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The Kathy Lee Parker Show, 07/10/2020

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The Kathy Lee Parker Show
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Guest, Sabrina Nelson, mathematician

The Kathy Lee Parker Show

Guest, Sabrina Nelson, mathematician

A Beast is excellent at whatever they do; they are determined, dedicated, and resilient. They are fearless and they always figure out a way to succeed. Math Beast Tutoring was founded in September 2018 as the Utah Continuation of a California endeavor founded in 2002. With 16 years of Math and teaching experience, our high-quality instruction does not compare to any other “learning center” in the Salt Lake Valley Area.
We strive daily to:
● Educate and inspire students through the exemplary instruction and practice of Mathematics.
● Encourage students to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills learned in Mathematics to all other areas of academics.
● Empower students with the complete and working set of tools they need to become BEAST not only in the face of Academics, but also, in the face of adolescent and adult life.
At Math Beast Tutoring, we are more than just tutors who can help students pass their classes. We are educators and coaches who teach their students how to succeed in life.
Sabrina is a retired High School Teacher and Coach with a Mathematics and Bachelor of Science Business Degree.
After a few years of teaching, and heading the mathematics department of this tiny school, she broke away from the school to open her own Math school, because she wanted the freedom to teach students in the way she felt was conducive to the education and development of students who will be expected to exist as functioning adults. Most of the students followed her to her new school because students like her and her fun teaching style, and the parents liked that their kids were learning math. Sabrina eventually became a widely known and sought-after instructor in her hometown. A few parents even pulled their kids out of places like Mathnasium, Sylvan, Huntington, and Kumon to study Mathematics with her.
After a short break from teaching to, you know, grow up some more, travel, move to Utah, get married, etc. she started tutoring again and realized that it was something she needed to do, not just teach and help students pass their math classes, but to build an environment where students AND adults can come to be accepted as they are, assisted in the way they learn best, and to be encouraged and empowered towards being the best they can be.

The Kathy Lee Parker Show

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Kathy Lee Parker is talking about in Real Time meaning what happen Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Kathy believes in a more positive outlook on the airwaves. People will listen outside the box when it comes to her Guests. They must think beyond issues of jobs, products, services, music, politics, business and so much more.

Kathy Lee Parker's success is in helping her guests bring the highest levels of business, entertainment & enlightenment to intrigue her listeners. Today's media advancements provide listeners and advertisers with more choices than ever before.

Kathy Lee and her Guests will turn Airwaves into a blend of Relationships Advice, Talented Artist, Music plus Health and Environment issues and so much more for your listening pleasure.