LetterZ From the Pen, January 11, 2021

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
Guest, Dick Timo James, Contributing Partner at Stardom 101 Magazinek, hip hop r&b recording artist
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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Dick Timo James, Contributing Partner at Stardom 101 Magazine, hip hop r&b recording artist

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia F Hughes and hip hop artist Dick Timo James

Guest, Dick Timo James, Contributing Partner at Stardom 101 Magazine, hip hop r&b recording artist


LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Letterz from the pen is a variety show touching base on new up and coming arts, entertainment, music, fashion, give relationship advice and analyze your letterz from the pen.

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I'm so afraid
hello hello hello and welcome to letters from the pain to everybody out there in radioland
I hope everybody is having a great start to the year even though we have a lot of challenges this year hopefully everybody is getting through these challenges these challenging times so tonight's we have a new hose on letters from the pain or hip hop and R&B hip-hop rap artist d
hello hello hello
how is the start of your hair I mean what have like what challenges have you faced with the whole covid-19 and then the other craziness that's going on I mean just how was your year how was the start of your year well right now I am going through the ups and downs about the vaccine everyone's like take the vaccine you know you're being a little a headache but then that's just for right now and then I'll be fine I know some people that are on their second vaccine I know some that said they took it they don't recommend it so I'm like in a level of ups and downs because I was like maybe you should get it
but I don't know that you're starting off just fine I mean I know personally I'm not going to take the back seat out I talked about the contact shows but I just have no interest in putting something in my body that the foreign-born and I don't know really what it is and obviously you don't people watch the news and we've seen that
some people have had adverse effects to the shot and I think there's a couple people who did well with it so I'm not I'm personally not going to take that chance I think everybody basically you know that cannot handle it open 24 hours but your arm is still sore and they want to stay like this shot is like the same as the swine flu but just with a little bit more ingredients at it
are we to the letter for tonight it is a very very good letter I wrote a couple of times because I was so I'm going to go
dear letters from the pen I'm writing in because I have some concerns and some questions and I need some advice
I went out of town and I left my best friend at home with my husband
she had nowhere to go we open our doors to her and we allowed her to move in I started to feel a little funny a couple of weeks in but I'm not sure if I'm just me or if I'm if I'm seeing something
I feel like my friends and my husband have feelings for each other he stares at her more passionately that he stares at me
I need to know should I address this or am I going crazy in my head and should I just wait to see what happens signed I need help
so what do you think about this
a woman knows when a woman feels something a woman know okay so she needs to address that right
your best friend if she did do something with your husband she's just as trifling as a husband
your best friend that's your husband they both should know better number one number two you were trying to be generous by open your doors when her lay on your couch or your spare bedroom or whatever it is so was you walking there and you see something cuz you can tell when someone has chemistry in the end it by just watching and looking at what's going on and she eating are two different things to address the situation and figure it out why why would you want to wait until you see if something happened
let me put my two cents in like I always do number one since the girl you're my best friend I love my best friend my best friend wouldn't be staying at my house because she needed somewhere to go back a couple of days okay and baby let me help you let me help you out and I'm we going to find some place for you to go but you as far as you went up at my house by yourself with my husband there and whatever and I'm not saying I don't trust my husband or whatever but nature
I'm just I'm just not even even going to put myself in that predicament to where I that's even something that I have to worry about that's what I'm not going to do
dial but if you feel like something's going on honey I bet you something's going on you should just wait and don't tell me when you coming back and just keep on back and then when you catch them in the bed together on a belt
I'm going and don't squeeze the baby on the floor a little bit more and then next time he'll know next time she'll know it's you I do got a job watching movies but you know I'm just playing I'm just giving her ideas you know
baby oil
make sure you have a aloe vera plant on the side waiting and ready to squeeze on the moon
okay well
