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Insight Intelligence, April 28, 2022

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Insight Intelligence
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with Mario Bekes

Insight Intelligence with Mario Bekes and Toni Lontis

Whistle-blower and informant management – a powerful topic across the world today. Including a discussion on The Corporate Informant and Whistle-blower Management Plan

Insight Intelligence

Mario Bekes proactive and dynamic talks can bring insight in the following ways

  1. Learn how to plan, manage and execute investigations at your workplace
  2. How to manage informants and whistleblowers at the workplace
  3. Learn how to protect information while you analyze a person or competitor
  4. Psychological Profiling and Target Profile
  5. Methods and Techniques for Successful Surveillance Investigations

Tune into Mario Bekes, a natural leader, public speaker, result-driven, published book author, relationship-builder, and facilitator with experience in investigative techniques and interviewing interrogation methods, corporate human, and competitive business intelligence.

Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

evening America and good afternoon Australian and welcome to everyone listening across the planet this evening today wherever you are in the universe this is inside intelligence and I'm your host and I will introduce you to my gorgeous co-host Mario Becca is in one moment but before I do that if you're listening live on LinkedIn Facebook YouTube twitchell Twitter Hannah is ready and waiting with connections to anything that we talked about this week and in particular the way that you can connect with Mr Mario because from inside intelligence now each week we do a little welcome to Country and it goes a little bit like this I respectfully acknowledge the people of the you can buy language region the traditional owners of the land on which we meet and broadcast and pay my respect to the elders posten<br>Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here today now this is your next installment in out on going series cold inside intelligence with Mario the kids and what you need to know about Mario is that he grew up in communist Croatia which was then part of Yugoslavia and he witnessed a lot of social unrest and proceeded to enter the armed forces and the Secret Service in his early part of life he now runs a global company focused on investigation and managing your private files and Dada amongst many other things and Mario is a natural-born leader he's a public speaker<br>an educator at Rana a results-driven best-selling published book older and we are really privileged to have him with us here today I told him my friend and I'm so delighted to share these co-hosted series with him welcome back to the showing Mario I have to say thank you to all listen this in Australia us across the globe like to say thank you to Tony Montes team in u.s.<br>enabling us to we had a decent of you in real time whatever we are across this beautiful blue Rock and as well if I make it this if I can take this freedom and be free to say something to all outlets in yesterday was a 21 his birthday I tried to sing that song but I know that. Thank you so much and to say thank you Tony want this for Bae the great house thank you for being a great friend and most importantly thank you for getting up with you and you two people like myself to express the global audience so he could visit Tony and I know I wish you every success happiness and health in the future to show for our audience and it's a powerful topic will be poking about whistleblowers and informants and it's an important.<br>option to have today and with your permission Marriott before we get onto this subject I just want to quickly ask your thoughts as before we went to a I quickly sat down and watched some snippet of knees on the TV and there front & center with mr. Amir Putin being very aggressive and a bully and I just do I need to ask Mario your fault because you lived in that area of the world is Europe and Juice Woods really upset me and I'm just at the point where I find myself almost yelling at the TV. Why is someone not standing out to this bully I think he's a big boy so I quickly Mariah before we going on today topic I just wanted to hear your thoughts on on<br>what's happening you cry I just going to go there could be back in time 80s today in 1941 go to the pressure Barbarossa 22nd June 1941 with them almost four million soldiers invading dinosaur at Union in at 2:40 to the German government for driving to the Ukraine to was the Crimea and then the Caucasus and Chechen Jaan songs. Question was a journalist following German so they were Italian journalist people why you know Elia before you're welcome, stop fighting them and they say the word simple answer from to Devil's we choose one who speaks a language which is what Stalin that stage I'm putting counting on this it's very important to understand the Russian.<br>Federation consists of many different ethnic backgrounds different nationalities but all the hair because of that bar space and in the field they play the Putin is a got to sting are putting counting on this and that is why he's a bullet because the lady that he has a in a all the Russian people behind them and of course I truly believe somebody somehow someway apart and the Ukrainian people which they're doing tremendous job pants it was a much more smaller scale I'd morning everybody who is stand up to the bully because I believe you must understand one thing it is not just Ukrainian army fighting rush cuz if I think the Machinery which was being built for ATVs and in a rush as a trading everything must have said they don't care what are going to be short and I believe<br>it's like you know we can be angry as much as you want but I truly believe that every minute every hour putting his going to go to the tremendous<br> suffering more than anybody else in his is it isn't and Bully always make the end how big is a going to be I don't know but it will be because even they are citizens to Russia they have enough and maybe didn't notice of the listeners there's a lot of fires across the Russian in here to Moscow today was again one of these statutes and they have the a lot of these spies are people betting the cars so I think it's always going to meet his end and a distressing your step. Rush fatality that bullying behaviors resulting in the loss of lives of beautiful human people and the destruction of a beautiful country war is never the answer.