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From Misfit to Mystic, September 26, 2018

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From Misfit to Mystic
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Guest, Julie Anne Christoph

In this episode I sit down with Julie Anne Christoph from Change Revolution. Julie Anne loves nothing more than sharing her message of conscious evolution and conscious living as a life catalyst, speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator and bestselling author. 

We dive into how she gave herself permission to relax and say YES to who she was inside.

Guest, Julie Anne Christoph

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Julie Anne Christoph
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Life Catalyst
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Julie Anne Christoph is a true change catalyst in every sense of the word. She loves nothing more than sharing her message of conscious evolution and conscious living as a life catalyst, speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator and best selling author. Throughout her journey -- which was filled with ups and downs, resistance, self-sabotage and massive leaps forward -- it become obvious to Julie Anne that she had to dedicate her life to her own self-evolution. She knows that the most efficient way to truly bring change into the world is by doing our own inner work.

Now, she contributes to humanity's evolution by teaching coaches and holistic practitioners The 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution. This process leads individuals through deep transformation by pulling them out of the story of their life so they can see reality and experience forgiveness, acceptance and letting fo and move in to their personal power.

Julie Anne knows the power that a ripple effect can have and by teaching teachers and coaches this powerful process we can reach the tipping point faster because humanity is evolving into new ways of Being.

In a nutshell, Julie Anne's passion is to help individuals step into the truth and power of who they truly are, at the core, bu aligning their Human-ness with their Being-ness (soul), so they can live the life they are destines to live. She founded Change Revolution™ as a bridge to new ways of being.

From Misfit to Mystic

Show Host

From Misfit to Mystic is an unfiltered, off the cuff radio and podcast show that puts evolutionary change makers and leaders from all over the world into the spotlight. Leaders who have taken themselves from feeling unworthy and out of place to becoming unapologetic for who they were born to be and confidently stepping into co-creating the life of their dreams. The show highlights the victorious impact they make in the world today with their powerful purpose and how they monetize their magnificence daily.

The purpose of From Misfit to Mystic is to encourage and inspire those who are feeling unworthy, lost or unsure of what changes they need to make. Inspiring and real stories from people who have been through the process and come out into the light of the other side is exactly what the world needs.

Lisa Dawn LaJoie is a high energy captivating speaker who is compassionate about bringing positive change and healing into the world. Her focus is powerful and life altering. She has been connected to the spirit world since she was born. More than anything, she has an amazing story to share. And through her story, she can help others grow, move forward and simply feel connected and not so alone in the world.

If you believe that your story is aligned with our show, please apply with us here (link form). We will be in touch with you once we have reviewed your application to let you know if we think you are a good fit.

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