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Guest, Dave Revels, from the Drifters

LetterZ From the Pen with Hip Hop artist Dee and RnB singer Nikia

Guest, Dave Revels, from the Drifters

Dave Revels, is an entertainer with over three decades of experience. In the mid to late eighties he was a member of the Hall Of Fame group, The Drifters, which featured two original members, Charlie Thomas and Elsbeary Hobbs

LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Letterz from the pen is a variety show touching base on new up and coming arts, entertainment, music, fashion, give relationship advice and analyze your letterz from the pen.

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Welcome 2 letters from the pin I am your host R&B singer Nakia
and our host G is on the line and you'll be over here in a second soon as she enemies her mic
so we have an awesome awesome letter but before we do that before I get into the letter I am going to shatter sponsors that makes letters from the pain that makes you guys and he's amazing guess that we have on so let us know the pain is brought to you by LHS home care for all your home store needs and the New York and small Amore Dior designs for all your pressing needs Kryptonite station which is a 420 clothing brand
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and forgive me am I forgetting anybody
first and foremost I want to give a shout out to polish Beauty Supply Beauty studio is located in Garden City right across from the Roosevelt Field Mall things for which braids yes thank you and preserve you got next for all of your first how to sew them up on our website at ww.w. Com letter so we can get into the interview with the print it out because it's so juicy you guys might want to have a seat take your seats and pay close attention to this to this letter because it's a little Miss it's a little crazy. Me a little crazy
I'm a 21 year old college student going to Stony Brook University in Long Island New York already giving away information
I have a 65 year old sugar daddy and he's been my sugar daddy for the last 2 years
Santa covid-19 I don't see him that often however he puts most of my college bills and gives me cash for my pocket
just recently he expressed to me that he wants to leave his wife and wants me
why you eat if he wants to leave his wife and he wants me to be his no longer side chick
he wants to be his main chick I feel really bad because he has children and I don't really want to break his wife's heart however it would put me in a position to be financially stable do you think that do you think that I should
move it move along with my plans or I should
wait for him to leave his wife and I move into his home sign college shooting from Stony Brook
do you want it you want to take this home first you take us home first cuz I'm all about the money
first I want to shout out Wendy's for the store for its great awesome everybody stop
wife really
okay so you're messing with a married man is days that we got these females out here not caring and not respecting yourself or the other woman and going for what they know quote on quote trying to get a bag we know this so I don't think that part is such the Shocker the Shocker to me is that he's old enough to be your daddy
yeah SMS but anyway continue
stay in school
give somebody your own age and stop trying to mess up an unhappy home
okay sometimes before she came along but the fire like you don't have to make it even more happy sweetheart
you know what he needs his that's what it is New York so I wouldn't be surprised if she going to school with some of his kids
this is just messy is God's messy messy messy written all over it and he should be ashamed of himself and she probably has the brain the size of an ant I think that this is going to be an easy transition if if she decided to say hey you know what I'm going to be his main chick and I want his wife I want a person when they have kids and I'm quite sure that they have assets and and other things together and it's not easy 1-2-3 to do
okay I understand that he said he has a wife now I just want to know okay does your does your wife know about this and then not only if you're what because you know some people are married but they have these Arrangements where you go see who you want to go see who I want but will still live together cuz it's cheaper than what she said sugar daddy
maybe you know I got a lot of questions that I don't think you know what he wants to move the Wi-Fi to move me in it they wouldn't if they have an open marriage what should are plenty of over Mariners out there that are very happy you know it wouldn't be a situation where it's like oh she needs to move out I need to move in you know I wouldn't be it wouldn't be so messy you want to know something what do you know I've noticed like
sometimes men will say like you know I'm going to put around going to leave her you're going to move in and in all reality that house and everything else is in that woman's name so where you put in what girl you see what happened with John on the Reina Bobbitt that's what do you need to stop playing
