Lets Find Out, August 25, 2019

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
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Lets Find Out
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with Elizabeth Joyce and guest Frank St. James

Lets Find Out Let's Find Out with guest host Frank St. James, psychic detective

Headlined, Lets Find Out, August 25, 2019

Frank St. James, Psychic Detective
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August 25, 2019
Frank St. James discuss the energy coming in with the New Moon in Virgo. As we enjoy a happy summer's end, time to get to work!
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TONIGHT - AUGUST 25th we celebrate
the New Moon on Wednesday, the happy ending of summer, as we prepare to get
busy again in the fall months ahead.
You're about to manifest your dreams,
on Let's Find Out
Tonight's Show features
Psychic/Medium Frank St. James
discuss what coming in A the Fall months.
With many planets in Earth signs, we now have the chance to move forward into more productive, successful and fulfilling life styles. Wednesday's New Moon in Virgo shines the bright light of happiness and fulfillment as we enter September and the fall months ahead.
You all have been working hard sine last this year.
Now it can all come together - at last.
This is a call in show!
Let's Find Out
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Sunday evenings - 10:00 pm Eastern - 7:00 pm Pacific
What will the fall bring you as Saturn and Pluto turn direct?
What serious decisions will you be making to walk the road to success?
August 25th, 2019
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Guest, Frank St James

Guest Name: 
Frank St James
Frank St. James, Psychic Detective
Guest Occupation: 
Mediumship and Psychic Readings
Guest Biography: 

Frank St. James is well known for his work with many local police and investigative authorities. He appeared on The Psychic Detectives, as well as the Bio Show on A&E Cable, and is also a top radio personality. He was once a detective, has worked with the FBI, and the answers he gives are usually spot on! Frank is very popular at the New Jersey Psychic Fairs and books out quickly. Contact: (862) 684-1904

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Open My Eyes to The World by William Vitalis
When You Wish Upon A Star by Linda Rhonstadt
Water by William Vitalis
Follow The Love by Richard Shulman

Lets Find Out

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
Show Host: 
Elizabeth Joyce

Let’s Find Out is not only a spirituality talk radio show, but it describes a golden new dimension coming into being.

You will be fascinated with the wisdom and knowledge from the renowned, world wide psychic and spiritual healer, Elizabeth Joyce.

Learn about the NEW Spiritual Chakras and how to access the golden fifth dimension energy.

This show’s intention is to bring you the best information, personal growth, wellness and spiritual awareness by offering the best tools:  astrology with Mark Dodich, the angels answers and astrology from CHIRON, meditation techniques, inspiring and healing music, and the helpful psychic accuracy of Frank St. James, the Psychic’s detective.

Let’s Find Out will also bring authors, new books, and the latest information of what’s going on in the Universe.

There will often be a time set aside for call in questions as well. This is quality internet radio at its best, offering a wide variety of topics and information. Remember, we ALWAYS find out.

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