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Insight Out...the Naked Truth, October 17, 2017

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with Errol and Rochelle Strider

I read once that "The believer has only one battle, and that is against doubt-unbelief--

I say, "Indubitably," --without a doubt, which is why our feature phrase (word) for the week is "Indubitably"
​Each of us confronts many situations in which we might say, "Indubitably". Here's a test:
The current state of divisiveness in American is sucking the life out of us.
Our hope for a better future is with the young people, not the old farts.
At any given moment each of us can be brilliant or a total nincompoop.
Most men never evolve emotionally past puberty.
Donald Trump is the most unqualified president we've ever had, unless you count Warren G. Harding....but who's counting?
So, how did you do?  Did you get a few "indubitably's" in there.
Well, if you're looking to upgrade your indubitably quotient, please join our program tonight when we will indubitably probe the mysteries of our existence, or least see if we can can laugh at some of the indubitable and absurd doubts we fall prey to. Our conversation will include humor, characters, music and hopefully, insights and surprises.
We are Rochelle A. and Errol Strider

Insight Out...the Naked Truth

"Insight out...The Naked Truth"
A conversation about the Human Condition
and what to make of it

With Errol & Rochelle Strider

Strider Innertainment" combines philosophical inquiry, spiritual discovery, social development and psychological growth with comedy, theater, media, poetry and photography.TUNE IN and ENJOY!

Drawing on a variety of teachings from various traditions of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and revelation, Errol and Rochelle present ideas and ideals in a way that makes them accessible, relevant, funny and poignant.

The purpose of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" is to help you (en)lighten your life by getting to the core of any issue that concerns you (issues that frustrate, confuse, bug, disturb you or just boggle the mind--hence "The Naked Truth")

So much of the troubles and suffering in our world come from limited perspectives, un-challenged beliefs and assumptions and last but not least, taking ourselves way to seriously. Many humans struggle unnecessarily because the context in which we attempt to understand our lives, establish values and make decisions is conditioned by ignorance, fear and confused thinking.

Through conscious conversation, sketches, poetry, music, guests, interviews, and call in "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" exposes the human condition in order to expand our awareness, develop wisdom and make life a more joyous and creative experience.

Please join us and participate in the conversation.

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