sorry I was on so call
my name is Margaret I'm calling from Long Island New York
how do you spell I'm doing fine how are you ladies doing
good thank you letter
she's just a dog
and he's not going to leave his wife for this little girl
unless the Wife puts him out and when the right foot to mouth as she finds out about it in the right puts him out he ain't going with that little girl that little girl won't be with him cuz I'ma tell you honey it's cheaper to keeper
just made me think of a Clarence Thomas song Cheaper to Keep Her
I mean listen
I mean I don't we don't mean we we just get a piece of the picture we don't get like the whole picture when people write his letters are not really breaking all the way down to us but I'm just wondering at 21 years old what do you really know about having a sugar daddy or or what do you really know about a happy home and not a happy home this is just as someone that's in college just starting her life out like what do you want me to say
first of all did she eat what does she have an absent father in college boys
no dish did she have like a kid's father and she just wants that or like she she see what did she see growing up in her household Lake
I don't know who is she listening to
who knows who knows
but thank you for calling and Margaret keep listening
you going to get updates on the show at ww.w. Letter from the pain. Calm and stay tuned because we are going to bring Dave Rebels on and we are definitely going to get into some you know stuff are going to get his opinion I just keep a lot thank you for calling in
thank you you're welcome
so I think
before we bring Dave and I would like to play one of his songs cuz he's got some really really great stuff and although he's from the legendary Drifters and Persuasions he does have some stuff that he's working on his now that's out now so one of his songs and then we will bring him back in two letters from the so right now we are going to play Move That Mountain cuz I think is an appropriate song for this letter okay cuz the wife needs to move that mountain
don't move that mountain by Dave Rebels
open YouTube.
Where do you go
where do you boo boo
look up Joe Jackson Park by minutes
come on Saturday
what do you do when you check where do you go when you die
what you just got to say spell yeah
push movie
don't you make the
what disease do might be too late
don't you let go
come on blue.
cheddar broccoli rice
I'm home now
come on that mountain
mountain that's what a lot of people need to move these mountains but okay so without further or do we are going to introduce you guys the legendary Rebels
soon as he gets up in here
we will talk to him about his music about you know something has been like
you know being in the entertainment industry
for decades
and here he is so much to do
play the beer
great so we just got done playing move that mountain
great song grateful to it great by so what was the inspiration behind that song
everything that we've been going through the past I hear I've got a salmon in the medical field my wife is a respiratory therapist and that's being like in the mouth of the monster than the pandemic where she's actually at the head of the table literally with someone who was raging with covid-19
did are you going with your going to scream and panic and pain are you going to find a way to move that mouth and it's in your way that's stopping you from being aware or cheating what you want so that's the inspiration wonderful wonderful so tell us what it's like to be an industry for decades and decades yours is something I love you no more experience and is the greatest feeling but it's your call to it you know no one can drag you into it you have to want it and
what's been great about it as I've been exposed to so many incredible personalities iconic people in the industry from rock music to country music even Calypso reggae and all those those idioms of music and genres and that's pretty amazing thing you know walking to every situation with an open mind and that's pretty much what I'm doing with my life baby
thing I've done so by being here that long I just made up chest in overnight because I know your name but who's been some of your favorite what you call the oldies artists I got because I already shut very Chubby Checker and she was an iconic artist hot rod like rock and roll Stadium soulstar Gene Chandler
just to name a few. So many of them and have a work with an why my favors I guess you could say I kind of model myself earlier Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops
in 1985 Michael Jackson song
I got to meet my idols and work alongside them is a 7 called Battle of the Bands last minute thing I've taken from each and every one of them the most fundamental thing is that there were no copycats they're all clear to find each person Bo Diddley beaver in all these iconic people there was so little by Little Richard
