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The Hostile Zone, May 6, 2024

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Eric Cinotti & Bianca Sea: Dynamic Duo

The Hostile Zone with Eric A. Cinotti and Bianca Sea

“The Hostile Zone,” hosted by Eric A. Cinotti – also known as Eric Andrew Cinotti – stands as a pinnacle of syndicated talk shows, offering an electrifying mix of intelligent debate and engaging discourse. Alongside Eric, the show features the insightful Bianca Sea, whose expertise adds depth and perspective to each discussion. This dynamic duo tackles a plethora of topics, ranging from the intricacies of global politics to cutting-edge social issues, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in their quest for the truth. Their razor-sharp analyses, combined with a format that encourages open and often spirited exchanges, make “The Hostile Zone” a beacon for those seeking a deeper understanding of the world. It’s more than just a show; it’s a cerebral journey that challenges its audience to think critically and engage passionately. With Eric Cinotti and Bianca Sea at the helm, “The Hostile Zone” is an intellectual tour de force, captivating listeners who demand both substance and style in their auditory experiences.

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the Hostile Zone at Woodmen and dangerous and much lied about Eric 8 tonight this is where public corruption and abuse of power awaits and Miss abuse of public dollars and over the using your personal position toward gaining power influence over others in this match with a free possibly otherwise everyone else is welcome welcome to the hop.<br> welcome to the hostiles on the naughty of course we're here on the hostiles on yet another week another day another dollar fifty cents and maybe who knows maybe it'll be going in a couple years with the US dollars to class autographed signed letter deer cannot be crooked run the show about it for a while Eric a Sonata coming at you live in many countries May station everywhere thank you very much I want company by this Sensational vocalist on-air Talent<br> Bianca C like the ocean how are you today<br> that's me I'm doing fabulous so you're here on the Hostile Zone yet again another day another day and happy wherever we are one minute we were on one station and next minute we're on the next we got written our written stuff are video stuff what else are we going to do maybe people will have to go get 3D glasses and we'll do a 3D show that's a double date<br> that's right<br> put this car in the front actually this thing this necklace really does mean a lot to me was given by my husband or that on the New Year's episode on honor honor other station 99.9 krkt see what is it true country all right now we got everybody out there want to reach out to the show it's the Hostile Zone at BBS talk radio. Calm stop Eric sanati at BBS talk radio, Eric. Everything Andresen Rd., and if they want to text the show<br> do you have songs for the day<br> if you want to start us with something fresh really strong<br> Yes actually I wanted to sing LeAnn Rimes You Light Up My Life request to there was a request and I will put it out there because I'm getting tired of our legal department having to answer copyright people questions we would have full copyright license so trolls and bought they keep releasing these copies just making a waste of time for other people just be onto something<br> Zoom<br> waiting for someone<br> now you<br> say hey<br>all right Miss Bianca that was pretty amazing<br> what was your inspiration on that what was your inspiration on that in the mood for a class classic a country song late night and yeah I mean I got to say it like I also I've been watching a movie Coyote Ugly LeAnn Rimes was like singing that it is one of the main songs in that place so I was like oh you know what I was going to jump in the light up their life right now we have so much stuff going on in the in the world and in the United States and you know it's just so much going on and I don't know. It's only asked me for grass install word or are we taking stuff back I don't really know because we have so much stuff happening<br> read so much stuff happening whether it be with within our own country everybody is going at each other I don't I don't understand it just you know one of the big things that I guess and I don't even know where we have an hour even though we're on every day the week we're on twice today was not enough hours in the day they cover so much stuff is going on but we talked the other day about all that the stuff is going on on University campuses, so what's going on there to watch there's people that are not unable to even Define why they're there<br> yeah I had to buy some people I can contact right in the shop I'm so shocking oh my God<br> right side. Some people out there and I got some clips we're not going to we're going to eat there in the process of editing and I'm going to talk about them quickly when people were asked out at the on a DC Universe different universities about what why you're here they want them people in my key in your face what am I what are you protesting no comment or are they all said the same thing with you they will take the same thing I'm not the person is this an organized rally with leaders or people coming me to have personal reasons are they