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Shadow Politics, January 13, 2019

New Year 2019 - New DC Statehood Movement? This Sunday, our guest is Anise Jenkins - Executive Director, Stand Up! For Democracy in DC/ Free DC! She has been agitating, educating, organizing and mobilizing for DC statehood for more than 20 years. Stand Up!

Shadow Politics, August 26, 2018

Our returning guest is Anise Jenkins, President of 'Stand Up! for Democracy' in DC (Free DC).  Since its inception, Stand Up! / Free DC was the only grassroots organization in the District of Columbia focused primarily on the pursuit of statehood.  She has spent decades educating, organizing and mobilizing for DC statehood.

Shadow Politics, November 19, 2017

Our guest Anise Jenkins is the Executive Director of Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC).  Since its inception, Stand Up!

On The Level, October 4, 2017

I am very honored to have Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown, from the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., on the show!

Shadow Politics, September 17, 2017

Our guest Jeremiah Lowery, a native Washingtonian and Climate Justice Organizer for the District of Columbia will talk about environmental change such as the current hurricanes, global warming and earthquakes happening around the world, Statehood for DC, racial politics, and Trump - along with current events in DC and being a community organizer. Join us!

Shadow Politics, July 23, 2017

As Founder/Director of  Stand-Ups for DC, our guest Greg Maye works to bring as much attention as possible to the plight of DC citizens by enlisting comics (and everyone else who’s willing) to spread the word.  The fact is that 670k DC residents have been denied voting rights and the right to have representation in Congress for so long, that today there is practically

Shadow Politics, April 23, 2017

As you know, I've been an advocate for D.C. Statehood for a long time. But what about the idea of achieving  Statehood by joining an existing state?  Our guest, John J.

Shadow Politics, March 25, 2017

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

This week our guest is Andria Thomas, a mom from DC who organized a community action group in Capitol Hill while on maternity leave called "Resist and Rise"  - the key objective is defending DC's local laws from Congressional encroachment. The group, which is already over 100, plans to tell members "hands off DC".

Shadow Politics, November 27, 2016

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

We'll cover current events such as the death of Fidel Castro and what that means for Cuba and America, Trump’s latest round of appointees and much more!

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