all these people so shopping to find it with no two alike and it taught me something that when you step on the stage don't go get a copy anybody yourself so that's what that taught me all those years taking that one thing from their how to be yourself and become a little Richard experience how was it like being on the take a little richer because I mean anyone that knows him which everybody knows him keep the way he performs is so vibrant he's so like all over the place I mean was how big was it like it was basically watching an incredible Superstar somebody why are beyond anything you can imagine I mean this what I mean about your personality shopping Define you know it was a still being in school
you know it was like being in a classroom for real are you watching these people Ben E King. You heard of Ben E King Stand By Me commercial stars you know the Mighty Sparrow as you heard of him the Mighty Sparrow was the most iconic calypsonians you know and to be around people that your icons I soak it up like a sponge a lot of questions you know American Bandstand production as a question about writing
remind me to buy a spinny can about writing it's a Beneke what advice to give me the song right as a songwriter and he said don't try to be anybody else don't follow Trends just write what's in your heart and one of your songs become a hit everybody wants to be a everything you do and then you will come for it so he said don't copy anybody just be yourself so those people learning how to be an Entertainer
learn how to be a writer producer
right so what age did you realize like this is what you wanted to do I know you want to be a 12-oz put on stage to sing in the choir and I was so terrified Manisha and I started running but it was really when I went out for a solo to glee club and got it and I guess you know the bug really started biting me then so I guess since I'm not 16 reading reading lots of what are you saying on your solo when you audition for the
do you want to see
ABBA songs
so what was it like being with The Drifters
that was a home that was it go back to the beginning of that okay so I have all my guy Bruce my own before that and I did a show for your woman named Debbie Malone she's a singer and I didn't feel like coming a shoulder and you gave me to auditions to go to the next day one was from where I'm at the restaurant or the Wizards and the other was and I was too tired to get up early tomorrow to go to the audition for the role of the Wiz so I went to the early
I audition today and told me I have a job the same day I asked me if I had a WhatsApp message yeah I said meet us at 5 45th Street they got a show that date so I went from auditioning to rehearsing at your number still the same date and good ran from there we should be like
28 days a month Nationwide worldwide and that's where I got to meet all those iconic stars from the Troopers exposure and that was phenomenal it was amazing
wow so what was your favorite song to sing with The Drifters
yeah I love that part
down by the boardwalk
you know it's funny because that's one of which I'm sure you know cuz you're in the group that's because whenever I speak to someone and when when I start to talk about The Drifters they always go do that group that sings Under the Boardwalk like yeah
because I guess
and still to this day that's all
and a bunch of the lyric subject matter is something that everyone goes through or can or can see themselves doing and you put with a great Melody it'll last group
yes it's true you know how there's always that one song where no matter how many people try to redo it you're just like no just leave it alone just keep that song don't try to redo it that's one of the songs like no just there's a lot of Harmony going on there's just a lot of instrumentation and it was a lot of groups in the 70s and 60s that were using their voice was the internet I mean to me is if you can't if you can't sing harmonies and you can harmonize or whatever just leave the song alone. Just let's let it be in its Glory or generation is all about the arrangements Coral Rangers and all that stuff
yeah or your credit report
I mean you know why it's already had on stage with a bunch of life and then it's like that with some church shoes and a bow tie
I always used to say why are they always sweating on stage don't they have AC until what's hell like a I was on stage and I'm like this is horrible
goodness gracious gracious gracious we are going to take some call so I know that you are listening you have any questions for de Bravo's well, call me later call and live at 886 to 76008 we are here for it Davis here he's ready to answer your questions and we come back when I put him on the hot seat right now you're going to make a woman out there this song for you for my beautiful to make a lady
fortune and stay long to own the world
I just want to hold on to buy a new one
know her by the way she talked a little dimple and twinkle
Bobby Brown kids got me going everywhere.