with that being said you know we don't we do not condone domestic violence a little whooping here and there is okay but if you are experiencing 9 safe or one 879-799-1733 if you are experiencing some mental health challenges I know a lot of people are especially since Kobe started mental health has been on the rise because people cannot get out as often to see their Healthcare professionals and there's a lot of Zoom meetings going on sometimes people more one-on-one interactions but if you are feeling like you need some kind of assistant are you having a breakdown on you can call me mental health hotline at 6 to help which is one 800-662-4357
we have a great show tonight are you guys coming up we have hip hop artist dick James from Atlanta he will be with us shortly but in the meantime let's shout out some of our sponsors we are OU Sooners nyman photography got next for all your photography me no job is too small or too big Home Care here to take care of your loved ones and Ernie's in the New York in tri-state area Amor Dior designs for all of your pressing needs
so yeah you can look them up on Facebook any of them on Facebook you can tell him letter from the pain center they'll probably give you a good deal
and yes it's a girl that wrote the letter you might need jrc cleanup to move your husband stuff out of the house once you find out that he's really sleeping with your best friend
just saying I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but that's what it sounds like they haven't gone there yet it sounds like they're going to go there you might want to intervene I wonder I wonder if you do you guys have kids how long have you been together how long is your friend but I'm just saying in a couple of weeks time if someone is already moving in on your territory doing that it's been going on more than a couple weeks and you need to really go back alright
and your clothes out the house
girl don't even say nothing like that
so we have some really good shows future shows coming up
this Friday coming up we will be interviewing I'll see your heart from Love & Hip Hop will be talkin about her new book what we talkin about summer Endeavors so make sure you guys TuneIn this Friday at 6 p.m. right here on PBS radio cuz that's going to be awesome we also have an interview coming up with Raheem Divine yep you heard the first R&B singer Raheem Divine will be here I will also be interviewing Jay holiday
I know y'all remember Jay holiday is
put you to bed bed bed back okay let me let me let me not act up
so anyway what are your plans for the rest of the week
I'm actually going to hang out with my son
nice nice nice my family bleeding me this week they're going to be going away so I'm going to be hanging out with my son
do I play with Play-Doh
clean and sweep
cool cool cool very interesting
should I get out if anybody out there wants to comment on the letter or has any advice for this lady who let her friend her best friend to her house with her and her husband Carlos appear on leather shoulder pain at 867-6008 and you fellas out there call up I want to get your opinion on what you think is happening and I want to know how far you would go with how far you wouldn't though
so what do you think I D best friend move into your house with you and your husband my best friend and I are like totally different we like
opposite things and she actually left me in the house with her boyfriend one time while she went to work and then came home when I stayed at her house at all so we're like we don't mind set with each other's man but
any of my other friends but then you got to go home with any of your boyfriend yeah I have
I had a meatball wasn't a best friend but it was a friend
and the bad part about it is still to this day she denies it but he was the one that told me because he said because I was like well it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none so I like Weber sit on him I was mad but I was going to let him know that we were like it was like it was done but
so he tried he tried till I throw it in my face like I do with your friend when I went to her to confront her she like he's lying why you don't want everything wasn't what she was saying because he had something else going on
rhyming I mean I've had a couple of best friends I guess you can't really call them best friends because if they did your best friends but I had a couple of female friends who who slept with some of my boyfriend's but I don't I don't talk to them anymore because I just feel like that bridge is burning it's too far berntson to build back up for me I think for me
the honesty part is is what kind of threw me so far for the gentleman and for an end for the front end for my friend because if that's what you want to do that's what you want to do we can't stop. You know doing what they want to do but at least give me the option to say you know what I'm a deal with this I'm not going to deal with this but when you take you when you take someone's decision and choice away that on then it becomes like a different type of situation and you know
different type of heart pain and tingling
get involved but now your pet scan
that's when you cut all the crashes out the jeans and sweater with mustard and ketchup
are you playing dirty
okay so let me ask you a question what the hell is a shoes
and just throw them in the garbage
because it's like that's at that you know emergency hide pocket so when they go in their pockets on drip down the leg you know no pocket bear
B I would do something stupid like cut all the white tow Parts out of the stock you know like the whole tips and the hill now I'm putting them in the garbage now I'm cutting off when you go to jail for having all the right ones next time he'll make the right decision that is that's funny that's funny. Try this at Home Depot you might go to jail or take the case
take my advice.