<br> the damaja ya goes on for the decades after the wall and generations suffering in the basement I remember when I was very young soul gem sold his kids and families in the basement with every sound in a reflection of explosion was just a sound of the fear hooting and then. And his Entourage will meet the devil face today they when they go now yes they will. I just can't someone just with a drawing just quietly and secretly just take him out but I'm guessing that's unrealistic. So that's a good gas cap<br> we we we we will see it and I mean that it's going to be that turn up turn around cuz I say you can raise your voice for some time this was about two months old and that it's a big pressure test on a military troops that I was the life but people are suffering across much of Russia but across the globe because of the his foolishness and<br> that will be good thank you for indulging me Maria I respect your opinion having lived over there this week we want to talk about whistleblowers and informants and Venus in Laveen it's about protecting information at the full frontal that and it's about protecting the people that are courageous enough to highlight and issue crime or fraud tell Maria I wanted to start with a discussion about the difference between a whistleblower an informant can you tell us about the differences in daily basis we can sing real in real-time news that there was some informant that voted for the Garment sector model ice with Kitty forman's arrest the police but if<br> what is knocking you ease up in simplest terms are going to dress as a party so I would say it is somebody who comes forward or husband or she be recruited for the purposes<br> who got the information on individual or group on behalf of the Love at First agencies now when you'd be coming for my people you know I have that usually am. Romantic Fiona formance who he or shape as get some type of education or training and how to behave how to communicate with our operatives intelligence Upon a Time store detectives or whatever it is so it's a separation between the visible light for what is that from that if Walmart has been rewarded I can go into this internet router light up money at the alleged collusion illegal and there's a reason why somebody become a pain because of money you know I got eulogy and wanting but we talked about geology oh my God that's the cheapest informants and this is the most<br> they just informed me I was very well known in a misfiring on the Cambridge he was the one of the fathers of the more than intelligence MI5 and MI6 and he was a spy for most of the years for the Russians because ideology from the tent while you have something maybe I I he was<br> guy who's supposed to protect the government against the Russians against David spies he reported the Russians and he was telling the secrets of his being caught he'll be not went to Russia and said no because that's one of them has been applied at somebody in DeSoto DEA in my recent article spend last place she'd like to spend like music doors or not bikash out of my head for a Jamaican dollars is one year on the informant DEA drug cartel and everything else and you know like you know I want to I want to destroy somebody on a pot<br> participating provider information just make sure somebody's life miserable and information is related to the government if you must understand as a passive and active performance bicycles with that we have the run of the case against organized crime groups and there's activity of the possibilities when somebody is in a Subway employee from time to time information and they going to doctor place in another hand whistleblower<br> whistleblower it's not know the government recruited person so informal communication how to how to ask you know and he knows so it's always some type of lazy Pine and when you become a form of a government with I saw in my life experience you had the validation because you don't become a phone with a high pony my name is why they give you information you will. You know send a text if it doesn't work that way there's a special branch of people doing this and then they identity must be protected by the law what year did Australia and we saw that sometimes this doesn't doesn't hold and that pushed a lot of strain on a law enforcement agencies getting it for months to become billing info informants for the government sector Family Show<br> friends who believes bioxy<br> providing information above wrongdoing incorporation devil assist Corporation to reduce fraud test wrongdoings by the sum of management and that this there's a big difference between the informants who will become believe me I'm waiting and he have the volunteers in corporate sector doesn't matter because the cops are gamma sector because he had a very famous case in Australia history was called to beat Escape was what was used to work for Asus identity steamer steamer of his deposit 200 in devices and do you know what this case is still going on black images like anybody else so you know he was one of four gamma sector and I yet he has stepped out and said his wrongdoings and unfortunately gum sector whistleblowers be treated differently than in Corpus<br> copacetic anybody can be swapped and cost no sense nothing to Corporation but yet they had been they had been<br> named and shamed and it all day interpretation has been destroyed so that's a major difference informant is being recruited at MI6 Knology methodology using technology me to do gym or do you have the whistleblowers who is the volunteer singing nothing a providing a lot so that's the major difference from my understanding of what you just said Mario a whistleblower is driven by different reasons than an informant so the informant is it is about that your revenge money situation where is a whistleblower's is about doing what's right and noticing someone doing something wrong so that maybe a corporation leaking toxic chemicals into a river versus an informant crashing on a drug test<br> well let's just say I know you don't like you can work in the in the foreign government agencies Henry different type of the former military intelligence under the Lowell Mario are they protected in different ways or similar wise or not protected very well at all I thought he was being handled and be the coldest day in society so yes it's in the movie in all of you you are stinky and if you don't do what you tell me to do like you know I got to tell everybody it doesn't work that way because when you become an Informer for the gamma sector is that a lot of responsibility and accountability by Gavin sex with agencies who are working informants speaking broadly in general.