Why you got to find me a good Jamaican
why you always love me and treat me right
play Caribbean by Jamaican Yelp
Phillipsburg Swedish why
a good Jamaican
hey Google
I'm good I'm good
so you heard it here first on letters in the pan good Jamaican woman by Dave Rebels so was very interesting about like it was very interesting and it still has its modern music but it has like still that old school feel to it so it's kind of like it joined forces
oh yeah yeah you know it is part of my Heritage because I call myself a gem Englishmen because I'm British my mother Jamaican and my father's America and so this whole journey is about my Heritage so I was waiting on some very strong women in my life and my wife is Jamaican and so I have a lot of admiration for women in general and also this is my old to finding that one woman I try to find that one woman that you could really show how much you love her
cool cool alright so anybody wants to call and comments have any questions for mr. Dave Rebels you can call him now at 867-6008 he will answer any questions questions off-limits probably not but no answer answer your questions too long you just spit the answer out what do you think is the worst singer in America today
oh God
are there too many to choose from
have you heard the music out here
yeah I know but you know what to tell you the truth this may sound political but it's not I've learned not to judge anybody's music music worship because it the fact that they even got it out there there's is Success you know and do it if I don't necessarily like the song I don't knock them as an artist I just never have you know if you're no fun
what famous person would you ask to marry you today
so what now you want to give me trouble going but I will tell you all want to meet Jill Scott here
because I love her musicianship and I always wanted to collaborate with him so I will I like to get to know someone spirit with them and hang out with them like that you know cuz I can always get a physical side you know but I like to get a little bit emotional what would you change
my understanding of my own personal worth
let's go back and find myself earlier you know and appreciate why I further
Nasir good answer good answer OK no more bad questions we have two more to go when you were like on Torrence stuff but you kind of like a rolling stone or was you a good guy
I knew someone in every state I travel every part of her life shop
wasn't holding it was actually I just had interesting women my life and from all nationalities and again I'm curious about cheer
I mean you know I like to find out what's up here so I've had a lot of you have had a lot of friends
okay work
Premarin Premarin when you're on the road torrent
how many women did you pick up at your shows and take back to your hotel
oh man
what's the cell went out every night
because all these people want to take you out to the night and not always but and but you always went out if you're not coming up when I was in Sweden ever not having a concert I was out through to you know like that again you know
I'm out I'm just letting I was young and I was with it
well I mean I think I think back then there was that was just the way that was just the thing which I kind of like
State Fair because of the saying I can't smoke or do any other conscious somebody come and Shake Your Hand slap the hand of yours then when you pull it back there's something in your hand you know or remember Manhattan
Johnny Kemp
just got paid you know and you know you go to parties in Manhattan / Central Park West where there was a lot of stuff going on in one room and it's amazing how some people made it out of something I was too busy to story I didn't I didn't go there but I did shows like
you don't like over and I Canna City they are not there was a place called Ron delsener Club in I open up a tropicon back then in the day that was fun does an interesting night but no I didn't go to sleep but we waiting for you if you want to party up town
are you saying you know if you're if you're into if you're doing it you're not going to bed after show got to sleep you know cuz I'm Tanner you know
right so
I know I can that Arrow there was like a lot of drug activity going on when I say that I think at the time I didn't get a time like cocaine wasn't no one really understood the ramifications of what it could do and what was going on it was like a party thing
token sex I mean if you're on the road and there's a hotel
it all and is a star part 1 and 2
that's how was nobody's even think about AIDS
that's what it was it was there was no worries you know nobody thought about it any swingers parties
did you go to any swinger parties
I don't like double-dipping
I'm like you know I'm a kind of germaphobe
so I can't imagine going by anybody so no I did the sugar daddy on the letter with me and you it's me and you you and him and her
you know
hello spring song sounds interesting but not would you know another male in room no but no I'm not going to women and you not
so what part I mean are you religious at all
I keep my spiritual center yet I don't believe in going to church is because I think it's too much apocracy so I keep my own spirituality and
leaving cert organized religions when people show up to church with $5,000 suits and shoes that that's not me imagine played a part in keeping you grounded through all of these you know different eras that you were going through and all the stuff that was going on I mean I know there's like a lot of Temptation you know I happening everywhere because I cared what they thought of me I wouldn't do anything to embarrass them and us to focus on my art to be honest I was always trying to
improve myself as an artist you know
so what do you think what do you think now
when use when you see like the artist now performing and they're kind of like they barely have clothes on