paid are they paying if your first a minute right in our favorite book right here the handy dandy pocketbook the United States Constitution says you had the first amendment<br> at the on-campus protesting yet when you go to ask them why are you here protesting they can't answer that or they say I can't speak to that I'm not allowed to speak and then you are fighting for something using your first amendment privilege of Free Speech but you're not allowed to talk to me so it doesn't make sense who's telling you that you can't speak cuz they're violating your First Amendment right and if you're out exercising your first time ever right and you're out there fighting for whatever your cause is nobody should be telling you that you can't speak about it because then there's something word of the day nothing serious going on is there something nefarious going on out here are you funded are they pay we specifically asked people are you being paid and they say no, I cannot speak to that one person even look at a paper and then I said something it was clearly what they were told to say<br> they looked at the little note that they had and they read it straight out for open notepad to to the the journalist that was doing the Institute and it didn't Journal School are and we talk I would somebody for us and invite well I can't answer that now and then and then took a flag and block the camera and it became a hold of distorted matter you know what I'm saying so they got caught up on all of these people that are on campuses that are protesting to tell us what it is and then when they tell us what it is if you can't answer one or two questions I interviewed or don't go to the person's interview site cuz they're going to want to talk to you<br> you know me well enough ask me ask me something and I asked me what I stand for one thing I stand for Honor or something<br> send it I want you to know I don't know if I stand for something what is something I believe in music do you want music your password and why did you choose that song why do you love music and analyze that people whenever I see things that you can name a reason that's what you do when you save people why do you say people why do you do what are they talking about I join the fire department and when I was younger and I've been involved and there's something rewarding about doing something good<br> somebody else being there when somebody needs you and stepping up when others step out and stepping in when other stuff away and run and fell when others run the other way bottom line so but that's not really want to go why do I not why do I agree with disagree with abortion all right so bottom line is why do I not believe in abortion but why do I agree with woman's right to choose I disagree with for abortion because you are you're killing life your executing somebody's life you are making a decision based on your personal feeling as a woman you're not including the personal feelings of a man and you're not thinking of the future of that I've got a child that you will be there within your body however at the same time I do believe that that a woman has a right to make a decision on her body I also believe the government should not be paying for that right that is your god-given<br> my God giving you the right to make Free Will is in the Bible is everywhere free will you make your own decision but it's not my duty to pay for hard facts you miss me I couldn't hang on that one is okay that's why I do politics long-term and miss me like at 6 that's where I was going with this I was getting home about 45 minutes ago Columbia University announces that they are canceling their commencement the graduation of pro Palestinian protesters Rangers movie and if I had a child that was attending there and I paid all that money if I it was the person who attended four years or more to get their bachelor's degree or person getting a Masters or whatever but we're just going to your 4-year degree or bachelor's a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science whatever maybe you don't get you don't have the privilege the honor of walking down<br> and having your commencement being handed your diploma granted your your diploma probably is it always in the water while we got a call a spade a spade we got to be in your face<br> Miss Bianca what is something you stand for name something you believe in your passionate in be hostile America is suffering right now our country our world is suffering America is in danger we are in danger of free people people around the world are in danger regardless of what religion you are on what on what what you believe in we are in danger because everybody feel they have to be politically correct Anthony PC they have to follow what others tell him to do or they have to just go off the rail and do ridiculous things what do you stand for something you believe it from your heart if somebody hates you for it that's okay as long as you disagree or respect you may hate me but I'll tell you what I truly think that a woman's wife name one life<br> well you know Autumn return the same as we did the protesters like I said I I believe in a woman's right I don't personally believe in abortion I don't want to do I want to be involved in it but I'm not going to tell somebody else what's the point of me getting out of the people interviewing them and I want to return