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Lights In The Night, January 20, 2024

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Lights In The Night
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Guest, Billie Woodard, channel for Zaraya

Lights In The Night with Dr. Russell W. Johnson

Guest, Billie Woodard, channel for Zaraya

Guest, Billie Faye Woodard

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Billie Faye Woodard
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Channels Zorra of Hollow Earth
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Colonel Billie Faye Woodard of the United States Air Force.

Billie Faye Woodard Story | Zorra of Hollow Earth.
Col. Billie Faye Woodard (ret.) and his twin sister, Zuria, were born in the Inner Earth, and brought to the outer Earth on September 18, 1951. They were both born with exceptional abilities, including the ability to speak an ancient Lemurian language. Both Billie and his sister were born with both male and female organs, and were hermaphrodites, but over the years Billie has become more masculine and today he has become very strong and speaks with a masculine voice.

His exceptional abilities and intelligence led him to a rapid rise in the military, and during the late 1960s, he rose to the rank of Colonel, and became the base commander of Area 51. During his time there, he took a shuttle craft from the base to visit his parents in the Inner Earth. He is in touch with his parents now and visits the Inner Earth frequently.

In these interviews, I talk with Billie Faye and his father Zorra from the Hollow Earth, who speaks through Billie. Zorra gives important messages to humanity from the Inner Earth and the beautiful bright future for all of us!

Billie Faye Woodard (Zaraya)

My father, Zorra, is a Hollow Earth scientist who has made 150,000 trips around the sun. My sister and myself are originally from the Hollow Earth. Our true parents and family live in Hollow Earth. When our adopted father took us in his adopted children we spoke a language unknown to any surface culture. 

One of the remarkable thing that makes Billie different from us here on the surface is that unlike us he does not have a blood type.  His blood is different.  It seems the composition of his blood is more advanced in the sense that any virus and or bacteria that was tested in the laboratory of the US Military could not infect his blood.  Instead the virus and the bacteria died for some unknown reason when mixed with own his blood on a petri dish; and this was observed by doctors with their own microscope.  Billie also does not have any fingerprints.  All of his fingers does not have any skin threads that we associate as "human fingerprints".   And the other thing, Billie has two  hearts operating simultaneously. 

Zorra appeared and helped his child remember the past and get him back in line to what his original mission for coming to the surface.  Zorra used his own aeroship to come to the surface but for us we call it UFO. 

At the age of 12, while walking through a field of corn with another friend I had a paranormal experience. I was taken into a UFO vehicle and transported into the Inner Earth. Here, I lived for 6 months among the Hollow Earth residents. 

You may imagine the wonder of my parents especially of my Father who was in the Military Service, at that time when I disappeared, then to mysteriously return in 6 months. It was due to this experience that I believe my Father made certain that I was engaged under his wing at the Pentagon and later directed to serve at Area 51. 

I am not the biological offspring of my father, but an adopted child as was my sister. My sister and I were separated when she was put in the hands of the "secret government" for observation. They were trying to find the source of her paranormal abilities.  When she became aware of their plans to take her life to perform a research autopsy, she sent a telepathic call to Hollow Earth and on her next "airing" on the surface, was swift;ly picked up by one of the aero ships.  I was able to combat their negativity with my mind, which is stronger, and survived their attacks. 

My father, Zorra, is a Hollow Earth scientist who has made 150,000 trips around the sun. My sister and myself are originally from the Hollow Earth. Our true parents and family live in Hollow Earth. When our adoption father took us in as adopted children we spoke a language unknown to any surface culture. 

I have an unknown blood type. I have never had a disease of any kind. My blood has been medically examined and destroys all viral infection when combined with other blood samples in a lab setting. 

For more information please read:

Lights In The Night

The Lights in the Night podcast follows up on information contained in the soft launch that was aired on 60 minutes. The episode disclosed the alien research conducted by a secret arm of the Pentagon over the last ten years called the AATIP (Advanced aerospace Threat Identification Program). It is hosted by Russ Johnson Ph.D., who has a background both as a broadcaster and an educator. 

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Our purpose is to educate and inform the public about UFOs/UAPs and to introduce them to researchers like Dr. Stephen Greer, who has been collecting data and discovering how the American Government has hidden that aliens are visiting and have visited Earth for many years. We will interview Dr. Greer and other researchers like Laura Eisenhower, Linda Moulton Howe, and members of MUFOR (Mutual UFO Network) around the world. 

The Podcast seeks to answer the question, have beings from other planets visited Earth and what can they teach us? The podcast answers these questions through research and interviews.

In 2020, the United States Department of Defense released three declassified videos showing encounters between US Navy pilots and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), also commonly referred to as UFOs. The release of these videos was significant because it represented a shift in the government's stance of UAPs, which it had previously avoided discussing publicly.

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There are an estimated on hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe, each containing billions of stars. With such a vast number of stars and planets, it seems reasonable to assume that the conditions for life could exist on at least some of them.

The Lights in the Night podcast is a weekly podcast that aims to educate and inform the public about the pending information from the Pentagon as well as other research and evidence about the existence of UFO/UAPs as it becomes available. the project aims to gather testimony and other evidence from government and military officials, scientists, and other individual's who have witnessed, been involved with, or studied UFO sightings or encounters.

Our weekly podcast dedicated to UFOs and UAPs stands as a testament to the power of knowledge, exploration, and open-mindedness. 

By bridging the gap between experts and the public, dispelling myths, igniting curiosity, shaping perceptions, and driving scientific advancement, our podcast will leave an indelible impact on the exploration of extraterrestrial life. 

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