I don't know though I probably I don't know I can't say that I can't setup live somebody might call the police on me
I'm a come a nice tie or a chocolate cake
are you talkin about a ship pie
I said a chocolate cake I'm not that I did not say
a chocolate pie
well are you making some some some lemonade
you know that's not funny be somebody dog named spaghetti I'm not crazy but some dog food like smells and like and looks like looks like human food dog food it looks like they selling at Walmart in the little fridge eration section it looks like ground turkey oh yeah I know that's the organic food I'm telling you it looks and it smells like real food so if you was to feed somebody that I think they would think that
that is real food
the dog was talking about your boyfriend or your actual dog
any gentleman out there any females call us at 888-627-6008 let us know what you would do if your best friend stuff with your significant other going to have games on here shortly
and I see he's hitting me up he's having some texted technical difficulties downloading so he will be with us shortly
and we will just keep talking or nonsense until until he gets on here
he has a new song out right now called all I need featuring bro song is pretty dope and we will play that for you shortly when he gets in here with us
alright so
let me just see what he's got going on in a few minutes
so what is your what is your plan like what is your New Year's resolution for 2021
healthy, free and get out of this car
I miss going to the lounge having a couple line here and they're hanging out with the girls virtual
well I have to work is a lot of virtual virtual things going on Virtual concert everything
I need be with my girls so you know where we like drinking all the wine to where we can't drive home so we're going to take a left or have a limo come pick us up forget where we left our car like that you know
so I'm personally I'm working on some new projects for this year and
how many single dropping on Valentine's Day to follow later in the year
call at this time we are going to invite in our guest dick James
he is
struggling to get with us
are you with us
looks like he's still having a little bit of technical difficulties getting in
I just turn on your camera
across the bottom of your screen if you tap it you should see a camera on music can't turn your camera
can you go on mute unmute
the mutants with the little speaker button to the left side
how's it going
happy New Year 2021 and everything thank you so much so for those that are not familiar with you
let them know introduce yourself
what's up how you doing out there in the world
lettuce from the pan my name is Dick James
did you bring that belt for me
so you have a new single out right now
beach umbrella
we're going to get into that single right now so I want you to announce that single so we can play that for everybody out there I think it's shingles dope I'll listen to it a few times in my playlist now single
alright everybody you told me in the letters from the fan with the lovely wholesale kid and star and the I'm Dreaming featuring I am bored
Levain the long death hard sole baby put in that work until baby ain't the jealous type to get up Heelys Earth by the baby stay busy Dave & Beyond The Grind play me like the Finer Things You Creator on design the baby call me outfits that were supposed to roll a joint things going to play this is no limit Lil Baby all on my tongue by the time she's a diamond in the rough I take a ride and puffing so I can see your shining to tell her whatever she want them.
Derrick Henry
what time is the NFL draft
Mainstay Manufacturing
yes that's what that's a dumb song right there
yes I do
find out if you do on that day
do you write a Hip-Hop Stevie Wonder where did that stem from I was that about
well you know of course
anybody that's ran by you or anything of that nature they know that I'm at Lawrence by Stevie has never fought we been able to see
okay okay comparison to Steve TV never had any issues and entertainment regardless to chat back that we had to because I'm going to part a
very very elite movement knowing my asshole a vision and a blue grant that the average
new start Auto without a machine
all right cool we got a couple of dollars on the line so first caller what's your name and where you calling from
Josiah's in Trenton New Jersey
are you going to ask you what did you think of that song
that's your phone all day all day man keep up the good work bro
if you are available on all of Europe on streaming platforms iPhone Apple music Spotify title Pandora iHeartRadio means she name it whatever your favorite choice is New York's way I appreciate your support
and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend and you put that on your social media that's big James right left Center game you do if your best friend slept with my wife was if that was to happen to me honestly I would just like honestly want to fight my best friend won't want to talk to my best friend and I will leave me alone you know I'm saying but nowadays as I'm starting to get I don't want to get older and wiser it's more so felt like that was a really happened between my best friend