it and show the difference between us and them at least if you have something to argue about you have principles you have fact-based reasons or at least to the best of your knowledge if that face that you believe in your heart this is what I believe I'm not going to answer that I'm going to tell you what I change the channel change the channel don't come back to the house I'll do next week but you will because you know what you want to hear what the dissenting voice says or what the boy that pulls back the curtain will tell you the truth<br> equal pay Equifax<br> the man that you should get paid more than a woman because if you're doing the same job as as a man you should have the same pay with that folks we're going to take a break don't go anywhere coming back at your wife don't make me get hostile I want to come down so we can be better segment coming back<br> use your voice somebody hit you use your voice. That's right. He's a hostile zone now it's after midnight you should be in bed sleeping up getting free on Monday night 7 p.m. Eastern the Hostile Zone all right<br> Sears<br> America in your face on are talk show host of the syndicated show the Hostile zone I'm in your neighborhood now I'm on 90.9 trucountry we're going to keep it real commentary the news we can have a good time don't make me come looking for you boys to naughty kids you YouTube<br> welcome back welcome back all right both so we're back here on the hostiles on with Eric aasen I am actually opt out because I wanted to show you that we went and talked to people and hat and we had a couple of our interns after talking to people that were AKA protesting if it really is a protest I don't know because if you don't know why you're there and you don't know what it is you stand for or what it is you're standing for we are guy that had a sign that couldn't even tell you what was on the sign you had to turn around and read it somebody else we got a photograph of somebody else holding a sign that was upside down and then when they were asked what it said they didn't even know what it said then then then the insurance and they turned around and realized it was upside down and then they didn't want to talk to the person anymore because they knew that they were full and that's why I<br> what do you stand for if you believe in something tell me what is if you're going to stand there a parade up and down the street if you're going to block people from going to work people from going to school from going wherever people they shut down highways they lay on the ground they shut down free with the freeways that has to go to school you're taking children hostage by blocking Highway your parents are thinking you're in school you are I believe in women's rights and then well then there you are you're killing a child Yourself by blocking the highway people are unable to get where it is they need medical attention make money to support their family cat food feed their child whatever my fate you're your protest is not let's get back to face<br> a protest is a wonderful thing the United States Constitution the First Amendment says you have freedom of speech freedom to assemble freedom to to believe in whatever God you believe it and a right to believe in a right not believe in God that is your choice that has God given right in this book right here at the US Constitution the first 10 amendments the Bill of Rights number one is that so it is not a protest when you and I'm looking right at the camera if you're watching the show you are out there impeding somebody else's like they have the right to free speech they have the right spray religion they have the right to freedom of assembly I have the right to go to work the right to feed their child have a right to do all those things and how can we can coexist with that person doing what it is that they need to do and you doing what it is that you're doing as a protester<br> you know your processing I'm not driving my car and blocking you I'm going to work I'm doing what I got to do you're protesting and you're stopping people from the going it goes back to the old thing when people say you have the right to free speech but doesn't mean you can go into a church and spend 5 movie theater or it starts raining in Spring Fire and make everybody running freaked out that's not free speech that's called committing a crime when you're blocking an entire freeway and people can't get back and forth are they responsible if somebody is having a heart attack and an ambulance can't get through the traffic are they responsible for the death of that are they responsible for the for the child that the mother that forced to give birth in her car because you shut an entire freeway down in Los Angeles and its deadly it's gridlock did nobody said stop know you have that right I don't think so that's not a right now you're you're blabbermouth free speech that you even know what is your stand for<br> but it's okay to shut down highway it's okay for all these students to not be able to have a graduation now it doesn't make sense what are you standing for okay what stand for something together but stand for something for Unity or stand for patriotism what's the name for love of our nation that's what we should be standing for and if that includes what is it you want to argue I'm okay with that everybody has that right what do not use you're