<br> they have the set the rules and regulations how to recruit how to communicate how to think about the devil being safe and everything else and that, because you know we saw this and danced and he saw this in Iraq you know when Once one once when the people were slaves before Stacy and I mean accepting my beekeeper something else but then yet you know of course there's a protected by the law and there's an entire set of legislation when it comes to phone not available for the public eye because it's hard to challenge any of shorts that we have the way we're not able to protect key informant I but the cold war ax but there was because it's like a note<br> they always find a way how to come across this about us a majority case is also 90% of cases informants have been protected because there's a law legislation Xanax corporate sector they are the subsets of legislation has been deep State and defense industry and then but again it's falls on the shoulders of cooperation to protect a note of government in a garment is one thing but comply she has a lot of things incorporation days accessibility places in your valise and out-of-state which that me to protect Val Pig and like with all of that it's a Blog<br> how this has been done we can beat us that there's a listless whistleblowers in public and that represents the problem because at is a like a<br> I'm out cold this as a give-up team right you never know if it's going to forward somebody's head and the Beast of blood comes out to the darkness and it says we need to say or sheep and societies that you know if you'll be surprised wow. And you know this still the Nutella from the storage and I mean he'll try to because Mario and Tony Ray Yates like with cycling is no telling a story you know<br> storm surprise Papa Gaston is the handling this very well and I can understand why because it's the blower to understand who is The Whistleblower as a measure my monograph informative it's about time they must understand how to handle this blow-up what's the key objective is to blow up couch and eat them all after you conceive you sub lowest nobody listen to them directly to the key decision-makers that information find a way to keep a secret makeup Wally corporations they don't want to listen this because that is the reasons why corporations<br> in like a piece of law<br> and usually some luck, she's not just stopped plenty of my tias you know cycling kind of job until a monthly. It's a city we take it in to charge don't tell about some different for the flight and we saw that there was a a project Veritas was a great one in the u.s.a. Alka precious Was Naive that become the informant sell the executive management never talked into the stranger and a recording that and so that's what is the boys basic steps out in public and hoping for the best but unfortunately Society<br> it's unforgivable I was just going to say there's a couple of prominent people that come to my mind in and around this subject so it would don't ask no I didn't end Julian Assange and I'm really curious about your thoughts on those two prominent people and the way that they were involved in dissemination of information and a width of that fell under a whistleblower and informant when is that supposed to cuz I actually think for my personal perspective that information should be freely available unless it is related to high-level security what do you think<br> Julian Assange and Eric Snowden are the two different guys they had some similarities X now there was a I take it as a whiskey as a Julian Assange<br> that being said I smelled them consciously she was employed by the baddest agencies in us and he developed by the top of their applications in a while asleep in your camera on the phone is working and recording you that you didn't know no and of course he has access to the many different applications for the purpose of eavesdropping intercepting messages and decoding an email so that all types of the truth and you never<br> the office of Manning was the one who was helping Julia sanch and at the top of some money now become the Rope he becomes the woman to 230 be bothered by the Barack Obama president us gymnasts and decided to Open the Eyes of the world of every citizen about Rumblings of governments across the globe now I used to work for the government and it is sometimes very important to understand that when you dump the number of the message saying in public again many innocent people are going to be quoting.