2021 Saint no fun if the homies can't have none now you don't like Sister Wives live in Nepali life and all that I don't know wait yeah find out info that was been going on
I mean but I'm still hitting somebody with some baby oil on a belt then you can go
well then you know hell out of them
thank you for calling in to get something out a prize out to you thank you for calling in
hello hello what's your name and where you calling from
my name is Marsha I'm calling from Long Island New York okay what did you think about that song that we just played it was fire
all right all right you getting some good reviews tonight miss dick
I'm going to I'm going to comment on the letter they can't
to be honest I kill both of them then you look at it on the other hand you look at it on the other hand you got to think about it and trying to strategically cuz you want to sit in prison the rest of your life you got to figure out is it really worth it should you just walk away but see me I'm the type of chick I'll blow both their heads off and call it a day
do you have insurance on both of them
I always keep insurance on my significant other but I don't have no insurance and of course no, we going to go have okay marsia thank you for calling in go to our website www.com dropping information are we going to send you out a care package cuz you sound like you need some champagne and massage or something and I'm going to send you all this so what
like what can we look forward to from you in 2021
I'm going to stay consistent and auntie, and I'm going to keep the Limerick right now I have
Amex podcast no courtesy of DJ Kool hand United Kingdom's number one DJ fle DJ RR DJ and it's on iHeartRadio mymixtapez.com it's on spinrilla and yesterday it was on the 17th
damn baby it's all about the buy film 101 magazine at the same time
all right we came out on this we came out at the same time
those magazines Right There song show platform Autumn 101 magazine Letters From The Fan radio Court it was because we will figure it out when we came each other Circle what would you do to one another to keep going.
so y'all could be us listening we going we going we don't we don't get together until we going to do something we going to drop something together this year how old were you when you started doing music
like at what point of your childhood you say like musicians is me this is what I want to do
Uncle show me the real love me as a bigger school and I am inside of my handsome obviously that was a LED influenced by grandmother for a few days piano lesson doing the high of heat you know Caden girls and I was pretty popular in football and baseball she forced me to take those piano lessons you don't have to stop doing nothing you doing but you do have to take you going to make room and you going to make time for and what he told me was balanced because she planet
anymore. Three four five years later Hip Hop was born I was already
call Michael Jackson do Prince the Lionel Richie in Atlantic Fish Fries in the cookout at my mom and my grandmother and everybody in the payment stuff with me because I saw the interaction with people
energy on the clouds alive
that right there is motivation within itself because my personality is always been the one that you said before you that having a conversation with you where you was I have a talking back to me or not I was going to do some talk and I have something to say
back then I didn't know exactly what I was saying but I always knew in my mind that I wanted to be able to speak publicly to people because the message was with me and myself I just had to go on a journey you know around the world and discuss something something so what I did once I get home
you know what I mean so if you could give yourself
advice advice for your younger self now what would that advice be like if you knew then what you mean it
I want to slap myself because the whole time you hearing what's going on in your country
and even you ain't knowing it or you avoiding it or you just unaware what your plan is and is afraid I was running from
anyone that I got people that get in there
Macy whatever it is all the media will cause they say we're stars who I am that's all I've ever done is be me and you and I like singing I'm great at being who I am just like your greatest being who you are some people have never even
right alone because I believe that he's with my brother and I believe that we were on our journey together and I knew that I was going to leave
it's just that
I didn't have enough experience to realize that everybody cannot be a leader
even if you want that for them
even if you can still do that with nambia because that way you were taught to do when you were giving an order for that to continue to go around. Oh you have to give it back, please set a timer for me to go through that experience to help me recognize what you doing now you've been cable but now you're fully mature enough that you can recognize that you are so go ahead and
looks like you.