right you're right is no bigger than mine we both have the same right to free speech so right now I'm giving free speech I'm telling you that you shouldn't be doing what you're doing you should you should stand out there with a sign absolutely but know what the sign says know why you're wearing the sun know why you're holding the sign know what it is you know it just doesn't make sense to me and if they're getting paid<br> I want to know who's paying for it I want to know who's paying for these things because I do know that people getting paid because I have another person that applied for a position and was subsequently hired to be a part of this protest of which we will be giving you that information after they continued it is what they're doing for us but we have footage of people out there and what's that in your ear on this road which is fascinating information but you're right you don't if you don't mind but we can agree that we live in one country together and that we are not helping anybody by disrupting our entire nation we are not helping any student here who is not going to have a commence what about the fit the mother or the Father the boyfriend the uncle the aunt of girlfriend the wife all these people that have a loved one that earned their degree<br> and this is their pride and joy moment and somebody took it away because you can't act like mature adults it doesn't make sense<br> it's sad you know cuz like this whole time that you've been studying this whole time you're studying and you made that one time that you get to shine and they're taking that away from you I would be so upset<br> you think I got two issues on this actually and I don't know how far we can go with both them on time with time issue but do you think as you the protester that when you do this the companies that you're going to apply to for jobs when they see where you would say is that maybe going to have some kind of subliminal second word of the day subliminal message to the employer of what kind of person they are inviting into the workplace to hire I know it would me I know I would say things twice on if person coming in to apply for a position and they graduated from a school that was a major that's honestly a disgrace on what happened on campus and this is crazy I don't even talkin about Israel and Palestine I'm pulling I'm talking about the individual behavior of these people has nothing to do with the issue it's the behaviors so I would think twice to I want somebody that would be<br> stop my shop and this way you talked about on Friday show on kkc discuss when is it okay to walk out of class and then I'm not going to come to class today and then expect to get it ready are you with snowflake snowflake are you can't finish what it is like there's some of these are all just giving giving special special privilege to others by<br> they want<br> encourage you probably those professors want you to go and protest you know why the pay them bills also what about Columbia University is a private university what guess what don't tell me nobody from the government because they are there are people that apply for financial aid Oreo F equal opportunity fund money this is government money this is your money folks my money your money put back the curtain waste and abuse if we are paying for it I want something for my money I want the value of my money if we're paying for an education for somebody that doesn't like this country and they want to badmouth our country and then they want to not even utilize the free money for giving them taxpayer money to go to school and they want to use that time to argue for another country and to disrupt our<br> people from school and then you turn around and say oh I got a degree from there did you even do anyting I paid for it it's called Lorelei return on your investment what is your return on your best I want to know when my money went I know that people that are not going to call me or not getting the commencement this year very safe for many people very sick for many families I can imagine how many families have somebody who is terminally ill we've been holding on waiting to see their loved one walk across with the cap and gown and it'll never get that moment because you felt it appropriate to shutdown a school over an issue that has nothing to do with you and then you don't even know what it stands for you can't even make an honest Rascal statement on what it is that you believe I'd half of them don't even have a clue book me in the eye and tell me I don't know and then we can have a open-minded conversation but if you look at me and say I have no, I'm not allowed to talk that I question are you being paid which we know they are<br> one of my ringtone to hire so he's he's playing it out but he's getting some great video so that's kind of forgot that I know that I have to add they have it run out or something cuz they're calling it I have to look at my email but if the up a rapper or something like that a canvasser and that's the position $20 an hour tax-free they're calling a 1099 that means basically cash so you pay somebody $20 an hour cash if we're not making that it someplace this at all I mean you're paying some Dumbo the stand out there holding a sign upside down if they don't even know what it says they can't tell you what it means even if they didn't know what it said they're getting $20 an hour getting a degree maybe maybe not getting free money at the on top of it and what are we what is our what is our return on an investment I don't know if George Soros a call maybe you can answer that question<br> anyway Miss Bianca got something to say on that for you.