<br> docnetwork of year that scenario and you know we don't know how it sounds going to react when it comes to you know seeing it again Tony Mario and still in the inside not from Cuba and people become upset while eggs Snowden was directly consciously decide to step out and said how is being done what has been done by home where there was a bunch of articles<br> neglected by Bible Society because I was going to be extradited to us Wikileaks still working and people believing that diplomacy is a plenty of people there who sees things the things they come across the daughter information and they have nowhere to go so they're going to seem so that we can still still still there but as well we can lease is not anymore because Julian Assange as a lead on that. The group at the conversation because being in Ecuador embassy now in prison in UK and other that person everything what is doing a big Galaxy become irrelevant send a text to know them exploding as well and I know it to be seen or heard that from time to time but all this information to come at 11<br> what is that how sexually how did Scouts with the government's, see where the problems Rises that information leaking and they will import policy procedure doesn't happen again in future and that's that's a two great examples of whistleblowers and exploded directly from from the<br> government you know he was looking for domican private sector was working for government that he represent the whistleblowers who are happy to say the things we don't know why we're not the wet station was in the public interest in full off the general public it was important frosting different from from Edward Snowden yeah... And exploding hot hands on deck by he's sorting seed created the applications and all he he was a construction architect or mosasaurus program and his articles for you know what I was doing someone made a visit for my ma says you know there was a optic cable goes from Spain and Italy<br> you know and how does your topic no means of the cables and you know and you know which one. That's a reality bites from any but what is this device has been created and Patterson state fair that you can exchange station but that is not our thing that his conscience was stopped working as a mini whistleblowers and<br> let's not forget he left a life you know for the life which doesn't know any foreign country and we are young lady we don't know where he is but Fifty Shades between China Russia and don't forget one thing when you work for the guy at the moment you crossed the line and you become the whistle blow up his community and Military and government has a traitor and you know<br> and that's what's the people's right to know and conversely the cooperation of government that sees that as people don't have that right to know and then the people then have to make a decision whether we think this person is a trade of divulging government secrets or whether we think that we have the right to know we don't always protect whistleblowers or informants or treat them very well Dewey Mario because if you take it's dry Lea for instance if we have that bit of attitude that is don't dub to use a colloquialism which I am not in favor of that because I actually think that it takes courage to speak about the<br> you van do know that I'm not not right I think it actually takes courage and strength to speak at but we don't treat these people very well do we marry an absolute you agree with me and Lisa has information it's a most valuable commodity in business everything at the desk told this to the police that you know it doesn't say she sees National Security Agency whatever it is<br> wanting you if you want some information before the by somebody it's been treated very careful cuz don't the information before I got sick since you know so course it isn't is valuable that's for the intelligence Services have the bigger bigger task to check my lady tips and information availability easy formation about ain't nobody available quizzes you know what if I miss a whistleblower<br> countries of different right in as like a phone can be doubly honored to be Triple H can be deliberate manipulation of the system salt battery Cibola is not protected the way they should be and I give them my pride when I train the organizations and how to measure the smallest to understand when you do with the whistle blow up it's a human being you must understand it's a human being somebody with the wife and Keith husband know he or she would have another person to have that like history and everybody need to take a serious leak from the moment that person who want a lie because we supposed to go to the one channel on Lake Channel who is capable to do all the stars around the reservoir and varsity formation I mean Securus blow up in shortest<br> getting information on the information being passed on top of an exaggeration without having to pay support because we supposed to do the car cuz it cautiously make a decision that this is the right thing to do as you say still in the poison in a in a in a river now that's it it's it's a it's a it's a longer process than expected but then information be received by the corporation he doesn't go anywhere except you walk to 110 or I'll go to my training position there by 5 to find houses in. But then what operations going to do with that information this is the weather starts and a visible I usually do somebody<br> will be just enough of a house with the blocking the person who's working at Chris and documentation as access to many files nothing else and people are generally afraid what else that person did you know sooner or later<br> we have the Netflix series where we are in 33 days from today and I mean today is it was right now you know there was such a person and you know they become the Beast Boy that fell out and the divisible at old and I mean and nobody quitaque fortunately we must be dealt and more sophisticated than the form of the format has a tradition in government and law enforcement agencies as a as a roll and they know what they're doing to the decades and centuries was a visible up is not me something new but the culture is changed and they need to understand the dealing with a human being who or she have family have the life and what it doing that related to correct and they need to attend this<br> as much professionally as for Piscataway which was trying to ask if I'm sad because you didn't see them being treated and manage the way that they should be and Leslie and second late is the treatment of informants and whistleblowers from a Colt Ford perspective Shimla across the globe or are they big variables between countries I'm curious about how to whistle blow might be treated in Australia versus the u.s.a. versus Russia versus China<br> again we must always come from this angle what information we should blow up provide it's it's a it's identical as for the Garmin Corporation formation is the new employee old employee with a longer work experience and and what is the type of information once because of Isabel I just want to lend information right that's over the one that they want to see that that want to see the somebody cares if somebody can do something about and other side that's at that's a very sophisticated process of operations how to get a piece of work I don't know for the cost to go but I know that you were second-best to sleep a couple piece of Lois and they ignore the newest I know it's a practice then following that people like myself who comes from that I got me sick.