Help help help I'm sure he'll come back Inn
okay alright so he'll he'll come back in but I guess what what he was basically saying is that sometimes, especially in this industry
when you start to grow
is there a New York I have to trim the fat because sometimes you progress and people that are who have may have started your journey with you or not they're not progressing so sometimes people grow apart and any type of relationship whether it's a business relationship a personal relationship people grow apart and and sometimes people advance and others don't Advance with you and if someone doesn't Advance with you then they might need to figure out what level they're on what level they want to stay on cuz I know I was just finishing I'm trying to finish what you were saying before you you kind of dropped out right so
people everyone's not always meant to move up the ladder with you
and and sometimes you going to leave people behind when you when you when you grow up when they're not growing and that's okay and don't really get it don't be upset but eventually get it because you can't answer your own gross trying to drag somebody with you
and that that was the truth you just completed the jewel that we were dropping so thank you very much I couldn't have said it more clearly myself
I Inspire myself yet I've been inspired by
show me different artists from so many different genres
Eros light CV Michael Jackson Commodores you know Sam Cooke Marvin Gaye Curtis Mayfield Bob Marley you know I'm saying Alexander O'Neal's you know anybody from Mississippi Method Man and the whole movement that Master P Bro because it revolutionized what's going on today and we got an oil change a front row seat and watch that movie with Clarity so anybody that came up during those periods of times and today like artists like Ty Dolla Sign Chris Brown to me right now it's the new guy Michael Jackson
your brother do you know it's out of that situation and get to make peace and move on with his life so it's like an enormous amount of women
cut off
I don't know he was shot now but she cannot R Kelly or Kelly to drop the new single
no matter what age or ethnic background comes from and that's really what it's about those opportunities you know you want to work with us out now
a whole lot of Matt's back to work with you cuz I got that digest in the work at the only saving so I'm going to work with you for starters one draft pick their cultural heritage I work with Kanye I work with who changed anybody that has something positive
it's a gray Kanye trying to change his music style if he went gospel track 2 Chainz in Niles like I cool a voice does not really change those effects are still the same and you listen to the lyrics you can tell that that's coming yet I just haven't been following it nowhere lately but I still recognized
yeah I mean it he definitely has a particular sound so you always know like when it's him as if I'd even like when you hear 50 Cent he's got like a particular sound and you just know when it's them no matter what it is I was listening to them this morning
how many risers Snowblind to be missing you know since like a year or two ago so it's Snoop Dogg snoop self are we expecting like a full album from you this year
which day of figuring that out I am working on putting together ep 4 probably early summer you know the saying but I'm getting ready to drive it's a Vibe mixtape part 2 at the beginning of March and then I'm going to drop this survive mixtape part 3 at the beginning of the summer so I'm going to keep you guys you know entertain with these mixtape until I figure it out you know something cuz right now I'm just going by the influence of the Universe I ain't going to do this as far as my music my messages for my day-to-day business activities and things like that you know nothing
how is your music like right now like are you doing better with streaming downloads cuz you know covid-19 just do everybody for a curveball so how has that like
you know contributed to you know what's going on right now with your music as far as what you know sale streaming
where is he at me cuz otherwise I'll be still working and helping other artists it's force me to get with me you know cuz I can use myself as an artist on the Shelf to learn the business of the wise I wasn't going to take this I do enjoy helping other people
you know I'm saying that's also a natural Talent
right I mean I know like oh so like some artists that I talk to you they say that this is affecting them in a negative way and some of the positive way I mean I I took you know I took the positives out of it I mean the only thing for me and I wouldn't want even said it was negative but just that I just missed that element of performing live and being on the stage with a live audience and he's but it's still you know it's still was beneficial to me you know during the covid-19
solve this right here is timeless yes that is and what it is guaranteed say that we'd be here right now speaking to one another that's true that's true
you do know that I didn't happen I probably wouldn't have slowed down and took a moment to kind of focused on myself self and you know like self-care family and you know integrating that in the business side and it makes you to see that like okay everything yes the business is important but everything is just not business cuz I'll run myself into the ground like I'll go in the studio and staying there for a month straight and record albums but you know I can't do that you have to take care of yourself to get that bill
cuz I would have been being a lot a lot of Field Indiana business thank you for joining us on letters in the pen tonight I will shoot that we go about this title sneak near Charlemont magazine family member right there so thank you we are going to have you back there play some organ music drop some more jewels on people tell everybody where they can find you at where they get your music app
all right you guys can find me on all social media platforms at least the ones that are the most popular on Instagram at d a r e a l d i c k j a m e s do the same thing on Twitter on my Facebook page if you just want my artist page is d i c k j a m e s Big James and you can also find me on LinkedIn dick James I have Snapchat page but I can't figure it out so slow roll with that right there but it's all the pain and join us back here Friday at 6 p.m. for our interview with Althea heart from
Love & Hip Hop