<br> I told her what she's going to say yes<br>yes<br> looks like we made it<br> you still do what I want<br> you still the one that I love the only one I dream<br>let's do it again<br> you're still the one I want<br> you still the one that I really want to dream you're still the one I get<br> Still the One<br> still the one I live<br> nice who do we want to double check and double-check that's so cute I can't get over the one of the other things I wanted to bring out with this conversation about the you know that the process and it is kind of I'm not going to be as hostile on this but I am house out about but I don't I don't want to I don't want to lose my voice getting crazy tonight between I know I know I should be out there all here it is why are a lot of you out there and if you did it because you you saw this as the new norm and I'm are quoting if you're not listening if you're listening and watching for watching and listening whatever it is I'm quoting okay so I'm are quoting because it's the new Norm why are all these<br> people that they're wearing masks on their face<br> I got the mail. You know<br> will be was 2024 years later and it's about I didn't see people wear masks that good even during cold they did the under the nose little thing I halfway flipping them out to talk all that right what no not a protester today out there if you were out there at any of these universities are protesters got one of them like I was in 95 minutes if you're a few are military a fire for our a first responder medical you know what the n95 mask is there where they got this man that is covering everything but the split of their eyes on them and and we ask that of somebody and they couldn't answer I'm like well do you have to have like an immune disorder I don't you have like are you contagious of something you're afraid of giving know and then when you ask them they can<br> it's not every day you know anybody that will not look at a forecast the same After Tonight Show we are still say he's right<br> I pulled my back, I would love if you are a protestor or if you're one of the employees that are funded through George Soros not that name from one of these people or the skeleton companies that are actually really not with companies hiring you to do this I'd like to see why if you are call in to show you got the numbers on the screen be cool I'll reach out let us know what your thoughts are I want to know why the mask is there I want to sell my gift to you maybe it's America capitalism maybe I want to open a mask company and just like<br> what's the weather like in formative stock-based knowledgeable argument where you will yell at me with rhetoric and crap and nonsense if you have something good to say you can yell at me all you like picking each other back and forth as long as it is a dialog usually understandable I doubt that highly very hot but you know what they did with the mask and I think I have an idea why they were that I don't know what states recognizes you know what they're going to get fired. I watched one of the interviews with one with one young person who was a student at the University and the mass was on in and he was straight<br> how old is that I'm covered I don't want them to see me cuz I go here if you were standing here and you don't want them to see you you really believe in this cause he couldn't answer that question but the fact is that he did openly admit that the reason he was is mass was literally above my delight in my glasses there was like I took my classroom is like the mask almost look like a unibrow made a straight line across his eyebrow almost any just spent the edges down a little bit. And he was like why are you doing something you shouldn't be doing it<br> how to hide your face your face don't or or or clearly you don't really support the mission you don't really support the cause because if you supported the cause and you wouldn't be I'll bring your stuff that you be brave and proud he'd be proud like I'd wear this American flag on my lapel right here I'm not do I cover half of it so it looks like a Puerto Rican flag. Fully American this way you see red white and blue and a star you're not sure maybe it's American babies Puerto Rican maybe it's another country to hide it it's who I am and I'm not going to hide it so if you're out there having that discussion with yourself internally maybe you need to re ask yourself that question why am I here cuz I'm sure there's a lot of things you can do for $20 an hour there's a lot of people to that goes to these things you know why because their friends are going and they don't want to be the loner<br> going to some place that is going to get you in trouble with your friends jumped off a bridge would you do to it whatever I heard that all the time is the kids did that right well if you jumped off a train would you do that to you know well then why'd you do that I mean it's like just come with a ball ball you know I do<br> go along then you know what the person doesn't want to go alone because they they are unsure about going and if you are if you are a a a person with