<br> Play Jon Sandman The Counter Intelligence so they'd have those people who care about this than other processes and everything else when it comes to informants they are you German speaking protected they have the socket just called them and they know how to use of course worked on it you know any prison you know I have so many problems we have and you know the judicial system treat him different writing and I'm telling you confined space button cuz I think I was buzzing for 1 a.m. don't forget something you should remember maybe don't but in a different night I will send it cuz I still like look at the Impala.<br> what stage does Coke have informers because the mafia not just the mafia but as well. The Cosa Nostra and putting up with them<br> I'll remember later that they had to Summer jazz stations in yourself and other states wish to protect them but as well as again comes on the shoulders of Corporations and compressions should understand should know how to handle them doesn't to be complicated from the moment that we still go I just want to lend information they want to see somebody cares or something has been. And instead of this whistleblower has been put in the public domain and in all these people are usually suffering long-term consequences by Society<br> Corporation and the life like for the lifestyle is is gone around the training and you consult around the management of whistleblowers and informants and you do this across the globe don't you work look like for you and the team do you do you go in and work with the high levels of management in a corporation do you get to work with the actual whistleblower what does that look like for inside intelligence how you do this work<br> I work at the one company which was utilizing that party I mean, this party has become The Whistleblower he have time to shave without shaving we keep Anonymous this and that and I told this company they have their big problems because<br> they had a lot of some litigations how the whistleblowers information being handled so when I come today I will explain to them they need to understand as well to this process of right now you and I difference between informant and difference<br> whistleblower absolutely most of the most operations for the train believe you're going to learn some crafts of external I know it's information is a your to say your weapon now I teach them how to handle this supplier once again to Stan Lee Brice's I visited and I spoke with a day executive management they told me they had a specialist team again third party who recruits informers now<br> you don't look recruiting for 18in air reservation in all because if it's all that's illegal and secondly you for months as a cell like it's a it's a different<br> on different level than the rest of us when I trained them so once in 6 months but you need to be prepared and the team and everybody else has to be prepared this thing of course it's a joke person who trained you teaching the executive management and how was the benefits I was witnessing he was seeing the front on such a large scale and nobody care about that one be a wind up a people want him to sell like you know nothing's going to change so I can step it out and the corporations immediately you know and of course a b or c not being publicized and then then everything else and I told him the money<br> and Soto there was some stuff that supposed to build this company Kendall<br> but when you trained its people you trained Executives from the stem that is the benefits are divisive Wallace and not the negativity and a visible of it. That's what I was wondering<br> because if I put my corporate hat on and I'm thinking about my Corporation operations best interest to know if this fraud happening so one would think that you would protect that person that brought you the information and as as a key component to your corporation being better and doing better than what I'm understanding is that because there's so many corporations to don't understand how to do they not doing that and they've got bad outcomes for their cooperation that got bad outcomes for the The Whistleblower and it's around bad for everyone when they could actually be a very it could be a great experience in terms of the corporation and driving them forward and lowering the costs and reducing fraud and they should be<br> protecting that person that wrote that information so I'm guessing that there's lots of training that you do inside intelligence does around test that small component within the organization absolutely you know how to say the Beastie Boys Like a kilo team and make sure you know with the guilty now and you put your head shop that they're going to cut your hair. Why is that because I needed some blow has been treated well and other employees and doesn't matter what type of organization you are or what level of management you are never going to know if you're wrong boy is going to be over there probably support absolute absolute complete top pop love what you do<br> and a day due process of ocean so meticulous so well<br> Publix going to know it's a good reputation side and we have a visible usually as much as negativity Visa blog receives in in in Media or a public stage there's always the elements of the story and I started you know you can go on 60 Minutes sometimes I feel like it's like it's a training and education when the meat show me if Isabella management is going to result in a beneficiary<br> results if y'all have no training and opportunity arises and he had a visible approaching and not very well it's going to have the Echoes across the globe just in your own company<br> a whistleblower<br> has talked to a CER and that Co in corporation don't have whistleblower new phone and management plans in place they can actually reach out to you and you will