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On The Level, October 4, 2017

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On The Level
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with Senator Michael D. Brown

I am very honored to have Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown, from the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., on the show! The Senator has his own talk radio show for the last 3 years here on BBS Radio with co-host Maria Sanchez called  'SHADOW POLITICS' airing every Sunday at 4pm Pacific.  He's spent many years working as an advocate for statehood and equal rights for the people of the District of Columbia and hopes this will come about in the near future. Our world is in so much turmoil today and we are divided as a nation - I'd like the Senator to speak on these issues, to get his perspective and get 'On The Level' and start a conversation with all of us. Join me in learning who Michael Brown is, what a Shadow Senator does and find out what Washington REALLY thinks!

Guest, Michael Brown

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Michael Brown
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Shadow Senator from the District of Colombia, Lobbyist, Member of Democratic Party
Guest Biography

Michael Donald (Mike) Brown (b. August 5, 1952) is a shadow senator from the District of Columbia.

As a shadow senator, Brown receives no pay from the government, receives no budget from the government, and cannot vote on matters before the Senate. While he does not have an office in the United States Senate, the Government of the District provides the position with an office. Brown lobbies the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives on behalf of the citizens of the District in their attempt to gain full representation in Congress, self-determination, and eventually admittance to the union as a state. As shadow senator, Brown also works with the District's delegate, mayor, and council to advance the interest of local residents on Federal issues. Brown is a member of the Democratic Party.

On The Level

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