with with with with a good amount of money for you to reach out to me the Hostile Zone at BBS talk radio. Calm or Eric that are dangerous and I got cam reach out to if you have do you have some money you want to spend I will be happy to help you run an ad and we will interview people for a job and we will tell them that they're going to go and protest for $25 an hour $5 more than George Soro up sorry I don't want to go then then mr. at the end is paying per hour per person would pay you $25 an hour to go stand out there with an Israeli flag or whatever it is that you're doing opposite if you're standing out there with us at Israel flag will pay you out there for apothem play whatever it is<br> if you want to do this reach out to the show we have insurance out there right now interviewing these people and we will help you coordinate this because if they can fund that will be happy to help you do that too will help you with with getting that done helping you find the people and we will help fund it we will find it we are going to match your $5 per hour to the individuals that we hire and see if we can put together a little a little party of people waving flags aren't around but when you get hired you have to hold the sign that we tell you to hold and whatever it says that's the rule that's how it is when you get $25 an hour and wolf form 1099 wink-wink in Staatsburg<br> wake me at 10. I wait you know 1099 are responsible for the taxes<br> upside down<br> that's cuz you don't want to know anyway cuz if you did<br> they would have known what it is going to be with them on there so if they didn't know that why do they need to know what you're going to stand out there for 7 hours 6 hours in 5,000 are you do to me it's okay as long as we as long as the University's allow it will just keep sending it back to you or maybe maybe we can go get some put that nobody cares about the university right they don't know how about we have you blocked the entrance to a Yankee Red Sox game Red Sox game and you could go out there and see how they react if you want the answers to the Yankee Red Sox game and I'm sure how about we go down to the Dallas<br> are you going to be Cowboys game to get through to go see the game but that was great<br> Taylor Swift<br> Swifty's I guess I don't know if I'm just curious what concert is we're going to have you stand out there holding up I don't know maybe a Katy Perry song where Kanye West Kanye West I'm about a Kanye West sign or something else just out there for the fun of it because it's not going to happen you know that it's not go out and look at for $5 an hour<br> on on on on a IR chappie GT or whatever these things are you actually pick up a book<br> so we have two hard claws in a minute but you know what we are we got about 4 minutes and you know I just want to bring that up because you know I'm just getting so tired of of of of my news content and it's killing or show because I feel like I got to talk about what stuff is but it's like monopolize our show really is but you know they're too much going on with that with the former President Trump trial going on again that's monopolizing the News-Press has not really campaigning because he just is not I don't know why you don't really see him out there but I mean it's so much other stuff going on and yet where we are giving all the energy to other things and I don't understand I just know that it is disheartening to me as an American<br> as a taxpayer of older or whatever and I just I support your rights in the Constitution but you're right does not Trump no pun intended does not over somebody else's right to that same Liberty and and freedom that this<br> United States Constitution affords people the founding fathers of our nation would throw up if they saw the way the people are trampling all over the United States Constitution and they are using the United States Constitution and the freedom of press start on that you can please 90% of what they say cuz they work for the government government employee but you're not a regular full-time because if you are done you get the pension and benefits they're still getting all the good stuff or they just leave when they leave the government to get hard how many people who get out of the government you see on certain TV stations and they are newspaper now they are our contributors to the station it's a Scamp it's a disgrace we have a constitution what's the phony fathers of our country want to hear something<br> wanted to say I just want us to be United just like how I was you know one thing we have in common with I just want everybody to love our country I live here love you and that's all I want to say no with that we are going to bring it to the to the to the right we're going to go to our special flag honor Pride Glory patriotism and love for a beautiful Nation folks don't go anywhere cuz it's Bianca's boys going to light up your life American Life<br> oh say can you see<br> epitome<br>yes.<br> Through the night<br> use your voice to the hostiles on speaker Cincinnati Zone I hear everything everywhere for everyone else see you next Monday for more outrageous talk where we pull back the curtain and hold no punches for me do you have a great week and remember everyone treat others time treat your family Kinder and always love our country<br>

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