearts
can muscle muscle yours George Washington George Washington
as I crossed the river
Al cruzar El Rio
not knowing what I would encounter since I've even I was grateful
are my fellow companions for Mis companeros
because which Journey for Cascada
is an adventure as soon as I've been through that and when we realize
Econo Samus Quentin that we are only one expression get solamente somos una expresion and each being is our own expression that I said it's appropriate expression then we have the experience
entonces tenemos experiencia or the full adventure or lavender accomplish more expensive then if we just had it by ourselves Casey solamente Lottery Ramos Bruno Soto's mismos so celebrate i c k celebran all the companions total of company logos that you had in life
what is a touch you through pain they have been Rich your experience on Andre casino to experiencia and when we close our eyes he's going to take the bus
a quiet place
we know with a full heart 7 was going to Sakura son everything has contributed get the low-a contribute to the fullness of who we are totally that they can so much and when we celebrate that he's going to say we don't divide it up DVD Mas by this was good or this was bad as those why no yes to find Milo
we understand comprendemos
if every single part was necessary that we've created
with our companions companeros
a novel experience
like no other and be grateful he said I got to see those
for wherever life takes you or your heart
sporcle Corazon is the navigating point is a fountain navegado that guide you in the right direction and I had an amazing life you threw a v Des Moines maravillosa Washington George Washington
and I cherish e
every experience in that life, I've got experiencia in this house knowing
sabiendo that the perfect companions were there
can Los companeros Perfecto's
to bring out
play Don't Auto Spa.
The Best in Me Lo mejor and Amy
possible in each moment Elementary in Karachi position
and far beyond what I could have created just for myself they look at your phone so low
celebrate I think I said live in especially at this holiday time it's a festival and then a compass is your life looking over us and know that you are an endless gift to the world you stepped on Kissin on Tagalog Alina tirado por El Mundo and so is everyone else that my son Lo mismo including every expression of life
doy gracias
for all we do everything Ortho do it for $4
and now he's done in respect of Teresita I know she's probably will you know
we can do a second part Ted next Saturday Saturday let me check my schedule and we can always rainy boy see how hard is doing today
whenever I
it whenever he comes into me
to get my attention
he calls himself Brady boy
hey here we go it's Albert Einstein he's eating an apple when you tap into nature is that he's handled GIF cuando is it connected school and Adolescent every form of nature
Carrie's all the mysteries of Life Vida
and when you experience
Equinox experiment s
food and its natural state gomita and swiss that do not do that you have access to all the mysteries of life that that's X
exceso de las formas De Vida at that particular part of life holds so when you see an apple SE que cuando VES una Mente Sana and you think if he answers
did the apple Manzana is less important is Minos important than me with a brain get your phone on Saturday you couldn't be further from the truth every form of life carries
so when you are eating an apple SE que cuando estas comiendo una Manzana when you're eating broccoli broccoli when you're eating a banana platano or a celery stalk that particular piece of food they comida is encoded
Tina Corey goes to give you perfect health La Salud perfecta if you bless it and you realize it is a gift eat that ass cuenta que es 1 de gallo and sometimes we make humans and intellect more important than anything else yeah this is us Mo Salah seres humanos yelling collector mucho Mas importante que quiero tacos but the intelligence of life
Federal inteligencia De Vida is in all of us is that in total Nosotros and when you look at all of his wife he cuanto Vale La Vida es como un regalo then you tap into the wisdom of Life and Science is Arkansas a la sabiduria de la Vina and that awakens your own wisdom ESO Despierta Tu propia Salvadorian when you tap into the intelligence of life one though whether you're talking to a tree and CSI line. Whether you're talking to the ocean or sea esta hablando con El Mar wedding your phone the Stars Orlando, Australia or you're talking to a bird or a van or you're talking to a human or around the corner we are all made of the same
energy energy
indifferent calibrations on defendant to form who we are but we are all made of divine intelligence todos estamos for mother's gone intelligent are even as the one you are experiencing I see you're going to stand experiment and another form of life otra Forma de Vida be respectful don't think there's only one type of intelligence intelligence you eat form of life
got a formal Aveda brilliant
and when you focus you can let them Focus
participating and sharing in that Brilliance and Compass Feed and Seed & Ness intelligence and then use you cool so much brighter and thoughts as easily as mucho mass in mutual respect and love and respect you more and understand econ Penske on each form of life important s e y menta importante in this thing we call our life and ask and ask the intelligence to me plantations near me
recognizes the intelligence in you he, LA inteligencia and Mira cono Sur La inteligencia empty I am at peace and pass
Namaste Namaste really appreciate it thank you so much
I'll look to schedule a real calendar your privacy policy from the heart vs Kid Icarus on does mensajes Del Corazon tambien hablo desde El Corazon Cafe Sparta isn't the movie Amorosa
so many many people that are of Hispanic and they are gracious beings do you spell muy muy amoroso's and I just want to take one minute to think Teresita
because you have to come from a very high level of wisdom and understanding to be able to translate as beautifully as you do thank you thank you so much I appreciate that should I translate that has gone by select all units available
Ted has come from that same sense of heart or he wouldn't have attracted each of us to be here today or no and very grateful to Misha Co and very grateful to Teresita and all of you because we've all created something that will feed our hearts with love and that's a gift at the station here
well, Chicago Contra Cita con doggy Don sa Kanto starters for estar aqui por que algo similar know all the people behind the scenes yesi to everyone listing today
we will continue this hopefully next weekend I'll get the time LOL conversacion con Dura La Semana que viene en a physical Monica flower in the pot and John F Kennedy Albert Einstein
flor de Conejo Peter Rabbit and George Washington and you are too you are to Jimmy we're all getting this jelly nice attack El SE Todo esto una Luz en frente de las caras and Missy and everyone for coming on today and all the spirits helping him make this planet a better
a proposito de programa is para poder tener Mas Amor De felicidad you Doug and Judy stop dog friendly to for me
he carries beautiful male energy just like Ted's us and every blessed in that moment with his beautiful energy and a teddy
wonderful life well I hope your family will be okay if if there's we kept him home later but thank you so much to receive Mercy a great honor and Judy I I don't I just come to translate and it was such an honor to actually be here it was a great experience thank you what a gift you are I feel equally blessed with you Teresita thank you very much thank you for happy holidays space SPSS

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