guide them through that price is right make sure that it's managed appropriately for everyone's sake. Phenomena call whistleblower because furnace blower is just how do how do you run you and your will be done so I called the world and where you do this stage has staged a problem and I miss you before it's a pre-mortem analysis you know the prediction of the voice of log houses in formation and you put all these elements and then you strike the three worst case scenario and that's the training what are moving to the price for ticket to see us<br> COC should understand volume whistleblowers have a conversation around whistleblowers and informants actually leads into my question that we didn't get to last week about that providing expert witness and providing report in the judicial system because often whistleblower or informant information does have an end result in some form of judicial court prices and that's another pod what inside intelligence jobs and the expert witness training and understanding I wish that I had known you years ago that they will companies that could help you with this and prepare you for the prices cuz I'm telling you people it is not pleasant<br> Maria can you tell us about how you prep you and your team. Expert Witnesses and how you help others prepare themselves to be expert Witnesses roll to be extra sweet 16 of course I was engaged with the with the with the tattoo artist and best of my education my treasury qualifications and Aquos board fencing in levels most people don't have to push you into that role of expert witness so what what what my role was my role was always being<br> if any Vista gation has been done and a client goes to the lawyer and they believe that that investigation has been illegally all day you submit that should not be used any misinformation be placed into the reporter statements I'll review this was all of you that from the for the moment is Kay's convenient open to concluded Alan Spectre all elements on behalf of the mic watch The Departed to produce a proven method has been consistent in according to the law acts like it's license and that the best thing at the qualification match this case. They just a few elements of my my my publication selecting all done with friends and you know I know that I'm investigating from certificate point of view legal point of view and<br> what's your point of view that this case has been run properly in the sketch as such as satisfaction elements that is now being influenced by Florida blackmail whatever accident crashes you know everything about to be a doctor someday because it's this extensive experience in mechanics but not to be just like you understand the chemical process some typical processes and around the vehicle and he as well as cisne workouts domestication that something would happen to the motor vehicle Report and a statement given by the climate and that's the way we so we approach it from a certificate way I can equate work experience and<br> legal and lawful side of the DC mastication so that she knows she's the one who actually goes in a court and has extra features chicken stated that this person has a Tony I have the debits from Summit Hotel out by and because there's no tell anymore I might get it is going to the roof and you know how to pick his dick but I didn't go to the doctor. I'll be able to see Pete and we going to court you take me to call tuhina PTSD Mario Debbie comes in and you know she is again for crib professional View and her he might have gone to a GP but he is elements of Pisa<br> and of course you need to be rectified as a recognized as an expert witness rather than just somebody doing the motor because after all it's just a laxative and you show no understanding no knowledge of experience and you just think about it and you going to be in a little late is seen as a by the court as a as a as a cloud and the lawyer is going to be sent out so it's very careful motor vehicles and of course and we had we had so much fun<br> quickly does in the blink of an eye on its sorry my love of of of criminal and forensics just easing our viloid Maria I just want to do a big salad again for your show on alive 90.5 FM Sydney on Wednesday called life is a battlefield you're always looking to talk to wonderful people about that last experience each week and let the audience know that you can reach out to Maria again wherever you're watching this interview they will be no it's attached that give you direct with Mom and multiple if your operation you're thinking about being a whistle-blower for goodness sakes just touch base with Mario and the team at inside intelligence first if you know that you'll Corporation is not set up to<br> I need the information that you want to devote please tell tomorrow you'll be able to guide you in that process and if you're a CEO and you've been confronted with a bit of information that you didn't know that you'll Corporation I can reach out to Mario and the team at inside intelligence they are you experts and helping you navigate these fraught area of Life corporate life and indeed private life the many people thank you so much once again your wealth of knowledge and wisdom inspires me each and every week and I kind and courage of the audience enough those listening to connect with Mario he is just a beautiful human being. Also an expert in intelligence Mario is a group whilst they already work globally we're going to be pushing<br> Mario and the team's going to be pushing into the US in the near future so if you're listening in the US and you want to connect with my I encourage you to do that now is pushing into the US and helping people across the globe Mario because thank you once again that my friends is a lot for this week I want to wish you a wonderful weekend and Mario and I will be back next week with another shark and next week we're going to be talkin about all the elements of training and education that Mario and the team provides and he has his own courses which are phenomenal. So give me talking about that next week Mario have a wonderful week and that my wonderful audience is your love for this week we'll see you next week bible now<br>

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