On The Level with JLouis Mills

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Talk Radio Show Program

On The Level

On The Level with JLouis Mills
Show Host: 
JLouis Mills


From controversial to conversational, JLouis Mills talks ON THE LEVEL with a variety of guest panelists on his weekly show covering everything from current events to social issues or the latest hot topics to chatting it up with celebs. JLouis also invites you to be in the mix, with callers welcome to either join the debate or throw your Q’s into the pot! Get ready to dig deep and get ON THE LEVEL!

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

On The Level, October 13, 2018 Guest, Mace Beyers
On The Level, October 6, 2018 Guest, Jevranne Martel
On The Level, September 29, 2018 Guest, Kerianne Mellott - social media expert
On The Level, September 12, 2018 Eating Disorders with Miss M
On The Level, August 29, 2018 Guest, Hollis McCollum
On The Level, August 22, 2018 with JLouis Mills
On The Level, August 7, 2018 Guest, SLynn Smith
On The Level, August 1, 2018 with JLouis Mills
On The Level, July 18, 2018 Guest, Pastor Jeff Carter
On The Level, June 6, 2018 Guests, Heidi Gadd and Mace Beyer
On The Level, May 23, 2018 Guest, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
On The Level, May 16, 2018 Going to Heidelberg, Germany - an upcoming Trip and speaking engagement
On The Level, May 9, 2018 with JLouis Mills
On The Level, May 2, 2018 Guest, Tai Emery
On The Level, April 25, 2018 Guest, Sam Riddle
On The Level, April 18, 2018 Guest, Gail Williamson - Talent Agency - Diversity in Film and Television
On The Level, April 11, 2018 Message to Dr Young
On The Level, April 4, 2018 Guest, Liza Donihue
On The Level, March 28, 2018 with JLouis Mills
On The Level, March 14, 2018 Guest, Revital Horowitz


Talk Show Program Host

JLouis Mills JLouis Mills Santa Monica/Malibu CA USA Facebook Twitter IMDB, NBC Heartbeat, Add Me on SnapChat, Find me on InstaGram
TV Producer and Actor of hit series, Heartbeat

JLouis Mills is an American actor best known for the television series Heartbeat.

Mills lost vision in one eye in 2013 that also became discolored and began wearing an eyepatch. Before landing his role on Heartbeat Mills worked as a caretaker and was homeless for a time.

Mills is also known for such films as The Tribe and The ABCs of Death.

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