what it what do you think what part do you think that plays in the music and then being popular versus if someone came out of that really sing and they had clothes on
I am about women empowering women I really really bothers me that a woman has to be stuck in one Gear with you she's got to always look sexy he's got to show a little but she got shot and she's got to talk about sex all the time and she got always worried about her makeup being we're supposed to be in all that crap you know and I and I wrote a book called a natural guide to Madison art of Life entertainment where I talked about being comfortable in your own skin and it bothers me that women tomatoes for the most comfortable in your own skin because it forced to keep his image then go
NFL's of the Artistry because you know I like stuck in one kind of motor the song matter that the subject matter they talk about what's acceptable to artist that come out and and and write more real so you know I always looked at those but today I think it's just
stuck in first gear and it bothers me because you got to get older
you know and you first sign you know that they started struggling to start doing plastic surgery keep the artist actress and actresses hold on to the grace about longer than fingers that's like half naked you are not the first to do a honey booty calling and George Clinton was running across the stage in a diaper long before y'all thought about it. We're waiting list for being so talented that it transcended dresser is accounted a little less Atlanta
I could turn that I think was detrimental to a career was Toni Braxton I love Toni Braxton's first came out to me and I took away from her because I thought you was a tremendously gifted singer and Entertainer and she's had nothing about her I mean this is just my personal opinion for some reason they're mine and I'm in a lot of time with the labels make them feel this way to they make him feel like okay now you have to compete you're 40 years old so now and this is what I have to do but not understanding that like some of my Toni Braxton I can really sing
listen classic that's not something you have to do I mean you no take for instance you know that low regimen that she has like another artist
step-down revealed herself writing Bonanza by going back Nancy Wilson
it's about busting a husband in a restaurant with another woman and he told her about it but I'm saying like you're saying is that
I just I think a woman should stand in the artist page but again you know you can't compete with somebody 30 years younger than you in the Physical Realm you just have to do with Grace
you know keep your audience
so the thing is not trying to get younger artists if they like you needed it like music but hold on to the people that's been with you all those years they going to stay with me a lot of artists don't realize that that the artist that loved Anastasia with them sticks
Millwright Bud to be honest though like a lot of the blame them and R&B soul food that's about going to music and rock and roll is always going to be back on the music. No matter what's happening what's going down what's being done whether it's check know whether it's country whether it's Funk whether it's popped blues and R&B and soul is just a backbone in the base of music and it always will be remember Melody and lyrics
great Melody great lyrics you know a subject matter that people can identify with if you put that together with a good vocalist and and and tell the story generally people will embrace it every song you write for every subject now your touch and there's at least a hundred thousand people who feel the same way you did and they'll go man that's exactly what I'm feeling but that's what you have is an artist she looked alot of your body work
you know and I think that's a very commendable you know you're being yourself and that's important if you're always like you know the industry's like to me it's like when you when you would somebody write I am so bored with you because I realize they can manipulate you
do the same thing with industry if you try to please record label they don't leave you anyway because somebody else
this is true so what advice
would you give an up-and-coming artist that's trying to come out now with all the wisdom that you have like what would be the main thing that you would say to them to help them kind of get over there and get to where they need to be
write your own songs right from your heart
don't edit yourself in the middle of writing something about yourself a writing topic don't edit yourself just say it exactly how you feel
and I guarantee you there's going to be at least a hundred thousand people world of Steel exactly weight if you do so don't try to keep reshaping it because he thinks somebody else would like it a certain way be yourself and don't who's to know if you're going to be successful but don't try to
project success ahead of first creating some call well thank you so much for being here with us
having you and it was amazing listening to all of your stories and putting you on the hot seat on we definitely will have you back again on letters on the pain to what you want to happen again and this time you going to answer all the questions
it means children devotion you know what it means you know devotion Purity and you know your ear devoted restoration you know and I'm honored that you have me in Show
thank you for joining us we're definitely definitely going to put your music in rotation because we love it here thank you for being with us and again join us back here on Friday guys we will have Soulja Boy from 90 Day Fiance with us and independent artist Johnny will right here at 6 p.m. on Friday log on to our website to get updated information on
so here on Friday and thank you so much and thank you Dave so much for being here with us
you are a good sport and we will definitely have you back take care of so we have your music in my playlist you guys love you too thank you love you too bye bye