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The Kathy Lee Parker Show, 08/04/2020

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The Kathy Lee Parker Show
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Guest, Anggie Monaco, making a perfect smile

The Kathy Lee Parker Show with Kathy Lee Parker

Guest, Anggie Monaco, making a perfect smile

Helping others doing and being their best has always been a big passion of mine. From raising my two wonderful boys to being a loving friend. I’ve loved helping people for as long as I can remember. The idea of creating Pearly Whites came to me after some pretty serious life events which made me want to not only create something incredible but to impact people with something they often feel insecure about. Their smile. My mother always had the best smile that would make me instantly feel better about anything.

So many people go through life with insecurities and are scared to express themselves. What could be a more beautiful expression than a smile? It’s one of the first things people notice and let’s be honest, a great smile can be pretty contagious. We set out to help spread the brightest smiles possible by making it easy and convenient for people to get teeth whitening services from anywhere.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world it’s not always convenient to search for a dentist, book an appointment that fits your schedule, and take time in your busy day to drive and wait to get a teeth whitening done. With us, we can come to your home or even do it at your job during your lunch break. I made this company with you in mind. Your smile is important. Your ability to express yourself is important. You are important.


The Kathy Lee Parker Show

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Kathy Lee Parker is talking about in Real Time meaning what happen Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Kathy believes in a more positive outlook on the airwaves. People will listen outside the box when it comes to her Guests. They must think beyond issues of jobs, products, services, music, politics, business and so much more.

Kathy Lee Parker's success is in helping her guests bring the highest levels of business, entertainment & enlightenment to intrigue her listeners. Today's media advancements provide listeners and advertisers with more choices than ever before.

Kathy Lee and her Guests will turn Airwaves into a blend of Relationships Advice, Talented Artist, Music plus Health and Environment issues and so much more for your listening pleasure.